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  1. Luisjoey

    Welcome a new team member!

    Hey! alyssa great to welcome you aboard! Love the purple Gorgon! its awsome! Expecting your surprise to us with miniatures concept! Cheers from CALABOZO CRIOLLO #VENEZUELA
  2. Luisjoey

    (Venezuela) Through the Breach at Caracas Comic Con

    Quiero Jugar un Overseer! que no se muera rapido! XD
  3. Luisjoey

    (VENEZUELA) New Demos at Calabozo Criollo Gaming Club

  4. Luisjoey

    Demos, demos everywhere!

    Excelente! que se active la cueva del enano con malifaux! Saludos desde Venezuela! nos seguimos viendo y claro que si paso por buenos aires me uno a la jugadera.
  5. Luisjoey

    Grand Malifaux League

    Have great campaing and may Resser or Guild
  6. Luisjoey

    Luisjoey IronPainter Entry

    Well the center of the piece its jasbir! she is just a victim of the killing XD
  7. Luisjoey

    Better Off (Un)Dead - Tiryna

    Amazing job really! wow wow!
  8. Luisjoey

    Better Off (Un)Dead - Markus

    Riddi pagliaccho!
  9. Luisjoey


    Poor devil
  10. Luisjoey

    Better Off (Un)Dead

    Amazing Job! Fun that Whiskey Gollem crushing thru the zombies! thats a behemoth!
  11. Luisjoey

    Better Off (Un)Dead - Dustin.Faucheux

    LOL! thats a big smile
  12. Luisjoey

    Better Off (Un)Dead - Sqir666

    Bon appetite
  13. Luisjoey

    Better off Undead 02

    i love this miniature! better off UNDEAD! hehehe