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    Drinking, Smoking and generally any other activity I can wast still Drinking and Smoking :D

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  1. amber leaf

    TOS Tides of Battle League 18th Jan – 29th March

    Put me down for this, about time I got back into things.
  2. amber leaf

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    Those Gremlins are so sneaky 😡
  3. amber leaf

    To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

    I have had no issue printing them off on photo paper but it would be nice to get the proper cards in the EU
  4. amber leaf

    Why gremlins are fun and fun lists can work in tournaments

    Nobody told me about the pub :(
  5. amber leaf

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    Darn it I am working this weekend 😡
  6. amber leaf

    Avatars Assemble 8th April 2018

    I will see if I can get down for this one Phil.
  7. amber leaf

    Tombstone Legacy Feb 24 - Mar 31

    Think this is a good excuses to tryout Outcasts.
  8. amber leaf

    Tooth & Nail II - 11th February 2018

    No idea if I can make it yet so list me as a reserve.
  9. amber leaf

    Tooth & Nail 21st January 2018

    I will be down on Saturday to pay for my ticket
  10. amber leaf

    Crew Box Challenge 28th October 2017

    Will be down this weekend Phil.
  11. amber leaf

    BACK to TOMBSTONE 31st July 2017

    Will see if I can get in for this.
  12. amber leaf

    Henchmen Hardcore 24/06/17

    I have this weekend off so will be down for this one guys.
  13. amber leaf

    Malifaux League: Changing Fate 29th April 2017

    Darn it I only have 2 Arcanists Masters
  14. amber leaf

    Tooth & Nail 28th May 2017

    Well I better see if I can get someone to look after the kids, will let you know ASAP Phil.