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  1. Hi all! Continuing some of the writing I've done before for a few other crews I finished up my thoughts on Lynch cause I've been playing him a lot more lately and he really grabs me. Keyword abilities- Rig the Deck- The main keyword ability on everyone but Hungering Darkness, its a great way to sculpt your deck and guarantee most of what you want to happen will happen. Drawing the value of the ability (between 1-3, mostly 2) means you can see what's coming up for attack and damage flips or just to see if you can hit TNs on duels (for things like Tannen's Boring Conversation it's excellent). Not as useful when you have less cards in hand, but still good to see what's coming and plan accordingly. Brilliance Tokens- They don't do anything when you first look, but boy there's a lot they can pull off. I'll go into a bit more on each specific model but you can do things like stop interact actions (Beckoners) give out pulse slow (Hungering Darkness, who can also use it for positives and to heal) or just to spike damage (Illuminated and Kitty both have melee triggers and Lynch has the Brilliance nuke) The Party Never Ends- One of the things that plays into the Lynch denial bubble, this just gives Brilliance if enemies cheat fate within aura 6 of a model with this rule. With Gwyneth and Beckoners having it you can spread it out pretty well and it enables a lot more in the crew which is really nice. Don't Bite the Hand- Defensive tech for Lynch and Beckoners, any enemy with Brilliance on them is at negatives to hit them. It's a more situational Serene Countenance but with how easy you can give out Brilliance in the crew it's a great way to shut down enemy beaters (I put it on at the start of the game for defensive reasons mostly) Succumbed- Pretty simple, it gives models with it Brilliance tokens up to the value at the start of the game. Beckoners and Kitty start with 2, Illuminated and Depleted with 3. Lets them do that little bit more on the models that can use their own Brilliance up, otherwise it sits around for Huggy to pull off later Keyword models- Jakob Lynch- Lynch isn’t a master that’s going to dominate the game by themselves, but he is still pretty good at what he does. His entire kit is based around Brilliance and spreading it as much as possible, while he personally can’t gain it or Stunned which is really nice. He chooses 2 models at the start of the game to gain Brilliance for some early and irresistible spread, and when enemy models flip aces he gives them Brilliance, regardless of where they are on the board. He has an aura of 1 damage if enemies cheat fate, and his actions are mostly based around punishing models for having Brilliance. His bonus action pulse puts Brilliance on enemies if they fail a Tn14 Wp duel (and if they don’t top deck it they won’t want to cheat because of all the auras around) plus can give Brilliance and heal friendly models as a built in trigger so you’ll probably declare this every turn. His gun is low range but decent damage, gives Brilliance built in but the big one is to place Hungering Darkness in base contact with the target on a tome trigger. I like to do this late in turn 1 on Kitty after she’s moved up so that Hugh can spend his activation Obeying other things, and between Incorporeal and Inner Glow Kitty won’t actually end up down wounds. Lynch’s melee gives 2 Brilliance which is great, plus an option to reveal both players next cards and if the opponents is lower they take 2 damage. It’s potentially a 3rd card into the deck you’ve seen, or just the 2nd from Rig the Deck, and regardless of what it is you’ll know what will happen for your next AP so can plan ahead a little. His last big trick is the Brilliance nuke, which works like a Bleeding Disease or Blood Poisoning doing the full stack of damage but it caps at 5 and discards 2Brilliance if they don’t die. If they do though, you get to summon a Honeypot minion with cost equal to the amount of Brilliance on the target- mostly this will either summon Depleted or bring back dead Beckoners, but a clutch Illuminated summon is massive and can swing games a lot. The model summoned gets an upgrade that makes sure they die quickly unless they get topped up with Brilliance, but it’s a summon so who cares if they die? Hungering