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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm a new player to Mah, and I'm curious to how GG1 has changed people's playstyles with Mah. Do you still take soulstone miners? Are people more open to taking Sparks/other foundry models for her crew? Is she still an effective master or has the nerf to horrible hollering really hurt her? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a very inexperienced player, who plays mostly Bayou, Thunders, and a splash of outcasts. In thunders, I really only own Lynch and Misaki and I'm absolutely loving them so far! Does anyone have any tips to help improve my play with a Last Blossom Crew? Thanks Everyone!
  3. Alrighty! That's good to know. Thank you for your help!
  4. That is a fair point. I only really play Wong and Zipp in Bayou at the moment, so I might not have a great frame of reference. Also, I have heard that about the Pigapult a lot, but are there any reliable/official sources for this? I know that Wong's Uncontrollable Magic and similar abilities were adressed, but the pigapult's ability doesn't appear to function in the same way. In particular the FAQ states : Q: If a Shockwave Action is centered on a model (from an effect such as Wong’s Uncontrollable Magic), does that model suffer the effects of the Shockwave? A: No. In such cas
  5. As a player who often plays Lynch, that is a very good point. Thank you for your insight!
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm a relatively inexperienced player, however, I do manage to get some casual games in fairly often. One of the masters I enjoy playing the most is Wong. There's nothing quite like flinging some Fast models with essentially free suits and some amazing mobility options with the pigapult. However, I've noticed that on several podcasts and online in general that Wong is considered to be a subpar, if not a completely unplayable master. I'm curious to hear people's opinions as to why this may be. In other words, why do so many people see Wong as weak when he can do some potent
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