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  1. I can top that, I have twelve (it's a long story, okay - things kinda happened ...)!
  2. Definitely, would love this ... Thanks for the overview so far, very interested in trying out Nico after the nerf.
  3. Well, some of the print isn't exactly huge on the card shown. If you print that out any smaller, you'll need magnifying glasses to read them.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, Domin!
  5. I don't get how this works. Would somebody mind explaining?
  6. Yes, but on the website it claims there is a PDF. Btw., very confusing navigation. If you click on an individual picture, and then delete the individual code from url, THEN you get to the overview page with all cards of that faction. But I found no normal way to get there. Guess that's messed up ... The cards for Neverborn on that overview page (https://www.wyrd-games.net/neverborn-errata/) are in disorder, too. There is one back too many (Mature, I think?) which messes up the order, so everything's got the wrong backside next to it, and also on the leftm instead of the right.
  7. Somehow, I can't find the PDF with the new cards - am I just too blind to see it?
  8. Does anyone know when the cards will be up on the Wyrd website? OP mentions 'next week', but that's almost a month ago ...
  9. Thanks for another, as always, entertaining report, and congrats on the placing. Looking forward to more Kirai reports, too - are there any other Resser Masters zu plan to include in the future as well?
  10. Care to elaborate? I loved that piece about the Shuffle, and thought it was hilarous, even though I never got around to try it myself ...
  11. This is definitely NOT fixed in 2.7. At least not in my version. :-P
  12. German playstore for Nexus 5 is still on 2.5
  13. You can still get Blood Ascendant T2 'cause first thing, you ditch a card, bringing you up to 4 Chi. But then you're severely reduced in effectiveness for that turn, so I'm not sure it's worth that.
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