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  1. Guys a friend of mine (Gremlin player) asked if I could find the winning lists of the UK Masters. I found this thread but the links in the first page are expired, anyone mind uploading the images again? Thank you.
  2. So this came up in a game yesterday: Huggy has been "killed" so it's buried. Lynch activates and casts Play for Blood on an Abomination with 2 wounds left. Does the abomination just die before applying Brilliance, or is Brilliance applied and the abomination then dies, therefore unburying Huggy? We resolved it as the latter, because the trigger specifies the target gains Brilliance "after succeeding", so before damaging.
  3. This came up in game today: Lucius "obeys" a Doppleganger (actually the Horror duel he does after walking), so she declares a walk action which would end outside of an engagemente she's in (with Mortimer). Mortimer does his disengagement action to prevent her from moving. Does he have to check for Manipulative 14? She had not activated that turn.
  4. No, because the attacks must be agains the charged model. Any excess attacks are lost. Flurry or similar abilities work the same.
  5. 1- It's a good list, but maybe there's too many models, I suggest starting with 35ss and then keep adding. 2- Specially Graves, I always use him as he basically gives lilith a free walk every turn (losing nothing himself). Illuminated are always good, Beckoner can be good, maybe use it as a proxy for Lilitu. 3- He's basically a tank, good defenses and armor, plus usage of soulstones. Use challenge and keep him out of the fights, maybe in cover, picking on weaklings. 4- Precisely, near an engagement but not actually engaged with the big hitters. Then your enemy has to choose between two bad options, checking wp to try and attack the other model, or trying to move out of engagement with the 1st model to try and target Barbaros. 5- It's usually in Nekima, as long as you bring her. The problem with grow lists is that you need the tots scoring VP, and not trying to keep up with their mother, trying to evolve. 6- Lilith ignores hazardous terrain, but flight only ignores it when moving, so Nekima would take damage when activating in it or when landing in it ( in general, not specific to Cherub). 7- Lilith is not a beater, she fights from the shadows. If surrounded by enemy models, she just dies quick. That's why people drop Living Sword for Wings of Darkness. Nekima otoh is the perfect carrier for Fears. 8- No, placing a model does not allow you to hit it, because a placement effect is not a movement. Also there is never not going to be a friendly model within 6", because Lilith herself can be chosen.
  6. The Terracotta soldier is the fix that Lucius needed. It can be hired as any faction because he's a mimic. He literally transforms any amount of bad cards into stones. I used around 15ss in a game with him nearby.
  7. Note that you can't Dreamer -> Accomplice Chompy. By the time Chompy is on the board Dreamer isn't, so the Accomplice ability can't be used. Other than that it's as described above.
  8. Summoners are usually related to low stat models. Nico uses Mindless Zombies, Somer summons gremlins, Dreamer usually has Daydreams near and Ulix has Piglets. What I would do is start by Tangle Shadowing a Mature Nephilim into their faces turn 1 (Should be possible because of the low stat models nearby). Make them use resources in surviving that, and meanwhile score PV with the rest. Or push with the rest and hit them even harder. Basically my aproach would be either alpha strike their summoning engine asap, or completely ignore them, stall with a big threat or with a tank (Waldgeists) and score the 10VP somewhere else. After all if they end up with 200ss of models they still lose if they have less VP.
  9. They don't block LoS, only Lilith's markers do (exactly the same + dense).
  10. For ressers I would recommend getting Seamus and Mcmourning, then a small box with Yin maybe. Both masters use almost all of their boxes and part of each others boxes as well, you get nurses and belles which are the best minions in the faction and two masters who can already make a 50ss list with only those boxes. When starting you could proxy Yin as a Flesh Construct for Mcmourning's summoning.
  11. For Neverborn, Waldgeists and Illuminated, tho I don't usually use Illuminated. Every time I'm making a list it feels like I'm putting myself at a disadvantage by not picking at least one Waldgeist. For Ressers, Nurses and Belles. They are just too good, and there is hardly a better pick for 5ss.
  12. Lilith (Wicked, Beckon, 3rd upgrade) - Cache about 7 Bad Juju (Eternal Fiend, maybe Hexed Among You if favorable) - 11ss Waldgeist - 6ss Waldgeist - 6ss Waldgeist - 6ss Silurid - 7ss Silurid - 7ss Terror Tot (maybe) Change Juju for McT if you want, or play both in Reckoning. Start adding Terror Tots as runners instead of Silurids, add Young Nephilim as a beater if you don't need the 3 Waldgeist. Basically play a crew with models you are comfortable with, just add some differences to test the new models. Buy Doppleganger (good overall), Graves (Beater, tanky, and movility for crew) or even the Jakob Lynch box, which will give you a new master and the Illuminated, who are good with all 3.
  13. In my meta: - Guild: Hoffman, Mcmourning, Lucius. Have never seen them played outside of test games with a friend. Most played is 2 Austringers with Francisco on every list Perdita. - Ressers: Kirai. Have never even met anyone who owns her, probably because it's not a very competitive meta, and the value in her box is nonexistant. Most played Mcmourn or Seamus. - Arcanists: Ironsides. I have heard of people playing her, but never seen it, probably because box is on the newer side and maybe not attractive on a "mage" faction. Rasputina, Ramos and Colette (actually Cooper) are the most played (and most broken). - Neverborn: Lucius and Collodi. Collodi is good but the required models just came out in plastic (Stitched, actually out of stock here). I make sure to play the other 5 masters. Not counting me, most played is Lilith. - Outcast: Anything not Leveticus is rare, I hope this will change with the well deserved cuddle. Most rare are Hamelin and Daw, I have not heard of anyone owning them. - Gremlins: Mah, Brewie. All of the rest I have at least seen from my Gremlin friend. Most used is The Pigapult Somer. - TenThunders: McCabe, Brewie. I only know of one person who owns McCabe, and they played him on Guild. Most used is Lynch
  14. It is a Casting duel vs a Target Number of 14, can be cheated as normal. It's considered a "simple" duel, as your opponent does not flip. The duels where both players flip are "opposed" duels.
  15. Today is the last day (July 5th), you can still fill in the form.
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