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  1. Wurz_7

    Call Me Slow: The Hannah Plague Saturation

    Reading that with your avatar picture was a bit unsettling...
  2. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    and, one model that is killed ratter quick (specialist) and one that is very situational (streamtrunk), ok, they give you one more activation, but with the specialist dead you are down to 7 anyway, and if you are not sitting holding some ground or don't have the need for remove burns/poison/markers, the steamtrunk is kind of useless (for heals you already have the librarian). I think that those two are actually good but in some special matches, like against ressers or something with nasty burns. But if not, those 10SS are kind of wasted anyway
  3. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    is not unusual with a Von Schill crew to go with not so many activations. I play with 6, and though is a disadvantage, with a couple of moves between VS, SA, and your sniper, you can even the activations for midgame. Quantity or Quality, as always. but as I said, VS usually runs low on activations for what I had read, and always on my case (I play with 3 10SS models)
  4. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    what about the Specialist + streamtrunk spot?
  5. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH, because you put words to my thinking about him. The ones I would like to have are Lady J and Perdita.
  6. Wurz_7

    Anna Lovelace- do you use her?

    In a match, she completely annoyed the Hoffman crew I was playing against. Between terrain and her aura, even if you don't place her with that on mind, she condition the enemy movement a lot. Plus not random when shooting to melee is pretty nice
  7. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    I can relate to you from my first matches. I play mostly with the local Henchman, and boy he mop the floor with my models. As I said I have a Von Schill crew, so most of your experience sounded as a deja vu. First, the specialist: after two matches with the other player going straight to kill him ASAP, I didn't use him for a while. A while after that I used him, keeping him safe the first 2 turns, and hell, turns 3 and 4 he burned and blasted a lot, and the henchman said "that's why I go for him first". Now I kind of consider him if I think I'll need marker removal (corpses, schemes) and he is gold against ressers. Trapper: I preffer Hans, same cost, same damage output, but he have triggers useful for every enemy you may have (slow, ignoring armor, ignoring incorporeal, etc) and can take enemy leader's upgrades away. Try him. Suggestion: and I know I've said this like a damn parrot: try Strongarm. Same: damage output, and can adapt to almost any situation (+2 sh; +1 dmg ml; or reflect 1 dmg to melee attackers) he can charge same as Von Schill and those two, as a tag team, can beat down almost anything. The librarian is a very good model, her heals are nice and with a good range. The Ca attack is not that good, but with the chance of drawing more cards, deal blast damage, is not a silly joke. That with furious casting on the other side... use a oathkeeper with her to place her in range of the enemy model you want to smash, and furios cast his face out of the table. I never use the steamtrunk, but I think It can be useful if the enemy is bringing burns, poison, and that kind of things. Tell us more about how you progress!
  8. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    What I mean was that he doesn't need to be behind the bubble just supporting the crew, but in a funny way (Also, you must admit that the action hero pose says "lets get dangerous!") As you said, I love to use him disrupting enemy movement throwing models out of place, or charging, jack knife and throwing it to Strongarm or Hannah for them to give it a "touch".
  9. Yeah, is kind of hard to imagine the ortegas on a swamp-dark forest instead of a western - desertic place. Same thing with Parker. Or the other side, Rasputina on the desert sand...
  10. Wurz_7

    Our worst models

    Right? those two teamed concentrating the attacks on one enemy can take down a master in no time.
  11. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    I agree with violence and shoots to the air with @Ludvig on this one. His very own pose invite him to lead the team up front. He won't hide behind his troopers... he will be on the first line side to side with his grunts and being the first to engage the enemy, and the last one retreating. He is an action hero, not a politician.
  12. Wurz_7

    Our worst models

    Strongarm is one of my best enforcers. Sh7 with the (0) action? +1 ml dmg that hannah can copy? For me he is gold teamed with Von Schill hunting down key enemy models while the rest scores VP
  13. I prefer to paint the outside of the base with a colour for the faction, but the inside is thematic with the crew. In the Von Schill crew, the outside is Ochre-ish (for the outcast), and the inside is "Urban debris" (from the citadel paint app) for the freikorps with urban uniform, and a desertic one with pigments for the ones with field uniform. (2 sets of uniforms for my Freikorp crew)
  14. Wurz_7

    Gunline suggestions

    I use Von Schill, and I can give you a few pointers: Never EVER go with him without the Nythera Aftermath upgrade. That upgrade buff VS a lot. You can grab enemies at Ml 2 and throw them away with a free shoot, that's excelent for disrupt enemy placing. You can use the very same action against one of your models. For example you can give oathkeeper to a model, attack it (for 1 damage) and throw it where you need it. Then activate that model, discard the oathkeeper and you have the distance of the throw, and the 3 walks; more than enought to move anyone (even Hannah) wherever you need it. Again, with the upgrade, you can charge a model and keep in range of 2 (or 3) of them and as you can attack whoever is in range with the charge, can throw 2 or 3 of them (4 with finish the cur) out of place, disrupting auras or in the example of controling zones, throw them out of your square and/or to the middle. (or out of the middle, that's gold with extraction and show of force). Did I said that he can shoot A LOT? Sh 12. Every time someone is placed or pushed within range of the upgrade, he can shoot with a flip+ for free. Usually, My crew goes with the main force to hold a place (with Anna and Hannah disrupting enemy placement) and go with VS and Strongarm to annoy enemies for the flank, keep them engaged, etc. If you want good shooters, Strongarm suit can do wonders. With the (0) action he can shoot with Sh7 at 10 range. Also he can do almost whatever you need, is like a mini-Von Schill. I hope it helps. Post some of your results with your shooters.
  15. Wurz_7

    Reva for a new Resser

    wow, nice article, now I really want this guy