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  1. thecapopriest

    Random Questions

    Thanks, that explains the base size mattering for the individual models.
  2. thecapopriest

    Random Questions

    Thanks for the answers! Why I asked about the movement of fire teams between objects was to see if there is any real mechanic attached to the base size of the individual models. Such as a good amount of squads will have an 80mm fire team with 3 30mm bases on the fire team. Does the size of the individual bases have any game mechanic attached to it?
  3. thecapopriest

    Random Questions

    Just some random questions that I have been wondering about and just hoping someone has the answers; seeing as I don't see a place to read any rules and I have yet to go over all of the cards with a fine tooth comb. 1. Are there any negative abilities in TOS? Such as, with certain Gremlin models in Malifaux, being forced to declare triggers and usually one of them are strictly negative, or like how a certain pig models must declare charges under certain conditions. 2. Can a fire team base move through a terrain gap that is not wide enough for the actual size of the fire team base? Example would be if there where to houses close to one another to where there was a 60mm gap, could an 80mm fire team move through it or would that not be allowed? 3. Are there any character attachments to squads and fire teams or are they going to remain generic? 4. Will the bases for TOS be sold separately? 5. Lastly has the retail packaging been shown off or talked about yet? I'm just wondering if they are going to do clear packaging since the models are preassembled to show off the models to potential buyers. Thanks for reading and hopefully these questions are easy enough to answer.
  4. thecapopriest

    Declaring factions in a game

    It's also beneficial to know your opponents faction so you can prepare for your personal worse case scenario. Such as, against Arcanists my worst case scenario is to face off against Ramos summoning in a mass of arachnids with Joss and Howard as the heavy hitters. So I am inclined to either take Wong or Somer with Lightning Bugs and high damage dealers. I might end up facing off against any of the other masters, but overall they don't worry me as much as I feel I can play to the Strategy and Schemes without being shut out at every turn. I have worse case scenarios for every Faction and try to have my list at least a bit built for those match ups just in case.
  5. thecapopriest

