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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my currently painted miniatures, and later post new works here. The Bayou is my favorite and so far the only faction. I love these little green guys
  2. Hi guys i regularly teach Malifaux to people and get them started on the Hobby, but i need some help here. I can't decide which Bayou versatiles are worth their salt and don't want to give crappy advice, because i myself do not play bayou, so if some of you could get me up to speed on the subject? Cheers
  3. Hi , These are some Bayou and Neverborn models I painted with sketch style. C&C are welcome . Mah Tucket The little lass Bushwhackers Rooster riders Trixibelle If you are interested in the paint process, I have an article here. At the moment, I'm painting the Weird Science box and two Soulstone Miners, they should be done soon and I'll put up pictures here .
  4. As the guild for this year nearly finished I started to look at the bayou as my new protect. So its time to paint some green one again. I already painted m2e Somer, m2e Lenny and 1 boyou gremlin. Right now I’ll start with no other than Ophelia and her wonderful kin keyword. P.S.: This time I’ll upload a lot of WIPs for you. Feel free to ask me if you’d want to know how I paint certain things. All in all we are here to share!
  5. Good Afternoon, I have a quick question with the new Sparks LeBlanc rework when running him and metal gamin in my Mei Feng crew. On Spark's card he has the Pack with Explosives trigger which says "Until the End Phase, after the target's shielded condition, is reduced, enemy models within 2" of it suffer 1 damage." On the Metal Gamin's Hard Slam attack the italicize text reads "This model may lower the value of it's shielded condition by any amount." As a way to increase the damage track. My question is: can I elect to reduce the shielded condition on my Metal gamin when using Hard Slam attack action which would also trigger a Pack with Explosives blast? Thank you! -Nathan
  6. Hey there Wyrd Forum, pretty new to the old-school way of online hobbying in a forum but it seems that most stuff is different for Malifaux. Anyways, after finishing my MahTucket core box, building my Lord Cooper and having an on and off love affair with my Sonnia Criid box, I decided to paint up my brewmaster box. I will update the thread once a model is finished. Comments and criticism is very welcome
  7. Hey guys. Been a lurker here for years. Thought i should try to make a blog here or something like that of my malifaux minis, maybe that would give me a "push" to paint more often. So, here's a few for start.
  8. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Arcanists Rasputina/ December Rasputina vs. Dr. McMourning - 3/14/2020 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 7-3 - Win Bayou Wong/ Wizz-Bang Wong vs. Youko - 50ss - 2/14/2020 - Vassal League Game 1 - Reckoning - 2-3 - Loss Wong vs. Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnet (aka Molly) - 50ss - 2/22/2020 - Turf War - 6-4 - Win Zoraida/ Swampfiend Zoraida vs. Titania - 50ss - 2/18/2020 - Vassal League Game 2 - Plant Explosives - 6-7 - Loss Zoraida vs. Nicodem - 50ss - 3/19/2020 - Practice for Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 2-4 - Loss Zoraida vs. Zoraida - 50ss - 3/21/2020 - Practice for Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 2-8 - Loss Zoraida vs. Lucas McCabe - 50ss - 3/28/2020 - Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 5-1 - Win Zoraida vs. Titania - 50ss - 4/04/2020 - Vassal League Game 5 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-8 - Loss Som'er Teeth Jones/ Big Hat Som'er vs. Brewmaster - 50ss - 2/29/2020 - Reckoning - 5-4 - Win Som'er vs. Captain Zipp - 35ss - 11/24/2019 (Round 1 of Tournament held at Comic Quest in SoCal) Som'er vs. Colette DuBois - 35ss - 11/24/2019  (Round 2 of Tournament held at Comic Quest in SoCal) Som'er vs. Barbaros (Outcast) - 50ss - 7/12/2020 - Public Enemies - 2-2 - Draw (Opponent Concedes) The Brewmaster/ Tri-Chi The Brewmaster vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 1 of Tournament The Brewmaster vs. Mah Tucket - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 2 of Tournament The Brewmaster vs. Sonnia Criid - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 3 of Tournament Captain Zipp/ Infamous Captain Zipp vs. Albus Von Schtook - 3/12/2020 - Vassal League Game 3 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-3 - Draw (Opponent concedes) Ulix Turner/ Sooey and Pig Ulix Turner vs. Sandeep Desai - 5/07/2020 - Vassal League Game 6 - Symbols of Authority - 3-3 - Draw Ulix vs. Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnett - 5/22/2020 - Vassal - Symbols of Authority - 6-8 - Loss Mah Tucket/ Tricksy Mah Tucket vs. Dashel Barker - 5/25/2020 - Vassal - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-1 - Win Explorer's Society Lucas McCabe/ Wastrel McCabe vs. Tara - 5/17/2020 - Symbols of Authority - 6-8 - Loss Guild Nellie Cochrane/ Journalists Nellie vs. Hoffman - 50ss - Recover Evidence - 7/25/2020 - 2-3 Loss Charles Hoffman/ Augmented Hoffman vs. Mei Feng - 50ss - Recover Evidence - 8/08/2020 - 6-6 Draw Lady Justice/ Marshal Lady Justice vs. Yan Lo - 50ss - Public enemies - 8/09/2020 - 5-7 Loss - Dead Summer Round 1 Lucius Mattheson/ Elite and Mimic Lucius vs. Brewmaster - 50ss - Corrupted Leylines - 8/14/2020 - 4-2 - Win Dashel Barker/ Guard Dashel vs. Asami - 50ss - Corrupted Leylines - 8/15/2020 - 4-5 - Loss - Dead Summer Round 2 Cornelius Basse/ Frontier Basse vs. Kirai - 50ss - Symbols of Authority - 8/24/2020 - 4-5 - Loss - Dead Summer Round 3 Outcasts Von Schill/ Freikorps Von Schill vs. Reva Cortinas - 50ss - 11/26/2019 - Turf War - 7-1 - Win Von Schill vs. Kaeris - 50ss - 11/30/2019 - Corrupted Idols - 3-0 - Win Von Schill vs. Seamus - 50ss - Vassal - 12/14/2019 - Reckoning - 2-1 - Win (due to time, only 2 rounds played) Von Schill vs. Jakob Lynch - 50ss - DEMO - 12/17/2019 Von Schill vs. Lady Justice - 50ss - 2/15/2020 - Turf War - 4-4 - Tie Parker Barrows/ Bandit Parker vs. Seamus - 35ss - 12/21/2019 - Turf War - 7-1 - Win Viktoria Chambers/ Mercenary Viktoria vs. Shenlong - 50ss - 2/17/2020 - Plant Explosives - 4-8 - Loss Resurrectionists Reva Cortinas/ Revenant Reva vs. The Dreamer - 50ss - 12/31/2019 - Turf War - 3-2 - Win Reva vs. Collodi - 50ss - 1/04/2020 - Plant Explosives - 3-6 - Loss Reva vs. Youko - 50ss - 1/11/2020- Plant Explosives - 7-6 - Win Reva vs. Albus Von Schtook - 50ss - 2/20/2020 - Corrupted Idols - 0-2 - Loss Nicodem/ Mortuary, Zombie Nicodem vs. Euripides - 50ss - 1/25/2020 - Reckoning - 5-4 - Win
  9. Hey folks! Since we'are all in the "stay at home" mode I forced myself to paint me first gremlin crew - The Bayou Boss. Well, its still in process, but the biggest hat and his dumbster are completely finished (dtill need water effect on bases, which I expect to make ASAP).
  10. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot. I think probably the biggest problem he has so far is getting his crew murdered by the end of turn 2, something that I hope should be avoidable?
  11. This thread is an after-action report for the three games I played at Lost Planet Games in Torrance, California on 12/08/2019. It was a 50ss tournament using the Gaining Grounds document, with the rounds having been announced before the event. In the weeks leading up to the event, I painted up several crews and went back and forth on what crews I wanted to bring. I ended up going with Brewmaster - I finished painting the last models from the Backdraft Box the day before the event, and I felt that he was able to really compete in all 3 rounds. I wanted to run a single master for two reasons - first, due to time. I've not yet gotten a full 5 turn game in anywhere close to the round times for this event, and figured that limiting myself to one keyword would help speed up crew selection/ remembering rules. The second was because I still haven't found my footing in 3e yet, and 3 rounds of one keyword would be a good way to see what it can do. A quick word or two about the event. LeperColony put on the event, and did a fantastic job. Prizes came in the form of tickets given each round - bonus tickets for winning and fully painted crews. You then put the tickets into a cup for a prize drawing, which resulted in just about everyone who attended walking away with something (for my part, I won a box of Freikorps Engineers!). To add to this, he provided us lunch to save us from having to drive around for our lunch break. He was on top of the clock and letting us know how much time was left in the round, and kept the event running smoothly. The venue, Lost Planet Games, is my current FLGS and is a darn fine one. A shoutout to the owner Mike who graciously opened up shop early and helped set up. If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a place to play Malifaux, I can't recommend them enough.
