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  1. Steamtastic Vagabond

    July 2018 Errata

    As a casual player with only a a single set for 3 factions, I just play what I have and adapt as the game progresses.
  2. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    I see the ability to cheat fate as just that, spitting in the face of fate. Anyone should be able to cheat because it is literally them defying fate, any one can have a lucky streak.
  3. Steamtastic Vagabond

    TN: Hidden or Public Knowledge

    As it stands, I will tell my players what they need in battle, and if the card they cheat in will work or if it’s a waste of time.
  4. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Also a good idea, already edited.
  5. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Already done
  6. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    I have finally gotten around to adjusting most of the Pursuit talents as suggested above, so with it, I republish the Pursuit. Archer In the modern age, most people see the archery as an outdated practice, which is a valid opinion is a world filled with firearms. However, those that follow the old traditions of archery find themselves with a deadly weapon with which ammunition can retrieved. Not every archer is the same however, some take up the practice of mounted archery while others take quiet shots from the underbrush to bring down prey. Many of these archers find themselves among the ranks of the Ten Thunders because of how few members are allowed to wield firearms. But other factions do find uses for archers. The Neverborn use bows far more frequently than firearms and an entire Gremlin family uses bows almost exclusively. Starting An Archer begins the game with an Archery Weapon and Arrows with a combined cost no higher than 20§. On the Pursuit: Let Loose When this character fails a Ranged Combat Duel during dramatic time, she may draw a card. During the epilogue, this character may advance in any Ranged Combat skill in addition to the options presented by the Fatemaster. Advancement 0 Arcing Arrows 1 (Un)friendly Competition 2 General Talent 3 Improved Fletching or “Nice Shot, Now Watch This!” 4 General Talent 5 Try to Keep Up or Rapid Fire 6 General Talent 7 Poisoned Arrows or Explosive Tip 8 General Talent 9 Twin Bolt or Leap Aside 10 If Anyone Kills Him, It’s Going to be Me. Arcing Arrows One of the qualities that arrows have that bullets don’t is that even when shot into the air, they’ll be dangerous even as they land. This character has learned how to have relative accuracy even after an enemy has concealed themselves. This character’s Archery Attacks that use the Indirect special rule can still be cheated while doing so. (Un)friendly Competition To be quite honest, with their reliability, low costs, increased power, and ease of use, many people would much rather use a gun of any kind over a bow. This character however prefers to use a bow, and sometimes gets a little competitive over the value of her bow over the value of firearms and other weapons. When this Character gains this Talent, she may choose a Friendly Character. Both this Character and the chosen ally gain the following condition: “(Un)friendly Rivalry: When this character defeats an enemy (dealing a killing blow or simply knocking them out), if this Character’s rival can see or hear the deed, they gain Focused+1.” If this Character’s rival is slain or simply loses contact for a duration no shorter than 2 weeks, both characters lose the (Un)friendly Rivalry Condition. This character may appoint a new rival at any time by discarding a Twist Card. Improved Fletching An arrow’s fletching is the thing that can make, or break the shot. Arrows with better fletching are going to fly farther and straighter than others, provided that the arrow is facing the right way. This character increases the range of his Archery attacks by 3 Yards. While this Character’s Rival is benefiting from (Un)friendly Competition, she may gain the 3 Yard bonus on ANY of her Ranged Combat Actions. “Nice Shot, Now Watch This!” This character has learned how to concentrate quickly, even after being awestruck by the performance of her rival. In this way, the Archer practically slows time around her to line up the perfect shot in an attempt to one up her rival. When this character would gain the Focused Condition from her Rival defeating an enemy, the Rival may discard a card to increase the bonus to Focused+2. This Talent works for the appointed Rival as well. Try to Keep Up When you watch the person you admire and/or loathe work faster than you, it is often inspiration enough to at least stay on their heels. When this Character or their Rival end their activation within 6 Yards of the other, the other character may activate as a Chain Activation if the other has not yet acted on this Turn. Rapid Fire This character has learned how to draw, nock, and loose an arrow in a single motion. With an understanding of this motion, this character has vastly improved her efficiency when it comes to letting arrows fly. This character gains the following Tactical Action. (2) Rapid Fire: This character may discard a Twist Card to three 1 AP attack actions with a Ranged Weapon against a single target. Poisoned Arrows No weapon cannot be improved with the application of poison. This a true statement that no one (especially in the Ten Thunders) is going to argue with. This character’s Archery attacks gain the following Trigger: : Infect: After damaging, the Target gains the Poison Condition a number of times equal to the number of in the final duel total. While this Character’s Rival is benefiting from (Un)friendly Competition, they may also use this Trigger on ANY Ranged Combat or Close Combat Action. Explosive Tip In the same vein as poisoned arrows, explosive arrows are favorites of those who don’t care for subtlety. Whether its simply attaching a stick of dynamite to the end of the stick or enchanting the arrow with explosive properties, the outcome is just the same. This character’s Archery attacks gain the following Trigger: : Hail of Hachinosu: When damaging, this attack gains + to the Moderate and Severe damage. While this Character’s Rival is benefiting from (Un)friendly Competition, they may also use this Trigger on ANY Ranged Combat Attack. Twin Bolt Those who claim to be experts of Archery have learned how to use loose multiple arrows at once, dramatically increasing the lethality of their every shot (or at least doubling it). When this character makes an Archery attack with the Bow special rule, this character may use a second arrow to add [+] to the attack flip. This character must declare that he is doing this before flipping any cards. Leap Aside Archers are most effective when in the back row of any conflict, picking off enemies at a distance one by one. When their aggressors get close however, this character has learned how to quickly get out the fray, usually opening up a space for her rival to take a clean shot or two. This character gains the following Defensive Trigger: Df: : Leap Aside: After an attack fails against this character, this character may push up to 5 yards in any direction. Then, this Character’s Rival may push up to 5 Yards towards this Character’s starting position. If Anyone Kills Him, It’s Going to be Me The bond between this Character and her Rival has grown incredibly strong, even if they may hate each other. It is through this bond however that seeing one in mortal danger drives the other into a tragic rage, and there WILL be Hell to pay. While this Character’s Rival is unconscious or in sufficient mortal peril (at Fatemaster discretion), this Character generates an additional General AP at the start of her Turn. If this Character’s Rival is killed in Dramatic Time, this Character immediately gains the Reactivate Condition and regains it at the start of every turn instead of the General AP for the remainder of the scene. This talent works for the appointed Rival as well
  7. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Obsidian Gate Results

