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  1. I really like the core box and I'm still playing 2xWarped and 1xPortals with Adeodatos. I expanded with: ECB, Doomseekers, Binh Nguyen, Goryshche and Horomatangi.
  2. 😂 the only page I didn‘t look... 🤦🏾‍♀️
  3. Can’t find anything against it in the rb...??
  4. ...“this action may not summon“... so no!
  5. Hello fellow Burning Man worshipers, I may be too unexperienced with TOS but I'm gonna ask this question anyway since I really am disapointed about the fact, that the ECB can´t use portals individualy and have to stick together as a unit when using a portal. look at me... I'm reminded of the old GW:Warhammer Fantasy Battles days: best models=worst stats.........Grrrrrr!!!!! 1. What do you think about the ECB? Or to specify the question: a) regarding their speciality (good hunter for Titans and Commaders, flexible positioning) and their weaknesses (no melee attack while in normal mode, pillars being very hard to setup and easily countered by the opponent) b) compared to other expensive units like electrocutioners, steel legion or royal rifle corps? c) regarding the "strategic concept" of the CotBM? Do they fit or are they overspecialized in most lists? d) regarding their cost? Are they really worth 10§? 2. Do you think TOS is a balanced game? What do you think of extreme builds/lists like horror-milling-abuse? 3. Would you agree/disagree if I say the ECB are over specialised or overpriced? Why? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  6. I don’t get your explanation. So yes I have to place every ecb but why must it be at the same portal? Can‘t I simply chose 3 different portals? And you can‘t use pillars first turn cause of its effect text. And with the ECB having to move into position without portals and not being engaged and no fireteam destroyed and being in glory and costing 10script... they seem rather useless and overpriced... don’t you think?
  7. I can't see which phrase you are refering to with this statement. Why must all of the fireteams being placed at the same portal? (since I really love the ECB this seems like a huge downer considering they cost 10§... are they really worth 10§ if pillars is that hard to pull of??)
  8. Ahhh that‘s good. I was getting a little frustrated since the CotBM seemed weak and out of league against an awesome Commander like the Stormsiren and respawning minions... as for horos assets, I only see tide caller and swarm of bottom feeders on the gibbering hordes asset pages. Tide caller does fit your Description/tip. I will give it a try. Flaming breath (CotBM-Unique) is already in...
  9. Why do fireteams respawn as a single fireteam? The text states „sqad“... do I miss something???
  10. Ah, I thought maybe I miss some other way for I want him in glory first turn...😂 is it true that a hordes unit that is already in glory may still snack fireteams to get an unit off the table?
  11. I played my first game 1 Commander out of the Box and have a few questions: 1. how do you get Adeodatus quickly into glory mode? 2. what can you do against gibbering hordes since they‘re always coming back? 3. which Assets do you prefere?
  12. Thanks again. I looked at the Assets 2 Commander List: · Adeodatus (+25§) + Hovering Portal (1§) + Toughness (½ §) · Horomatangi (+22§) + Flaming Breath (1§) + Relics of ancient Malifaux (1§) + Toughness(½ §) · Warped (9§) + Raving Madman (1§) · Warped (9§) + Raving Madman (1§) · Doomseekers (7§) · ECB (10§) · Portals (3§) · Goryshche (7§) + Splitting Tails (1§) + Writhing Coils (0§) right now I'm @ 52§. which is 5§ too much!!! Depending on the Mission/Enemy I would drop Warped, Doomseekers, ECB or Goryshche...
  13. So, next try: 2 Commander List: · Adeodatus (+25§) · Horomatangi (+22§) · Warped (9§) · Warped (9§) · Doomseekers (7§) · ECB (10§) · Portals (3§) · Goryshche (7§) = 45§ Just 2§ for Assets seems a bit low but thats the price to pay for taking Horomatangi and getting at least 1 unit into glory every turn with bellow of command. The idea is to get Adeodatus, Horo and Gory into glory mode the first turn, which can be easyly done by horo (survival of the hordes, bellow of command, mighty willpower). then draw cards with gory (shed skin) and adeodatos (knowledge from the aether).
  14. So would you prefere doomseekers over ecb?
  15. First of all: Thank you for your help! What is it about the Doomseekers? The stats seem fine, but why do you think they are strong? My thoughts on the Yarazi were: 1. they are fast and don't need portals. 2. They can be thrown at the enemy without hesitation since they get respawned. 3. Strentg 4 in charge sounds great to me as well as the retreat-ability. 5. I love the minis 😄 @cbtb11235813 I don't play Horrors. Do you mean the Warped? If so, why don't you play them? I thougt they were quite potent since Strengt 4 + piercing sounds great to me!!!! @retnap I will consider taking 2 Titans. ;-D sounds like a great plan to me!
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