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  1. Steamtastic Vagabond

    How to Duel? (Western Style)

    We all seem to agree that Western music is a must.
  2. Steamtastic Vagabond


    Realistically, you could just tweak Deadlands a little bit and have it be a prequel to Through the Breach. Or you could transplant Through the Breach into Deadlands and just use soulstone as Ghost Rock. I think no one talks about it because of how similar the settings seem to be, but no one wants be the guy who addresses that minor elephant.
  3. Steamtastic Vagabond

    How to Duel? (Western Style)

    Play some epic western music, I’ll put a link to a good one for building tension. But then, break the rules of the game and cut the deck in half and take half of it for yourself and draw 3-5 cards. Instead of dueling against an enemy’s rank, duel as if it were a game of M2E. When I did this, the tension was high because the players have never seen me do anything like this before, so they didn’t know what was coming. Hope any of this helps.
  4. Steamtastic Vagabond


    Maybe I should rephrase, I’m not looking for general places to find inspiration, I’m looking to see what specifically others are using as inspiration. I’m not looking for radio shows, I’m looking for “This Radio Show”
  5. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Waldo's Weekly - A New Study Buddy

    ...I thought it was a broom...
  6. Steamtastic Vagabond


    In my game, I’ve been running off of three inspirations that at first don’t sound like they belong together. I’ve been using Peaky Blinders as a bit of a backdrop with what is essentially a gangster story but with elements of Bioshock and Bloodborne adding interesting flavour to the places I have set up.
  7. Steamtastic Vagabond


    I've been holding a question to myself for a number of weeks now. I've been curious about what people have been using as inspiration when they make Fated, adventures, campaigns, or Fatemaster Characters. If you have an answer, please post it as I'm curious about what kinds of different media might show up. If this thread gets some attention, I'll likely post some of my own inspirations. Thank you in advance for any cooperation in answering my questions, and I apologize if this thread becomes nothing more than spam.
  8. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    I would love to see a preview of Tara, but I have a rather heavy bias.
  9. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Power Looping in TTB?

    Not that I’m aware of. However, in M2E, Charles Hoffman hands that condition out like cheap Halloween candy so it could theoretically be done with Ability Based Manifested Powers.
  10. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Info about the Badlands

    I basically imagined the badlands as basically being an embodiment of the “Wierd West” complete with morally ambiguous or bankrupt sheriffs and zombies dueling with magics guns at high noon.
  11. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    So, I think by now a new ruling is in order just so that Shotgun Surgeon is possible
  12. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    “You see that guy, you know, the one in that fancy doctor get up?” ”Yeah? What about em?” ”Rumor has it that he got some steamfitters to affix weird industrial stuff to his bag, heard the thing’s a functional shotgun. They call him The Doctor, not a very clever name, I know.” ”Howabout, The Shotgun Surgeon?” ”Whatever the case, do not let him point that bag at you, got it!?”
  13. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Necrochemist and Rusts n' Oils Talents somewhat marginalised?

    Well, if your poisons are SOMEHOW capable of attacking a robot’s nonexistent immune system, it should probably deliver the full effect.
  14. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    Psch, he’s probably just jealous
  15. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    But who doesn’t want a finely tuned steam powered surgical scalpel with attached shotgun?