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  1. yesterday was my first match in ages, I wanted to go with Parker, but with so much time without playing, just 1 mess up and I'm done with that crew, so I went with Von Schill, I can make a mistake or two with him and it's not an auto-defeat. I was going against Sonnia, so I was afraid AF of her df/wp trigger, bad memories against that redhead psycho, so I set my crew for a lots of shockwaves and blasts to avoid duels. The Strategy was Recover evidence, and I took Claim Jump (Arik) and Leave your mark. - Von Schill - Steamtrunk - Arik *Servant of Dark Powers - Lazarus *Se
  2. Fun match even with the short playtime. Being a while uh? Now we have a reason to clean the dust out of the figures, and keep playing! So good and fun match @Franchute And I still hate Sonnia
  3. just 1 add: when Doc is about to take the chance, with Parker waiting for it, Doc takes a breath and goes with the medical tools to heal Parker instead of the gun. "Good choice doc, good choice..:" This is the story: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-ds6ym-a4d9d7 https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-kthtn-a6175d
  4. So if i put the shield to say... the librarian, it gets shielded 3 then (1+2) and the 3 of them must go down to lose the shield?
  5. oooohhhh I feel so stupid now hahaha Thanks!
  6. I'm having a hard time understanding when I have to discard this upgrade. It says: "After the value of this model's Shielded Condition is reduced to 0 during the Activation Phase, discard this Upgrade" but reading in the rules the activation phase, nothing makes me think that the value reach 0. In the "conditions" section it says that the condition is ended during the End phase. In the upgrade card it says that the shielded condition is activated on the start phase... So I don't get it (the discard part). You put the upgrade, it gains shielded +2... during an enemy activati
  7. Not a popular choice, but I use Von Schill as a second master, because gun and run with rocket launchers or grenades are excelent, and bandidos with rocket boots, if they start with fast (using a scheme marker) can jump walk/charge walk and walk again or or put a scheme marker. And Von Schill with range 14 and throwing models away, or disengaging yours is solid. Its a real expensive in SS though
  8. Life of Crime + Rocket Boots = awesome. Paper thin awesome, but awesome bandidos
  9. yeah only minions = it sucks non-master = it doesn't suck
  10. + "or freikorp" +1 to the non-master non-beast only. He should be able to load up enforcers.
  11. Parker crew was a real joy to play, I didn't expect that you can throw me Joss in the face turn 1 and pin down all my right group and parker himself. So, that part was a good test for the crew survivability, and they survived better than I expected. Mad dog giving injured played well with stick up from parker. Sadly I couldn't use the shotgun because he was engaged almost all game. Doc saved him (and later was used as an human shield for mad dog to retreat). What surprise me was that Parker survive a lot thanks to the 14 hp. He ended up surrounded by almost all enemy crew, and in that si
  12. "Bandidos" don't have gunfighter, they use the knife on Melee, so you can't rocket launcher an enemy at point blank. I played parker with VS on the list today, but they can charge using the rocket launcher or the grenade belt. And boy... the mental image of those bandidos running while sending rockets... priceless
  13. Freikorps = Attrition, 100%. They can hold their ground and withstand the enemy over time., or hold ground and spam rocket lauchers, grenades and rifles putting pressure. Viks can put a lot of pressure, but can't withstand a sustained attack if the enemy crew survive the first iteration. They are a sort of assassin crew IMO.
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