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  1. Straight in with a quick job Wrassler for this month for 5SS He could have been better, but he was a spur of the moment 'grab what's in front of me and finish him in a couple of sittings' Next up? Whatever I come across and fancy painting, or a Bayou Smuggler
  2. Just time to sneak in old Pere Ravage (7ss - love this model) which gives me a total of 11ss please @Caedrus!
  3. Hi all! I am now back in Spain and am thus able to paint again! So here is a quickly done Pistolero for 4ss. As usual... camera problems. But summer and lots of daylight as helped a bit, though he's actually a little lighter than he looks here. I thought these guys were really underrated in M2E, and having just looked at their card for new cost, I am pretty impressed for how useful I can envisage them being for 4ss! (In play testing I concentrated on Bayou, my main faction, and didn't test any of my other factions/masters)
  4. Hi @Caedrus sorry I've been visiting the UK (ie away from my paints and toys) since the end of june and won't be back with them for another 2 weeks
  5. Still struggling with lighting/my camera, but I have finished the Backdraft box AT LAST! On to finishing everything else! It's Cooper Jones for 8ss (I think) I have my final metal pistolero staring at me begging to be painted, so hopefully he'll be appearing within the week too!
  6. @Caedrus it's 0 for me I'm afraid.. Don't get back from a work trip to Finland until tomorrow (in the unlikely event I get to finish something tomorrow I'll let you know), and life's been getting in the way Also... I will be doing June but will be back in the UK all of July so unable to paint.. Which will mean me dropping out then as I was late and thus missed January already (I thought there was an amnesty the first week and submitted in that time but in down as a mulligan on the chart so obvs misunderstood!) 😭😭😭😭
  7. Aren't they all going to be free to download?
  8. I have to say I agree with you. This is clearly an unpopular forum opinion, but this deck is just not for me. Do I think it's 'offensive'? Do I have a 'cliche opinion'? Am I a 'snowflake'? Maybe to all those questions. For me it just has no place in Malifaux and doesn't fit in with the aesthetics I have loved since 1st edition. Seamus - his whole shtick is pretty sick (and I mean that in a traditional sense, not a modern sense) but I can dig that - it's dark, disturbing, edgy. I can apply the same thinking to any baddies in any games, and especially here. What I *have* seen in Malifaux is strong female lead characters who don't rely on taking their clothes off to get what they want. I have seen the M2E rulebook refer to a player as 'she' throughout. What does this suggest to me? That Wyrd is interested in equality, inclusivity, call it what you will. For me the soft-porn deck doesn't fit into this. It doesn't even fit into the theme. If it were a deck from a Saloon in Malifaux, a named saloon, if it had generic 'floozies', prostitutes, even Colette's crew, I would get it. This, I don't get. These characters have been turned into semi naked ladies just waiting to fulfil your every desire! Why? because boobs! And, apparently, boobs are 'a marketable commodity that women reap the benefits from as much as men.' Which women are benefitting here? Some may not 'think the artists or Wyrds intent is to "objectify women" ' OK, fine... What exactly IS the point in this deck? That's what I am dying to know, if it's not for cheap thrills (and, frankly, I pity anyone who needs this for that). Furthermore, there are no men in the deck.... What could a male deck say... ? Joss - 'Climb on my totem pole!' Nino Ortega - 'I'll shoot inside you!' Dreamer - 'Teach me what to do!' This is the level of 'humour' on tha cards. Crass and not funny. You can have those ones when you make the male deck by the way. I am also not really a fan of the incest-implying Red Joker (I'm pretty sure the Viks are sisters, right?), or the Mah Tucket Black Joker which screams of 'LOL SHE'S FAT AND OLD AND FAT AND/OR OLD PEOPLE ARE HIDEOUS LOL!' Let me address some possible replies I may get: 'They may do a men one as well!' - True. but they haven't yet. And it isn't a mixed sex deck. 'Mah Tucket is BJ because she's a gremlin, doofus!' - OK, so why wasn't Trixibelle used for that? She's not a human, but is a 'seductress' so this would actually fit rules and fluff-wise. Instead it seems to be saying 'larger = the worst!'. 'If you don't like it, don't buy it!' - Don't worry - I won't. But I'd counter this by saying 'If it's not in-fitting with the game or fluff and doesn't fit in with the way the company has portrayed itself - don't make it!' 'Wyrd has always been edgy, dark, and reserved for a crowd that appreciates a bit of realism' - I don't see this as dark, edgy, or realistic. Or fitting in with ... anything. Unless decks of cards of scantily clad female world leaders/role models are a thing which I wasn't aware of? In summary - a big thumbs down from me. I just don't see the point, or how it fits. (The Pixel deck - drawing in a different artistic style - that's cool!)
  9. @Athiko Absolutely love those minis! Love how the orange 'POPS'!
  10. Merris (6ss) painted! Not very well, but I really dislike the model. Not shown: shouting and swearing at it trying to take a decent picture (used white background, it was super washed out). ARGH! Shown: failing to take a decent picture, BUT She's DONE
  11. It's Popcorn Turner for 8ss! I have a new phone, which has a fairly decent camera... but as you can see I haven't figured out how to use it well yet. Which is OK because he isn't amazingly painted, just gaming standard. I like the idea, the model, just painting him was.. uninspiring. But he's done. Hopefully less potato-like photos from now onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. Haha πŸ˜‚ you're right!! but... I'm fleeting my paint station bit by bit!!
  13. WOOF WOOF! (translation: Luna done for 4ss, total 21ss this month)
  14. @Viruk your Cojo and Jackalope are gorgeous!
  15. Please excuse poor photo quality. I couldn't borrow my girlfriend's superior phone as she was out, and I can never get lighting done well, plus I don't have much space to take photos ANYWAY I am fairly pleased, he looks a bit better IRL, and def less blurry. The metal brazier type bits were unbelievably tedious and precise to paint. BUT... that's 9SS extra and 17 for the month, hurrah!
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