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  1. yeah, 30mm is easy to move and hide behind your models
  2. Wurz_7

    Freikorps Engineer

    if something is not broken, don´t fix it
  3. As mentioned before, play a match with VS, check if he is really lacking, and with the report, made the point. Here we are just theorizing with data but no proof, it seems useless to me IMO.
  4. with the fkm, rocket launchers with focus every turn, or drache with focus, walk, blast. An almost free focus in a very nasty thing. I really loved it
  5. I think it was kind of OP to just take concentrate as a (0) action. I mean, I loved it, but it was a bit too much I think. The discarding issue is kind of true
  6. they are resilient, and the "take the hit" ability is useful to protect key models. Other than that, there's no much else to say
  7. Wurz_7

    Changes to Arik

    now it sounds pretty good, must try him soon
  8. Wurz_7


    cheers to that! (sorry, but I hated the guy)
  9. have someone tried the gravediggers with this crew?
  10. I know it sound obvious, but that's the point of a gunline
  11. what about just maybe don't go walking straight in front of a gunline? For what I had read before, that's an issue with all gunlines. If you go charging forward, you are screwed, but if you keep yourself covered and moving, gunlines shouldn't be a problem. Parker crew is not particulary resilient, quick and shooty like hell, but not hard to take down.
  12. The thing about the emissary sounds kind of nasty
  13. I played Reva twice on the CBT, and I think I sucked a lot. What are the thoughts of other testers with Reva? tips? mechanics? how to exploit the Pyre Markers mechanics? Thanks
  14. I think is fine considering the theme. A bunch of soldiers with specialized jobs, and the leader resolving and adapting them to the mission. I think they are a good base, and can "customise" them further with the equipements. That's my view anyway of a merc's army. I understand your point and is absolutely valid =P, just a matter of taste.
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