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  1. Very nice choice of colors, full of atmosphere. These minis look great!
  2. Very nice! How long did it take you to paint the whole group?
  3. I used Vallejo Model Color: green fluorescent - over a white primer. Moreover, I used yellow fluorescent for the cats' eyes and orange fluorescent for the gremlins' eyes. However, I think the brightness on the fotos is due to the interplay of these colors with my desk lamp (no special one!) I used as spotlight for the foto session.
  4. You have a nice crew! I very much like the display board with its little details: 👍
  5. Thank you! 😀 I am quite happy how the bases of the Gremlins turned out. It was the first time that I used any acrylic still water effect.
  6. … and we continue with Mah Tucket and her crew - I am not completely happy with the green skin tone, though, as it looks a bit flat: And finally, there are some more Neverborn: In order to Photograph these ghosts I had to use a special camera which is why these Images are a little darker than the previous ones 😁 Pandora and her Poltergeist are still waiting to be finished but I don't know when this will be done… Comments and criticism welcome!
  7. Hi there, Although I am rather new to playing Malifaux, I have enjoyed painting this characterful miniatures for quite a while. I started painted miniatures back in the days as Rackham's Confrontation range was still around - so that'd be some some years ago…. As you see, I am not fixed to a single faction but since I am mainly a painter, that's ok, I guess 😎 Please leave a comment if you like! First, we have the Neverborn minis from the M2E starter. I am really happy how they turned out: Of Course, here are their antagonists as well: However, the first Malifaux minis I have painted are Nellie and her crew: Next, we have the crazy old cat Lady, Catelin Abernathy, and her entourage: There are a lot more cats than the ones near Benny Wolcomb….
  8. I really enjoy listening to the Breachside Broadcast, so thank you for providing the cool fluff of Malifaux in this format! Maybe this is the wrong place to ask - my apologies if it is - but does anyone know whether the "Music" interludes from Tales of Malifaux are available as files somewhere?
  9. Thank you Adran for your Input! I am not sure whether 3 Ronin vs 3 Bushwhackers (and adding the respective Hench(wo)men later) is in favor of the Outcast Crew, though. Being able to deal more damage and to "counter" the pit traps with Battle Tempo and On the Move seems to have a huge impact at this small gaming size, imho.
  10. Hi, Thank you both for the feedback! So, I am confined to McCabe and Sonnia right now, leaning more towards McCabe as he seems to have a more similar playstyle to Mah Tucket.
  11. Hi everybody, I am a long time lurker, first time poster in these forums. Although I discovered Malifaux already some years ago - and have been thrilled by the fantastic miniatures as well as the unique fluff/background ever since - my gaming experience is very limited, in particular since third edition has been released. Now, since I finally could convince my wife to give Malifaux a try, I thought to introduce her to the game with the help of "Tricksy McGee's Malifaux Mayhem" which I have found here at a different subforum some time ago. My wife chose the Mah Tucket Crew box as her starting point and I would like to ask the experienced players for a balanced opposing crew. Since I got a little nuts about the beautiful miniatures produced by Wyrd, I have quite a large number of crew boxes to choose from: Nellie Cochrane Sonnia Criid Pandora Lucas McCabe Mei Feng Catelin Abernathy (aka Hamelin) the Viktorias Tara The idea is to use just the miniatures from Mah Tucket's crew box and one of the above crew boxes - no additional miniatures, no matter how reasonable - in a step-by-step way, starting with the identical minions first, then adding the henchman and finally playing with the complete crew box. What do the Gremlin experts think? Which of the above crews is a balanced choice against Mah Tucket - preferably giving a slight advantage to the Gremlin crew 😉? (I am almost sure not to take Pandora's crew because of the Incorporeal ability of the Sorrows which makes the Pit traps markers of the Bushwhackers quite useless…) Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom with a clueless!
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