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  1. DarkSpade

    Mike Asks Questions

    Above the Law says that the Guild just couldn't get a good foot hold in Mexico because of how unstable it was at the time. Instead they just helped Santa Anna who in turn sold them Santa Fe. The book also mentions the guild bought all the land from Texas to the California boarder for no reason other than they were amazed at how cheap Santa Anna was willing to sell it for.
  2. DarkSpade

    The Undying

    Planning on running this one in the near future with the exception of the middle part with the Victoria sisters. Going to alter that part a bit to fit it in with an ongoing campaign. Party is a Gunslinger and a Bully, both built well for combat and have a couple sessions under their belts. Should they be able to handle the fights? First one shouldn't be too bad since it'll be 2 on 1 and I plan to have Manos drop soon as he hits 0, but I'm worried the last fight in the graveyard may be a bit much to throw at them all at once.
  3. DarkSpade

    Ticket to Ride

    Thought I read somewhere that your average mercenary made at most 2 script a day. So if they're taking weekends off, 30 script is 3 weeks worth of pay. That sounds pretty pricey to me. And like Mason said, your trip isn't over once you make it back to earth. Still, it's reachable goal if you set your mind to it, so if you need financial reasons for a player or NPC to be stuck in Malifaux, I'd just give them some kind of large debt on top of that. Something that they have to pay back before they can leave. Like maybe someone funded their incoming trip so they technically have to pay that still. With interest!
  4. DarkSpade

    Free RPG day? The Show Must Go On?

    My local store got two boxes of free RPG stuff. Only had 6 copies of the adventure that were all long gone before I could get there. 😥
  5. DarkSpade

    Looking for ideas in The Little Kingdon

    I'm thinking I need to find some way to get her to unknowningly sample some kind of drug. Could make any further encounters extra interesting.
  6. For the next stage in my campaign I need a player to get noticed by the Ten Thunders. I've decided to do this by having the players responsible for escorting a young woman on a shopping trip through the Little Kingdom during some kind of festival. I'm picturing something like one of the larger streets and some of it's side streets crowded with people selling, shopping, performing, etc. Even a parade or two. I've got the lead in down, and I've got a plan for the night's boss battle(they'll be jumped in an ally by a familiar face), but I need some things for the middle. I figure I'll have them take somewhat frequent notice checks, that when failed, result in them having to figure out where the young woman wondered off too. I just need some ideas of what kind of trouble she could get into or even ideas for trouble the fated could deal with. Bonus points if it involves the fate, "She is unknown to your divine." I think I've got something that will work for it, but it's a bit of a stretch.
  7. DarkSpade

    TtB on a Grid, People's Experiences using minis

    I've used a square grind map. Having a map makes it easier to know where everyone is supposed to be. Avoids situations like, "but I thought you were over by the bar!?" I don't follow the grid as strictly as D&D or pathfinder. It's just there for rough estimates of distance.
  8. DarkSpade

    Suggest next buy of the TTB line

    I'd get them in order of release because the bestiary of each book is a continuing story. 😁 (steam, quarantine, bayou) But for usefulness alone, get Into the Steam first. It's not as focused on a specific theme as the other books.
  9. DarkSpade

    Introductions to Malifaux

    There's this one too. https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-history
  10. DarkSpade

    Reading the Bestiary

    So it's basically, if you're using this DF and this is in the final duel total(), you get to do this: After succeeding against an enemy character,..... ? Thank you, that makes sense now. It's as easy as I figured it had to be. The rules for this game are so simple, but for whatever reason when I see all those abbreviations and parentheses in the bestiary it all just turns into Latin for me.
  11. DarkSpade

    Reading the Bestiary

    My group's games are just far enough apart for me to forget different rules and mechanics between games. On thing that gets me every time is how to read the bestiary. So far it hasn't been too much of an issue as my players have primarily fought NPCs of my own creation. Tonight(if the stars align) they'll be fighting against some staples of malifaux and I'll need to know exactly what all this stuff means. First off, I'm assuming that whenever I see "AV: X (Y)" that X is the appropriate combination of skill plus aspect and Y is that combo plus the NPC's rank. So an Enforcer with might 2 and pugilism 3 would show his attacks as "AV: 5 (13). That right? Then there's some of these abilities. I'll use the Witchling Handler(page 333) for example. "DF() On My Orders: After succeeding against an enemy character,....." After succeeding what against an enemy? A defensive flip? Is the () there to remind me the handler gets the ram on defense, or is it a requirement to use the ability(which she'll have anyway)? "Df/Wp () Reflect Magic: After this character succeeds against a spell or manifested power,..." This is pretty much the same as above, only against magic so I'm guessing it's defense or willpower flip, but again, what does the and for? Can't be a reminder that she gets them on the flip because I don't see anything giving her the .
  12. DarkSpade

    New Player's Quick Guide

    Don't forget, the crossroads tarot also gives the most free to spend points at the end. If I understood it correctly, Into the Bayou's tarot does allow for human characters. Just with a bit more backwoods flavor than other tarots.
  13. DarkSpade

    Monday Preview - Bayou Smuggler

    Not really what I mean. Not sure how to phrase it, but in the end if I could build the mini based on that image without the gator, I'd buy it, but if I can't, I won't be. In the end it won't really affect Wyrd's bottom line since I'd probably just spent that money on a different mini(s) from them. I really should try playing malifuax at some point.
  14. DarkSpade

    Monday Preview - Bayou Smuggler

    I really like it, but I hope the gator on the back is an optional bit. It's a little much.
  15. DarkSpade

    Imput on the Fighting Claws

    I have a player who wanted fighting claws for the aesthetics, but the damage being lower than her base martial arts damage was a turn off. I told her to go ahead and take the knuckles and we'll just say they're fighting claws.