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  1. Spyder Revenant

    Ticket to Ride

    So looting the dead especially in the quarantine zone is a great way to catch a disease like tuberculosis.
  2. Spyder Revenant

    Raise Undead and subordinate character independence

    They are effectively fate master characters that the fated barrow.
  3. Spyder Revenant

    Spellcasting and AP

    I think you see the most use of these immutos is in the creation of spell manifested powers. On my current character for one of his Mage manifested powers, I used reduce AP cost to make it a (0) action with a final TN equal to my casting stat, so it goes off even with a Black Joker. The magia is Telekinetic Move. Pretty much it is used to allow me to use my Intellect for combat, but requires that action to activate.
  4. Spyder Revenant

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    I would suggest for Twin Bolt using the effect for the Paired Weapons talent as bows are two handed and thus will never be used as paired weapons.
  5. Spyder Revenant

    Spellcasting and AP

    On top if those listed Oxford method allows you to spread your ap cost over 2 turns..
  6. Spyder Revenant

    Looking for ideas in The Little Kingdon

    If you have access to it, the Fatemaster's Almanac has some locations as well as Lynch's Honey Pot is located in the Little Kingdom. Ideas for you Mahjong parlor, rare spice shop, tattoo parlor, curio shop, noodle stand, House of Blue Leaves complete with Vickie's fighting against 88 masked Yakuza.
  7. Spyder Revenant

    Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

    Considering making a Palanquin version as well.
  8. Spyder Revenant

    Script cost for pre-made constructs and new designs

    So for my first construct I will be making what I have dubbed the House Crab. Lafayette has an Artefacting of 5, Engineering of 3 and Construct Specialist of Acrobatics. It is designed to carry a small cottage sized house. Cottage "Crab" Minion, Construct Might 5 Intellect -5 Grace 0 Charm -5 Speed 5 Cunning -5 Resilience 5 Tenacity -5 Defense 7 Walk 7 Armor +2 Charge 9 Willpower 5 Initiative 5 Wounds 10 Height 4 Skills: Acrobatics 3, Athletics 3, Centering 3, Pneumatics 3, Stealth 2 Attacks: (1) Trample AV: 8(13) Rng: 4 DMG: 3/5/6 Build Cost: 152 (does not include house)
  9. Spyder Revenant

    Time Immuto

    Personally, I feel what you are wanting for this is more of a Magia that is adjust by the duration immuto.
  10. Has anyone worked up a price list for the constructs in the bestiary such as the Hunter? Also any interesting player made designs?
  11. Spyder Revenant

    Gambling Suggestions?

    For small games, our table usually does a standard duel flip for low stakes. For high stakes game, our FM uses and ongoing duel with rules to reflect the stakes of the game. If you are looking to throw a slight curve ball at the group look up some Asian games like Heaven and Earth.
  12. Spyder Revenant

    What is Magic Damage Flip Modifier based on?

    This is correct. The casting tn is a second requirement for success. Other than that it works just like a normal attack duel.
  13. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    Can an Invested character build themselves a new body and is there a way to improve already existing constructs?
  14. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    I think what is being asked is if you have Fistload and Brutal on the same weapon which would apply first? In one instance, you get a neutral and the other a positive twist.
  15. Spyder Revenant

    Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    As the Augmented does not lose their bonuses from their Pneumatic limbs when they gain Construct, what about Invested who still retain Living? Is their only means of upgrading the Invested general talents?