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  1. This, an upgrade thats an auto include should be nerfed to make it situational. No Prisoners on a hard to kill model is amazing. LLC being stapled onto cards is just boring for all involved
  2. OOK tax was just the replacement of mercenary tax from 2E
  3. i dont have a strong dislike for OOK models it just grates to see the "all star" lists where the only model that shares a keyword with the master is the totem. I can see tournaments bringing in unofficial rules like the February one but i wouldnt hold breath for wyrd to make it an official thing
  4. Versatiles are not the issue i feel. its the hiring out of keyword becoming rife (looking at you pheona)
  5. Basse with pale rider. i would run my fixed list and probably lose horrifically due to lack of practice.
  6. Hello all knowing folk of the forums. I come today to talk to you about traps (the metal kind, not the other kind) Personally i find hiring anymore than 2 a painful process as i would much prefer to take an upgrade or keep the stones, however i am told more and more that "Trap spam" is more than just a meme. I am asking you today to change my mind. Tell me of the successes you have had with trap spam, or the downfalls you have suffered for taking a trap light list. Much love from a Basse diehard #embracethedust
  7. Thunders and outcasts already have unofficial riders. Yasinori and the Donkey
  8. Sorry been busy at work. Basse OP and other such things. Austringers should be 8 points
  9. Would love McMorning back. Felt he had so much potential before being snatched away cruelly
  10. I dont unfortunately. there are some games of mine sitting in our local henchmans hard drive waiting to be uploaded to youtube but thats about it. i dont have the mental capacity to note down my thoughts while playing a game. if you have any questions i would be happy to answer them if i can
  11. I ran a fixed list basse at the start of the year with good success. list if i remember correct was basse, baby basse, Hart with LLC 2 austringers a pathfinder a trap and the pale rider. i have some ideas for Explorer Basse but have had zero game time with him yet.
  12. I have never in my life played a game of vassal. that will change tho with the Vassal GT on the 9th. Unfortunately real life (work and a 3month old) is heavily impacting my time online
  13. I have found he is much more use as a disruption piece over a basic tank. Use "bring it" to pull items out of position and allow other models to kill or score schemes off him. later on he can go scheme runner hunting. i agree that his stoic nod is currently wasted space on his card.
  14. I feel Basse's shotgun ignoring concealment is a bit unneeded as if the opponent is in concealment then you can just quicksand him out or if you are desperate to use the shotgun then you can charge him. As for Reichart if you are working in a heal i would imagine it would be more along the line of the Fronteirsmen trigger.
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