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  1. I did one on my own by using my last Oxfordian Mage:
  2. I play banasuva and Kandara in every game and often use Kudra or Oxfordian Mage. I really like Kudra. Onslought is great and my enemy often needs to put efford in killing her, which allows me to achieve my strategie andschemes more easyly
  3. I have to disagree at this point. Yes the stats you mentioned (DF7, Mv6, nimble, agile, armour+2) are really nice to have, but if you look at the complete rules and keep in mind, that you win/lose the game through Strategies and Schemes (and therefore placement and AP), I think there are certain issues: First of all, if you hire a 12§ model you have to ask yourself "is this model really better than 2 models @ 6§?" I mean, if you get 2 models you automaticaly get 4 AP. So what qualifies the model to be better than 2 mdels/4AP? I.e. in case of the mechanical rider it is the ability to activate another model at turns 3,4 and 5 and ride with me. So why should I take the Duet over 2 single Coryphee with slightly worse Stats (Df6, Mv5, and -1 to the ActionValue of the attacks)? It surely aren't "the power of dance" and "blade rush", right? And I have to agree, that it feels a bit weird to dance apart and together in the same turn. It kind of feels like exploitation of rules, but I also think that it is meant this way. If it wasn't (and therefor would be changed through FAQ) I wouldn't hire the duet anymore since 1 or 2 single Coryphee would be the better choice for they can get upgrades (that don't get lost while dancing) and are minions!!! ;-D
  4. Would one of the following crews/setups be worth any futher thoughts? Just asking sine I'm quite new to Malifaux... ;-D 1.: Toni Ironsides, Mouse, Amina Naidu (9§), Gunsmith (8§), Colette du Bois (16§), Coryphee Duett (13§) --> 46 § 2. Colette du Bois, 3x mechanical Dove, Coryphee Duett (12§), Toni Ironsides (16§), Amina Naidu (10§), Gunsmith (9§) --> 47§ The M&SU would try to claim the center of the board and bubble while Colette and the Duett each on one flank do their S&S stuff... but thats theory.
  5. When using cause for celebration and remove a corpse marker can I shoot twice with .50 Flintlock???
  6. I'm thinking about adding Colette and Casandra OOK into other crews to use Colettes speed and cassandras upstage... but I haven't thought bout it in detail since I'm waiting for the models to get published first... any experiences so far?
  7. I just was asking myself which crew of the arcanists would you start in addition to Sandeep? So what are Sandeeps weak spots? Or which Strategies/Schemes/Oponents does he have trouble dealing with so you prefere another arcanist leader/master?
  8. So I had my 2nd and 3rd game yesterday which were Henchmen Hardcore Format*. So Plant Explosives, Vendetta and Assassinate are set. My Lists were: 1st Game: Kudra + 3 Soulstones , SSM with magical training, Oxfordian Mage, Ice Gamin 2nd Game: Kandara + 2 Soulstones, SSM with magical training, Oxfordian Mage with Soulstone Cache, Ice Gamin Both games were against Kirais Crew. Lists were: Datsue Ba, Shikome, Onryo and Goryo (1st game) / Jaakuna Ubume (2nd game). We had two close games but I never got the feeling my list and what I was doing with it were really good. While planing the crew I was thinking that the advantange in ressources (cards and SS) would be the key to victory but I didn't manage to make it happen. First game I tried to win by killing/outnumbering and second game I changed my plan to maneuvering and putting all efforts in the strategy and healing/defence to deny my opponent the chance to score for Schemes... but unfortunately I'm a newbie so I had no clue how difficult those two strategies would be against Urami... For the whole time I was more like reacting than playing along my own plan. *Henchmen Hardcore Rules • Game Size is 30 Soulstones. Player’s Crews are fixed for the event and cannot change. • Round Time Limit is 30 minutes. • Only Henchmen can be chosen as a Crew’s Leader. • Leader's Cost are not treated as 0 when hiring. • A Crew’s Soulstone Pool can never exceed 3 (any excess Soulstones are discarded). • Players have a maximum hand size of 4. • All Crews must contain exactly 4 models, no more, no less, and cannot change throughout the event. • Leaders have an Action limit of 2 instead of 3. • Models cannot be Summoned. If a model would be Summoned, the Summon effect is ignored. • The Helping Hand ability listed on Effigy models is ignored. • VP from Strategies may be scored during Turn 1. • Encounters are predetermined: Strategy: Plant Explosives; Schemes: Vendetta and Assassinate; Deployment:Wedge. For the purposes of Vendetta, players may secretly choose an enemy non-Leader model of equal or higher cost.
  9. The reasons for me to chose the Metal over the Ice Golem was: 1. gets armor 2 and shielded 2. 2. can "teleport" via ride the rails, so good mobility. 3. higher defense. So quite a tough guy... but not against McMoe since he ignores Armour and Shielded. Next time I will try out something new...
  10. I get that. maybe not as much a a foundry crew, but still a lot, since they get droped at the end of a MetalGarmins activation - no banasuva needed. you're right. that does make sense.
  11. This I do not understand. Why is that? Thank you!
  12. Thanks a lot, both of you! I had my first game today. 50§ versus McMournng. I had: reckoning, hold up their forces, take prisomer @ Rafkin. My crew was: Sandeep with 5§ Banasuva Kandara with magical training Kudra Metal Golem 2x Metal Garmin Soulstone Miner The summoning went well so McMourning and some Rouge Necromancy had to slay 2 Metal Golem and one Frost Golem and I still got one Fire Golem... I accidently killed Rafkin, so there no VP for take prisoner. But I managed to kill kentaurio, rouge necromancy, canine remains, rafkin, sebastian. I haven't kept all the abilities in mind, so I missed several effects (like shouting orders, counterspell, guru, 3-4x a mantra) but every model was totaly worth its points and I won the match 4:3. I think about dropping one Metal garmin for an Oxfordian mage.
  13. Hello I'm new to Malifux and wand to start with Sandeep. Of cause I already read the Sandeep Tactical Thread for M3E, but fankly I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options. 1. How many Garmins, Golems do you play? 2. What do you do with the ability to sumon... Should I chose one element to fokus on? 3. How do I build a solid Crew that can take on most of the Strategies and Schemes...??? 4. Are there Non-Versatile Models worth thinking about? 5. Is it posible to sumon a Golem of the same kind like a Golem I once have posessed? E.g.: I have an Ice Golem, it dies. Can I fuse 3 Ice Garmin to an Ice Golem? For shure I want to play Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara. Magical Training sounds nice. Than I want 1 Golem and 1 Garmin of the same element. Do I need more of the same garmin? Or better an second Golem and Garmin? And I also want to play an Qxfordian Mage. I've got the following Models at hand: Sandeep Banasuva Kandara Kudra Ice, Fire and Metal Golem 3 Ice Garmin 3 Poison Garmin 1 Metal Garmin 1 Fire Garmin 1 Wind Garmin 2 Oxford Mages 1 The Captain 1 Howard Langston
  14. I really like the core box and I'm still playing 2xWarped and 1xPortals with Adeodatos. I expanded with: ECB, Doomseekers, Binh Nguyen, Goryshche and Horomatangi.
  15. 😂 the only page I didn‘t look... 🤦🏾‍♀️
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