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  1. Hey there, been away for a long time for reasons I’m not getting into now. I’m planning an adventure for this Halloween, but because my entire group has absolutely no opinions, I’ve been left to make a few (8) pregenerated characters. Are there any effective methods other than bashing my head against the keyboard out of frustration as I struggle to make characters.
  2. My personal favourites are Call of Cthulhu set in Malifaux, with the players taking the role of investigators investigating the strange.
  3. Perhaps it’s a manifested ability that uses these necromancy Magia, but used intimidation (or whatever you want) to use.
  4. You could use Undead or Constructs as those things are basically immune to unconsciousness.
  5. You could just ignore the destiny rule instead, that would save a lot of hassle
  6. I’ve posted this before, but I had to completely change the final battle in Obsidian Gate because the players weren’t stupid enough to try and climb Godzilla carrying really heavy barrels. This lead to an awesome completely improvised battle on the Japanese country side, as I called for appropriate skill flips as events occurred, such as Husbandry to keep the horses moving on the path, Long Arms to strike down approaching Oni, athletics to catch a barrel as it was about to fall, and it was such a good battle
  7. It’s a game set in an alternate universe around 1914-ish, on an alternate world called Malifaux. This strange world has unknowable magical properties and humanity has slowly colonized it, sending resources back home to earth to establish more control over the Earth. You play as a Fated, an individual who was given a slight glimpse into their own future and can make decisions to actively change their fate, represented by changing the very cards they flip with one of their own.
  8. It should be exactly the same as scrutiny with a living character
  9. There’s been a string of murders in one of the city’s slums of late. Not too unusual. These killings have so sign of forced entry, or even entry at all. Again, not too weird, but the Guild assigns a few witch hunters and Neverborn hunters to the case. For a while, there are absolutely no leads, not until Sargent Richmond dozes off during his lunch break after doing a double shift the previous day, For a moment, Lieutenant Greene watches Richmond sleep, never noticing the fondness she had for Richmond until now. But this moment is ruined when she notices Richmond’s arm star
  10. I’d have to answer with my M2E main, Tara. The other resurrectionists are creepy in their own right, but my terrible experiences with death anxiety make her connections to entities that represent literal nothingness, an infinity of obliteration is much more off putting to me than a run of the mill necromancer.
  11. While I’d instinctively say I’d like to know more about the Badlands and Knotwoods, what I’m interested in is actually what’s going on in Canada and the United States with all of the Guild and otherworldly forces influencing their history.
  12. Do you think you would keep fighting if your lost one of your arms, a leg, and a lot of teeth?
  13. Human characters would likely succumb or surrender to critical injuries before a death effect comes up. Constructs and Undead on the other hand aren’t usually smart enough to know when to give up.
  14. One persons one shot is another persons 3-day session. I’d personally advise an Intro Scene, 4-5 Adventure Scenes, and a Grand Finale to cap it off.
  15. One of my favourite parts of the quarantine zone is that while it may be an urban area, it is just as much a frontier as it is a setting for a gothic horror novel
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