Darkness- As far as totems go, this is the gold standard. Decent damage and obeys at good stats that both give out Brilliance as built in triggers, he is also quick and very tanky. Terrifying 11 with Incorporeal is already good, but he can also rip Brilliance off of all models in pulse 6 to heal 1 for each Brilliance removed which is a huge amount for a bonus action with no flip needed. As a henchmen he can stone as well, so he should very rarely die Kitty Dumont- Kitty is in my Lynch core every time because of how amazing she is. On paper it isn't really apparent how good she is but it all adds up to make a deceptively great package. Fast for a great scheme runner, has movement tricks for other models (can play it aggressively to counter schemes and strat points). Draw Essence can work as a pseudo-shockwave but I would usually prefer to just use Unassuming Demeanor because with treating negatives as positives and Sharpened Brilliance she can do great damage (or still have good damage and add card draw). Her biggest boon early-game though is that every model that she moves through (or vice versa) has to take duels or they get Brilliance tokens. With Rig the Deck early on you can sculpt a really good hand while simultaneously building up Brilliance on your own models just by moving through Kitty to get up the board. Gwyneth Maddox- Gwyneth isn’t bad by any means, but I’ve come to find she is the one I drop first when I’m looking to fit other things in lists. Her front of card is great, especially Luck Thief, but mostly just doing what Beckoners do just a bit better, while the back has a few interesting options. Derringer is ok, but her melee is deceptive and she quickly turns into a min 3 model provided enemies have Brilliance on them (which is easy). Come Play At My Table is decent and is her way of shoving models around the table like most of Honeypot can do, plus it gives Brilliance on triggers and models with Brilliance already struggle to resist it. Hit The Jackpot I’ve found to be a great way of topping up your hand cause statistically speaking you’re far more likely to draw than the opponent is off it (and you draw 2 cards to their 1 if they pick right). In general I do like Gwyneth, but she tends to be doubling down on what I already have and not providing something to fill a gap so I don’t have a huge issue with dropping her Mr Graves- board control and melee damage is what Graves does. He can move around models which I like doing for some early game extra movement on the rest of the crew (through Kitty and hitting the trigger its potentially 2 free Brilliance too) and he can force Wp duels for enemies that decide to charge within 6" of him (another 6" aura that punishes the opponent in a Lynch crew, what a surprise). Melee wise he is a stat 6 3/4/5 beater with 2" range which is nothing too fancy, he has Puncture on a ram and Injured on crows for some decent triggers too but the main thing here is Ruthless to get around Terrifying and Manipulative. He has Bodyguard to give nearby models cover, but with Black Blood there's a careful game to be played where you can help out friendly models but not splash onto them. Hard to Kill is nice but if you position badly or get moved by an enemy it means another possible Black Blood splash which isn't great Mr Tannen- Tannen is squishy, but he is so annoying that you can easily justify him for 6ss. Manipulative props up his Df4 a bit, but it’s mostly his aura abilities you take him for. Betrayal to force enemies to discard before they cheat, on top of what is basically Misery:Brilliance and honestly really rude in keyword (plus it works when you put Brilliance on your own stuff too for extra movement). These are both aura 6 and combo ridiculously well with the rest of the keyword auras already (want to cheat? Discard a card, then gain a Brilliance and take a damage. Because you gained a Brilliance you either take a damage or push 2 and I choose which one) but then you also add in Boring Conversation. Rig the Deck makes it almost certain to happen, and it adds another Wp duel to almost any action in the game so you can shred the opponent’s deck and put them in a spot where they really have to cheat to achieve things near your crew. All of this paints quite an obvious target on Tannen though and he will die when someone