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  1. Got it)feels myself so stupid😂😂😂 The recipe is simple actually: 1. Base-Mix of chocolate brown+german camo medium brown+Cork brown (ots about 0.5+1+2.5 ratio) 2. Major highlight-german camo medium brown+cork brown (1+4) 3. First highlight-mix 2+beige red (2+1) 4. Second highlight-mix 3+more beige red 5. Third highlight-beige red 6. Fourth highlight- beige red+ivory All paints are vallejo model color, you can also add another highlight with pure ivory
  2. Some wip of my new skin mix. Like it?
  3. 10 more points for June Still need a base, but I’m brainstorming the best possible variant right now.
  4. Some of my June minis https://www.instagram.com/p/CPwKbYDnqHh/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. Sammy LaCroix is now done. Painting her was a lot harder as it seemed. Lots of details and different textures.
  6. Amazing crew! Really like all 3 Malisauruses, they look bright and alive. Also appreciate your reply to my work, thank you a lot!
  7. Heres my list of minis for June: Sammy LaCroix Big Brain Brin Pale Rider Maybe list (depends on my schedule): Lucky Emissary Captain Zipp First Mate Earl Burns 2 Iron Skeeters
  8. Here’s the Bokor that closing my painting month.
  9. This bad boy is now finished. This spirit took a lot of time.
  10. Also interested in experienced players go-to post-nerf lists. So please share with us.
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