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  1. servant could also prov +2Ca - while within 3" or something... theres loads of possibilities - struggle to understand how they settled on the current rules for him..
  2. agreed; maybe just give him a low cost obey with triggers...
  3. ratskin models from necromunda or possibly the Menite Idrian skirmisher solo may work; very american indian looking.
  4. I dunno about you guys but if Wyrd brought out Malifaux Lore books - similar to the liber chaotica I would be all over that like butter on a crumpet.
  5. not to mithered about heals to be honest; just totally misread the upgrade. Your right though; If i ever feel heals are needed I usually move towards the librarian and the nurse is allll about the debuffs/buffs
  6. Awwww maaaaan! no heals for Jack....
  7. Or you could just have the nurse use her meds on him normally and if you've taken the push upgrade he can't be paralysed by friendly models...
  8. I find painting lipstick on male models works well if you really want a crew full of sista's Ramos has the potential to be a fabulous aging queen... and now i have an urge to model him as Prescilla; Queen of the Desert... Arcanists D'harling! Wyrd should really release a drag queen alt sculpt crew come to think of it...
  9. ..Was going to take Montressor lastnight for a 35 point game.. but then i realised i could have Ligeia and Johan for roughly the same ss cost... I believe he has his place in some lists.. would like to try a nurse roidin' him up so his 1/4/7 becomes 3/6/9... - apply this on a cursed model for the +1 damage and its an insane 4/7/10... Ligeia though; absolutely broken when you can throw her into a melee mid game. I'm generally shielding her till i can pull off that beautiful turn where she affects 2+ models and i hammer them with attacks and twist and turn affects. DF 6 is high for a model though and if you shield her well and slot her into a combat then chances are shes not going to get hit. I think because of how dangerous she is, she gets focussed down extremely quickly.
  10. Bad Juju is awesome for obeying models into targeting it and then paralysing them. Silurids are solid scheme runners, prob THE best scheme runners in the game..
  11. So is the Iron Quill still happening? I thought the new directions for this months entry would be up by June 6th?
  12. Could even be a great boxset for running as Fated models in Through the Breach!
  13. SpiralngCadavr is a great source for Tara info and I certainly agree with his stance that Tara doesn't particularly suffer in any game type (from the schemes and stones podcast). At first I honestly believed she was the weak link in the outcast chain but with more and more board-time she seems to shine brighter with each successful game - I think the misleading thing with Tara is that you feel she has to play in theme or strive for the bury mechanic - Then when pursuing these approaches you lean towards making the wrong decisions. Instead of burying, the reactivation is where Tara excels; making cleverly balanced decisions with this extra AP or moving into position and pulsing out fast to support the crew in the next coming turn can make and break games. The other thing i found was that (like a dog chasing a car) once she got her bury off on a model I didn't quite know what to do with it - It feels like you should be attacking it or setting it on fire; maybe unburying it with her abilities... Half the time having a model simply being out of the game temporarily is enough; its AP that is not getting use from the opposition; also it can significantly affect the activation control for the current or coming turn. Overall she's a complex master with many layers and yeah, she's no Perdita or Leveticus, but she is darn fun to use; and I believe she can turn her hand to any scheme/strat.
  14. i'm in; finish work early that day so time to relax before the mayhem!
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