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  1. I always use paper-fastener as the pin and some small hand drill from AP or GW
  2. Raphael Lacroix is now finished. Im now building his bayou style base to match the other guys.
  3. Ive just get rid of this feeling) Right now bayou get all of my attention.
  4. Well, thats it for today. Probably complete this dude in a couple of days.
  5. Its been a while since I painted malifaux, but Im now back on track! Just look at this badass dude!
  6. Nellie is a really versatile master and she is shines in Recover Evidence. My go to's are Phiona, Stewie and Lawyer. Lawyer is just toooo good. He's giving us shilded, obeys and nice card draws. Phiona...She is the powerhouse, even have some synergu with lawyer (by using bring it, stupid but true). Stewie end negative conditions and makes PPress Hot off the presses attack action shine. So those models are most!
  7. Its tome for me to get back to my malifaux painting duties! I took some break from painting malifaux and tried to paint infinity panoceania and necromunda orlock gang (which still in process), but the present I recieved threw me back through the breach. Some nasty puppets are comeng!
  8. Great result on the skin! Really creepy looking model👏
  9. Amazing result! I also painted S-miners during my free time(which is quite short right now).
  10. Yep, the bases painted with some layers of drybrush as its fast and kind of realistic method to catch those edges. Also the bases ate heavy on details and making them more artistic would change the focus from characters.
  11. Here’s some of finished gremlins for right now. Its pretty cool that I started malifaux and my painting year with m2e Somer starter box (and paused the process due to the Guild) and now I’m finishing it to close 2020.
  12. My classic bayou bases for last 2 bayou gremlins.
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