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  1. Well....I applaud your technique. The brushwork is truly amazing. I know from experience how long that probably took you to do and it is an impressive task. But.......hate to be a bad guy with how stunning it really is.......the lines are way too uniform. Both in length and in spacing. It makes it look like he's wearing a shirt with a cool pattern on it. Just doesn't look natural. If that was the effect that you were going for then kudos. But it would drive me crazy. Again, fantastic work and technique.
  2. My first impression is that I hate her. As someone else said. ..a potato-faced kid in her mom's bathrobe. Just really bad considering what the rest of the Oni look like. Really haven't liked much of anything I've seen lately. ...really unimpressed with the aesthetic lately. If there is something cool going on on her back. .....why the hell wouldn't you show it? Instead the first impression is of this. ....thing. No matter what's going on on the back I'll never get over this weak first impression. Not smart.
  3. No insult intended, but don't you think that's a bit hypocritical coming from someone perpetuating the discussion?
  4. I couldn't even get it to be average.
  5. Thanks. The stuff you do already is pretty cool.....some extra training could probably propel you to another level.
  6. Unfortunately not. That's what I went to college for, but choices after that led me away from that for my life, but it never really left my mind. There's just a couple simple old pictures on my photobucket: http://s269.photobucket.com/user/grazclan2/library/Drawings?sort=3&page=1
  7. Thanks. Well, I started as a comic book illustrator so.........lol. But yeah, I guess that's how I see it in my head...guess I need to work on that.
  8. Well, my work schedule changed pretty badly. I finally finished the last few models for that big 10T job I was doing. Here they are, but unfortunately this may be my last post for quite some time....until my schedule turns around some.
  9. dgraz

    M2E Marcus

    I don't understand the question.
  10. They tag-team well also...first one charges in and does burning....second one finishes off with Flames. I've been using them in my most recent campaign...they're awesome. The Ruthless is extremely handy in smaller point games. I started my campaign with Toshiro leading and yeah, they're great for dropping Scrap. In a campaign their (0) is absolutely amaze-balls........Campaign Skills and Equipment are 'upgrades' so my Obsidians are healing a bunch of models (including my Jorogumo).
  11. dgraz

    M2E Marcus

    Yes. That is correct. Domesticate can help here, especially against anything lower than a Henchman (that can't burn SS).....a +2 Wp on a Neg Flip doesn't help a lot.
  12. dgraz

    M2E Marcus

    I always throw Stalk out there....you don't have to make the move if you don't want to. I don't like that you have to move your full movement (end as close as possible to the enemy)....most times it will take you out of cover and just put you in jeopardy....but it can very occasionally be useful.
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