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  1. A tad off topic, but triggered immutability also great if you need more control over a certain spell “such as more or less damage” and can reliably hit a trigger.
  2. In the book Under Quarantine, there are some details about how people become nephilim (with some mechanics) but it hasn’t been outlined very much.
  3. I’ve actually made a Profile from Justice’s M2E card, so I can post it later if you’d like.
  4. If you’re so cold you can’t possibly move, you probably can’t make any reflexive movements either.
  5. I believe how it was intended was for a destiny step to be completed each session. The reason being to limit how powerful the Fates get by the end of the game. So personally I wouldn’t recommend leveling up at the end of an episode but really just do whatever you want.
  6. Specialized Skill allows a Fated to attach a suit to a skill adding that suit to any duel total making it possible to have two suits on one flip. Cheating fate just completely ignores the original card as if it was never even there, so no they wouldn’t stack. I believe soul stones can also be used to add suits to duel totals and some pursuits remove suit requirements from certain spells making it much easier to cast and get these triggers.
  7. I see the destiny steps as being a thing that Fate dictates will happen. No matter what happens this things will happen and that’s how it should be written. But as a Fatemaster, I incorporate ways to deny Fate what it was promised to make things a bit more interesting for the player. Mechanically nothing changes asking as long as SOMETHING happens.
  8. He kind of reminds me of the grave diggers from Hamlet now.
  9. I mean, before the burning man it was basically impossible without soul stone, but now it’s only slightly more difficult thanks to the burning man.
  10. From what I understand, the Neverborn book was planned to be next with the master level book scrapped in favour of a Ten Thunders book.
  11. I don’t believe it stacks, it just lets you use your intelligence to Do something being smart would not normally allow, such as flaunting your college degree to somehow intimidate someone.
  12. Heart of the West A sheriff’s badge once owned by Catherine Evelyn, a lawmaker inspired by legends of gunslingers and lawmakers of the American West. The 6 pointed badge is covered in thick layers of text, but any part individually read can tell the legends of the American West such as that of Wyatt Earp. Magia: Elemental Projectile, Immuto: Focus Object (Western Style Revolver (-1)) [Locked], Fire, Wind, Light Special: The Heart of the West is a grimoire that wrote itself over Catherine Evelyns’s sheriff badge. The grimoire will only attune itself to a mage that could reasonably be described as an officer of the law. An officer of the law could be a Guild Guard, Death Marshal, Witch Hunter, or an ordinary police officer to name a few. Additionally the lawmaker must be wearing the badge to attune to the Grimoire. Using the Heart of the West’s Elemental Projectile uses the Pistol skill instead of Sorcery, additionally using the spell expends a round of ammunition from the pistol that the spell is fired from. Finally, the Heart of the West ignores the penalty to spellcasting on Earth if it is used anywhere in the American West. “I hate rude behaviour in a man, I won’t tolerate it.” Frankenstein’s Lab Notes An original copy of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, all throughout are notes written over the pages that are exceedingly difficult to read, and even harder to understand. The back of the book is signed Victor Frankenstein, whether it’s an authentic signature remains to be seen. Magia: Raise Undead, Berserk Fury, Immuto: Decreased Damage, Promethean Genus (+2), Special: In Frankenstein, Victor could surely be seen as a Resurrectionist, but his processes didn’t result in a zombie, but instead new life. The following changes are applied to Raise Undead. - The resurrected corpse does not gain the Undead Characteristic and instead keeps the Living Characteristic. - The resurrected character is considered to be a Promethean for the purposes of the Promethean Genus Immuto. - The Promethean’s Mental Aspects are all reduced to -3 and Charm is reduced to -4. - The Promethean is capable of learning and may increase his Intelligence, Cunning, or Tenacity by 1 point each week until they reach 0. Once at 0, these Aspects can only improve in same way as other Fatemaster Characters (or Fated should that ever happen). Prometheans last indefinitely but are not bound to the spell caster. - Prometheans are were never previously living and do not have any memories of their past life. “It’s Alive!!!”
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