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  1. Thank you, I was more trying to figure out why so many pictures/attachments in the forums don't work for me. Your link worked but most like this are broken or something: https://content.invisioncic.com/r262965/monthly_2020_06/6628916E-1B04-4EFA-978A-22AD7695B772.jpeg.c885cc83ebf28bb316c5d14e1572a92f.jpeg Hopefully someone can give me a tip so I can see all this. Thanks!
  2. Just getting back in for 3E. If I play a Exporer's Society Master like Basse, can I use Frontier keyword models from any faction at no additional cost?
  3. I haven't been the forums in a long time but can someone tell me how to look at all these pics? Many seem to be broken links. The top post in this thread appears to have two image links but I can't seem to get them or others like them to work. Help!
  4. Keeping fingers crossed I get the email!!
  5. Mason not to continue to push the issue, but do you mean the actual playtest begins or the selection process begins after next week? I am just curious as to when I should start hoping to see something from y'all in my inbox!
  6. I am sure with NDAs no one can confirm this but Wyrd staff, but I was curious if the play test applications have begun to be processed?
  7. Well AoS just released a second edition and from everything I have seen it is a huge success. I haven't seen this much excitement around WH Fantasy (non 40K) in years.
  8. Warhammer Fantasy to Age of Sigmar
  9. Do we have a rough ETA for the release? It seems like there is a lot already done and the game will be demoed at Gencon so is this pretty close release?
  10. It has been a couple years since I played Malifaux more than a game here and there. My youngest (just turned 12 in July) has been wanting to get involved in minis gaming with Dad and I am not sure if Malifaux or WM/Hordes would be better. I am leaning towards Malifaux because we both like the setting and miniatures, plus the smaller model count will make it easier to get going. Any thoughts or suggestions. I am considering picking up the 2 player starter this week because I believe it has a number of intro scenarios that help teach the game.
  11. What what? Ryle is actually dead and Hoffman has subconsciously been puppet machining him? Is this confirmed in the story?
  12. Can we get confirmation if cards in the fate deck are plastic or not? Also maybe a look at the tape measures (wonder if they are the mini tape measures or larger sized).
  13. What is 666? I thought that was a typo on the list. Nathan will the Dark Carnival have artwork & the names of the Dark Carnival models or will it just come with Colette crew cards? If it does have Dark Carnival cards, do they have the Showgirl keywords?
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