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  1. I received DCR yesterday and first off, it has to be one of my favourite and most pleasantly surprising boardgame purchases of the last couple of years (and sadly, I buy quite a few!), the production and artwork are just beautiful. The circular board is just fantastic. And so when I sit here and ask if there's any chance there might be a range of minis to follow (both human, spirit and winds) then it's not from a standpoint of being at all disappointed with the standees that are supplied as they are perfectly good as they are. However, y'know - you're Wyrd and I play 'faux - I'm a slut for a good mini and the artwork for the central characters in DCR is just so in keeping with the v2 artwork for 'faux that it feels like something might be brewing? I'm wracking my noodles trying to figure if there any proxies that might fit in from the existing 'faux range and so far, the Monks of Low River and maybe even Ronin at a push (Yeah - maybe not!) spring to mind. Congrats on a great job though chaps!
  2. Absolutely love it, though i'm a teensy bit scared of how many bits he's going to be in on the sprue, but that's never put me off before (go gremlins!)
  3. From a pure sanity point of view, limiting yourself initially to 2 of any one puppito means that looking at 32 unpainted varmints is a little less daunting than having all 44 staring at you. I'm 3 models off finishing the master sprue and 2x minion sprues and that feels good, even if there is that whole other grey demon staring at me outta the box. It now means that we can get on and play with a couple of quirky little painted crews.
  4. Had to laugh, I came from the predominantly boardgame world to Malifaux rather than minis gaming, you want to see some of the LoS rules in those games. Makes Malifaux look deathly logical. (Descent & Zombicide I'm looking at you!)
  5. Great suggestions, i really liked that approach that FFG took with the 'Quick Start' rules for X-Wing and then introduced focus etc That said, we were kindly invited by our friendly henchdude to play our first demo game at his house, and we'd both by that time managed to read up on the rulebook, confused though we may have been and so he launched us into a full scale 50SS Colette v Sonnia battle and it went ok under his guidance. I think it would have been very different if we'd both been absolutely cold on the concepts, but what we really needed to see was the game in action Turn by Turn.
  6. Aha - hadn't thought of masking film as I don't use an airbrush, but i'm guessing it would work just as well with a bit of drybrushing instead..... Good suggestion, cheers Ratty
  7. Hey everyone - some ideas/advice/inspiration please!!!! So I made a water tower.... and it turned out OK, but what I really wanted to do was make it like the ones in many US towns and have the name of the town painted on the side. In this case, obviously, Malifaux, in the correct font of course. (I was going to do a town sign and then I thought, hey, towns often put it on their water tower, i'll make one of those instead - there's little rhyme or reason to my modelling) So here's the model.... But what I can't work out is the best way to get the "Welcome to Malifaux" onto it in white paint or similar. I'll be honest, my free-painting sucks so doing it free-hand is probably out. I thought maybe inkjet decal and then trim it round the planks? Some elaborate way of projecting it on then tracing round that. Or trying to produce a stencil of some sort. Trying to get it through my inkjet printer??? (Joke) So the question is.... has anyone done anything similar, or can anyone come up with an ingenious tip for doing it? Any ideas would be massively welcome. Thanks all!
  8. My first stumbling attempts at making great sculpts look colourful and all 3D like...
  9. Thanks for replies all! It's why I post my questions sometimes, cos I think that if I'm not understanding something too well, chances are someone else might not be either. Got a very kind offer of demo game tomorrow night and so hopefully that will answer a lot of the 2536 questions I still have.
  10. Cheers, that's kind of what I figured, otherwise i guess it would mean that you could just hold back on crew selection with the benefit of a 'soul stone pool on account' later in the game, which seemed really unlikely, but I just thought I'd check Thanks
  11. OK - I think I'm getting it - so my starting soulstone count comes from: Encounter size minus total crew recruitment size (not including master) + Master's cache stated on stat card? Eg: 35 SS encounter, crew size of 31, master's cache of 3 = initial pool of: 7? Maximum SS pool is 7 at any one time? Ok, here's the really stoopid question: in the above example, if my crew had only been 30, that would have meant my pool could have been 8 but I'm limited to 7. so, if I then burn a SS on a suit modifier etc, I don't get to pull that 'extra' one in do I? Basically, my 'excess' from a smaller crew is lost as I enter T1 right? Told you it was stupid. Sorry, I'll get me coat.
  12. Ugh, hate to sound all dollar/pound store about this, but we use some florists' glass bead that i guess you use in vases to hold remarkably expensive single stem flowers up with. We got the beads from the Tesco household section thing (near the bike and camping stuff, not as far as the mouthwash section, no, you went too far along, back a bit, yeah about there) for about £1.00 for a hundred or so. Got a nice feel to them cos they're pretty heavy, but watch out for broken ones as they are pretty damn sharp! But dang, I want to use Jelly Babies now after reading the sweet ideas.
  13. Another Dave Graffham based project. Dave does a series of broken wall ruins, which here have been used pretty much just for the wall texture and overall shape. The rest are add-ons, including the floor, which I nicked from another of dave's models.
  14. Ooh - i just received a sample pack of full page labels in the post from a shop on ebay - i'll keep everyone posted as to if they're any good. They weren't a bad price either.
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