  12. Heya Breachers! This week our Malifaux Grand Tour takes us into the Bayou, a sordid and dangerous place. Before we start though, let’s see what @War Disciple has to say about the true nature of the Soulstone Geode: Now, get on your waders, because we’re about to be hip deep in the murky, gator filled waters of the Bayou! The last bastion of civilization before the depths of the Bayou is a lackadaisical town called Edge Point. It’s surprisingly peaceful town that boasts a low crime rate and Edge Point Station, where trains head out to settlements in the Badlands with much needed supplies. A Fatemaster may use this location as a starting point for the Fated who need passage to one of the Contract Towns, or perhaps they have been hired to protect the cargo against any attacks. While the town itself is calm, your Fated may not want to stick around- the smell that blows in from the Bayou to the East isn’t one many are accustomed to and the threats of disease carrying swamp insects may leave Fated unwilling to spend too much time in Edge Point. The Bayou itself is largely controlled by various Gremlin clans who feud amongst themselves and come together for Bayou Bashes when the mood strikes. There are no strict borders for family territories, which means humans who delve into the Bayou can find themselves in hot water with multiple Gremlin clans who claim an area as “their land.” Perhaps your Fated can fast talk two families into a feud in order to make their get-away? The Bayou is home to some ancient structures that are filled with a variety of magic and danger. When the Red Cage was brought down by the Tyrant Plague in 1902, it fundamentally changed Malifaux. More than being the root cause of The Event, it left a massive crater in the edge of the Bayou that is estimated to be over 300 feet deep. Strange abominations, made of dead flesh and metal, climb out of the deep hole. Somewhat recently odd creatures called Grootslangs have emerged and have begun carving out a niche for themselves in the Bayou. Perhaps the Fated want to enter the depths of the Red Cage in search of knowledge or hidden power. As Fatemaster you can give them a mighty big challenge with potentially huge rewards. Kytheria is a place of power for the Grave Spirit, built by ancient denizens of Malifaux with the misplaced idea of harnessing the power of the Grave Spirit. Though the site was destroyed in 1901, the call of the Grave Spirit is still heard by some Resurrectionists who brave the Bayou’s dangers in search of power. Most notable of those who travelled is the killer Seamus, drawn the Kytheria’s power through the urging of the Grave Spirit. Fated who hear the Grave Spirit may feel called to Kytheria as they progress along their Pursuit. Or perhaps the Fated are hired to find a missing person who is following the directions whispered in dreams that lead to the deathly ruins. These places, along with the Sunken City and maybe a chance encounter with Zoraida, add to the mystery and danger of the Bayou. There is so much to explore in the swamps of Malifaux, and loads of danger and rewards for Fated brave enough to travel Into the Bayou. Aside from the expansion book linked, more adventures in the Bayou can be found in Bubbling Up from Below, The Hand that Feeds, The Bayou Games, and in Wyrd Chronicles Issue #23 with the adventure “Dawn in the Bayou.” This week, I want to know: what is the most frightening part of the Bayou to you, and why?
  13. Does anyone know (or have a good guess) what will be in the m3e Zoraida box? The silurids have their own minion box, so I assume they won't be in Zoraidas box anymore. Do you think spawn mother and gups will make the cut instead?
  14. Hi all, New to the game, and interested in some pig shenanigans. What's the best way to use a Pigapult? Should I start with a full complement of piglets, or summon them as I go. Similar option with stuffed pigs. Should the summoner baby sit the Pigapult, or is that a waste? Is it worth flinging gremlins? Or tougher models? What should I protect it with, or is it just enough to use it as a big distraction? I've got a Pigapult and The Sow, looking at getting the taxidermy box, ulix, piglets and some gremlins. I've got Sammy as well, to run a pure taxidermy crew without keyword tax. (Also getting brin to lead a complement of roosters cause the models are great). Not a fan of most of the kin models, or Wong, which is why I have two henchmen as alternative leaders. I'll only play small games until I get used to the rules, so it works well there too. Not looking for tournament level tactics, just entertaining games.
  15. My apologies if this has already been answered: My little one and I are putting together the Nightmare Edition of Ulix and prepping the cards for 3E. I just realized that Ulix and Penelope have the keyword "Sooey", while the rest of the boars/pigs have the keyword well, "Pig". Does that now mean each one now costs 1 SS more to use with Ulix, or is there some sort of cross-over between the two keywords that I completely missed? Both keywords have limited model choices individually (I believe "Pig" does not even have a Master) but together give a nice fleshed-out crew. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  16. My youngest who has the nickname "Pookie" (don't ask how that happened) loves all things unicorns, so of course when Ulix's Nightmare crew was release I had to pick it up for him ('cause you know, it was totally for him and not me...). The lone unicorn is painted to match a stuffed unicorn he owns, and the P.J.s were painted to match his own unircorn onesie. Pretty happy with the results, and will make for a fun, lighthearted crew to play!
