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Found 1 result

  1. After being inspired by the general lacking of a Pursuit dedicated to archers, I made the following pursuit basing it off of the Thunders' Archer from the Core Book. This Pursuit is untested, so feedback would be nice. Archer In the modern age, most people see the archery as an outdated practice, which is a valid opinion is a world filled with firearms. However, those that follow the old traditions of archery find themselves with a deadly weapon with which ammunition can retrieved. Not every archer is the same however, some take up the practice of mounted archery while others take quiet shots from the underbrush to bring down prey. Many of these archers find themselves among the ranks of the Ten Thunders because of how few members are allowed to wield firearms. But other factions do find uses for archers. The Neverborn use bows far more frequently than firearms and an entire Gremlin family uses bows almost exclusively. Starting An Archer begins the game with an Archery Weapon and Arrows with a combined cost no higher than 20§. On the Pursuit: Aim, Nock, Loose When this character fails a Ranged Combat Duel during dramatic time, she may draw a card. During the epilogue, this character may advance in any Ranged Combat skill in addition to the options presented by the Fatemaster. Advancement 0 Arcing Arrows 1 Moving Target 2 General Talent 3 Rapid Fire or Reading the Wind 4 General Talent 5 Strangling Strings or Improved Fletching 6 General Talent 7 Poisoned Arrows or Explosive Tip 8 General Talent 9 Twin Bolt or Leap Aside 10 Spirit Arrow Arcing Arrows One of the qualities that arrows have that bullets don’t is that even when shot into the air, they’ll be dangerous even as they land. This character has learned how to have relative accuracy even after an enemy has concealed themselves. This character’s Archery Attacks that use the Indirect special rule can still be cheated while doing so. Called Shot After learning the basic principle of hitting your target, you move on to learning how to pick your target, putting your arrows exactly where you want them to go. After generating a Critical Effect with an Archery attack, this character may discard a card to change the affected limb to match the suit of the discarded card. Rapid Fire This character has learned how to draw, nock, and loose an arrow in a single motion. With an understanding of this motion, this character has vastly improved her efficiency when it comes to letting arrows fly. This character gains the following Tactical Action. (2) Rapid Fire: This character may discard a Twist Card to three 1 AP attack actions with a Ranged Weapon against a single target. Reading the Wind This character has learned how to concentrate quickly, almost slowing time around her to line up the perfect shot. The first time this character takes a Focus action during it’s turn, it gains and additional Focused+1. Strangling Strings Bows aren’t just useful for throwing arrows at enemies. In a pinch, this character could use their bow strings to strangle someone if they run out of arrows. When using an Archery weapon with the Bow special rule, they may use it as a Garotte (Core Rules Pg: 226, Into the Steam Pg: 170) with the Shoddy special rule. Improved Fletching An arrow’s fletching is the thing that can make, or break the shot. Arrows with better fletching are going to fly farther and straighter than others, provided that the arrow is facing the right way. This character increases the range of his Archery attacks by 3 Yards. Poisoned Arrows No weapon cannot be improved with the application of poison. This a true statement that no one (especially in the Ten Thunders) is going to argue with. This character’s Archery attacks gain the following Trigger: : Infect: After damaging, the Target gains the Poison Condition a number of times equal to the number of in the final duel total. Explosive Tip In the same vein as poisoned arrows, explosive arrows are favorites of those who don’t care for subtlety. Whether its simply attaching a stick of dynamite to the end of the stick or enchanting the arrow with explosive properties, the outcome is just the same. This character’s Archery attacks gain the following Trigger: : BOMB ARROWS???: When damaging, this attack gains + to the Moderate and Severe damage. Twin Bolt Those who claim to be experts of Archery have learned how to use loose multiple arrows at once, dramatically increasing the lethality of their every shot (or at least doubling it). When this character makes an Archery attack with the Bow special rule, this character may use a second arrow to increase damage dealt by +2. This character must declare that he is doing this before flipping any cards. Leap Aside Archers are most effective when in the back row of any conflict, picking off enemies at a distance one by one. When their aggressors get close however, this character has learned how to quickly get out the fray. This character gains the following Defensive Trigger: Df: : Leap Aside: After an attack fails against this character, this character may push up to 5 yards in any direction. Spirit Arrow: This character is now able to harness their own soul into their shots, turning a normal arrow in one infused with the archer’s own spirit. This character may discard a Twist Card before making an Archery attack to make the arrow a spirit arrow. Spirit arrows ignore Hard to Wound, Incorporeal, and reduce the Target’s Armor by -2 for the duration of the attack.
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