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  1. I see. Well guild also has it with Alan Reid having boring conversation and the witnesses having distraction. I want to buff the investigators since they are rarely taken. So in fact we would have 3 sources of boring conversation then and the witnesses+investigators combo would be pretty.
  2. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What exactly do you mean by that?
  3. Well if I‘m not mistaken you need 3x of wich one has to be 9(+) because you need the blood sacrifice trigger twice, right? But yes this synergies are awesome and you get a huge benefit from this. Bokor are nuts.
  4. I wish for the Investigator to get boring conversation as well as Alan Reid. Maybe with a stat of 5 instead of 7. then Investigators and false witnesses would make an awesome team!!!
  5. Next one: grasping tentacles 🦑 exploitation the emissarys grasping tentacles can probably be a very good way to slow several masters/crew in certain encounters down massively. In a Lucius crew there are several ways to copy the tentacles and make a whole board of grasping 🦑... channeling, agent and Doppel can mimic or just like you the aura and be moved forward by several other models. Therefore I think it might be cool to massively delay opponent’s movement..?? tentacles with stealth is a good way to get around enemy beaters and force shooting towards you (changelibgs and agent) mayb
  6. Ok. Then you haven’t had your moments with him: Diversion aura is very useful against melee crews. Boring conversation paired with „no cheating“ or „discard a card for cheating“ auras is strong imo. And then „slow on a stick with 1/3/4 plus coordinated attack trigger“ 🥰. Ideal to use on extremely tough models stripping them of 1 action if you don’t manage to kill it. im not saying he is extremely awesome super strong. But he is awesome super fun to play with. And he does his work to me regularly
  7. You know they also can’t cheat, right?
  8. I really love Alan Reid in combination with the false witnesses for their distraction aura suits well with boring conversation... and the don’t Tell lies aura is awesome as well. so I would play something like: New Lucius Mattheson Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Agent 46 Alan Reid False Witness False Witness 2 Guild Lawyer Vasilisa Wicked Doll Wicked Doll 2 References: Stitched Together Wicked Doll or include BBS as well!!!
  9. Regarding the Investigator in particular: yes they would definitely be better with 1“ melee range. But they perform quite alright as backline denial. Keeping em in the back to use their scheme denial. Therefor I think they could use a Build in trigger on their interrogation attack as an alternative to 1“ engagement.
  10. Blasphemy 😡 but puppets I love.
  11. And then wyrd nerfes leap in the next errata just as we Neverborn got our 4 leapsters...😫
  12. I’d love to see Klaus Norwood a Neverborn Mimic henchman.
  13. No not possible because agent 46 ain’t no minion.
  14. Yes, I think so, too. Well Lucius himself has way more style, his models look hellalot better, no one whines about him being too strong, he has nice synergies which are a challenge to master AND it is more satisfying to make him work on the battlefield that’s a lot of reasons except for competition gaming in tournaments. But then again Malifaux is not made for tournaments or balanced to be played completely competitive. Z hasn’t got the annoying auras of L. Subterfuge, Betrayal, Diversion, boring conversation, distraction, stand back it’s evidence, exclusive interview,
  15. That’s what I meant. It may be worth trying imho. Maybe simply rushing to beat wouldn’t be that strong anymore...
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