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Found 9 results

  1. My first post here but I've been scrolling through for a bit. I know it's a little past the holiday season now but finally found the time to finishing this up. Thought it's be cool to make The Old Ways... Of Christmas! Also sleeved up a matching fate deck, made some scheme markers, and made some ice pillars to go with the crew. I liked the thought of the giants jumping outa boxes or shoving other people in them with Thoon and yeeting them across the table. haha I was maybe going to turn a Boltungin into Rudolph too. Any idea what to do with the Geryon when they come out? Was thinking either painting them up as a piece of fruit cake or a glob of eggnog lol.
  2. I spent most of 2015 playing with Guild but running a pretty un-competitive Lucius list. So, for 2016 I thought I'd stick with my Guild but run a more competitive crew. So I decided to start with the Ortega's as my main focus with Lady J & co as back up. I started to play about with themes before I settled on the Mexican Day of the Dead festival (Dias de los Muertos). For those that aren't aware of the festival it celebrates the dead and passed love one. It features awesome elaborate costumes, lots of skulls, painted faces (sugar skull), flowers and just generaly cool decoration. The modern day festival differs to the traditional as it's kind of been commercialised over the years (from what I've gathered). So with that being said, I'll be doing my own version which features a little bit of everything and all a bit better accustom to my painting style and with a hint of Malifaux. So the aim of the project is to convert up a nice themed crew, whether small details or extensive conversions. Starting with Perdita: I decided to go for big flowing hair and to add roses and bows in. A little hard to spot in the green form but should hopefully come out well once painted And followed by her fellow converted master in crime Lady J: She is made up from some TTB parts as well as some plasticard and the usual green stuff. She originally started out as a Student of Conflict proxy but the more I worked on her the more she started to look like an Ortega themed Lady J. So that's how she came to be. And that's it for now, if you're part of A Wyrd Place on Facebook you may have seen some of my WIP's. I've currently got Abuela and Loco on my workbench and I'll be posting up some detailed pics this week as I sort them. All C&C is welcome and any input into the project will be much appreciated. Thanks HD
  3. Hey, thought I'd post some pictures of stuff I've been working on and also can serve as my commission portfolio. So to start things off, I painted up the new death marshals today for my tara crew, they're a mid range paint job with 3-4 highlights on each model. I'm tempted to try and do some source lighting on them, but not sure how to go about doing it. I don't have access to an airbrush and i'm not a fan of the watering down method. not sure about drybrushing it on, although i find that tends to be the best result for a smooth transition of light. Let me know what you guys think and I'll upload some more things when they're done. SK
  4. Hey gang, Was talking to my local hench the other day about how RatJoy wasn't a huge issue the models weren't released..even though the rules have been out for a while. I started along the lines of 'well thats silly as one could convert..." is where he cut me off and sort of said people aren't as into converting as I am..and in general in Malifaux(and Infinity), people aren't as conversion crazy as your more 'classical' hobbists. Coming from a 40k and Fantasy background, where back in the day GW loved to push conversion ideas and thinking outside of the box and everything, and in a fair few tournaments that I attended there was always a large portion of overall score put toward your hobby and softscores (Sportsmanship, Hobby (painting, conversions, freehand work etc)). If you also looked back into the golden age of White Dwarf there were always large amounts of bibs and bobs showing off cool armies, conversions etc which (as a younger modeller then) always sort of gave you something to strive for. As an aside I reckon it would be amazing (and surely not too much work) for Wyrd to maybe have a model showcase each month stuffed into the back of the Wyrd Chronicles, as besides that, they've almost got all the boxes ticked from the 'golden-era' White Dwarf check list. Cruising the forums over here (and vulturing around AWP) I've seen some of the truly most stunning paint jobs known to man..but I've noticed (when compared to say a 40k or Fantasy hobby forum) the amount of conversions and showing off of odd ideas etc are quite minimal. The conversions that are out there are quite bloody brilliant, it's just that there isn't a huge amount of them (by comparison). So my question, and discussion point I suppose, is two-fold: 1. Why isn't converting as big in Malifaux (and 'younger' wargames) as it was in others? 2. Why does the Gaining Grounds pack not reward 'extra' effort for hobby scores as well as sports scores (saying in the pack 'don't be a dick' doesn't really cut it haha..) Discuss and flame away gang!!
  5. Hey all, As a lot of you maybe aware it's that time of the year again where the forum goes painting crazy as we delve into the annual Iron Painter comp! Last year sadly due to work timings I never even made it passed round 2 but it's a different story this time around. I've upgraded my work space, splashed out on some new paints, upped my brush game and no more working crazy hours. So hopefully this time I can see it through to the end! Along with the hobby upgrades I've also received a bit of paint coaching and in order to flex my artistic muscles and up my game I will be trying out new styles and techniques throughout this competition. As an avid converter and modeller I will also be doing my best to work in some extravagant basing, display pieces and green stuff work. The whole idea is just to push my abilities and get a little out of my comfort zone. So, round 1... Announced nearly a week ago now round 1's theme is 'Pretty in Pink' which is nice and broad. After a little brainstorming I decided that I'd be sculpting Teddy in a rather fetching little dress which I decided to model off the Candy fig. Whilst waiting for Teddy and supplies to arrive from Element Games I thought I'd work on the base. I went for a style I'd never tried for before and built it up using poly filler rubble, miliput and plasticard. I laid the rubble down first, then filled in gaps and built up a layer of miliput ready for the sanding stage. I then cut and shaped out some plasticard tiles and secured them on top. I then sanded it where needed, painted it all up and added a few tufts of grass. I picked black and white so it will contrast nicely with the large amount of pink to come. Thne Teddy arrived! As with all my projects its a slow and steady pace to begin with. Using Candy as a reference picture I decided to start with the torso and build out from there as there would be plenty of details going on top. I've never done frilly dress bits before so I had a crack at these first to make sure I could do them. Luckily I found a nice easy technique to these and I got them done pretty quick. Next I finished off the torso, shoulders and arms. After these had all cured I marked out with the red paint where the collar would be going and I then cut/scraped this are down. I then began making the basic skirt shapes which would form the underskirt in the end. I added a bit of detail on the underside of the dress which is meant to resemble ruffles (is that a word) of a dress or tutu. It wasn't really an important feature but it made me feel better about the sculpt. I then added a base collar along with frilly edges. Once this had cured I then went back and built the collar up a bit more. You can see that I had also started adding some of the upper skirt layer which had to be quite bulked out to fill in those big gaps. And then the have the almost final build. The upper skirt layer was much trickier than I imagined but I got there in the end. I added a bow on his back and in the end I had to re-do his front bow as it was getting a bit swamped by the existing green suff. I added a little belt/ribbon running around the waist between the bows to cover the join and give me some extra details to paint. All that's remaining is the gap filling, filing and last minute tweaks. Receiving feedback from AWP on Facebook I think I might model a little bow on Teddy's head just to really finish it off. And that's it for now. I will be finishing off the last modelling bits tomorrow before getting him all primed up for some pink goodness. I'll be keeping all painting pics under wraps until I'm ready for the final submission but I'll be taking some WIP's to post after. If anyone has and questions or would like any of my methods explaining I'm more than happy to oblige. I've skipped a few photo stages here mainly because I get so into it I forget to take any. So far the sculpting has taken me 3 sessions at about 20-25 hours in total with the base taking another 3 or 4. It's time consuming but it's the part of the hobby I enjoy the most. HD
  6. So I just got the Female and Male multikits for TTB, just because of the conversion possibilities. And I started wondering, when I found the perfect bits to make an awesome Belle, has anyone done this and with what results? And also, as they are Wyrd minis, they might even be tournament legal and/or recognisible in casual?
  7. This is my second Neverborn project. Zoraida Pandora, Avatar of mind$$$$$$$$ Staden = Danish slang for Christiania Arcane Effigy Mysterious Effigy Terror Tot Coppelius Madness ---------- Post added at 08:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:37 PM ---------- Alp Desp Merc Scrap Counter for my Weaver Widow Eye Counter for Coppelius Scrap Counters Weaver Widow Corpse Counters Wicked Dolls Voodoo Doll Poltergeist Lelu My Teddy What do you think? There is alot of stuff on the way
  8. Hi all, So when I first got into table top gaming, kit conversions and kit bashing were a big part of what drew me to these games. At first, I started with bigger pieces that were easily "magnetizeable", and eventually started taking that with smaller models. My latest kit conversion is with the Coryphee, from the Arcanist Faction. Being that they can be used as single models, or as a duet, I thought I'd take a try at magnetizing the legs to the stands. After about an hour of work with a fresh Exacto blade, and 6 Earthware magnets, I accomplished my conversion (Please see pictures). For those interested in knowing how I accomplished this, here's a brief tutorial. 1. First I built the 2 Coryphee models without their bases. 2. Next, using my Exacto, I carved the slots inside the 40mm bases slightly wider, since the magnets were just a little too big to fit through. I then used a bit of putty, and slid it from under the slot of the base. Next, I fitted two magnets in from the top of the base, molding the putty into a shape that could fit around both magnets. Then using some left over plastic from the molds of the kit, I filled in the rest of the gaps with them, and applied some plastic glue to keep them in. Let sit for about 20 minutes for the putty to solidify some, and for the glue to bond the plastic pieces. 3. Starting with the Coryphee standing on one leg, I applied a small bit of super glue to the top magnet in the base, and then applied her foot to the magnet. Applied a small drop of Zipkicker (Glue bond accelerant), and then pulled the foot and magnet out gently. Next, I applied just a tiny bit of super glue to the magnet inside the base, to reassure that it remained in place. 4. Then replace the magnet that was glued to the first Coryphee with another magnet in the base, and repeat the process with the other Coryphee. On this one, I put the magnet just at the bottom of the hem of her dress, that covers it's left leg. A little unsightly, but when slotted into the base, the magnet is barely even visible. 5. Repeat the process with the other 40mm base, only instead of fitting 2 magnets into the base, attach another magnet to one of the Coryphees, and then insert the base magnet by putting the Coryphee where you would like it to stand on the base. Allow the putty to solidify some, and then carefully pull the Coryphee out. Keep your Exacto blade handy, in case you need to pry the magnet a bit off, since there's no glue holding the bottom magnet in place yet. Once you've taken the Coryphee out of the base, and have ensured that the magnet stays in place, apply some super glue to that magnet as well. 6. Lastly, taking your Exacto blade again, bore 2 small holes into the 50mm base. Usually, there are some molded hole etchings on the bottom of the base that you can use as reference. One of them should do well as a good starting point. After boring 2 holes big enough for 2 magnets to fit, apply some putty from the bottom, and mold the bottom of the holes into a form where it can hold 2 magnets. Allow time for the putty to set, and then carefully pry the Coryphee's foot out of the hole, (hopefully) leaving the bottom magnet behind. Once the putty sets, it shouldn't be hard to take the Coryphee out, but I always recommend applying just a bit of super glue to it, just in case. Repeat this process for the second hole, and viola! You have 2 successfully converted Coryphee models and a Coryphee Duet. The best part about this conversion, IMHO, is that both bases are interchangeable with both models, and both models fit in either of the 2 holes bored in the 50mm base as well. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you enjoyed reading my tutorial!
  9. N1ck

    Making Ulix

    Hello, I've had an idea to make a Ulix model since there is not a model yet for him. I haven't attempted to convert/modify a model so I ask for your thoughts,opinions, and any ideas to add to this. Here is the plan: I have an extra Burt and Gracie. I know Gracie is a fatty so she may need to go to the chop shop to be slimmed down possibly length wise so she could fit better on a 30 mm base which Ulix is. I would also green stuff a lot of her pockets that way she wouldn't look identical to Gracie but a little bit different without her pots and pans armor. As for Burt he will be Ulix, I would take his straight leg and the straight leg from my other Burt and convert to his other leg. (I would have to green stuff his thigh and cut his foot off and reposition it.) This would give me a crouching Burt later on, but I'll deal with that when the time comes. The straight leg Burt will then ride Gracie, so I would have to make a saddle or get a saddle to fit Gracie. (I figure this would be a challenge to do, and ask for thoughts on how to best approach a saddle either obtaining one, or making one.) Lastly, I would give Burt the pitchfork arm from a Hog Whisperer, and angling in a way as if he telling his Gremlin comrades to charge forward. As for the other arm I am not quite sure yet how to approach that... Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas to help this idea out?
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