wants him to, so keep this in mind and don’t swing him out too far where he will get killed. Illuminated- pretty good beater minions, they're not cheap at 7ss but they pull their weight well enough. They have 2 roles in keyword, that being melee beater/tank or Brilliance shockwaves. They start with 3 Brilliance but they like being fed more for healing and extra damage (Lynch pulses do the job) and it's not a great idea to pull Brilliance off them with Huggy if you can avoid it. Df5 isn't good or bad really, but with Terrifying 10 (low, but there) and Regen 1 they take a lot more punishment than they have a right to Beckoners- Always hire 2. The extra Brilliance at game start is amazing, plus they put it out with Distracted and can Lure to pull things around when you need it. They also start with 2 Brilliance on them which is really nice for Huggy to pull off later in the game to heal. All in all Beckoners are great 5SS models that I would always hire both of for the beginning Brilliance, but they can put it out really well too and they add a little bit extra board control with The Party Never Ends and their bonus action (which you'll always do when not Stunned cause it's free) which shuts down Interacts within 6" at the cost of a Brilliance token. Depleted- I'd very rarely hire Depleted (mainly for Reckoning/Public Enemies tarpitting of beaters) but when you can summon them with Lynch they're fantastic. Annoying to kill and great at locking down enemies, they're good at just denying something an activation by forcing it to kill them (which then hurts them and gives them Brilliance) OOK/Versatile models- Fuhatsu/Miss Guided- Lynch doesn't have huge damage potential and kind of needs an extra beater outside of the bubble hires. Fuhatsu gives this, and can put out obscene amounts of good shooting to force things to engage and just plain hurt them before they close, which benefits the bubble because then they're playing Lynch's game Upgrades- Trained Ninja- Should be great on Tannen to keep him alive a little longer, but once they're in his aura range they can hit him with whatever they have anyway. Nice way to make sure things get into the bubbles but it's not an always take. Silent Protector- Put this on Hungering Darkness and he will never die. It's not super worth it on anyone else in keyword but I always bolt it onto Huggy's card and it has tons of value. Masked Agent- Not really a great upgrade in Honeypot, because the models it can work on (Huggy and Graves) don't get enough out of it compared to other upgrades Deployments- Corner and Flank are bad because even with their movement tricks Honeypot is a slow keyword, so it's a tough time. Standard and Wedge are fine though, because the bubble will be halfway up the table by turn 2 so you can play your game from that point on. Strategies- Reckoning- You can do funny things with Depleted here and I really do enjoy the idea of it, but you have better options in Thunders. It's not super reliable cause the keyword can't kill huge amounts of models a turn and you're relying on janky plays or OOK Turf War- Not bad but not fantastic either. The bubble in the centre can mess with backfield markers fairly well, and if they don't then Kitty can get there and do the job herself. Corrupted Idols- So long as you can manipulate where the Idols drop you can do this really well, but if you don't you'll struggle. Pretty matchup dependent (Tara you will lose) because they aren't the fastest but they can lock down a zone and dominate it pretty well. Plant Explosives- Another one they're ok with but not amazing, I would go for Misaki, McCabe or Mei Feng here myself. It's the lack of speed that hurts because while you can get a couple of bombs out the rest will be a lot harder and you can get outmanoeuvred by the opponent Schemes- Detonate Charges- Not bad to do because you can lure enemies into where you need them, and both points are on paper just as easy. Breakthrough- Difficult to pull off the max points because Kitty is the one you're relying on here. I'd skip it Harness the Ley Line- Centreline schemes are great for Lynch and this is no exception. The difficulty is in maintaining the bubble while spreading out enough to get the markers out (Kitty can help here with Lingering Contamination) Search the Ruins- I'd take it because