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  1. yesterday was my first match in ages, I wanted to go with Parker, but with so much time without playing, just 1 mess up and I'm done with that crew, so I went with Von Schill, I can make a mistake or two with him and it's not an auto-defeat. I was going against Sonnia, so I was afraid AF of her df/wp trigger, bad memories against that redhead psycho, so I set my crew for a lots of shockwaves and blasts to avoid duels. The Strategy was Recover evidence, and I took Claim Jump (Arik) and Leave your mark. - Von Schill - Steamtrunk - Arik *Servant of Dark Powers - Lazarus *Servant of Dark Powers - Librarian - Enginner - Scout - Effigy The idea was to set up the crew into cover as quicky as possible, with Arik Tanking and the engineer supporting him, so he could always be with Armor 2, Shielded 2 and concealment, plus terrain cover. Same idea with Lazarus, supporting a Flank, but still capable to reach the center with the grenades. And Von Schill giving grenades to whoever was in range to shockwave the middle of the board. Then, blast and shockwave my way to the middle for claiming the schemes, and whatever strat marker I could grav. And lots of healing, between librarian, effigy, steamtrunk, the self repair of Lazarus, and the Engineer for the constructs. The upgrades too if lazarus and Arik managed to kill models. For time matters, we didn't ended the match, but what we managed to play made me feel comfortable. Sonnia reached the center first, but the upgrades on Arik and Lazarus allowed me to put them in cover before receiveing the enemy attacks. The Scout was also placed into cover and withing range to shoot a Purifying Flame with a strat token. The cover made him survive enough attacks until he killed it. My grenade spam idea while didn't do too much damage, drained a lot of cards. It also keep them with distracted, and ignored the Hard to Wound of an Witchling Thrall, and the defensive triggers of that MF crew. I put Rocket Boots on Arik so he could charge and beat the crap out of Sonnia at some point, and VS was preparing the Rocket launchers to blast the mid, so Arik could score Claim Jump or Leave Your Mark As I said, while we didn't ended the match, I felt confortable given that I didn't played in more that a year, and was very good at bypassing all those annoying defensive triggers of that crew. what are your thoughts @Franchute ?
  2. Fun match even with the short playtime. Being a while uh? Now we have a reason to clean the dust out of the figures, and keep playing! So good and fun match @Franchute And I still hate Sonnia
  3. just 1 add: when Doc is about to take the chance, with Parker waiting for it, Doc takes a breath and goes with the medical tools to heal Parker instead of the gun. "Good choice doc, good choice..:" This is the story: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-ds6ym-a4d9d7 https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-kthtn-a6175d
  4. So if i put the shield to say... the librarian, it gets shielded 3 then (1+2) and the 3 of them must go down to lose the shield?
  5. oooohhhh I feel so stupid now hahaha Thanks!
  6. I'm having a hard time understanding when I have to discard this upgrade. It says: "After the value of this model's Shielded Condition is reduced to 0 during the Activation Phase, discard this Upgrade" but reading in the rules the activation phase, nothing makes me think that the value reach 0. In the "conditions" section it says that the condition is ended during the End phase. In the upgrade card it says that the shielded condition is activated on the start phase... So I don't get it (the discard part). You put the upgrade, it gains shielded +2... during an enemy activation, it gets hit twice so it reach 0, but during an enemy activation. Turn ends, so shielded is reduced (even if it didn't reach 0 during the turn), next turn start and is up to shielded +2 again... What am I misunderstanding?
  7. and with an enforcer, don't forget the enforcer.
  8. It helps a lot, thanks you very much
  9. Yeah, stone-wise, Hans is way better than trapper. Lots of triggers and no-random for the same price
  10. they both have their pros and cons. Hans can eat cards if you need it, but can force the opposing master to do that as well (with to the highest bidder), I normaly just drop 1 card to give him the suit that he need for the specific shoot (armor piercing, etc) and shoot to the ones that are engaged with my other models. Hans with Anna Lovelace can help like a lot to your engaged models. Trapper is also good, the reposition trigger is quite usefull to walk out of cover, shoot, and cover again. The +flip is also good. I think the right one is the one that can have a better sinergy with the specific crew and schemes. For me is almost always Hans. (With an oathkeeper and shooting the ones damaged by Von Schill, he has the +flip as well) The other plus for Hans is that you can buy him alone without the need to pay $40 for a entire crew.
  11. I prefer Hans over Trapper most of the time. Same cost, don't randomize to engaged targets, trigger for every situation, can take enemy upgrades away, what else do you want?
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