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  1. I'm not going to make it this year (due to a clash with a trip home to NZ), but Bonescon was great last year and I hope everyone enjoys it this year!
  2. In some cases this isn't true. I had bent (twisted would be more correct) weapons due to the miniatures arms being stuck on at incorrect angles. They couldn't be straightened without removing and re-gluing the arms.
  3. I've had similar issues with models that have arms glued in incorrect positions, resulting in guns being twisted and not being able to correct the twist without disassembling and reassembling (which I refuse to do for preassembled minis, so will be raising a support ticket). Also a few parts fell off in shipping (while disappointing this isn't unreasonable and I'm happy to fix these myself), and some parts are missing (one of my skulkers is entirely missing his arms). This has me worried and I have to find time to go back through everything and double check before I raise my support ticket.
  4. Ah... apparently I'm a week ahead of myself. Still, the point stands - unless/until you get an explicit yes from Wyrd, you should assume no (and obviously an explicit yes from Wyrd would have more weight than my "assume no"). Wyrd have chosen a specific date for the Open Beta to start, and for others to be able to start playing. I understand the enthusiasm to start sooner, but if they really wanted people to start playing sooner, they would have released the files themselves.
  5. I would assume not, unless Wyrd explicitly say otherwise. Typically playtesting materials remain property of Wyrd (and subject to standard copyright provisions, meaning you're not able to distribute them without the rights holder's permission). Lifting the NDA just means you can talk about it, not that you can distribute playtest material. Weds is only 36 hours away... there will be all new Beta files available then. Note: this would also cover copying/pasting from the materials.
  6. While I can't say I'm thrilled about the scale issues in general (Lord of Steel is also apparently a midget, and several of the minis just don't look right next to each other), I think "tiny, overpriced and ridiculous" is going a bit far. Either way, I wouldn't expect Wyrd to do anything about it. At this stage, with it in retail, they'd need to do a mass recall, re-print and replacement... which is probably beyond them for what is not really that big a deal (pun intended).
  7. We'll miss you Mason, but all the best for whatever the future holds!
  8. Not that extreme, but a couple of my models were missing parts. Not like they fell off, but just completely missing. I have to find time to go through everything with a fine toothed comb to verify what's missing, and send a replacement parts request.
  9. If we purchased the bundle the first time it was on BoH, do we go in the raffle too? 🤞
  10. Nope, that was just the rules and stat cards, which are now available free to everyone. I'm referring specifically to the full CRB, which contains all the lore/background/fiction too. It's for sale on DTRPG for $35 - would be nice of Wyrd to throw us long suffering backers a bone.
  11. What'd be a really nice gesture on Wyrds part would be giving backers a free copy of the rulebook PDF (currently selling for a ridiculous $35 on DTRPG)... it'd go some way towards the MSRP bait & switch and the continued shipping delays and issues. Of course, I don't expect it to actually happen (based on track record with this KS so far), but it would be nice of them.
  12. Backers who, at least in several parts of the world, still don't have anything to demo or review, and who are getting increasingly annoyed with Wyrd and TOS... seems like a winning strategy... 🤔
  13. I would assume faster from the UK to Germany, but it's also possible that Wayland are shipping them in some sort of apparently random order. I know of at least one other backer in Prague who hasn't yet received his order.
  14. I don't disagree with the sentiment. However from a purely practical perspective, it's now coming directly from Wayland to you. So you're likely going to get a better result bugging Wayland rather than bugging Wyrd to bug Wayland on your behalf (particularly given how little impact bugging Wyrd has seemed to have so far).
  15. I received my dual commander shipment in Prague on Friday. So the packages are coming to Europe, albeit slowly. Looks out for a big box from Wayland Games in the UK - I didn't receive any shipping notification or tracking number - the box just turned up out of the blue.
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