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  1. the sheer size of the model has been a concern of mine, even compared to its base its massive. Is he even meant to be played in real games?
  2. Hi! I have a question related to some Masters abilities. For example, Lynch Is better to burn out than fade away. Question is: If you kill an enemy without the under the influence condition, with an attack that have an after damaging trigger to give under the influence condition, can you summon a depleted If the model dies within 6 of Lynch/hungering darkness? Upgrade text:
  3. Hey guys, I have played a few games (still probably less than 10) and I love the game - currently using Lynch and Huggy and having fun with them... but Asami has caught my eye (as new masters all do!!) and I wondered how well it would transfer to begin with (funding will stop me from getting everything she needs straight away) using what qualifies as Ten Thunders from the Lynch box and Graves? I would pick up her box and Obsidian Oni to kick off - will she play ok with Illuminated etc? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Hello, We are creating some thematic but at the same time fun and competitive crews. The goal is to create a large enough pool (20 models max) for players who will be using 1 master and need a crew well-rounded. I've included a list but your suggestion will be most welcome, please suggested to me if add, remove, or simply reduce the number of models needed! (all the models in production are good). Lynch Pool (mostly Darkened models) Huggy Mr. Graves Mr. Tannen 3 x Depleted 3 x Illuminated 2 x B
  5. So this came up in a game yesterday: Huggy has been "killed" so it's buried. Lynch activates and casts Play for Blood on an Abomination with 2 wounds left. Does the abomination just die before applying Brilliance, or is Brilliance applied and the abomination then dies, therefore unburying Huggy? We resolved it as the latter, because the trigger specifies the target gains Brilliance "after succeeding", so before damaging.
  6. With Lynch's Wanna See a Trick ability, is the damage combined or separate instances? I don't have the exact wording on me, but at the end of Lynch's activation, he can discard any number of aces to deal 2 damage per ace to target model in 6 inches with brilliance. Is the damage combined? Or does each ace do a separate instance of 2 damage?
  7. Is the damage from "Surrounded By Nightmares" (off Tantrum upgrade) a single instance of damage or multiple instances? Example would be that either: a ) it deals 1 damage at a time for each Nightmare within 3" and LOS of the target, thus being better against things like Hard to Kill and Soulstone use. b ) it counts the number of nightmares within 3" and LOS of the target, then deals the damage as one lump sum, thus being better against things like Arcane Shield. Similar question regarding Lynch's 52 Pickup. Wording for relevant abilities: "Target model suffe
  8. Does anyone have advice about facing the masked bandido? Specifically with Lynch. I expect to be blindsided by the new stuff but if anyone has tips about priority targets or schemes to avoid that would be neat
  9. So, out of curiosity with my Black Friday Malifaux gluttony drawing ever nearer... My first Master was Lynch, admittedly more for Neverborn; my DP game last night was the first time I'veplayed him as Thunders and,being honest it wasn't any different list or tactics-wise from when I play him as 'Born. Now, full disclosure I'm not looking to dive deep here - in fact honestly none of the other 10T Masters really speak to me. But having options is nice, and while the Masters don't do much for my tastes you nice gentlemen and ladies do look to have some very thematic, fun, a
  10. Afternoon all, So I got back into malifaux in October after a while out and have gone straight back to Lynch. I appeared on Schemes and Stones talking about Lynch but had only just come back, so there were a few bits I was a bit ropey on and a few of my ideas have progressed since then, but the core is the same. I just want to type up my recent experiences, thoughts and core of my crew, and hope that some of you get some use from this. It's only going to be a short post due to a fractured wrist meaning my usual speedy typing is either slow or painful, so apologies for a
  11. So, new to the game here, and started with Lynch - primarily as Neverborn, but hey, he can play for both teams so I may as well use that to my advantage, right? Anyhow, looking at some various synergies in his model options, I gained the possibly foolish notion of using the following Crew as a 'manipulating' sort of controller setup.. not sure how effective it wouldbe, but it feels thematic at least - and so I'd love feedback and advice on that score for future Lynch expansion into TT!
  12. Henchman Ben is back for another 50SS game, his Outcasts against my Neverborn in this encounter from Gaining Grounds 2016. My next two upcoming Gaining Grounds events are April 30th at Lords of War in Oakville Ontario... https://www.facebook.com/events/256783571331891/ ... and the Ontario Masters at Lords of War Weekend June 5th, Mississauga, Ontario! https://www.facebook.com/events/1065584066818527/ Hope to see some of you guys there in person!
