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  1. First and IMHO the best of my sweet death marshals girls finished. Really happy how it turns out. No OSL effect cuz of my laziness and extremely busy schedule (and it matches the Scales😎)
  2. As I was allowed to mulligan on ressers his month I set up my schedule to paint as much guild models as I can: 1. The m2e Judge (done) 2. 3 x Death marshals (m3e) 3. Brutal emissary This is the minimum of models I want to paint. Hope to get the entire marshal keyword (which I ordered) shortly. Paint some minis and have fun!
  3. Well, due to change of my schedule I have to mulligan on ressers and dive into my guild. Can I do so?
  4. The judge before (forgot to make a photo of him, sorry for quality) and after painting. I get this guy from my friend and his right hand was broken, so I made kitbash and sculpting.
  5. Now the Judge got the cloak he deserves. Really find the best mixture for me.
  6. Join monthly painting challenge for the first time. My goals for august: 1. Asura Roten with her friends 2. Carrion emissary 3. The judge (m2e) 4. Maybe mindless zombies
  7. Started to work on Asura and African skintone. Actually it was my first attempt on dark skintone, so I guess it went out good. What do you guys think?
  8. A little update on my progress. Had some busy week on commission painting, but could manage to paint my own minis😎
  9. Some progress on m3e marshals. The scheme is really close to the box art, but with my variation of colours. So my plan is to finish this gorgeous girls and start painting m2e version of the Judge.
  10. This is my 3rd topic and its all about necromancers! I’ll upload my progress on ressurectionists slowly but surely. I started to paint the faction with the first miniature I bought for malifaux - Seamus the Red Chapel killer. Seamus is one of the best (in my opinion) when it comes to the model itself (just look at his nasty smile) and fluff. NOTE: I actually repaint Seamus as I didn't liked my previous result (painted last year). The old one looked like this: The new version felt faaaaar better, especially his face. Next coming are: - Carrion Emissary - Asura Roten - Mindless Zombies
  11. Good news everyone! After some success and growing interest of the community on my bayou gremlins painting topic I decided to share my progress on LJ and her butt-hurting department with ya all. So LJ are coming to punish ressers and undead things. I’ll upload all my progress on painting marshal keyword and will appreciate your support folks!
  12. Well my work ate a lot of my time which means less painting for me, but fortunately I finished this grumpy dude.
  13. I took some break from painting gremlins due to “real life duties”, but the time has come to continue bayou project. Here’s some WIP of the coolest bayou gremlin of the box.
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