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  1. With Malifaux 3rd edition being released on June 28th, come join us on Sunday June 30th from 12-6PM at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell St, Hadley MA 01035) for a kick off event. This will be an opportunity for players to try out the finalized rules, trade stat cards, and even models that you may longer have a need for. There will be raffle prizes awarded for people playing games. The raffle will be held at 6PM so the more time you are participating, the better chance you will have to win. This will not have an organized round/play format, but there will be a number of tables set up for open play.This is also a fantastic chance for anyone who has been curious about Malifaux to get a demo game. Lunch will also be provided free of charge for anyone participating in the event.
  2. We will be holding a farewell to M2E Malifaux tournament at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell st, Hadley MA 01035) on Saturday February, 16th. The tournament will be using the Gaining Grounds 2018 Q1 scenario rotation. The tournament will be 3 rounds each round will be 2 hours including crew selection and set up. Round 1 starts at 11:00 AM and there will be a break between rounds 1 and 2 for lunch Entrance fee is 15.00 in advance, or 17.00 at the door and includes pizza for lunch. Prizes will be awarded in the form of store credit to Off the Wall, as well as any additional Malifaux goodies I can wrangle. The number of prizes will be determined by the number of participants, but the goal is to have at least 1st-3rd place and some sort of painting award. This will be the last event that I run for M2E, so make sure to break out the Ramos and Nico for a final swing, or in my case, 10T Brewmaster for a final swig. Come have fun and reminisce about all the joy of M2E, while anticipating the joy of 3rd edition. Hope to see you there!
  3. Join us for our fall Malifaux tournament at Off the Wall Games (rt9 Hadley MA 01035) on September 22. This event will be using the Gaining Grounds 2018 document with quarter 3 scenarios. Tournament will be three rounds, and round one starts at 11:00AM. Registration is $15.00 and includes pizza for lunch. All participants will receive a guilder for attending and the winner will receive 3 guilders. Additional prizes will be awarded in store credit based on attendance. Of there are 8 or more players a painting prize will be included for the best painted 50SS crew, based on voting. All miniatures must be fully assembled, but do not need to be fully painted to play. You can preregister through PayPal to wallk583@gmail.com Please include your name and faction with payment. Hope to see you there!
  4. If a model has poison 1 and suffers damage at the end of the turn. Does a soulstone need to prevent 1 damage or 3 damage? I know this is similar to Sebastian's induction but the wording in the FAQ and in this thread are not clear. From the wording, it looks like all three would need to be prevented because it says the poison condition does an additional 2 damage, not a model that sufferes damage from poison suffers +2 damage.
  5. This event is this weekend! Remember to preregister so I can get the Malifaux children assembled and ready. See you there!
  6. I will be hosting an Extra-Life tournament on Saturday April 7th 2018 at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell St) in Hadley MA. The event will be using the Gaining Grounds 2018 document with quarter 2 rotation and paired schemes. Entrance fee for the event is $20.00 with all proceeds going to support Extra-Life and the Baystate Children's Hospital in Springfield MA. Registration begins at 10:00AM and Round 1 begins at 11:00AM. There will be a break after round 1 for lunch. If there are more than 12 players the event will be 4 rounds, otherwise it will be 3 rounds. Space is limited to 20 players, so preregistration is reccomended. EVERY player who registers will receive a guilder and a PROMO Dayglow pink Malifaux Child (donated by Wyrd themselves). This model may be included in any crew during the event and does not cost any soulstones, or count against the totem limit. Prizes: Santana NiB 2x $50.00 Gift certificates to Off the Wall Games (donated by The131 gaming club) Promo Barbarus, Miss Fire, Transluscent Bete Noir, Promo Bishop, Guilder reward Malifaux card box First and second place will also receive a Foil stat card. Prizes will be awarded to 1st-4th place based on a prize draft. The remaining 4 prizes will be randomly drafted by players who play in every round of the tournament. To preregister send payment as well as your name and selected faction to wallk583@gmail.com. Preregistered players: Josh G Brandon M Corwin C Chris O There is also a Malifaux tournament being hosted at The Battle Standard in East Windsor CT on Sunday the 8th, and a hotel in the same parking lot as Off the Wall Games for anyone interested in making a full Malifaux weekend. If anyone is interested in donating to Extra-Life, here is a link to my fundraising page. https://www.extra-life.org/participant/Kevin-Wall