it only needs you to be in the opponent's table half so it's reachable early enough to score both and keep most of the crew together Dig Their Graves- Pretty good option because of the bubble- drag something in and kill it. Hold Up Their Forces- Beckoners are great here (if only Depleted weren't Insignificant) and pulling things in to just engage them and shut them down is well worth the effort if its scoring you VP. Take Prisoner- Drag things in with Beckoners, sit next to them and keep them alive while shutting them down when they want to accomplish things and you'll have an easy time with it Power Ritual- Just don't. The deployment where this is easiest on paper (Corner and Flank) are the worst for Lynch to play into, and he doesn't have the speed to reach where they need to in order to score. Outflank- You don't want to split the crew with Lynch, so you don't want to play Outflank either Assassinate- Lynch isn't exactly tanky, and your healing in keyword is mostly locked to Huggy. Take OOK healers if you can fit it, otherwise just play cagey with Lynch and try not to get him killed. Deliver a Message- It's not a bad option, but it's also not a great one either. I'd take it over others depending on what's in the pool Claim Jump- This one is veeeeery nice for Lynch. Keep the bubble in the centre, anything comes near your chosen model you shove it away with almost any option in the keyword Vendetta- Some decent options here (Huggy is amazing) and a few jank ones as well (Lynch can target things like Coryphee Duet, Riders and 2nd masters) make it something I like to take fairly often GG1 Strategies- Symbols of Authority- Having to reach the backfield makes this a tough one so I don't really recommend it, but you could play a denial game and hope Kitty gets deep enough to claim a couple of Symbols. Recover Evidence- Very good provided you take damage dealers (1-2 Illuminated for sure here, probably also Fuhatsu). Drag things in, kill them and claim the evidence before repeating. Things get in your bubble to disrupt have a Beckoner further back to say no Interacts and shut them out of scoring as long as possible Corrupted Ley Lines- My favourite strat for Lynch just because he has so much to deny it and he isn't terrible at it as a keyword. Being able to drag opponents around with so much in the crew is huge and your threat vectors for ripping lodestone bearers away from where they need to be makes for a tough threat. Kitty is also just a pretty great bearer in general Public Enemies- Not bad, but you also rely on mid-high cost models that aren't the tankiest and don't do huge amounts of damage for the most part. What you're likely up against will win fights far easier than you will, so I wouldn't take Lynch here just because it's an uphill battle Schemes- Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Vendetta, Assassinate, Claim Jump- Nothing changed here, so my points from above are still my opinion on them. Hidden Martyrs- Not a bad take because there's some models in here that are really tough to kill (Huggy, Graves to an extent) and some that are really big targets (Tannen). Tannen and Huggy also fit perfectly at 13SS Sabotage- Getting right to the back is pretty hard in-keyword (Kitty can do it but not enough reliably for both points). I wouldn't take it Catch and Release- Not too bad so long as you can keep minions alive but both options can pull it off well enough given keyword tricks, just have to play carefully Let Them Bleed- Honeypot is control, not damage. I guess you can keep them damaged and shut down but it's a lot harder to pull this off when you don't have many decent damage sources. Leave Your Mark- Not a bad choice because you can just hard deny the middle of the board for Interacts in general while you do what you want Research Mission- Lynch doesn't have any in-keyword marker generation, so you don't take Research Mission. It's that simple Spread Them Out/Runic Binding- You don't have the reach to spread out enough for either of these schemes, so I wouldn't take them with Lynch. His game plan doesn't play nice with either scheme because they ask for you to spread out across the table and not bubble
  2. the sheer size of the model has been a concern of mine, even compared to its base its massive. Is he even meant to be played in real games?
