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    Drinking, Smoking and generally any other activity I can wast still Drinking and Smoking :D

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  1. Same for me and I am terrible at building models but some of these models make me look like a master builder.
  2. Put me down for this, about time I got back into things.
  3. I have had no issue printing them off on photo paper but it would be nice to get the proper cards in the EU
  4. Darn it I am working this weekend 😡
  5. I will see if I can get down for this one Phil.
  6. No idea if I can make it yet so list me as a reserve.
  7. I will be down on Saturday to pay for my ticket
  8. I have this weekend off so will be down for this one guys.
  9. Darn it I only have 2 Arcanists Masters
  10. Well I better see if I can get someone to look after the kids, will let you know ASAP Phil.
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