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  1. Just a reminder that Changelings cannot declare triggers on their copied actions. But of course you can drain their hand by just attacking normally, if that's what you meant.
  2. *Slowly backs out of thread*
  3. This is sort of relevant to my interests.
  4. I'd definately buy a second lynch crew if a NE one ever got released. Lynch and huggy are very bland models. The fact that Lynch' face even lacked a beard on my mini didn't really make it better. Which is strange, because the art for Lynch is really great.
  5. I've been thinking about this one, but not gone the full length and bought it yet..
  6. Below is my portable gaming board. There's a lot more pictures and talk over on my blog.
  7. This came up our last game as well, and I'm very interested as well. We flipped for it.
  8. This one was a surprise to me. I can't really be bothered to try and theory up some nasty combo, but I bet there's something out there.
  9. Agreed as well. Add Kade and you're all set.
  10. Slightly OT, but Obey does not change who's friendly or not. Compare Obey to Sybelles Comply trigger.
  11. For some unknown reason, Nick Cave makes me think of Seamus. Sebastian: Zoraida, if you ignore the video... Jacob Lynch
  12. I'm sorry to drop it, first thing happening but... if you're looking to use his box (well, Dashel), then you probably want some Guild Riflemen.
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