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  1. Are 2 initiates better AP carrier in your opinion? I love the initiate with IR soooo much, I Never tried em with AP...
  2. Thanks. One wisp died round 3 or 4 and the other survived the game. The survivor scored the second vp of death beds since the lairs were there for the whole game and wisp just had to do dubble scheme markers. Easy work. and he handed out distracted through shimmering lights. the one that died saved the initiate after he killed the lone swordsman and lured him into healing range of Myranda...
  3. Hello again, After several weeks without Malifaux and a Little affair with Jedza i made ist back to NVB Marcus yesterday. I had a Match against McCabe and his Environment destroyers. We played: breake the line (wedge), spread them out, assassinate, claim jump, outflank, death beds. i played New Marcus Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Marcus Totem(s): Jackalope Hires: Myranda Grootslang Sabertooth Cerberus Order Initiate Inhuman Reflexes Will o' the Wisp Ancient Pact Will o' the Wisp 2 Ancient Pact against: McCabe, Luna, Sidir, huckster, cryptologist, rough Rider, ruffian, ruffian2, lone swordsman i was worried that my wisps and the cat would die early because of his very mobility so i played it slow. I took outflank and death beds (lair Marker). the initiate once again did a huge amount of damage and singlehandedly killed the lone swordsman and the cryptologist. The death beds were a test cause I never tried this scheme so far. Therefor I made a mistake with the end condition for the markers have to be on the enemy table half which I forgot. So I didn’t manage to score both points. The strat went very easily as groot and the cat were able to push a marker twice in one activation more than once. and then again it was like most of my games with Marcus: i easily score fast and put pressure on the opponent, manage to kill 1-2 models and then start to struggle to get the thing done because the opponent kills my crew too easy while I try denying him VP... in the end I won 6:5.
  4. Show him the Power of Adze, grootslang, bandersnatch and AP. ❤️
  5. ATM 6ss to protect her against very Offensive opponents or a few less against scheme opponents...
  6. Played another Jedza game today against shen long and won 5:3. my opponent was a good shen long player but didn’t know Jedza so maybe not representative. we played break the line with martyrs, detonate charges, bait, breakthrough and vendetta. I chose martyrs on austera and effigy (with upgrade) and detonate but didn’t manage to detonate 1. if left alone the lamplighter are decent schemers. They held their ground against wandering river monks scored and denied well. 2. against fuhatsu, shen long and sensei even Jedzas bubble struggles. In turn 3 Jedza died and turn 4 I only had 3models. But the scheming went well. 3. emissary was ok. Goo would have been way better. oh and my list was: New Jedza Crew (Explorer's Society) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Jedza Totem(s): Sophie Hires: Mikhail XVI The Damned Austera and Twigge Lamplighter Lamplighter 2 Intrepid Effigy Effigy of Fate References: Intrepid Emissary
  7. second game with jedza- this time against molly. I used the same list since we declared "brek the line" but due to terrain we decided to change to "turf war"... so my list was kind of crappy in this strat: Jedza, Sophie, Mikhail, damned, austera, 3x lamplighter and effigy. short summary: the damned killed the necrotic mashine and pinged the necromancy to death, austera and the lamplighters were always following up the molly crew so I felt like my opponent was one step ahead the whole game. he spread out perfectly and stayed away from my bubble. I made the mistake to also spread out after turn 3 to be able to score the strat but didn't manage well. we ended up 5:6. my opponent deserved the victory for his magnificent positioning. so: -the damned once again was awesome. Leaping, punching, pinging, scoring... he can do it all. -austera didn't do much this game. should have gone after the necropunks but I made bad decisions this time. -mikhails Koshei is gerat. healing while damaging is realy strong!!! -lamplighters have performed worse than last time. archie was a good counter and I had to actively avoid him. so their area of control was very limited and they could not shine. I would not reccoment lamplighters in turf war. - effigy is great in jedza. after turn 2 he was very buisy pushing stuff around to keep up with the opponents speed. that might have been a bad decision as well. maybe this time I should have given him the upgrade to grow. a tough but very very fun game. afterwards my brain was fryed esp. the lamplighters gave me a headache this time. I love their playstyle even though they are tricky to play...
  8. sounds like a very interesting crew to play with!!! ... If only they weren’t so „ugly“ 😢 has anyone seen a beautiful savage crew? (Sorry but I am a very aesthetic focused kind of guy 🤷🏻‍♀️) @Gaston awesome work. Thank you!
  9. I played my first game against zoraida yesterday. I used published models only so my list was: Jedza, Sophie,Mikhail, damned, austera, 3x lamplighter and effigy. we played symbols and I took spread them out and catch and release. Both schemes were very easy to do also my opponent managed to kill damned and austera. The lamplighter shined while using the „you’re coming with me“ trigger every turn. They survived some sillurid attacks and went on as if nothing happened and scored most of my 7vp. I placed one on each flank and one in the bubble (the one with catch). mikhail is awesome to engage zoraida as for „caught in the ring“ and the effigy spend his AP leading the way most of the time so other models could use their AP for better stuff than walking. i know this build ain’t good but it managed fine getting to know Jedza and until further models are released I will play 3 lamplighter to see what they can do. In a interact and scheme marker heavy pool like yesterday their mobility put their weight.
  10. Yes I totally agree. @Ogid once convinced me that NVB Marcus is less about killing and more about spreading out, scoring and using the extreme mobility and flexibility. Before I focused on killing while building crews and playing. Since then my builds changed and the usage of Myranda changed. BUT: right now I think I know that Marcus is both: a master to be mobile and score easily and a master that can kill keypieces easily if set up correctly. I use different builds and don’t have a „Core“ because Marcus adapts to opponents faction, strat and schemes. I use to struggle vs rezzer a lot because of h2w and after I changed my playstyle and builds against them it got way easier. long story short: If Myranda works for you that way it’s great. If you get to the point where Marcus doesn’t perform well it may be time for a change of play. It ain’t cause Marcus sucks but because he has so many options and it is hard to choose the fitting one for opponents, strat, schemes. At least that’s what I think. But then again I haven’t played any tournaments with Marcus *sad*
  11. Scorpius is also a very Good huntsman for henchmen and masters. His neurotoxin sometimes has huuuge impact. In my games Myranda rarely has the same role as cojo. To me her main purpose is enabling the killing strikes if the opponent leaves a Model exposed, healing my „anvil“, providing plusflips at the center and turn 4/5 turning into adze or groot to deny or score... cojo is a devastating damage dealer and thread. Cojo rarely survived a game while Myranda often survives a game. Or dies turn 5... But I guess that is Marcus - a very flexible master with lots of ways to be played...
  12. I like OI since they are quite flexible and I always hire one. If I don’t need killing they can also use their call of the wild to safe Myranda or Marcus AP and move up the big ones like cojo, mauler, rougarou...the OI mostly stays in the middle of the board to act where needed. as to all the 7-8ss minions: I consider em to be a Toolbox for strat and schemes and opponent. For several games I considered cojo, Myranda, one Cerberus one OI and one WotW my core... right now I am moving away from that and trying new ways.
  13. Depends on the list. With OI, Myranda, Cerberus and cojo I was always using adaptive evolution and swap upgrades. Only on paper. With IR, wings and horns they charge quite hard and use adaptive evolution twice. afterwards may use his free action for armor if able. Otherwise scamper and butterfly jump keep em safe for a while and then comes Myranda. And after he kills a keypiece he may as well die... I have never actually hired him. Just a very nice tech to have Myranda transforming into...
  14. Referring to her bonus action, right? Marcus can’t dubble chimerancy on a model.
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