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  1. Actually if some how you did get the ability to summon 4 spiders they would survive as the damage from Summon the Swarm may be reduced so they would each take 3 after armor and be alive at 1 wound.
  2. I've only played the Vicks once, it was with Raspy and company. He avoided Rasputina directly because of Sub-Zero, Snowstorm's explosive demise ensured a revenge kill, and the blessed completely cleaned up. However he was new to outcasts and lacking in model pool and experience. So seconding Raspy as a good counter.
  3. Welcome back. The sight below does the official print on demand for Wyrd now witch is why all the arsenal decks are sold out. They can sell the arsenal packs or single cards though the singles require a minimum of ten cards before you can order. I've used them to get cards for some old 1st ed metals I got a hold of. http://www.wargamevault.com/
  4. So the important restriction on Blade and Claw is non-leader non-peon for the targets. It targets a beast and a construct, so while the holder can target themselves it could also be a third part targeting the two for maximum total distance, as described by OctaBit. Looks like I'm adding this upgrade and a Malifaux Raptor to my Ramos list to make Langston a beast give him the ability to swap with spiders.
  5. I believe the write up got it wrong, what I saw says 'kill target friendly gamin' so it would trigger them to explode and drop markers. An important distinction to be sure.
  6. My Ice golem has seen little play since I got snowstorm and the blessed of December, but they mostly just fit my play style better. There are times I'd rather have the golem than the blessed. He hits hard gives out slow and his armor help if Raspy hits him in combat to get blasts on the enemy models. Just off the top of my head.
  7. One thing I disagree with is that the academic upgrade is not that great. Oxfordian mages are already very good with Sandeep combine getting a card back when you flurry and the (0) place effect to lay down some hurt. And if Sandeep didn't activate Arcane Shield should prevent the damage to himself. Combine with the new upgrade to make them cheaper and I may well take three in almost every Sandeep crew. Edit: So it's still pretty good but Sandeep needs to activate and use a one action to let him get the card back, tough it does last until his next activation. So you pop the card draw turn one and then if you furious cast/flurry with an academic turn two Sandeep will have arcane shield up to stop the ping to himself. No range or line of sight on this ether.
  8. I've been waiting and it's great to hear about Sandeep. It's too bad about Kudra being underwhelming.
  9. They merit compression as hard hitting beasts with the Three Headed ability, but from there are quite different. Sweet, just heard about this upgrade and look forward to using it. That is dirty. My Collette crew is doing this now. "For my next trick..." Thank you all for the input so far. Definitely fielding the RN once I get it painted.
  10. Yes the upgrades are split three per limited. They don't talk about the other upgrades or Kudra but I'm keeping a lookout for more info.
  11. Ya the only thing that wasn't too clear is if Banasuva also needs to attach one of those upgrades, I sounded like it does. and those are some big drawbacks. I'm hoping that Banasuva is also a minion, witch is never mentioned, so he can take Sandeep's placement action and still move if he take one of the Earth upgrades. For the record this is the stats for our big flaming friend as per that podcast Df Wp Wd Wk Cg Ht 5 4 8 5 7 3 ________ABILITIES________ Flaming Demise, Melee Expert This model may not be hired. When this model is summoned sacrifice it unless another friendly gamin within 2 takes two damage that may not be reduced, then sacrifice all other friendly totems ATTACK ACTIONS________________ (1) The Thousand Arms of Justice (MI 6 / Rst: DF / Rg: 2): Target suffers 3/4/5 "With a couple of useful damaging triggers" TACTICAL ACTIONS______________ (1) Toss: Like the Ice Golem (0) target a friendly gamin within 8, select an ability or action printed on the target's car that this model does not already have. This model gains the chosen action or ability until the end of turn
  12. That's one thing they don't go into mostly just saying that they are a little better than the other gamin so Sandeep has one more option than 4pt dudes and the 8pt Banasuva. They mention a few of the gamin upgrades Sandeep gives out and I've seen them elsewhere. There are three "Commands" and three "Visions" Commands in Earth - Model may not be moved or pushed / +1Rg , +3Rg Commands in Fire - Model may not cheat fate / Model is immune to slow Commands in Wind - Model may not attack / Other models in 3 get to attacks Visions in Earth - Model may not be moved or pushed / Constant Yammering 6 like on Zipp's card Visions in Fire - Model may not cheat fate / May interact while engaged Visions in Wind - Model may not attack / May interact the turn it is summoned
  13. Also surprised by how little I've heard for Arcanists even on anonymous image boards. However this podcast has a summary of all the new box sets and a little more. http://mf2e.com/archive/mf2e_3.mp3 Sandeep's summoning comes with special upgrades, three per limited, Banasuva is an 8 point gamin and a badass that can only be brought in by summoning it. Sandeep is also limited to only having three of his summons out at one time. Poison gamin are 5pt models, and no info on Kudra.
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