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  1. multieyedmyr

    Time Immuto

    I have a player that would like to play a clairvoyant. I need ideas for a time manipulation immuto primarily for use with divination spell. Has anyone put any thought into something like this? Time is difficult to see through +1tn/hour to divine. To time is easy to see through +1for hour, +3 for day, +5 for week, +7 for month ext... or very easy +1 per year for deep or ancient clairvoyance looking. Thinking im going to have to wing it on a spell by spell basis.
  2. multieyedmyr


    p113 about the av, "This is the most common Aspect associated with the skill... The Fatemaster may alter this for a challange, and is encouraged to do so..." So like i said there is no reason to alter martial arts to might if the fatemaster and pcs can come to terms with that.
  3. multieyedmyr


    It does say, however, the attribute listed is just a suggestion. There is no reason someone could create a martial art style that uses might. Krav Maga perhapse?
  4. multieyedmyr


    I believe Martial Arts is Speed not Might. Am i missing something?
  5. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Thanks. Its about 3 years work so quality varies greatly between models.
  6. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Thanks. i have like 100 more to photo and upload lol. Eventually im going to make a variant play mat for the hardcore format. itll be 2' round with maby 4-6 deployment areas (not sure yet). Decreased the area to score in the center because with such small crews it seems more appropriate. I think i have 14 possible crews ready to play in the hardcore format... now i just need someone to play with lol.
  7. multieyedmyr

    Student of Conflict _ What do you think?

    Isn't the student a sister?
  8. multieyedmyr

    dgraz's new painting thread

    Awww crap now i have to repaint my Silurids... lol these are GREAT!! i almost bought poison dart frogs!
  9. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Some badly sculpted bases i did for my gobs Chibi Cthulhu will eat your soul!
  10. multieyedmyr

    Hardcore Tourney list suggestions

    what does "No SS purchasing leftover points" mean? u only start with the extra ss your henchman adds? or you have no ss for the game? Edit: Think i found the answer in another topic. No SS at all.
  11. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Lilith crew 90% finished. lilith herself needs alittle more work. Cherub closeup.
  12. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Not entirely happy with this. came out too dark. Will try and touch it up eventually i just have like 100 more on my table. Freikorpse theme. One of my first crews baught. Since then i have stopped priming in black. nazi theme not digging the highlights to the coat. Still have 5 or so more in this crew to paint.
  13. multieyedmyr

    MultiEyedMyr's mini's and sculptures. [image heavy]

    Joker Tannen, Mr Graves, Harley Beckoner. 90% complete.
  14. Some of these were painted along time ago and touched up a little. some just have new bases. Varying quality. The Hanged and Jack Daw Witchling Stalkers. Sword idea from this forum. (honestly most of these schemes come from here)