  13. Hi all, in first place, i introduce myself ! First thing, i appologize for my bad english, i understand this language very well but that's hard for me to talk/write !! i hope all my mistakes don't make you cry blood too much I know malifaux since few years but i just started to play for real at this game... and i definitly love it. I study the rules book since 2 weeks and finaly, i fix myself on this awsome faction neverborn. After that, i focus on 3 masters (pandora / lynch / collodi) and create alone, without experience, 3 lists. I know make a "generic" list on malifaux is not
  14. Hi I'm after a little generic advice regarding Lynch. He was the first master I bought, first I played and first I won with, but after 2 and 1/2 games he's been on the shelf while I got to grips with the game using Misaki, Mei Feng and most recently McCabe. I'm now getting ready to add the Lynch horse to my stable: I know how he works as a damage dealer - with quite frankly sickening amounts of damage being thrown out from all sorts of sources - but when playing other strats and schemes, positioning or interact based, has anyone found any clever synergies in Ten Thunders that might m
  15. An Ohio Henchmen is challenging himself in 2016 to be the Year of the Dragon! Check out his Ten Thunders tournament report: http://midwestwargaming.com/malifaux-year-of-the-dragon-bbb2/
  16. Hello my beloved community! I have some big issues playing against Rasputina with my Lynch crew (TT). Her Ice Mirror is blocking almost everything. The biggest problem is that I cannot target anything with lynch because he has only 8 range. What do you recommend against her? Beckoners maybe to lure them out of Ice Mirror range? I have no clue at all My list: Lynch (recalled training, woke up, rising sun), huggy (addict, recalled training), Emissary (conflux), 2 TT brothers, 1 katanaka sniper, 2 illuminated. Thank you in advance!!
  17. Jakob Lynch's upgrade "Woke up with a Hand" states that he may draw two cards if he is the last friendly model to activate this turn. His upgrade "The Rising Sun" buries the Hungering Darkness fully healed if he would be killed. When the Hungering Darkness is buried but hasn't activated and Lynch is the last model in play to activate, does Lynch draw the two cards as the Hungering Darkness cannot activate without being in play?
  18. Hey With the likelihood of Lynch (or any other card drawer) having 6+ cards, how does this follow into the next turn? Does the hand automatically shrink back to 6? Or can you keep your 7 or 8 cards in your hand but I guess with no discards?
  19. Lynch lets you keep aces flipped *for the most part*. For injury flips, couldn't one keep an ace and keeping using it to keep the model safe?
  20. I have a campaign starting at my lgs and would like input as to viability. I'm unsure about if I will allow masters from the onset, but assuming I dont, I was trying to think of a henchman who synergizes very well with the theme of a crew even without the master. Which led me to Huggy Would a Jakob Lynch themed list work in a campaign without Lynch?
  21. Here's a narrative battle report I finally finished for a game a couple weeks back. It was a fun game with a new strategy. http://malifaux.battle.directory/battle-report/ten-thunders-jakob-lynch-vs-neverborn-the-dreamer/view-full/158
  22. Hey guys, Just put together my basic Lynch crew and Mr. Graves. I've got Mr Tannen, Waldgeists and Depleted yet to build for my second wave, but I'm interested in what models exist out-of-faction that also have the Keyword 'Darkened'. Any help is appreciated! Ash
  23. Hey guys, New blog post narrating my adventures in Neverborn. Today I look at my new favorite drug peddling, casino owning Master; Jakob Lynch. http://malifolks.blogspot.com/2015/02/hooked-on-demon-beginners-guide-to.html
  24. Hello, I'd like to clear out/trade some of my spare crews that I don't really have an interest in holding onto and pick up one that I do. Pictures are available upon request! If you don't like my prices, feel free to make an offer. If you have something else I might like, let me know! Haves: McMourning Crew (Body of Evidence box, assembled, unpainted/stripped, includes M2E cards, PENDING): - Mcmourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua (Lost the tail, green stuffed it in, price adjusted accordingly) - 2 Nurses - Canine Remains X1 - Flesh Construct (Also includin
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