  17. https://www.facebook.com/Guild-Paintfinder-107631477241848/?eid=ARDOf_-WmPrzvWdfJv_m-TSDkCov2CVzUx_sR1ky6l0xOlEt9mifp-Qr7AIfHQSONJzQOXiAQvX0_k7p Hi all, recently started a new Facebook page just publicising my plastic crack addiction, if you could give the page a like and my instagram a follow(@guild_paintfinder) That would be amazing. The pages are mainly pics of painted minis and games of Malifaux but Im also going to going to be offering a small commission service if you like the look of my work! Thanks for reading guys!
  18. DRC

    Family gathering

    I’ve just been looking at the pre-release cards and see that when Somer summons big hat models they arrive with the family gathering upgrade, but it doesn’t look like this card is included in the bayou upgrade folder. Have I missed something and does anyone know if the upgrade will be included in the physical card packs?
  19. Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I hope you will enjoy my diorama of gremlins!
  20. From the album: Sol_sorrowsong Iron Painter 2017

    First look at banjonista base coat. He's next to the base he'll eventually be on when gets painted up.
  21. (Figured this should be in the proper subforum) Working on a swamp table for my first set of Malifaux terrain. Have a beautiful Deepcut studios mat on the way, and making some terrain pieces to go with it. Group shot of what I have so far (will be updated as that expands) Done so far: Alligator Statue (Ht 1 blocking/hard cover/severe) Serpent Statue (Ht 3 blocking/hard cover/impassible) A standalone tree (Ht 5 blocking/hard cover/impassible) A 12" straight river section (Ht 0 severe) Picture coming Soon(TM) An oval pond/lake about 9x7" at the biggest points, which can either be used standalone or connected to rivers (Ht 0 severe) with a small "boat bridge" (Ht 1, possibly 2, vantage point) Picture coming Soon(TM) A forest of "reeds" about 8x4" (Ht 4 dense/soft cover/severe) In the working: Another 12" straight river section (Ht 0 severe) with a tree around midway (Ht 5 blocking/hard cover/impassible) Have a small stack of wooden crates that just needs a decent paintjob and they'll go just fine on any Malifaux table (and speaking of that, I need to find a good way to paint Guild insignia for those) Planned: Raised swamp hut to optionally go in the middle of the pond (Ht ? blocking/hard cover/enclosed) 1 or 2 more standalone trees 45 degree river section (possibly 2) "split" river section 1 or 2 free-standing "walkways" which can optionally be used as bridge across river sections Stonework ruins, halfway sunk into the swamp (Ht 2-3-4, blocking/hard cover/climbable) To go with the ruins: a few toppled pillars (Ht 1, blocking/hard cover) Appropriately sized toy animals (snakes, gators and maybe some tentacles) to place on terrain pieces to indicate hazardous terrain. Possible ideas: Another, non-raised, swamp shack Another "reed forest" Guild drainage pump station, attempting to lower the swamp for exploitation purposes Sewage/drainage pipe coming in from off-table and ending in a pool of Ht 0, severe/hazardous sludge "Hills" or more accurately just wide areas of shored up/reinforced "raised ground" (would basically just serve as a large area where the play area is raised 1", so technically vantage point and probably blocking/hard cover as well) A small (smaller than Ht 1) hillock with a hole/tunnel leading into it, on a fairly wide base. Thinking a "monster lair" terrain piece that has no other effect than Hazardous. Very happy to take some feedback/input, as well as ideas for other cool things that might be found in the Malifaux Bayou!
  22. PaintingContests


    Here Boys! I got it! Have to love the gremlin Models. YEAH!
  23. So I am fairly new to painting miniatures, and most of my current ones are some level of experiment. I'm not sure if this is the right forum or if there is another one better for painting advice, but figured I'd try here first. That being said, I wanted to ask for some thoughts on shading and highlighting to get some good depth on some of the really numerous, small, shallow wrinkles in the cloth pants of some of the models. Specifically in this case I'm talking about Bayou Bushwacker #3, from the Mah Tucket box set. If you know the figure, or at least can see the photos I attached... Those pants are very, very small and the wrinkles in the cloth are numerous and very shallow. I've had a difficult time trying to shade and highlight them, and I'm not super happy with the results. For the base color I went with Vallejo Model color Orange Red. I like bright things, and this was a bit of an experiment with this color. I shaded with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. In retrospect, that may have been a mistake... it is pretty dark on that bright orange.. but the other issue is that those creases and wrinkles are so small that even the shade has trouble staying in place, and it ends up spreading and doing more tinting across the area rather than shading in the crevices. My first highlight color was to bring the ridges back to the base Orange Red, and that was accomplished but... it just doesn't look right with such splotchy dark areas. I probably need to re-basecoat and redo everything, but with how small these creases are I don't have too many more mistakes before I start losing detail... So considering that I'm a newbie, anyone have any ideas or advice on how I could have done these pants better? Anybody done these types of numerous, small creases before and know a good trick for it? I'm all ears. Or, eyes technically I guess... anyways thanks!
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