  3. Hi! I have a question related to some Masters abilities. For example, Lynch Is better to burn out than fade away. Question is: If you kill an enemy without the under the influence condition, with an attack that have an after damaging trigger to give under the influence condition, can you summon a depleted If the model dies within 6 of Lynch/hungering darkness? Upgrade text:
  4. Hey guys, I have played a few games (still probably less than 10) and I love the game - currently using Lynch and Huggy and having fun with them... but Asami has caught my eye (as new masters all do!!) and I wondered how well it would transfer to begin with (funding will stop me from getting everything she needs straight away) using what qualifies as Ten Thunders from the Lynch box and Graves? I would pick up her box and Obsidian Oni to kick off - will she play ok with Illuminated etc? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Hello, We are creating some thematic but at the same time fun and competitive crews. The goal is to create a large enough pool (20 models max) for players who will be using 1 master and need a crew well-rounded. I've included a list but your suggestion will be most welcome, please suggested to me if add, remove, or simply reduce the number of models needed! (all the models in production are good). Lynch Pool (mostly Darkened models) Huggy Mr. Graves Mr. Tannen 3 x Depleted 3 x Illuminated 2 x Beckoners 3 x Stitched Togheter 3 x Wastrels and/or 3 x Ten Thunders Brothers 2 x Katanaka Snipers Generic Pool Shadow Emissary Shadow Effigy Note: the number of models is that one of the original boxes Many thanks in advance (The same post will be added to the various faction forums)
  6. So this came up in a game yesterday: Huggy has been "killed" so it's buried. Lynch activates and casts Play for Blood on an Abomination with 2 wounds left. Does the abomination just die before applying Brilliance, or is Brilliance applied and the abomination then dies, therefore unburying Huggy? We resolved it as the latter, because the trigger specifies the target gains Brilliance "after succeeding", so before damaging.
  7. With Lynch's Wanna See a Trick ability, is the damage combined or separate instances? I don't have the exact wording on me, but at the end of Lynch's activation, he can discard any number of aces to deal 2 damage per ace to target model in 6 inches with brilliance. Is the damage combined? Or does each ace do a separate instance of 2 damage?
  8. Is the damage from "Surrounded By Nightmares" (off Tantrum upgrade) a single instance of damage or multiple instances? Example would be that either: a ) it deals 1 damage at a time for each Nightmare within 3" and LOS of the target, thus being better against things like Hard to Kill and Soulstone use. b ) it counts the number of nightmares within 3" and LOS of the target, then deals the damage as one lump sum, thus being better against things like Arcane Shield. Similar question regarding Lynch's 52 Pickup. Wording for relevant abilities: "Target model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3" and LOS of it which it considers an enemy." "Target model with the Brilliance Characteristic within 6" suffers 2 damage for each Ace revealed in this way."
  9. Does anyone have advice about facing the masked bandido? Specifically with Lynch. I expect to be blindsided by the new stuff but if anyone has tips about priority targets or schemes to avoid that would be neat
  10. So, out of curiosity with my Black Friday Malifaux gluttony drawing ever nearer... My first Master was Lynch, admittedly more for Neverborn; my DP game last night was the first time I'veplayed him as Thunders and,being honest it wasn't any different list or tactics-wise from when I play him as 'Born. Now, full disclosure I'm not looking to dive deep here - in fact honestly none of the other 10T Masters really speak to me. But having options is nice, and while the Masters don't do much for my tastes you nice gentlemen and ladies do look to have some very thematic, fun, and effective Minions, Enforcers, and the like. For quick reference, here's everything I own that is either 10T or 10T-compatible: * Jakob Lynch * Hungering Darkness * The Illuminated x3 * Beckoner x2 So.. not a lot as you can see! Anyhow, I'm looking for around 19-21ss worth of models that work well with Lynch, don't require another Master box, and give options that 'Born Lynch may lack. From cursory reading The Lone Swordsman and Ten Thunders Brothers seem plausible, and possibly Katanaka Snipers (if only because of the lack of good ranged options for Lynch in Neverborn), but I may be completely wrong there. Fuhatsu and the Samurai both entertain me greatly conceptually, but I've heard very mixed reviews bandied about? Any advice and thoughts welcome!
