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  1. TICKET ON SALE. I've joined team Poland....so my ticket is on sale. if a TEAM wants to join the tourney, PM me. thanks
  2. I would like to join, if you want I'm the Gremlin player finished 2nd at the latest UK national...I think I've played against a couple of you? I have neverborn and gremlin, can find TT - Arcanist - Resser - Guild or outcast if necesaary...basically everything
  3. Maybe two ?! Team Italy looks like can't make 5 people. Anyone around who would like to join a team that has not enough people?
  4. Riccardo Neri, Luca mazzetti, Enrico Aacari, Fabio ricco e Alessandro Meschieri reserve list please
  5. It doesn't make sense...it has a free 0 UPG which is the only you can give to it...how can you lose a free upg?
  6. Pointed here from a friend, just want to add some details to your thoughts. In UK I've used Ulix, Zoraida and Zipp. Not Ophelia...but she is - with Som'er and Wong - very viable as well. No chance for brewmaster and mah tucket...they need a BUFF, BIG one. I still believe Gremlins are the strongest faction in this game, reckless is just too strong. Their problem is that they have not enough models...some are very strong and the biggest part is very weak. You are right, we have different viable master with different viable styles. Unfortunately, the competitive range of viable models outside the "Gremlin-with-a-name bubble" is very short..almost inexistant.
  7. I don't like it on her, not enough to justify it. You've got one printed on burt jebsen card and the other is usually on someone who is more involved into the combat, that's my idea at least If you'd have 3 of them, it would be a nice 3rd target
  8. Italy will be there, the 2016 event was astounding. Congrats. once more to Mike, Aron and other staff.
  9. They are tight with Taxidermist to win the prize "Worst gremlin of the year!" They definitively need a BUFF...like the Wild boar as well. Freaking useless pieces The sad thing is that they are not even fun...because you might have a model that is underpowered for competitive environment but maybe super funny to play in casual game. That's not the case of these models..
  10. I vote for the viktoria. Prior to the cuddle, probably Levy was better...after? I've never tried yet, so I can't say
  11. I always summon two of them...like 90% of the times. But if I don't have the second, I can surely play differently and get something out Ulix as well...just a little less performing
  12. The most broken thing I've tried is the "well-balanced" Burt Jebsen with recalled training fasted and pushed with Shen-Long. Have fun to deal with him 4 AP with + to everything....
  13. Eh, They forgot to add push and scheme interaction / runners in Outcast...unfortunately.
  14. Where is the place of First Mate? I can see her only on the shelf
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