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  1. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    EEEEk the end of the month is drawing near and I completely forgot! (have been submerged in Necromunda this month) Bashed out this chap last night and this morning.... It's another Executioner for 9ss...
  2. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    Actually managed to get some painting time in and finished off this chap for 9ss My 14-year-old self popped out and insisted I threw blood over him, so that's what I did
  3. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    I am not sure what I will end up painting, but it will definitely include this executioner I didn't get around to finishing last month:
  4. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Trixibelle (8ss - 13ss so far) ... quick basic job for completion's sake, and because I don't really like this model so didn't try very hard
  5. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I am not, in fact, dead or permanently asleep! I am back to finishing off models that have been lying around for the sake of completion! So here is a Bayou Bushwhacker (5ss) What else will I paint? Literally no idea. Whatever I pick up from the mountain of black and white minis that is my paintstation (and is Malifaux - I'm also painting Burrows and Badgers and Necromunda atm) And I have a question for you all - what colour should I basecoat my Fire Golem? (the choices are black or white because that's what I have) I nearly always go from black, but... flames. White might be better? What do you all (or possibly 'y'all') think?
  6. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    @Burnin' Coal That Shikome is simply fantastic! Probably my favourite model in the Challenge so far!
  7. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    ARGH!!!! ****** !!! I haven't had a chance since coming back from GenCon/holidays! August Mulligan Sorry ! But I'll definitely do my last 3 months....
  8. wobbly_goggy

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    I really like that he's a mixed bag...leap is always incredible, scheme markers as everyone's mentioned, pounce, menacing croak. . He's a cool toolkit. Goes down under a couple decent attacks but I rate him really highly.
  9. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    God, I should go to bed ready for another day of GenCon but I've really got to say... (having missed the last 7 pages of thread)... Everything I've heard (and I spend about 20 minutes firing questions at one of the guys at the Wyrd stand) about M3E has been fantastic. If you aren't excited yet, you should be!!! And more than anything, if you have any concerns or are worried or want to make sure the next edition is great and the transition to it is smooth... SIGN UP TO THE BETA TESTING! !!! (If you don't help make it better, you can't moan after)
  10. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    God, I sincerely hope that 'Severe Underbrush' gets a name change 😢
  11. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Part (number) - the last two Iron Skeeters.. still not up to standard they'd be if I haven't rushed, but I had to get as much done as possible before GenCon splurging.... and I'm now on 80% complete, hurrah! 23 + Iron Skeeter (6) + Iron Skeeter (6) = 35 for the month Definitely finished for now, as I need to get ready to head to Canada tomorrow then GENCON roadtrip next week! I cannot explain how excited I am!!! (All three are in the photo as they insisted on a group pic)
  12. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Isn't this what people said about M1 -> M2E though? And now we have the best game ever, so... let's wait and see and be sickeningly positive and optimistic
  13. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Maybe mercenary keyword....and limited numbers/not all crews can hire them
  14. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Are we here to discuss your personal life or an awesome new version of the game? I somehow doubt that top of any business' list of concerns when writing a new edition of a game is 'looking out for super niche cases of mini collecting totally out of line with what most people do'. They haven't said Collodi is invalidated. Are you planning on going to many 'Wyrd official' events? As I've previously stated, most Henchman (ie those who run events) will certainly allow these masters at their events
  15. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Exactly.... but it's been like... one day. Let's not overreact until we know the facts