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  1. Got the same problem. Still have some minis in marshal keyword, but jumped into augmented project. You’re not alone brother!
  2. Paint metallics as simple as it possible. Its your skill that makes the combo of metallic paints and washes shines. And you definitely have the skill.
  3. With steamfitter finished Im happy to hinish my painting duties for this month. Cant find more time to finish Sokolov and Miss Step, but whatever. I still get my 45ss for October
  4. I called this steamfitter “Ivanych” for his late USSR worker outfit) I’ll probably add a bottle of vodka to the base later for more klukva
  5. I think in malifaux’s steampunk kind of world we can actually see bare materials.
  6. Phiona. Yeah, she is out of keyword, but very important for guild Hoffman
  7. The last non-living construct in the crew finished
  8. To finish the keyword is the only way) Like the puple theme ceep it going as I think all keyword miniatures need to have something similar.
  9. Mechanical Attendant is now finished. Right not it was easiest malifaux mini to paint. Up next: Mobile toolkit and Phiona Gage
  10. The Watcher, he’s batman in his mind (if he has some kind of mind)
  11. Wanted some trash previously, but came to decision, that it would ruin the eye catcher aspect of those minis, also I have some kind of obsession on wooden bases🤓🤠
  12. So its time to show you the finished models starting with Medical Automaton.
  13. Thanks! Always try to paint malifaux with my favorite greyish palette, which helps miniatures looks kind of realistic and keep natural colors.
  14. Some update on hoffman himself
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