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  2. I’m not quite sure what’s supposed to happen next, here. I think either I or @santaclaws01 are supposed to visit you on the eve of a tournament, dragging chains forged out of 1st and 2nd edition Malifaux cards, and tell you that you will be visited by three ghosts. Are the ghosts of playtesters past, future and present good, because I think the developer ghosts are in camp season? Because attaching an identical upgrade to the one that you just discarded is what that statement is prohibiting, using the obscure meaning of the word “different” meaning “not identical”.
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  4. I really like a Tanuki with Fuhatsu to feed him Focus (I'd drop a Bunraku for this), getting those straight flips on damage is so massive for him. He also doesn't need the Trained ninja upgrade in my experience as he is decently tough between armour, HtW, stones and healing from Juggernaut/Tanuki. You can also walk him into some concealing terrain if needed (it doesn't really affect him that much with built-in +ve and focus and means it doesn't matter if the enemy tries to conceal themselves). I liked the above idea of putting Trained ninja on the Geisha to lure up Fuhatsu and Chiyo (although I prefer to use Chiyo more as disruption than just pass token generator unless I want her up a flank running schemes anyway) first turn. She is then decent on the offence too with an almost auto-hitting Slow attack with good triggers (if you can slow and distract a model, it's almost useless for the turn!).
  5. And it specifies a limit even on the models that can’t do those things because they use the same wording on all of the copies of that trigger.
  6. It's a great independent, general mobility-beater piece that will work in any crew really. Whilst I haven't actually had him in my starting crew, I've often run the Effissary. I deploy the effigy on a flank then turns 1-2, walk and concentrate (and Storm of Shadows if needed), then morph turn 3 and kill whatever scheme runner they have on that flank or move to the centre and chomp someone with 2 focused attacks! After that, scheme or hunt as required. If I were to start with the dragon, I'd probably still have him hunt a flank turns 1-2 as he has the mobility to move back in as needed.
  7. Stone for suit. Ability that adds rams to duels.
  8. Might someone please explain how a model can achieve more than +1 damage to an actions final dual total?
  9. If they want to expend that much Chi acting out a scene from a Kung Fu movie, I guess that has to be okay.
  10. Left field question - has anyone had any experience with Shadow Emissary with Misaki? I've just seen the model for the first time and need it in my life.
  11. While true, monks are probably the easiest crew to avoid a hit when you don't want to relent thanks to chi, so it's definitely not the end of the world. The only real problem is giving out staggered.
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  13. Recruiter, Death Marshal, & some hounds
  14. I have a couple of questions I would like some clarification on. All answers are appreciated. 1. The Steam Trunk’s Armory ability reads: After a friendly Minion or Freikorps model within 3” discards an Equipment upgrade, it may discard a card to Attach a different Equipment upgrade. As written, it appears that different only refers to an Equipment other than the one discarded, meaning a model can use a Rocket Launcher, discard it, and use Armory to attach a second Rocket Launcher so long as the second one is still available. Is this correct? 2. The Rocket Launcher attack action has a Once per Turn clause. What happens if a Rocket Launcher attack action is used, thereby discarding the Equipment, and another Rocket Launcher is attached. Is this new Rocket Launcher attack action still unavailable due to the Once per Turn clause on the previously discarded upgrade or can this Rocket Launcher attack action be used since it is a “newly” acquired attack action?
  15. Had my first game with Shenlong today; Turf War against Ulix. My opponent conceded middle of turn 4 when Shenlong burned through Penelope an Ulix in a single activation using High River Stance. My crew was Shenlong, Sensei Yu, two Students, High River Monk, two Wandering River Monks, a Low River Monk, a Tanuki, and a Samurai. The Samurai did a great job holding up one flank, while Shenlong and Yu kind of held up the middle. The Tanuki mostly sat between the Samurai and Shenlong and Sensei Yu, handing out focus (mostly successfully). It's certainly a big change from 2e. I had a ten model crew, where previously I would rarely have more than six. Wandering River Monks were slippery little eels and got to my opponent's deployment zone easy peasy. The game board had some buildings that worked to the Monks' advantage, allowing them to leap around and drop scheme markers for breakthrough without interruption. The spent all their Chi on defense and making sure Leap succeeded. Only thing either killed was one or two piglets. High River Monk was ... present (?) for the battle. I can definitely maybe say that. I found him a bit sluggish, and the terrain was not favourable to him, so he didn't get to do much. Will have to try him some more. Definite improvement over the OLD High River Monk though. Their damage output is rather flat, with the exception of Shenlong himself. Everyone's 2/3/4 or 1/3/4. They hit very consistently though, thanks to Chi. Hence why I took a Samurai, to add a little oomph. Overall really enjoyed it. 😃
  16. M2e Lucius was a beast. M3e Lucius is the bottom line at least for nvb.
  17. We will be hosting an achievement league just after Gencon. It will be for 8 weeks primarily hosted at Heroes Complex in Wichita KS. https://www.facebook.com/events/2351891934918200/?event_time_id=2351891954918198
  18. TBH he's way better than M2E Lucius power-level wise. I can't say about how interesting he is, because I like simple masters
  19. The disengage seems pretty easy to block, though, since the push is specifically away from Lucius. I don't necessarily think he's bad, I just think I'd be disappointed by him after the 2e version. Really I was hoping they'd go for more of Youko's design for him, and add Red Tape tokens. I did very much enjoy putting Red Tape on Teddy or Nekima. The opponent filtering does seem neat, though, that improves my estimation of him somewhat.