    Maliphoenix Ulix vs. Lady Justice 50 soulstone

    I did have to discard cards in order to avoid damage from the aura a couple of times, unfortunately I did forget to note those times down. I think my opponent was just playing more conservatively with Greed then normal due to needing her alive to help with Round Up and that she could score for Hunting Party. He also kept forgetting to Focus before doing The Greed Spreads, so in later games she might be more effective. The Governor's Proxy worked well in this Strategy and Scheme set seeing as it healed a good amount of times, making his tanky crew even more difficult to crack.
  6. This is a 50 point game played in the MaliPhoenix group at Games U. Gremlins vs. Guild Deployment: Standard Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Hunting Party, Dig Their Graves, and Recover Evidence. Gremlin List: Ulix with Huntin' Bow and Hide in The Mud, Penelope, Old Major, Gracie, War Pig with One Pig Against The World, The Sow, Stuffed Piglet, and Gremlin Taxidermist. Soulstone Cache of 4. With this list I was hoping that with the enhanced maneuverability from Penelope giving +1 walk, with a 0 action to push a Pig model, Old Major's ability to push pigs, the Taxidermist being able to grant flight, and Ulix able to use the Huntin' Bow to send pigs off charging, I was hoping I would be able to wrap up my opponents crew outside of the Extraction radius. Then I would hopefully be able to start moving the Extraction marker away from his crew to deny points. Before we revealed crews I already had it in mind that I would choose Frame For Murder on The Sow, seeing as she is pretty fragile and I knew I wanted to get her stuck in combat on the first turn. Unfortunately with how this crew works it also made Recover Evidence and Dig Their Graves no good as I would be stuck in melee and unable to do any interact actions. Also Claim Jump was out of the Scheme pool for me with this crew. Basically choosing this particular crew did push myself into having to choose Frame For Murder and Hunting Party, which is a mistake I will endeavor to not make again. Guild List: Lady Justice with Vendetta, Governor's Proxy, Francisco Ortega with Wade In and Hair Trigger, 2 Guardian's, Greed, and Ryle. Soul Stone Cache 7. Gremlins Schemes: Hunting Party and Frame For Murder on The Sow. Guild Schemes: Faction Scheme Round Up and Hunting Party. Gremlins win Deployment Flip and choose to make Guild deploy first and choose sides. Just to note this is a four foot by four foot board, so six inches all around the board is out of play. The Green Pond is Severe and Hazardous. Guild Deployment Left to Right: Francisco, Ryle, behind Ryle is the Governor's Proxy, Guardian, Lady Justice, Guardian, and Greed. Gremlin Deployment Left to Right: War Pig, The Sow, Gracie, behind Gracie is Ulix, behind Gracie and Old Major is the Taxidermist, Old Major, Stuffed Piglet, and Penelope From The Shadows deployment near the building. From the original photo Guild choose the right side of the board for deployment. Gremlin Taxidermist did his 1 action Never Happen, cheating in a 6 of masks, to give flight to all of the Pigs in a 4" pulse. He then did his 0 action Purdy Fireworks on the Stuffed Piglet to push it 3" and then have it walk 5" more. He did nothing with his 2nd AP. Guardian double walked forward and attempted his 0 action Protect on himself, but failed due to the Black Joker. Gracie did her 0 action Riled Up to gain Reactivate, but take 2 damage which may not be reduced. She then double walked 10" due to the +1 walk from Penelope's Kept at a Distance. Each walk Ulix was pushed into base contact from Hitch a Ride, stopping at the fence on the second walk. Guardian did his 0 action Protect on Lady Justice and then double walked forward. Old Major walked forward and then did his 0 action The Old Pig Knows The Way to push the Taxidermist into base contact. He then did Nudge 'em On on the War Pig discarding a 3 of Crows to do so and giving the War Pig Crows on all final duel totals. Francisco walked and shot the Stuffed Piglet, being able to cheat the damage flip, he cheated it to severe to kill it outright. Penelope used her 0 action, Herd 'em, on the War Pig to push him his walk of 5, then she double walked. Ryle did his 0 action, Socially Repressed, to push 4" away from the Governor's Proxy. He then walked and shot at Gracie, being able to cheat the damage flip, he cheated to severe of 4 damage which was reduced to 2 due to Armor 2 on Gracie. The Sow double walked forward. Governor's Proxy double walked forward. The War Pig discarded One Pig Against The World to gain a positive twist on all flips for the rest of the activation. He walked 6" due to +1 walk from Penelope. He then did a 1 AP Pig Charge against Ryle, due to Flight from the Taxidermist he was able to situate himself behind the Guardian. The first attack Ryle used a soulstone to gain a