  11. Afternoon all, So I got back into malifaux in October after a while out and have gone straight back to Lynch. I appeared on Schemes and Stones talking about Lynch but had only just come back, so there were a few bits I was a bit ropey on and a few of my ideas have progressed since then, but the core is the same. I just want to type up my recent experiences, thoughts and core of my crew, and hope that some of you get some use from this. It's only going to be a short post due to a fractured wrist meaning my usual speedy typing is either slow or painful, so apologies for a lack of depth! Since the turn of the year, my record with Lynch at UK tournaments has been: Masters - 3rd - 3 Wins, 1 Draw, 1 Loss Troubleshooters - 1st - 3/0/0 Love Hurts - 4th - 2/0/1 Scrap at Steelworks - 1st - 3/0/0 Expert Cheater - 1st - 3/0/0 The Normal one - 1st 3/0/0 (2015 saw 1st, 1st, 10th(out of 88), 3rd - 12/1/2) All have been single faction, bar masters which was open faction, whilst I've stuck with pure TT Lynch. I provide the stats above for 2 reasons: 1. To boost my already massive ego. 2. To prove that my ramblings aren't made up *that much* Since the turn of the year, and troubleshooters onwards, I have only used the following models and upgrades...so this is my core lynch list for any budding gamblers: Lynch Hungering Darkness Shadow Emmisary Yin the Pengalanaalalgnaninilanin The Lone Swordsman (May have used Chiaki once...?) 1 TT Bro 1 Illuminated 1 Katakana Sniper 1 Depleted Upgrades: Rising Sun Wanna See a Trick Recalled Trainings Hidden Agenda Smoke Grenades And that's it...happy hunting boys and girls. Note: This is by no means a fool proof list, and there are plenty of models in my side pool, I just never reach for them!
  12. So, new to the game here, and started with Lynch - primarily as Neverborn, but hey, he can play for both teams so I may as well use that to my advantage, right? Anyhow, looking at some various synergies in his model options, I gained the possibly foolish notion of using the following Crew as a 'manipulating' sort of controller setup.. not sure how effective it wouldbe, but it feels thematic at least - and so I'd love feedback and advice on that score for future Lynch expansion into TT!
  13. Henchman Ben is back for another 50SS game, his Outcasts against my Neverborn in this encounter from Gaining Grounds 2016. My next two upcoming Gaining Grounds events are April 30th at Lords of War in Oakville Ontario... https://www.facebook.com/events/256783571331891/ ... and the Ontario Masters at Lords of War Weekend June 5th, Mississauga, Ontario! https://www.facebook.com/events/1065584066818527/ Hope to see some of you guys there in person!
  14. Hi all, in first place, i introduce myself ! First thing, i appologize for my bad english, i understand this language very well but that's hard for me to talk/write !! i hope all my mistakes don't make you cry blood too much I know malifaux since few years but i just started to play for real at this game... and i definitly love it. I study the rules book since 2 weeks and finaly, i fix myself on this awsome faction neverborn. After that, i focus on 3 masters (pandora / lynch / collodi) and create alone, without experience, 3 lists. I know make a "generic" list on malifaux is not a good thing because that's change a lot with the primary and other scenarios but that's a way for me to know what miniature i buy in first and have some "pre-build" list for my first games. And today, i need you to have your opinion about my list, give me some answer about thing i don't understand and maybe, have some advices ^^ ! I try to explain for all my list what i want and the goal when i create it ! JAKOB LYNCHE That's probably the list that i like least... I have many models who have good synergy with "brillance characteristic" but i don't have many synergies with "ace in the hole" ... don't know if that's a problem or not. I have 2 variants and i don't know wich one take and if play only in brillance is a good way. What kind of model can i take to maximise the "ace in the hole" capacity ? First one : Second one : JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illumanited 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger : Retribution Eyes 8ss * Hans 9ss * The depleated 4ss * The depleated 4ss And a little question about lynche, and to be more precise, about the hungering darkness. If i play hungry, later during the turn, he die, and after (again during the same turn) he come back in game (with rising sun upgrate), i can play him or he considerate like already play ? PANDORA For this one, i don't use Spirit models because ... i don't like them at all. Not in game, but just the visual !!! So i try to find an other way to generate many WP test without them !! Finaly, i finish with this list. I add a mysterious effigy for the last 4 points but i admit i don't know if it's a good choise or not... i don't find an other thing PANDORA : box opens / wings of darkness / Aether connection 4ss * Primordial magic 2ss * Mr Graves 9ss * Doppleganger : Retributions eye 8ss * Nekima 13ss * Johan 7ss * Mysterious Effigy 4ss *ADD 3 soulstones 3ss COLLODI For this one, i realy try to play with many effigy and puppet thing ... i guess that's normal !! Like for lynch, i have 2 lists and i don't know wich one take. The first one i take Aionus inside because .... i LOVE the visual of miniature and i want play this model !!! I put him with collodi because he add to my list many "control" and make that composition moreeeeee toxic with more trics !!! After, i don't know if it's the better choise, that's why i create a second list without him (because it cost realy expensive >< ) First one : Second one : COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Aionus : Mimics Belssing 14ss * Vasilisa : a friend to talk 9ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Mysterious effigy 4ss * ADD 2 soulstones 2ss ADD 3 soulstones 3ss So, thx to all person who take time to read me and help me a little bit to make my choise when i have 2 lists, or advice me for some synergies/changements...
  15. Hi I'm after a little generic advice regarding Lynch. He was the first master I bought, first I played and first I won with, but after 2 and 1/2 games he's been on the shelf while I got to grips with the game using Misaki, Mei Feng and most recently McCabe. I'm now getting ready to add the Lynch horse to my stable: I know how he works as a damage dealer - with quite frankly sickening amounts of damage being thrown out from all sorts of sources - but when playing other strats and schemes, positioning or interact based, has anyone found any clever synergies in Ten Thunders that might make them consider Lynch ahead of other masters? I own most of the faction - or am in a position to get what I need. Any thoughts, advise or theoretical ideas welcome. Thanks
  16. An Ohio Henchmen is challenging himself in 2016 to be the Year of the Dragon! Check out his Ten Thunders tournament report: http://midwestwargaming.com/malifaux-year-of-the-dragon-bbb2/
  17. Hello my beloved community! I have some big issues playing against Rasputina with my Lynch crew (TT). Her Ice Mirror is blocking almost everything. The biggest problem is that I cannot target anything with lynch because he has only 8 range. What do you recommend against her? Beckoners maybe to lure them out of Ice Mirror range? I have no clue at all My list: Lynch (recalled training, woke up, rising sun), huggy (addict, recalled training), Emissary (conflux), 2 TT brothers, 1 katanaka sniper, 2 illuminated. Thank you in advance!!
  18. Jakob Lynch's upgrade "Woke up with a Hand" states that he may draw two cards if he is the last friendly model to activate this turn. His upgrade "The Rising Sun" buries the Hungering Darkness fully healed if he would be killed. When the Hungering Darkness is buried but hasn't activated and Lynch is the last model in play to activate, does Lynch draw the two cards as the Hungering Darkness cannot activate without being in play?
  19. Hey With the likelihood of Lynch (or any other card drawer) having 6+ cards, how does this follow into the next turn? Does the hand automatically shrink back to 6? Or can you keep your 7 or 8 cards in your hand but I guess with no discards?
  20. Lynch lets you keep aces flipped *for the most part*. For injury flips, couldn't one keep an ace and keeping using it to keep the model safe?
  21. I have a campaign starting at my lgs and would like input as to viability. I'm unsure about if I will allow masters from the onset, but assuming I dont, I was trying to think of a henchman who synergizes very well with the theme of a crew even without the master. Which led me to Huggy Would a Jakob Lynch themed list work in a campaign without Lynch?
  22. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  23. Hey guys, Just put together my basic Lynch crew and Mr. Graves. I've got Mr Tannen, Waldgeists and Depleted yet to build for my second wave, but I'm interested in what models exist out-of-faction that also have the Keyword 'Darkened'. Any help is appreciated! Ash
  24. Hey guys, New blog post narrating my adventures in Neverborn. Today I look at my new favorite drug peddling, casino owning Master; Jakob Lynch. http://malifolks.blogspot.com/2015/02/hooked-on-demon-beginners-guide-to.html
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