  20. Hello I'm new to Malifux and wand to start with Sandeep. Of cause I already read the Sandeep Tactical Thread for M3E, but fankly I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options. 1. How many Garmins, Golems do you play? 2. What do you do with the ability to sumon... Should I chose one element to fokus on? 3. How do I build a solid Crew that can take on most of the Strategies and Schemes...??? 4. Are there Non-Versatile Models worth thinking about? 5. Is it posible to sumon a Golem of the same kind like a Golem I once have posessed? E.g.: I have an Ice Golem, it dies. Can I fuse 3 Ice Garmin to an Ice Golem? For shure I want to play Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara. Magical Training sounds nice. Than I want 1 Golem and 1 Garmin of the same element. Do I need more of the same garmin? Or better an second Golem and Garmin? And I also want to play an Qxfordian Mage. I've got the following Models at hand: Sandeep Banasuva Kandara Kudra Ice, Fire and Metal Golem 3 Ice Garmin 3 Poison Garmin 1 Metal Garmin 1 Fire Garmin 1 Wind Garmin 2 Oxford Mages 1 The Captain 1 Howard Langston
  21. Youko seems pretty good to me!
  22. You can Issue Command on Agent 46 or a Doppelganger for a 5, disengage them from combat/or remove a condition and get a card. I think that's pretty nice. You also can filter your opponents hand
  23. * Stevie is a NO, I meant Steward......autocorrects 🤪
  24. My Marshals led by LJ played an engagement against Miss Molly & her crew this morning. 50ss match - Marshal Keyword Lady Justice w/ LLC, Judge, Domador, Steward, Scales, 3x Death Marshals verses Molly Squidpiddge, Archie, Forgotten Marshal, Necrotic Machine, Dead Rider, Crooligan, Rogue Necromancy Strat: Turf War Schemes: Harness, & Dig graves were mine....... never did find out what my Ressur Friends were? This will be very abbreviated: first turn involved a lot of movement & posturing second turn was very interesting as the Dead Rider grabbed LJ and dragged her towards the enemy line, but was cut down in response. This however allowed Archie ( beastly thing ) leap into combat against my poor blind Lady. The Guild lost Scales to Forgotten Marshal, who also summoned in a Night Terror, and a DM to Rogue 🤮 puke! I did get a VP for having two strat markers turned to the good guy side 👍🏻. Turns 3 & 4 saw more intense melee action and crucial card play. Archie fell to LJ’s great sword, but it took nearly every card in my hand and soulstones to fell this abomination. Molly dispatched my poor Stevie & nearly blew herself up in the process, heh, heh, heh........ I actually managed to pine box the Necrotic Beast only to see it make its TN vs. WP a bit later & proceed to eat my DM. After four turns Molly was winning 2 - 1 Last turn I managed to turn over enough markers to ensure another VP, Molly had one last chance to ensure victory if her Rogue Necromancy beastie could remove my Judge. The Judge had been holding down the right flank the entire game, he/she whatever...... shot down a Crooligan, & the F. Marshal and was responsible for tying up this match turning over a pivotal strat marker. The beast charged in knocking the Judge down to one wound left! The RN had one last AP and hit the Judge..... but fate is fickle and I flipped a 13 of Tomes as a df! Saving the day & snatching victory away from Molly’s dark grasp! 2 : 2 Draw. Lots of fun, nail biting action for my first official M3e match. I was fortunate to play against a fantastic opponent & experienced Mali Man. Malifaux 3e is a top tier game.....lots of stuff to try to remember but the ebb & flow of the game makes for an enjoyable experience.
  25. Wow, that got a lot more traction than I expected; thanks for the replies. A pity about Lucius, I doubt I'll play him much at this point, might get the same sort of feel from Nellie, at least? I did play him Neverborn in 2e (I'm switching to guild for 3e), but my core crew was essentially a trapper, two autumn knights, and a rougarou when they were released. Seems a bit odd that they toned down Issue Command and then game Zoraida her Ensorcel trigger, but I'm not a game designer, so maybe it makes sense somehow? I'm glad the ¡A por Él! Thing works, that should be fun. I'm not suggesting that Perdita have both Expert Shot and Sharpshooter, rather that she replaces Expert Shot with Sharpshooter, and Niño replaces Sharpshooter with Expert Shot. I've just realised that I've been saying Expert Marksman (the upgrade) when I meant Expert Shot (the ability), apologies. I realize Perdita could take the Expert Marksman upgrade, but then you can't take LLC, which looks like a generally better investment from my limited experience.
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