positive twist to defense and give a negative twist to any resulting damage flip. The War Pig hit and did weak damage of 2, which was reduced down to 1 from Armor. The War Pig declared the Eat Anything trigger. The second attack Ryle used another soulstone and The War Pig hit getting the Stampede trigger, however I hit the Black Joker on the damage flip so no trigger due to no damage being dealt. Lady Justice walked into Melee with the War Pig in order to gain positive twist to the damage flips due to not charging. The first attack missed due to cheating in the Red Joker on defense. The second attack hit and declared the Onslaught trigger granted to her by the Vendetta upgrade. The attack did moderate damage of 4 but the additional attack from Onslaught missed. Gracie walked forward with her Reactivate and nothing else. Greed did The Greed Spreads on the War Pig, hitting and doing 2 damage after I discarded 1 soulstone to reduce the damage by 2. Ulix did Shot in the Rear on Gracie to charge Ryle. The first attack she did Take a Bite doing 1 point of damage and healing 3 due to cheating a severe card. Second attack she did Tusks doing weak damage of 2 which was reduced to 1 due to Armor 1. Ulix did Sooey! to push Gracie and Old Major their Charge towards him. Gracie stopped along the building as she ended up hitting the building during the push. Ulix then did Shot in the Rear on The Sow having her charge the Guardian. Unfortunately I forget the Positive Twists from Old Major's Rile 'em up. First attack missed, second attack hit, but the Guardian got the Grind to a Halt trigger, dealing weak damage of 3 which was reduced down to 1 due to Armor +3. End of turn 1 no points scored. Gremlins have 2 soulstones and Guild has 1 soulstone left. Unfortunately I forgot to note every time we spent our soulstones. Top of turn 2. Gremlins soulstone to reflip initiative, but Guild still wins. Lady Justice attacked the War Pig and got a Ram to hit. With the Ram built in and the Ram from the flip dealt moderate damage of 6, killing the War Pig. Lady Justice then charged and hit and killed The Sow with the first attack due to critical strike and the Red Joker on damage. I scored 3 points for Frame For Murder on The Sow. Farrowing then went off and summoned 2 Piglets within 1" of The Sow with 1 health each. Ulix did Huntin' Bow twice at the Guardian, first attack hit and did weak damage of 2 reduced to 1, the second attack also did weak damage but got the crow trigger Blood Trail to do +1 damage from all pig models. He then did Shot in the Rear on Gracie having her charge the Guardian and killed him on the second attack. She then healed all damage with her ability Eat Your Fill. I scored 1 point for Hunting Party. Guardian charged Gracie. First attack hit but was at a double negative due to Gracie flipping the Red Joker on defense. Dealing weak damage of 2 reduced to 1. Second attack missed. He then did his 0 action Protect on himself to gain Defensive +2. Slow Piglet walked into Melee with the Guardian. Ryle did his 0 action, Field Repairs, healing himself weak damage of 1. He then charged Gracie, first attack hitting doing moderate damage of 5, reduced to 3 due to Armor +2, the second attack missed. Governor's Proxy Companion activated, walked forward and healed Ryle up to full health. Slow Piglet charged the Guardian, but missed both attacks. Greed did The Greed Spreads against Gracie, but it missed due to cheating. She then walked forward to be behind the Guardian. Penelope walked, then did her 0 action to push Gracie 4". She then walked. Francisco walked forward and shot into engagement, randomizing between the 2 Piglets, Gracie, Penelope, The Guardian, and Greed. He hit the original Piglet he targeted and killed it. Guild scores 1 point for Hunting Party. Old Major walked forward and used his 0 to push the Taxidermist into base contact. He then did Nudge 'em On on the Piglet to push him 4". Old Major then used Reactivate due to Ceaseless Advance to reposition. Gracie charged the Guardian, but missed both attacks. She also failed to do her 0 action to gain Reactivate. Taxidermist double walked and summoned a Stuffed Piglet with his 0 action. The Slow Stuffed Piglet walked ending within 3" of Greed taking 2 damage. End of turn 2. We both score 1 point on Extraction and we both have the same number of models so no movement on the marker. Gremlins 5 vs. Guild 2 Top of turn 3 Gremlins win initiative. Stuffed Piglet walked into Greed and Ryle. He then did Bacon Bomb flipping a Crow for 4 damage to Greed and 3 damage to Ryle. Governor's Proxy walked forward and healed Greed 3 damage. Francisco then did Companion activate and Rapid Fired into my Taxidermist. The first attack did 1 damage of Weak after Armor reduction, but the second shot got Red Joker damage killing the Taxidermist. Piglet walked and then charged Greed but Greed got her Defensive trigger and killed the Piglet. This