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  1. Hello all, it's been a long time since I posted in here and it's really great to see that, nearly a year and a half removed, so many of the names in this challenge are still familiar. I had a turbulent time there for a bit, but am finally back into Faux mode, so I will be jumping back into the challenge in January. That said, I hope you all don't mind me squatting for the month to get the gears back running (I know it only actually counts for me, but the camaraderie and inspiration are the best parts of this challenge for me.) So, I will be pledging three terracotta warriors (easy enough job for a first one back....) and we'll see how it goes. Super stoked to be painting again!
  2. Here are my models for June. This is the Widow Weaver (8SS) and 3x Will o' Wisps (3SS x 3 = 9SS) for a total of 17SS Due to the recent earthquake in Japan and some personal reasons, these will likely be my only models for this month. It is far off of what I wanted to get done this month, but still within my pledge, so there may be a silver lining. Happy painting all!
  3. I am a brand new minis hobbyist. I got into painting at the start of this year and it's become an obsession of mine. Malifaux was my first war game and the first minis I painted. I love the style and the challenge of it! That said, I've got a lot to learn. So I'm going to start posting my minis in here and hope to get some feedback to help me get better at this newfound hobby of mine. Thanks for checking it out, and any and all comments are greatly apprecaited!
  4. I'm planning on a big month... which I may miss on some of... but we'll see I guess! I'm pledging: Widow Weaver - 8SS Will 'o Wisps x 3 - 9SS Yasunori - 13SS Hannah - 10SS Young Nephilim x2 - 12SS The Illuminated x1 - 7SS Black Blood Shamans x 2 - 14SS for a grand total of 73SS I'm also hoping to get cracking on my Pandora set... but that may be getting overly ambitious... she may have to wait till July.
  5. Well, I knocked out this month's last two models - Patti Ramone for 7SS and Emeline Bellerose for 8SS (aka Madame Sybelle ... aka Alice in my soon to be converted Mad Hatter Seamus collection. The real non-Alt Sybelle will be playing the Queen of Hearts). Brings my total for the month to 38SS for May @Burnin' Coal - I love the blues. Man, that glow is amazing! @wizuriel - I really like the goggles on the spellcaster, the reflection looks cool. @Viruk - That moss effect on Juju is spot on. Beautiful work, as always. @bedjy - Love Lazarus, the bright colors on the 7, and the bear's face on the pathfinder. Lovely work. @prof_bycid - I really like the work you did on the coat on Vogel. @Caedrus - Amazing salvage work! I really like the color scheme on Von Schill. Very original, and it works well!
  6. I've looked around a bit for an answer to this, but haven't been able to find one so I thought I'd hand it over to the pros. If an obey master/henchmen (Zoraida, Vasilisa, Perdita, etc.) obey a NON soul stone using model (enforcer, minion, etc.) can they burn a stone to add a suit into the obey action? For instance, could Zoraida obey the Mysterious Emissary to perform Land's Child and then burn a stone to add the mask into the obeyed action?
  7. This is interesting to consider... could it also be applied to Misaki then when Risky Ventures is applied? The ruling on wether she got the plus ? I wouldn't be confident arguing either way to be honest.
  8. Thanks, man. I had a feeling that was what the answer would be, but I wanted to be sure. So I just have to make sure I pop him out with a viable target or let the enemy do the dirty work for me. Thanks again.
  9. So, I beast bombed Hannah into Pandora's aura of pain yesterday and an interesting point came up. Hannah's nether flux forces enemy models to ignore any suits "associated" with their CA, SH, and ML stats. My opponent used the zero action, Delight in Despair, from the Depression upgrade to add the suit of a discarded card to the remainder of their duels for the turn. Essentially this is building a crow into each attack (which, if you've played Voices Dora, you know where that is going). My question is, could Nether Flux cancel that out? Or would this only affect suits written on the card?
  10. So, I finally got my Carver model (who will serve as Killjoy for all intents and purposes) and I have a quick question. I understand that "Blood Price" requires Killjoy to charge if there is a legal target available so long as he's not engaged. If Tara were to use "Faces in the Void" and place Killjoy in B2B, he can't charge her, can he? Assuming the charge makes all models in range an "enemy", they are in base to base, so he would technically be engaged with her when he decided to charge. Or is the idea that she's a friendly model until he's charged her, and therefore not technically engaged. I'm just wondering how careful I have to be with when or how I pop him out. I'd love to beast bomb him, but I want to make sure he's not gonna come eat my face when I do.
  11. @Rikk - That supply wagon is boss! I love all the little details (meat on the meat hook, whiskey barrels, all of it!) Well done. @Phinn - Beautiful effigy, and I agree with Misterfinn, your stitched are amazing. I love the colors! @bedjy - I really like your wrath. All the detail work is really beautiful, and the colors really pop. @Burnin' Coal - Thanks for the kind words, and, man those bases are amazing. The mossy feel to them is really nice. I definitely don’t have the patience for that kind of work. Great artistic eye as well, to see that in your head and make it come out so well. Really impressed with all your work. @Chou - looks great man! I really like the blue. He’ll be on my table next month, so I have something to aspire to. @Franchute - your mage, and that base, are really nicely done. I love the zombie too... but isn't that a Necropunk... not a Punk Zombie? I don't play ressers, but I've been chopped up by them before. All the small detail work is really impressive. I like your photo style, personally, but this is coming from a man who still uses his phone for photos an can’t stick to one background (I can’t figure out if I like white or black more), so my word may not be the best…. still, I like it! @PetitDalek - The wendigo looks great. I love the base and the blueish green hue you’ve managed on him. @Purple Mist - I really like her skin, and (it may be the lighting) but her tongue looks black-ish, which is cool. I really like the overall feel of the mini. @wobbly_goggy - Great models! I love that bushwhacker, as a whole piece with the base, he’s amazing! What is that green foliage? That makes that piece IMO. @Aa7 - I like the purple/blue color combo on Raspy. Carlos’s flames look really good too.
  12. Got my Scion of the Void all done up. That's 8 more SS for me, with Sonnia that brings me to 23SS for the month. So much good painting this month! I'm on my way out the door, so I'll drop back in to comment in a bit, but this really has been a good fuel for my painting.
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