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    Gambling Suggestions?

    Thanks again everyone. Very helpful stuff!
  2. Faux_St_Hooligan

    Gambling Suggestions?

    Thank you for the input. Looking forward to the next time my guys take to the tables.
  3. Faux_St_Hooligan

    Gambling Suggestions?

    Using simplified card games is a viable option. Though how would you see Gambling Skill playing into the action? Somehow I'd like to see a Skill Duel play into the action so the players have a reason to work on the skill.
  4. Faux_St_Hooligan

    Gambling Suggestions?

    Greetings, I am new to TtB rpg and somewhat new to the world of Malifaux. Just recently started running TtB (loving it) with a great group that I've been gaming with for most of my life. In our last session we dipped into an aspect of gaming I should have anticipated and prepped from the start...Gambling. My guys can't resist starting a game at the nearest backroom, tavern, or gambling hall that the story passes through. They love to throw their cash on the table in hopes of supplementing their income, or winning a nice big jackpot. One has even started the Wastrel Pursuit so I know I need to up my ante so to speak. I was hoping for a bit more in the rules other than a basic description of what "Gambling" skill is, but rather how it works in terms of game mechanics. I did eventually find a couple examples "Into the Bayou" (Gambling with Zoraida & Bullet) and they do help. But as I'm still new to the game I haven't got a feel for the real value of a Scrip yet, where to set the limit so it doesn't get out of hand or abused? Also would like to avoid getting sucked into anything too Meta or complicated that eats up too much of the actual session time. I was curious if anyone had suggestions/experience on how they like to handle this colorful aspect in TtB? I thank you for your time and any help you might offer.