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  1. wush! i wanted the rasputina BAD FLIPS HAPPENS
  2. I have one that its plastic, and does great other materiel could be worse i would like the new deck for my faction, that´s what anyone would be looking for, and to be durable with the art.
  3. i just love this entry! love the 80sh and all from it! 8bit it´s on my heart forever, thanks for this very inspiring.
  4. Luisjoey

    Lurking Shadow

    This model it´s just awsome! great job
  5. Hi Nathan! As Halloween / Deads Day comes happy Creepy Holidays and winter is coming to me with that rasputina!
  6. Nicodem it´s dead dead... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :....(
  7. that was a quick answer, very quick. you say seamus it´s weak summoner, but how do i find how he summons for example? @Nikshe thank you a lot.
  8. Hail friends from Venezuela I have two simple questions, i canpt find among the resources: Where is the Nicodem Stat cards? I saw in the rules about summon, but didnt tell you how or where i saw Seamus and other summoners and dont find how to summon miniatures, are the rezzers being restricted from that? and how it´s the procedure to invoke-summon minions? thanks in advance since im lost in time and space.
  9. Oh what a miss really. Hope Chile gets well soon from those riots cheers from Venezuela #WEDOPLAY
  10. Que bueno que esten activos por alla en argentina con malifaux, saludos desde Venezuela. #WEDOPLAY
  11. Malifaux has suffered from only being in english, this game translation of cards and rules would be great to introduce more hispanic speakers easily.
  12. that´s very acurate to the wyrd theme XD
  13. Let it go! let it go! she shall return in winter... what else?
  14. Hi again! im back here! want to push on M3E 

  15. That´s a great spotlight! keep doing because it´s inspiring to keep playing and making community, along with M3E :D cheers from Venezuela. #WEDOPLAY
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