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  1. Howdy all, Letting everyone know that I'm running demo's for Malifaux almost any night of the week in Geelong, and occasionally weekends. Just drop me a line to arrange a (hot) date. GUF Geelong is the store of choice. Hope to catch you soon! Mouse.
  2. The next installment of Australia's premier Malifaux event is on its way!Twatifaux 2018 will be held on the weekend of March 10-11 at the southern hemisphere's largest dedicated gaming store: House of War (Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood)PLAYER PACK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GOAkyhGL6LIyhvwhws81Fwgp6SlA6gdIREGISTRATIONS:https://thewargamingateam.wufoo.eu/forms/z18qncgm11bwa5c/
  3. Howdy all, Letting everyone know that I'm running demo's for Malifaux almost any night of the week in Geelong, and occasionally weekends. Just drop me a line to arrange a (hot) date. GUF Geelong is the store of choice. Hope to catch you soon! Mouse.
  4. Hey all! Fellow henchman @Pip and I will be again @ Pax Aus running demo games of Malifaux. Oct 27-29, Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Come along, say hi, flip cards. Cheers, Mouse
  5. General plans go thusly: Void wretches run schemes, or get used for the heal on friendly buried models. Occasionally try and bit buried enemies, otherwise scheme & slow. It's what they do. Bury 2 things. 1 with a death marshall, and then 1 with Tara (or use killjoy) Tara runs forward... unburies her friends who then eat things. From there, it's about re positioning... Tara activates, buries things to keep them safe, then unbury them after everyone else has gone to wreck face in relative safety (knowing you'll probably win initiative). Karina generally goes for focus, summon, rinse repeat if she's around. I don't stress about the card draw abom stuff or the void spam... Cheers, Mouse
  6. 1 day, 3 games of Malifaux, because it's been too long between drinks. July 29 House of war, Ringwood, VIC 50ss fixed master, $20 entry, New players paired with a guaranteed good guy that knows what they're doing. Players pack and other info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uztUHQyoz7dSZQty4RHu501T1pbkBI_cWVbAMtSAvT8/edit?usp=sharing Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1365962506832671 Hope to catch you there! Mouse
  7. I use the emissary sparingly with Yan Lo, rarely with Shenlong, almost never with Mei... Lynch & McCabe are hard to leave him at home with though... Cheers, Mouse
  8. Very much don't believe in "auto includes... but there are some obvious synergies that are hard to go past... My usual process goes something like: Shenlong: Sensei Yu, peasant Asami: Yasunori, Ohaguro, Obsidian Oni... McCabe: Doesn't matter as long as it's a minion... Mei Feng: Emberling, Toshiro, Often an Obsidian Oni Yan Lo, Soul Porter, at least 1 other ancestor... Lynch: Huggy, Graves Misaki, Doesn't REALLY matter... These can change, but it's kinda my default go-to... From there, normally I add in a beater. Yas is really hard to go past... Although Izamu for Yan Lo, if I'm expecting a lot of armour or trying to push activation control I'll save some stones and go the lone swordsman... Obsidian Oni are the gift that keeps on giving IMO. Then something schemey... Ten Thunders Bros / Tengu / wandering river... There's a lot of models I really like, condition removal is super handy, so often a low river monk or Chiaki... Add stuff, mix well and serve. Cheers, Mouse
  9. I don't think it has to be that quickly... Most Viks players will hold soulstones for damage prevention, or whirlwinds... Not being able to soulstone to prevent (yeah, you need a trigger - but it's doable) really helps. Chances are you'll hit (given she won't be in the Df bubble) and 7 wounds isn't that many to go through. Add in the free zero, or hell - terracotta warrior to swap in the required upgrade and it's almost a sure thing. I'd happily bank on Shenlong living - but I would suggest that just pushing him in their face probably isn't going to do that... If you really wanna strike her - I'd look at Yan lo... Still very much think the counter punch option is the way to go. As a Viks player one of the hardest calls I've had to make was which way to sling Pokey when I only had a couple of options... Playing against Lynch - Option 1 was I go for the throat & head into Lynch / Huggy / Graves. Chances are I wouldn't kill everything there & whatever was left would definitely kill me. Option 2 was a second bubble of things that I wasn't guaranteed to murder (in this case 3 illuminated) In the end, I went the illuminated, black joker on the first horror duel and died anyway. But splitting up the crew into groups that aren't guaranteed to die & will most likely remove her on the counter put me as a Vik player in a really difficult position. Cheers, Mouse
  10. Shenlong with high river could definitely drop her - shutting down soulstone use, winning every duel by taking damage... It's definitely not off the cards. Shenlong also has a better than average chance of living compared to a lot of the other thunder masters... Mei would probably be a little harder to do it with, unless you could set her on fire first... but at least you have the option of railwalking away to safety if it goes pear shaped. Mouse
  11. Thing is, it isn't any one of these solutions, but a combination of a couple most likely. Keep us posted with progress! Cheers, Mouse
  12. Player of thunders & Viks here.. so a few things to think about... Throwing out VoB early means she's dead. then it's just a matter of taking more SS with you... Avoiding that is definitely challenging. Spread out is the definite preference. No you can't keep EVERYTHING out necessarily, but the more you can avoid giving multiple valuable targets the better. Stuff with defensive triggers is a winner... misdirection is a staple, also burning Shenlong means that you can up your duel total AFTER you finalise duel totals... couple of sneaky misses is good. Sniping is still handy, even if you don't kill her... My Pokey has been shut down by terror before today... Yin, (as well as the negatives and other things) is handy just for that Sloth. nothing a Pokey Vik hates more than a shut down activation. Yasunori will eat her alive as will asami... tee hee... Ht duels give me the giggles. Shenlong stopping her from using soulstones to prevent can be effective also. Messing with her movement can also be fun... Lust, Yu, Yan Lo lightening dancing her... disguised stuff... all of the things. But all in all, she's activating late, BUT generally you can out activate a Vik crew. so you have some say in what happens. Minimise viable targets, put some damage on her make your opponent sweat, have something to counter attack her... The more cards you force her to flip that don't result in damage to your models (other duels, terror, manipulative, etc) the better. Cheers, Mouse
  13. I thought I recognised them! That weekend wrecked a lot of people, so you were in good company (I'm still recovering, lol). Keep us posted with the new crews and the henchman progress! Cheers, Mouse
  14. Heya!! Think I saw these crews at Cancon recently? The henchman thing isn't super hard, it's more about facilitation games and hobby and events and stuff... it's more about getting enough games in to be able to introduce players, explain rules and mechanics and the like. 2 crews and an application is the easy bit (the ones you've painted so far looks great!) Fortunately you've got a really supportive (wider) Australian community, so there is always plenty of people to bounce ideas off and ask questions and stuff Mouse
  15. Australia's premier Malifaux event! 2 days, 5 games, 50ss, Gaining Grounds Malifaux WHEN: March 11-12 WHERE: House of War, Ringwood TO: Jason Murdoch (WAU / Wyrd-forums: Mouseketeer) COST: 2 days: $50, 1 day: $25 EARLYBIRD: Book before Feb 11 to receive $5.00 off QUESTIONS: thewargamingateam@gmail.com TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=246932 PLAYER PACK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6NPUtRKDP...Xh3QmR0ZE0/view Get excited kids... it's gonna be a big one! Mouse
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