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  1. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I think Wyrd said approx 3 weeks to arrive at the hub, then I expect it'll probably be a week of unpacking/repacking/sending, then probably another week in transit. Given it's already been a couple of weeks since it shipped, I expect it around mid/late November.
  2. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    AFAIK, these were all Backerkit notifications from Wyrd closing out the orders there - not actual shipping notifications unfortunately. Mine certainly went to a broken link when I clicked on "track shipment". I don't think the shipment has even arrived in the UK (EU distribution) hub yet, let alone shipped out from there to backers.
  3. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    That has not been my experience - and I'm a superbacker with over 250 projects under my belt. Sure a minority of projects do also suffer from this (maybe 10%), and they similarly earn my ire. But I don't expect communication unless there is something to say - I just expect there to be something to say when a project is late on delivering it's goals (i.e. regular updates on why and what they are doing about it).
  4. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    9 months - long enough to have a baby, but not long enough to have ToS. Sorry, couldn't resist. 😁 (Plus I'm in Europe, so I expect it'll be at least 11 months by the time mine arrives).
  5. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I'm a huge Wyrd fan, but even I have had issues with this KS: 1) The long delays, though that is somewhat par for the course for KS projects, so I'm willing to forgive it. 2) The abominable communication however, especially in conjunction with the above delays, is much less excusable. 3) The whole "get it on KS for less than the MSRP" debacle. I understand things change - especially with a project that has been delayed as much as this - but I think we at least deserve a bit of an acknowledgement, if not explanation (see point 2). 4) And now... the quality I'm seeing on the Alpha Crawler is not filling me with confidence... especially given the reason most often stated for the delays (when anything was given), was issues with quality, and the titans are the flagship products so should be better than most. I'm 100% on the "happy to wait if it means a better product" bandwagon, but if the AC is indicative of the final quality... I won't be too impressed. That being said, I'll reserve judgement on this one until I have the actual models in hand. Overall, I loved this game when announced (like most things Wyrd), but even my enthusiasm for the game has waned with a combination of the points above. I've gone from "this game can't come fast enough - I want to play now!" to "when it arrives it arrives - maybe I'll get it on the table eventually". Which is a real shame. Hopefully having the actual products in hand (finally) will re-ignite my enthusiasm...
  6. gribble

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    That's not what the last update said at all: Depending on Wyrd's definition of "early" next week, I'd expect at least *some* domestic backers to have received shipping notifications, if not *most* to *all* of them. Unless there has been another delay...
  7. I think the biggest issue I have found with the system is with construct or undead opponents of enforcer+ station (which are not exactly uncommon in Malifaux). They are both immune to unconsciousness challenges from hitting 0 wounds (due to enforcer+ station), and immune to bleeding out from being non-living. In addition to often giving opponents on damage flips and/or having armour. They're also (narratively) the opponents least likely to flee or surrender. All this can add up to a bit of an annoying grind as the PCs need very hit severe criticals to take them out of the fight... I've learned to narrate the end of the combat once they're reduced to being ineffective from critical effects (which is usually long before they are actually taken out of the fight). Also, another thing to bear in mind is that with negative aspects and a randomisation range of 0-14, the range of even starting PC capability can be much greater than you're used to with other RPGs. I.e. things that challenge a party member with a +3/4 aspect and a couple of ranks of skill, will be all but impossible for a PC with a -2/3 aspect and no skill ranks. And vice versa - anything that the weaker PC can comfortably achieve, the stronger PC will likely be achieving with margins of success. Other than that I've found it to be a pretty good and well balanced system. Among my favourites, and something I bring out when we're in the mood for something different from the standard dice-based games.
  8. gribble


    It's a shame it is just the rules. Would be great to start digging into the story/background too. Still, better than a kick in the teeth I suppose.
  9. gribble

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Hmmm... somehow missed the announcements this year, and didn't realise it had started already! Good luck to all the participants!
  10. gribble

    Price Check on 3E Marcus models

    It's almost impossible to tell. I'd with an old fashioned auction with a reserve you'd be comfortable letting them go for. It's pretty much designed for this scenario (where you aren't sure of the actual value of something).
  11. gribble

    Leveticus competitive in GG2018

    I've had good luck with the Horsemen list, post errata. I've been playing: Levi, 2x Waifs, Emissary, 3x 10ss Horsemen, Midnight Stalker.
  12. gribble


    Oh well, I gave it my best shot. I guess I'll have to settle for a bronze medal.🥉
  13. gribble


    BTW, we're both screwed if any of the thousands of kiwis living in London happens to play Malifaux: Hmmm... pictures not working anymore, must have hit some sort of limit, but the distance is: 18,324 km 😭
  14. gribble


    Yep... that makes a difference. It's always difficult to judge distance accurately on a flat projection of a globe.
  15. gribble


    It is very close, and depends on where *exactly* in Sweden and NZ, but I think I'm slightly ahead: