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  1. Adraul

    Buying models prior to m3e

    I am on the same boat. I play so many factions and masters that I know that I will get use of all my new purchases. Plus I do also think that M3E is probably coming out Gencon 2019, so there is still plenty of time to play M2E and plenty of tournaments were I will get to use my new models. However, I do know of other players in my area that have cancelled future purchases for now, hopefully if we are able to get into the Beta we will be able to know which models will be useful for some masters down the line.
  2. In my tournaments I tend to let people use the app, but I give them all a printout of the schemes and strategies where they can write what they want. It is up to the players to decide what method to use.
  3. Adraul

    State of the local metas

    Location: Barcelona, Spain Around 5 to 6 consistent players, about 6 more not consistent players Most winning: Nellie, Sandeep, Nicodem Struggeling: Parker, Von Schill (but then again, he is always struggling) Most Complained about: Sandeep, Nellie, Thalarian Queller, Nicodem This was pre-errata, last tournament played after errata saw no Sandeep and no Nicodem. I won with Outcast using Viks, Hammelin and Daw. I usally play Arcanist, with Sandeep always seeing play in tournaments and leagues.
  4. Adraul

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Yeah, that is the point. If I were to bring everything I would need to travel by truck
  5. Adraul

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Kind of difficult to know then what models to bring along... Thanks for the round times.
  6. Adraul

    English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Any chance we can get the Strategies and Schemes for the rounds? Also, the times for the rounds would be appreciated, that way it is easier for me to plan the trip over
  7. Hi All On Saturday 16th of June we will be holding the II Grumpyfaux at El Local, Asociacion Ludica. We are doing this also as a grand opening of our new space that will be able to host even bigger tournaments. You can find more details about the tournament at the following facebook link https://www.facebook.com/events/206935533368619/ Thie Scheme and Strategies will be First Round Standard Extraction Surround Them Undecover Entourage Inescapable Trap Take One for the Team Public Demonstration Second Round Flank Ply for Information Surround Them Dig Their Graves Inescapable Trap Search the Ruins Take One for the Team Third Round Standard Headhunter Eliminate the Leadership Covert Breakthrough Hold up Their Forces Search the Ruins Public Demonstration Location: El Local C. Maladeta 26, Barcelona, Spain
  8. Hi All On Saturday 24th of February we will be holding the first GrumpyFaux in El Local Asociacion Ludica in Barcelona, Spain. Further details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/400836953679114/ Including strtegies and schemes to be played. The tournament will be 50SS with fixed faction. Thre rounds will be played. There willbe prizes for first 3 places as well as random drawings and a special prize for best painted crew (as voted by the players) The Maximum number of players is limited to 24, and you can secure a spot by emailing me at dauhrkot@gmail.com Start time will be 10:00 am for checking in. Address is: C. Amilcar 119, Barcelona See you there! ***** Hola a todos El Sabado 24 de Febrero tendra lugar el primer GrumpyFaux en El Local Asiacion Ludica en Barcelona, España. Mas detalles estan en el siguiente eventeo https://www.facebook.com/events/400836953679114/ El torneo sera de 50SS con facccion fija. Constara de 3 rondas. Habran premios para los tres primeros puestos asi como rifas entre todos los participantes y un premio especial a la banda mejor pintada (votada por los jugadores) El Maximo numero de participantes es de 24, y podeis reservar una plaza mandandome un mail a dauhrkot@gmail.com Hora de comienzo sera las 10:00 am para registrar a los jugadores. La direccion es C. Amilcar 119, Barcelona Espero verlos ahi!
  9. This month I will be holding demos on Sunday 26th of November between 10:00 and 14:00
  10. Hi I will be hosting demos at El Local Asociacion Ludica (https://www.facebook.com/AsociacionElLocal/) twice a month for anyone interested in learning how to play Malifaux. You can send me a message at dauhrkot@gmail.com if you want to arrange a demo, but there will be open doors at the club to allow anyone to participate. This month it will be held on Saturday 28th of October, from 15:00 to 19:00 **** Hola Estare dando demos en El Local Asociacion Ludica (https://www.facebook.com/AsociacionElLocal/) dos veces al mes para cualquiera interesado en aprender a jugar Malifaux. Puedes enviarme un mail a dauhrkot@gmail.com si quierres pedir un demo, pero habra puertas abiertas en el club para cualquiera que quiera participar. Este mes sera el sabado 28 de Octubre, de 15:00 a 19:00
  11. We are holding a Henchman Hardcore Tournament at the Dau Histórico con Alpha Ares. It will be held on November 18th starting at 10:00 a.m. at Espacio Fabra i Coats C/ Sant Adrià 20 08030 First and second place will be awarded a Mistery Box and all players will receive Scrip for participating. There is an 8 player Maximum participation due to space limitations. Fee will be 5 per person. Tournament will be 3 rounds using GG2017. Format is Henchman lead crews, at 35 SS crew limit. Fixed factions. Any information can be found on the Local Asosiacion Ludica blog ( https://cryinggrumpies.com/2017/10/18/x-wing-imperial-assault-y-malifaux-en-dau-historico-con-alpha-ares/ ) and you can contact me at dauhrkot@gmail.com ****** Estamos organizando un torneo Henchman Hardcore en las jornadas Dau Histórico con Alpha Ares. Sera el 18 de Noviembre empezando a las 10:00 a.m. en Espacio Fabra i Coats C/ Sant Adrià 20 08030 El primer y segundo lugar recibiran una Mistery Box y todos los participantes recibiran Scrip por participar. Hay limite de 8 jugadores debido al espacio. Inscripcion es 5 por persona. El Torneo sera a 3 rondas utilizando GG10`7. El Formato es Crews con Henchman como lideres con limite de 35 SS. Faccion Fija. Informacion adicional se puede encontrar en el blog de El Local Asociacion Ludica ( https://cryinggrumpies.com/2017/10/18/x-wing-imperial-assault-y-malifaux-en-dau-historico-con-alpha-ares/ ) y me puedes contactar en dauhrkot@gmail.com
  12. This Sunday 24th of September at 10:00 we will be hosting the first Enforcer Brawl at El Local (C. d'Amilcar 119 Bajos, Barcelona). Open to everybody, we will be raffling a copy of Miss Deed among all participants. More details (in Spanish) at https://cryinggrumpies.com/2017/09/18/enforcer-brawl-en-el-local/ ***** Este domingo 24 de Septoembre tendremos el primer Enforcer Brawl en El Local (C. d'Amilcar 119 Bajos, Barcelona). Abierto a todos los que quieran participar, sortearemos una copia de Miss Deed entre todos los participantes. Mas informacion en https://cryinggrumpies.com/2017/09/18/enforcer-brawl-en-el-local/