scored 1 point for Hunting Party. Lady Justice walked and then charged Old Major. First attack got the Onslaught trigger and did weak damage of 3. The Onslaught attack missed. The second attack got the Onslaught trigger and did weak damage of 3 for a total of 6 damage on Old Major. The Onslaught attack missed. Gracie attacked the Guardian, first attack getting the Tear 'em Apart trigger, but the Guardian got the Grind to a Halt trigger, getting weak damage of 1. The second attack hit, but the Guardian got the trigger again, but I was at a straight flip and cheated in severe to do 3 damage. Greed attempted to go The Greed Spreads against Penelope but failed. She did nothing with her second AP. Penelope charged Ryle, missing the first attack and doing weak damage of 1 on the second attack. Ryle attacked Penelope twice, missing both times. Old Major walked and did Nudge 'em On on Gracie to give her Rams. Guardian attacked Gracie twice, first attack missed, the second attack hit for moderate of 3 but reduced to 1. His 0 action failed. Ulix did his 0 action Proper Care to heal 2 points on Gracie and Old Major. He then walked and Prodded Gracie twice, but both attacks missed. Old Major Reactivated and attacked Lady Justice twice, missing both attacks. End of turn 3. We both score 1 point for Extraction and Guild gets to move the marker 3". Gremlins 6 vs. Guild 4 Top of turn 4 Guild won initiative. Guardian put up Protect on himself getting the Mend trigger to heal 2 points. He then attacked Gracie twice getting the Exploit Design Flaw trigger and dropping her to Hard to Kill. Governor's Proxy then Companion activated, walked, and then healed 2 points off of the Guardian. Ulix did his 0 action Proper Care and then Prodded Gracie 3 times, twice hitting for 1 damage each and once missing. Lady Justice attacked Old Major 3 times missing twice and hitting once by cheating in the Red Joker. Doing 3 damage and getting the Onslaught trigger. On the Onslaught attack I flipped the Black Joker and Lady Justice did severe damage of 6. Gracie attacked the Guardian twice, first attack missing, second attack hitting, but the Guardian got his trigger. I got the Red Joker on damage for 8 damage, 5 after armor 3 reduction, leaving him at 1 health. Francisco did El Mayor on Ryle. Francisco charged Penelope but missed both attacks. Penelope attacked Ryle twice hitting each for 2 damage total. Ryle healed the Guardian 1 point and attacked Penelope twice, missing both attacks. Old Major walked and went Defensive +1. Greed walked and then attempted to do The Greed Spreads on Gracie but failed. She then did her 0 action to heal the Guardian 1 point. End of turn 4 we both score 1 on Extraction. Gremlins 7 vs. Guild 5 Top of turn 5 Guild won initiative. Guardian did Protect and healed 2 off of the trigger. He attacked Gracie twice, first attack dropping her to Hard to Kill, second attack killing her. Governor's Proxy then Companion activated and attempted to heal the Guardian twice but failed to hit the target number. Ulix healed Old Major 2 points. He then Prodded Old Major 3 timesfirst 2 attacks hitting and doing moderate damage for a total of 8, third attack got Black Joker on the attack and Red Joker on the defense and Lady Justice did weak damage of 3 with Riposte. Lady Justice attacked Old Major and Killed him and did her 0 action healing 4 damage. She then attacked Ulix twice missing both times. Penelope went Defensive +2 and took 2 damage from Greed's aura. Greed Focused and did The Greed Spreads on Penelope and killed her, scoring 1 point on Hunting Party. Ryle Focused and shot at Ulix in Engagement but randomized into Lady Justice but missed. Francisco walked and then shot into the engagement hitting Ulix for weak damage of 2. End of turn 5 and end of the game. Guild score 1 more from Extraction and 3 for Round Up. Gremlins 7 vs. Guild 10 Gremlins scored 3 on Extraction, 3 on Frame For Murder, and 1 on Hunting Party. Guild scored 4 on Extraction, 3 on Round Up, and 3 on Hunting Party. Some thoughts I have on my crew. Ulix: Overall I think I will keep him as primarily a summoner, the Hunting Bow is great but it feels like it quickly becomes useless when the crew gets engaged and so I will maintain him as mainly a back lines summoner and if I really want the Hunting Bow bring Sammy to take it. Penelope: Really I like her a lot, I like her so much I wish she was a Generic Totem so I could actually play Pig heavy Crews well with other masters. Honestly if she where generic I would love to try out this list with Mah Tucket as the Master. That 0 action push is gold and the +1 walk is just great. Gremlin Taxidermist: I love his ability to hand out Flight and his summons. I will need to keep using him to get a better feel for how to position him so he can keep giving out flight. Hope you enjoyed the battle report and like always feedback is always appreciated.
  7. thecapopriest