  7. I will be running a tournament on Saturday February 17th, 2018 at Off the Wall Games in Hadley (41 Russell St. Rt9. Hadley MA 01035). The tournament will be 3 rounds of 50 soulstones with fixed faction. The tournament will follow the 2018 Gaining Grounds for scoring, deployment and strategies. Schemes other than the paired always scheme will be included on score sheets the day of the event. Round times will be two (2) hours with 15 minutes for crew selection and set up. Crews do not need to be painted but must be fully assembled. Best painted crews will be voted by players and organizer between round 1&2. There will be a separate prize for best painted crew. Crew must be 50SS and be legal to field by their owner during the tournament. Round 1 starts at 11:00. Lunch between round 1 and 2. Preregistration is $10.00. Registration is $12.00 day of the event. Prizes will be awarded in store credit and a 16 player tournament kit for 1st, 2nd, and best painted. If there are more than 10 players, a prize will be added for 3rd place. 2 prizes will be randomly awarded to players who have completed all three rounds. Preregistration can be made through PayPal Wallk583@gmail.com. Please include payment, player name and faction when preregistering. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or through WallK583@gmail.com Preregistered: Corwin Josh Brandon
  8. Grow league is starting up this Wednesday. Make sure to check the 131 board or the events section on the wyrd forum for all the details.
  9. Last call for players. I will be posting up the schedule tomorrow.
  10. I will be running a grow league starting in two weeks. If you have any questions, please make sure to ask. All games must be played at Off the Wall Games in Hadley MA (41 Russell St Hadley MA). Players will set their own schedule for meeting up, but our usual club night is Wednesdays. Registered players: Kevin W (Sonnia Criid) Steve B(Raspy) John B(The Viks) Corwin C (Lady J) Josh G (Hoffman) Brandon M (Titania) Jacob (Von Schill) Natasha (Tara) Keith (Asami) Jason C (Asami) Malifaux Winter 2018 Grow League.pdf
  11. Missed it in my initial post, but the Halloween party is held at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell st, Hadley MA 01035)
  12. Following what others have said, I think upping the min damage to 2 and increasing the charge range on the high river monks would be great. Archers should be 5 ss as it is a cheaper alternative to sniper who is simply better, and would make it an alternative to 10T brothers. Yasonori could benefit from a shorter charge range 8 or 9. I also think nimble on Ototo would be great, even if that meant losing flurry.
  13. I know there has been talk of Malifaux events at CaptainCon this year. The event is running the first weekend in February in Warwick Rhode Island. It does tend to be a pretty fun and good size event. Is anyone currently planning on going? I am still up in the air, and at this point I think it will be dependent on how much Christmas ends up being this year.
  14. Come join us for the annual 131 Halloween party at Off the Wall Games. There will be Malifaux events and open play throughout the day.
  15. Our local gaming group, The131 will be running their annual Halloween party on Saturday October 28th from 11AM-? at Off the Wall Games (41 Russell St. Hadley MA 01035). The event will have a variety of open gaming events, food, raffles and some organized Malifaux events. For the Malifaux event, since the forum was down, I am going to do a couple of different things. Game 1 at 12PM: will be a zombie hunt. Each player gets a single enforcer (9SS or less get one upgrade 10+ get no upgrades). Guilders will be awarded for the player that kills the most zombies, last man standing, and player that kills the carver. Henchman Hardcore tournament from 1:30-3:00 20SS crew led by a henchman who is free. Crew must have 4 models. Close deployment Turf war (scorable on round 1) with neutralize the leader and covert breakthrough. 3 25 minute rounds. Guilders to 1st-3rd place. Then there will be open play Halloween story encounters for anyone who wants to play. These should be eligible for anyone who wants to use them as Homefront games. I will also be available for demos after 3 PM. Hope to see everyone there!
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