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  1. Spyder Revenant

    Spellcasting and AP

    On top if those listed Oxford method allows you to spread your ap cost over 2 turns..
  2. Spyder Revenant

    Looking for ideas in The Little Kingdon

    If you have access to it, the Fatemaster's Almanac has some locations as well as Lynch's Honey Pot is located in the Little Kingdom. Ideas for you Mahjong parlor, rare spice shop, tattoo parlor, curio shop, noodle stand, House of Blue Leaves complete with Vickie's fighting against 88 masked Yakuza.
  3. Spyder Revenant

    Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

    Considering making a Palanquin version as well.
  4. Spyder Revenant

    Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

    So for my first construct I will be making what I have dubbed the House Crab. Lafayette has an Artefacting of 5, Engineering of 3 and Construct Specialist of Acrobatics. It is designed to carry a small cottage sized house. Cottage "Crab" Minion, Construct Might 5 Intellect -5 Grace 0 Charm -5 Speed 5 Cunning -5 Resilience 5 Tenacity -5 Defense 7 Walk 7 Armor +2 Charge 9 Willpower 5 Initiative 5 Wounds 10 Height 4 Skills: Acrobatics 3, Athletics 3, Centering 3, Pneumatics 3, Stealth 2 Attacks: (1) Trample AV: 8(13) Rng: 4 DMG: 3/5/6 Build Cost: 152 (does not include house)
  5. Spyder Revenant

    Time Immuto

    Personally, I feel what you are wanting for this is more of a Magia that is adjust by the duration immuto.
  6. Has anyone worked up a price list for the constructs in the bestiary such as the Hunter? Also any interesting player made designs?
  7. Spyder Revenant

    Gambling Suggestions?

    For small games, our table usually does a standard duel flip for low stakes. For high stakes game, our FM uses and ongoing duel with rules to reflect the stakes of the game. If you are looking to throw a slight curve ball at the group look up some Asian games like Heaven and Earth.
  8. Spyder Revenant

    What is Magic Damage Flip Modifier based on?

    This is correct. The casting tn is a second requirement for success. Other than that it works just like a normal attack duel.
  9. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    Can an Invested character build themselves a new body and is there a way to improve already existing constructs?
  10. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    I think what is being asked is if you have Fistload and Brutal on the same weapon which would apply first? In one instance, you get a neutral and the other a positive twist.
  11. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    As the Augmented does not lose their bonuses from their Pneumatic limbs when they gain Construct, what about Invested who still retain Living? Is their only means of upgrading the Invested general talents?
  12. Malifaux Demos at Tuscon Comic Con sponsored by Amazing Discoveries When: Saturday, Nov 4 & Sunday Nov 5, 1pm-5pm is the official times, however, if you find me, aka ask someone to point me out, ad I am not busy, I will be happy to give an impromptu demo or at least answer questions. Where: Tucson Convention Center, Gaming Room (Turquoise/Crystal rooms) What: I will be running 20-point demos for Malifaux, Ortegas and Freikorps. Why: Why not? No, seriously, Amazing Discoveries requested that I introduce people to this wonderful game. How: Come find me during those times and say, "Yo, I hear you are running demos." Don't have time for a demo drop by and chat. I am always happy to talk to people about this awesome game.
  13. Winter Solstice Tournament December 20th at Amazing Discoveries Tucson AZ 30ss Tournament with 1 hour rounds will be starting at 6pm. Encounters and Schemes will be Gaining Ground. Schemes will be determined on the day. Entry Fee: $3.00 Round 1 - Collect The Bounty, Standard Deployment Round 2 - Interference, Flank Deployment Round 3 - Stake A Claim, Corner Deployment Special terrain for winter theme of tournament is variation of Bog, The Blizzard At the start of each Turn, First player flips a card which may not be cheated. On a 1 or 2 apply the following effect until the end of the Turn: “Snow Flurry: All Ca and Sh Actions receive [-].” On a 12 or 13 apply the following effect until the end of the Turn: “Slick Ice: Models may not charge.” There will be placing prizes as well as a few side prizes including Painting Bounties Highest non-placing points. And some random give-aways.
  14. Dance of the Dead Achievement League Tucson AZ It is time once again in the town of Perdition for the various factions to make their play, this month we kick off the Dance of the Dead Achievement league. It will run from today, Nov. 1st, through the last Tuesday, Nov. 29th. You will notice some new entries on the list as well as some old favorites. Sneaky Mansion has returned this league as it seems to be somewhat popular. Both types are still applicable. This year will bring bounties, which will be posted from time to time on the Sonoran Badlands Facebook group. If you think of a good bounty feel free to post it, however, you cannot score your own bounty. Also introducing the "Dream Team" game. These games are 50 points and have no hiring restrictions. Nov 29th will see the return of the Spyder's Sundown Shindig. A special scenario I usually create days days before running it. For this league, you will choose a faction anything game related can be scored while playing your chosen faction. There are still plenty of entry for those times when you need a break from your faction. Prizes will be awarded on the 29th after the Shindig. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. Dance of the Dead AL.pdf
  15. Spyder Revenant

    Malifaux Demos - Tucson AZ - Amazing Discoveries

    Even though we have a campaign going on this month, I will always be available on these nights for a Demo of the game.