    What exactly do the numbers mean?
  8. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Jackalopes and shapeshifting

    In that case, you would still have to die first for that to kick in.
  9. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Jackalopes and shapeshifting

    Based on the flavour text, I’d imagine that they’re even immune to critical effects since they would just regenerate. So yes they would revive without any. As for shape shifting, yes you may be able to get the talents of a slate ridge mauler, but you would be a VERY injured slateridge mauler.
  10. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Spellcasting and AP

    Any character with the Fast condition gains an additional AP, any character with the Casting Expert Talent gains an extra AP which can only go towards spell casting actions. With both of those, you can get 4 AP to cast with, so it is certainly possible.
  11. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Magic--Immuto Question

    Then you’d only make spell-like manifested powers.
  12. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Looking for ideas in The Little Kingdon

    You could have her wander into a shrine devoted to an incredibly obscure spirit to tie it to the destiny step (and potentially set up future sessions about said spirit). Other things you could have happen could be having her get lured into a rigged three cup game, get distracted by a passing dragon dance (if appropriate), become lost in an opium den, or even just wander in on a good ol’ transaction between some uptight gangsters.
  13. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Aetheric Philosophy 101

    As with the Villains’ Coffee Shop, and Gary’s Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public, I have made this forum for magical theories because I cannot remain committed to a specific task and just end up tinkering with like, 10 projects at once. This forum is intended for Magical Theories as the Coffee Shop is for Villains and the Grimoire Emporium is for grimoires. With the creation of this forum, I also post a few Magical Theories I have made. Conduit of Anger: Many of the Arcanists believe in careful study of their powers, or allowing it to flow out of them with elegant grave. The Resurrectionists share common methods on this matter, so does the Guild, and many a number of Malifaux’s other mages. Some however, have other ways to wield their magical powers. The Conduits of Anger don’t have any control over their magical abilities. This is simply because their magic isn’t tied to study or skill, it’s tied solely to their anger. The more furious a Conduit of Anger becomes, the stronger his magical prowess becomes. Even the most inexperienced spell casters can rival Malifaux’s most powerful if they’re pissed off enough. Many of these kinds of people discover their abilities by sheer accident, often being overwhelmed by uncontrollable anger and lashing out at the closest source of their anger. The problem here is that instead of giving them a good left hook, they instead gave them a necrotizing left hook. The Witch Hunter protocol regarding Conduits of Anger is to take them out from an incredible distance, as angering or fighting them is surely a losing battle. Conduits of Anger may add the value of their Fuming condition to their Sorcery or Enchanting Duels (Maximum+5). While the Conduit of Anger doesn’t have the Fuming condition, it suffers [-][-] to all Sorcery and Enchanting Duels. While the Conduit of Anger has the Enraged condition, it gains +R to all Enchanting duels and +T to all Sorcery Duels. This Magical Theory is strongly ill advised for those without the Rampager Advanced Pursuit. The Endless Nightmare This character sees magic as something that isn’t real, nor is it fake. Magic is somewhere between line between what is real and what isn’t. By this logic, magic exists between the line separating the real world, and the dreamscape, and the further the line is blurred, the powerful magic should become. This Magical Theory is seen as incredibly dangerous by the Guild and is something that would fall under the jurisdiction of the Neverborn hunters rather than the Witch Hunters. Subscribing to this magical theory is usually enough to label someone as a dreamer and to attract everything that comes with it. This character gains +1 to his AV for every Nightmare Character within the Spell’s range when casting a Spell or Manifested Power (To a maximum of +3). However, this character cannot target a Nightmare with a harmful spell action. Equivalent Exchange Often referred to as “the alchemist’s theory,” the character understands that literally everything around them is simply a composition of materials, to the houses around them to the spells that the Arcanists sling. Everything is composed of something, and it’s through that knowledge that a skilled alchemist can wield power over the entire universe simply by manipulating the materials. The laws of chemical science are to this character what the holy bible is to a Catholic priest. Rather than forcing fireballs into existence, this character simply changes the air around them into an open flame which he then hurls. Enchanting is even easier to this character because part of it is simple modification to existing substances. This character may add any bonus to his Alchemistry skill coming from an outside source (Such as an Alchemistry Skill Toolkit, however its portability may prove an issue) to any Sorcery or Enchanting Duel save for the Chemist’s First Hand Experience Talent. However, whenever this character uses the Focus Object immuto, after resolving the action, the Focus Object is destroyed or otherwise rendered useless.
  14. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

    ...................challenge accepted.
  15. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Oh great, now I have to redesign the pursuit to incorporate that as a basic mechanic! Thankfully I don’t have much else to do with my time. 😃