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  1. I am sorry to inform that the second Spanish team will also drop out of the ITC. Not only are we not sure of whether there will be enough teams at the tournament but honestly the mood of the members of the team are not high enough to justify the trip. I personally have barely touched 3rd edition and would not like to go to a tournament unprepared.
  2. Same here. Waiting until the last moment to book a flight gets really expensive. I am already seeing price hikes on the ticket prices every week and it is starting to look like a no go from me. If I do not have a confirmation by next Monday I am afraid I would have to drop out of the ITC.
  3. Since we are approaching the dates of ITC, when will you decide if it will happen or not? We need to book plane tickets, hotels, etc... and the sooner the better to know if this tournament will take place. Thanks
  4. Also would like to know if it will be M2E or M3E as we have to start making preparations on what to bring
  5. Actually, my Steamfitter pushed away from Snow Storm but it was Sandeep who finished him off. And it was not only luck, you played outstanding.
  6. I would also like to thank Troy Fanteegi for an outstanding job organizing the tournament and helping me out the whole weekend, for organizing a great dinner on Friday. Met lots of people this weekend who were all class acts! Special thanks have to go out to George Hollingydale for lending me his Cojo (who helped me out on my 3rd game, even though he almost killed my own Arcane Emissary and that would have cost me the game due to Take one for The Team) and for showing me just how good Kaeris can be. I took a lot of learning from my game against you, specially to remember my Ironsides was inmune to gaining burning... Also to Clousseau who had promised me an unpainted Slate Ridge Mauler but took the effort to paint it and lend it to me, a real gentleman and I look forward to meeting you again at the UK Nationals, and to AJ who lend me the card for the Malifaux Child. All my games were a lot of fun and all my opponents were awesome. Hope to see you all at the UK Nationals in November!
  7. Already have mine, painted and tried it out this past weekend at the UK GT.
  8. I have the cards for both the Mauler and Cojo, only missing the mini. Thanks!
  9. I was checking last night all my miniatures for the tournament (I am in Germany, not back home and will travel from here to UK) and realize I forgot to pack my Cojo and one Slate Ridge Mauler, as well as the stat card for my Malifaux Child. I would really appreciate it if anybody that has this spare models/card could lend it to me for the weekend. Thanks in advance.
  10. I had also confirmed the meal on Saturday but I do not appear in the list. Antonio Montenegro here 😁
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