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  1. Steamtastic Vagabond

    The music of Malifaux

    Thou art welcome.
  2. Steamtastic Vagabond

    The music of Malifaux

    My personal recommendations. Abney Park This way to the Egress The Cog is Dead Aviators (No one will save you now, specifically) Ghostfire Vernian Process Johnny Hollow and lastly: Frenchy and the Punk
  3. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Where to find more lore for TTB?

    In the Penny Dreadfuls’s ive read, a lot of the things that happen, happen to the Fated. Even in the adventures that aren’t about the fated in the grand scheme, the fates do have opportunities to make serious impacts through seemingly small things (a great example being Northern Aggression)
  4. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Starting Earthside

    What about if a burning man breach opened in the bayou, then you could have earth gremlins, but they would suffer huge social struggles.
  5. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Where to find more lore for TTB?

    Look into the Breachside Broadcast, a podcast which tells the stories published in a variety of sources presumably in chronological order.
  6. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Newbie questions

    Basically, but with Margins of Failure, it would determine how bad the character would fail, perhaps leading to more dire consequences than first expected.
  7. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Suppliments still good?

    Yep, just need to adjust to rules ever so slightly.
  8. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Newbie questions

    If you had to beat both 8T and 10M, besting the higher would mean that you would only need to beat 10M, when in actuality you effectively need to beat 10TM
  9. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Monsters and Triggers

    How I believe it works (and have been doing so for the last year) is that whatever the players pull up on their defensive flip is the suit the monster uses. For instance, if a player flipped a ram defending against Flash Photography, the Guild Reporter would be considered to have flipped a ram as well, and may use “Hey, look over here” Hope this helps
  10. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Fated fall over

  11. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Fated fall over

    Wounds increase by raising Toughness, Defense raises by increasing Evasion. Being at 0 wounds isn’t the end, but it isn’t a good place to be because that’s when unconsciousness checks start happening.
  12. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Above the Law at Gencon?

    If you can’t move, you can’t cast. So if you’re tied up or confined to a small space, casting will become next to impossible.
  13. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Cursed & Haunted

    You could replace Killed/0/0 with a lesser damage flip. Also, for haunted, successful “surgery” should prevent it from growing until the next time it can be done.
  14. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Cursed & Haunted

    You could implement the rules for surgery to add more consequence, not much is worse than being at the centre of a botched exorcism
  15. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Wyrd Chronicles 37