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  1. Whats the reason for you to play arcane effigy over shadow effigy? The Dragon seems very strong with staggered...
  2. I use em a lot in Lucius, Dreamer and Hinamatsu/Widow Weaver lists. creep along is nice but situational as mentioned by maniacle_crackle. But you are right, they are nice. Not as good as real scheme runners but good to keep in mind.
  3. I also would reduce the plentiful rule or leave it be. Or, if you really want to safe time an make it challenging, play without summoners. No matter wich kind of summoner... ok it shrinks the amount of possible models but It may open up to a new variety of lists....??
  4. I tried a similar aproach in NVB Lucius. The things I learned back then: 1. you like to activate Lucius early for his misinformation and therefor such a List has to be played differently from „regular Lucius“. 2. you want multiple sources of staggered to get all those buffs... 3. you like to keep alan and scribe close to each other for their auras are awesome. Therefor avoid AoE damage. 4. this kind of list only works on some opponents... Some masters or effects are hard counters
  5. ^^ list looks nice as it seems quite strong in melee. Even though the kunoichi look good I was wondering if a single Coryphee would be better to score the „bombing“? -just for the sake of agile.
  6. I tried Angel Eyes, Agent and 2 Lawyers twice and it worked well but with 3 Lawyers and Doppel its more Extreme. Atm I prefere a Investigator List as mentioned by you. But I find it hard to decide what to leave out of the List. Of course I wann: alan, 2 Investigator, vasilisa, dolls, lawyers. But thats too mich SS. Thanks for the tip to put adversary on my own models. Never though bout that.
  7. I like widow weaver, 2 dolls to summon stiched and a Coryphee Duett.
  8. Has anyone ever played 3 lawyers? Any experience?
  9. I guess its because I love mobility. I love to move my models and the opponents models around. My Crews are: sandeep, colette, Lucius, Collodi/Hinamatsu and Dreamer. Those Crews can move a lot and it makes it easy to deny vp to my opponent. Thats how I win games a lot: score whenever it is easy and dont let the opponent score. I use to play woodelves a lot during warhammer fantasy times and kept working that way. And therefor scatter is brilliant. Gettig enemy models out of position and do whatever I want. LD is secondary to me. Controll the board. Thats how i roll. And maybe its possible in m
  10. @Ogid i would consider droping copelius for Hinamatsu. With that much LD she becomes a horrible beast with her plusflip. I use IM in 50-60% or my lists. If not so I summon It 1st or 2nd turn. And I love scatter the most. An awesome Action that allways succeds
  11. With angel eyes and agent you surely want more ss than 4 so you can get crit Strike or armor piercing more often. but tbh the encounter is not suited well for Lucius. Esp. against dreamer. I like your List. 2 madness seem really good with this pool (evidence and claim jump and catch).
  12. If was corner and symbols. Schemes were Research Mission, breakthrough, martyrs, vendetta and leave mark. I took vendetta (valedictorian) and martyrs (Angel eyes, changeling) his List was : New Prof. Von Schtook Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Prof. Von Schtook The Whisper Totem(s): Research Assistant Hires: Anna Lovelace The Valedictorian Killer Instinct Carrion Emissary Necropunk Necropunk 2 There was a huge distance between our crews. The lawyers stood in the backrow and were quite protected By distan
  13. Hello again after several matches with arcanists and Collodi I‘m back to Neverborn Lucius. I Played the following lists agains rezzer and they performed well. First List was against von schtook: Lucius w/Sniper (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Angel Eyes Agent 46 Black Blood Shaman Guild Lawyer Guild Lawyer 2 Changeling References: Mature Nephilim second list was against Molly Lucius Puppet Staggered (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Lucius Matth
  14. I played the following list against Sonja and got my greatest loss in a while. She blew me to shreds. I like the list but it was definitely the wrong encounter (Ley Lines, breakthrough, leave your Mark, catch and release, Claim jump, vendetta) and opponent. As well as me making serous mistakes. Lucius Puppet Staggered (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Alan Reid Investigator Investigator 2 Guild Lawyer Vasilisa Wicked Doll Wicked Doll 2 False Witness References: Stitched Together
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