    Making the whiskey golem great again! P1

    Yeah I actually have played against a really great Outcast player here and I don't try to include any scheme runners, against him everything needs to be ready to contribute to the blood and gore, no chance to run schemes. The other Outcasts players in my meta mainly play Misaki which I have found easy to neutralize, though the rest of the crew can be difficult, I have found it more easy to manage using the Whiskey Golem. So yeah I would probably say that against a good Outcast player you should probably shelve Fingers and Whiskey Golem, probably Merris as well.
  8. thecapopriest

    Making the whiskey golem great again! P1

    In general I agree he is the best scheme runner we have however, as long as you are fine with devoting a big portion of your soulstones to him, which then does make him more durable, which I am not a fan of doing if I am running Wong or Mah. Both of those masters I devote the SS to mainly their triggers an Mah to stay alive. In those two masters case I never take Fingers, but I have taken the Whiskey Golem. Overall though while Fingers is excellent, I think with specific masters and specific schemes Whiskey Golem is the more solid choice. Also I would add I would really like to see an Errataon the Whiskey Golem to make him worth taking as a beat stick and something that can tie down opposing models, 2' or 3" reach would be a great start.
  9. thecapopriest

    Making the whiskey golem great again! P1

    Yeah it's interesting so far no one has killed him. I think in general I do play very aggressively with the rest of my force making it a spread of choices that the opposing player has to make, so the Whiskey Golem on the flank has yet to be the prime target. I have played him this way twice with Mah Tucket and both times Mah was the primary concern, not the Golem. Two other times was elite Wong crew that drove up the center of the board for turf war, once again the Golem was ignored. Once it was with my Somer crew that has 3 Lightning Bugs and Trixie who he gives Crows to for the Slow trigger on all of their actions, so in that case I was really able to exert strong board control while The Whiskey Golem ran schemes. So I guess I should clarify, if all you do is run the Whiskey Golem up with no way to distract your opponent with other concerns, he will go down in a blaze of glory.
  10. thecapopriest

    Making the whiskey golem great again! P1

    Whiskey Golem is better at running certain very specific schemes better than Fingers or Merris, primarily Breakthrough or any scheme that requires markers on the opponents half of the board. If Merris tries to go and run Breakthrough usually the players I play against will either send someone chasing after her or shoot her down with a sniper. She only has 6 wounds and no good defensive abilities or triggers. I have had her killed pretty reliably on turn 3 or 4, which usually is not enough time to get the scheme she is running completed. In general you will not want Fingers going deep into enemy territory to run schemes because that is a waste of his abilities chatty and don't mind me, he really wants to be mixing it up with the primary enemy force to run schemes like Distract, Plant Explosives, or Exhaust Their Forces. Using him to run something like Breakthrough effectively you would need to use Reckless pretty much every turn; with only 9 wounds the opponent can make sure that either he stops feeling comfortable doing Reckless or kill him by doing 6 points of damage to him by turn 3, which is not to difficult. Another way to neutralize him would be to just tie him down in melee, but don't actually attack him since he has Loudest Squeel. Where the Whiskey Golem does better is he can triple walk for 18" in the first turn with no cost. Usually if I send him up a flank my opponent would rather not engage him, seeing as he is more dangerous then someone like Fingers who can only throw poison around or Merris who can do nothing to a model engaging her. If your opponent does decide to engage the Whiskey Golem you have two different ways to handle it. First is you hope you can kill the opposing model and then Nimble walk further into enemy territory and with a 3/5/6 damage spread you most likely could if it is a minion model with 6 health or less. The second option, if you have a high card in hand, is to first do "Fine" Craftsmanship to gain +2 defense, going to a 7, and then walk away and walk again so you have just moved 12" away from your original position. At that point you should absolutely be primed and ready to run the scheme fully, seeing as you walked 18" the first turn and then either killed the model engaging you and walked 6" more, or got +2 defense and walked 12" more. So far I have done this playstyle for the Whiskey Golem 5 times, each time he scored me the full 3 points I needed for the scheme. Before that I tried to use Merris in that role and my opponents never allowed her to get the full 3, usually I would only score 1 point from Merris herself. Of course though I will admit that 5 games isn't definitive proof that the Whiskey Golem is king at running Breakthrough, but so far it has worked out for me.
  11. thecapopriest

    Skeeters on a 30mm base??

    I used brass rod, currently though with the length of brass rod I used I need to store them in a 50mm spot in my battle foam bag.
  12. thecapopriest

    Lucky effigy tactics? That exists?

    I bought the Lucky Effigy purely for Brewmaster crews, seeing as an enemy model with Swill on it can actually be reliably hit by Melee 3. The Lucky Effigy did live up to it's name in 2 separate games. Once walking up to Rusty Alice and getting Red Joker damage on a double negative twist, killing her with 10 damage, and another time finishing off an Ice Golem with a Red Joker on damage.
  13. thecapopriest

    Sandeep summoning Banasuva

    No, I was getting in a second quick game and I just wasn't really down for rules checking as I normally would be. At the time I just figured it must be like Zoraida's summons for the Voodoo Doll.
  14. thecapopriest

    Sandeep summoning Banasuva

    Thanks for the quick answer! I will give him a heads up the next time I see him.
  15. thecapopriest

    Sandeep summoning Banasuva

    Is there anyway for Sandeep to summon in Banasuva other than his limited upgrades "To Behold Another World" or "To Command Another Plane"? My opponent summoned Banasuva as a 1 action that he didn't need to flip a card, just an automatic summons, and he didn't attach one of the three upgrades to him. Is this possible and I just didn't read the correct summons?