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  1. Haha 😂 you're right!! but... I'm fleeting my paint station bit by bit!!
  2. WOOF WOOF! (translation: Luna done for 4ss, total 21ss this month)
  3. @Viruk your Cojo and Jackalope are gorgeous!
  4. Please excuse poor photo quality. I couldn't borrow my girlfriend's superior phone as she was out, and I can never get lighting done well, plus I don't have much space to take photos ANYWAY I am fairly pleased, he looks a bit better IRL, and def less blurry. The metal brazier type bits were unbelievably tedious and precise to paint. BUT... that's 9SS extra and 17 for the month, hurrah!
  5. A quick job for these boys, 2 Whisky Gamin (8 SS) so far. With a sneak peek of a hot dude I hope to get finished this month (if you're thinking 'you lazy bugger, all your paint jobs are rush jobs - you're right! But I still have about 20% of my Mali models to paint, Goliath, Escher, Delaque and Cultist gangs to paint and a bunch of Burrows and Badgers minis to get through too. And those are my excuses!)
  6. This month I will be doing some part of these guys...
  7. Hey @Caedrus it looks like I got a mulligan for January and this chap didnt make it in with the amnesty...could he be added to Jan ot Feb please? I will probably hesd back to the UK/away from my paints over the summer so want to save my nulligans mulligans for then if possible! !
  8. You win a point! With hindsight, 'careful now!' may have been easier to paint.... Who could have that? Or maybe I could make a scheme marker for them that says that? Also - love how much encouragement you're giving to everyone. It helps and is definitely appreciated!
  9. Another very quick job (and horrid washed out photo) for this month (so far), it's Fitzsimmons for 8ss (I think) Bonus point if you get the placard reference...
  10. Thank you so much for the extra time @Caedrus, as you said, January is tough! Here is a Wrastler (5ss) for January. Bit of a rush job, but, done...
  11. I want to get Fitzsimmons (and anything that takes my fancy) done this month
  12. Last year was great motivation to clear through my Malifaux collection... Sign me up for Minion please! (at least that way if I struggle I just have to quickly do one mini but hopefully will do more!)
  13. ARGH! Just in time! (it's 9.20pm in Spain) Just managed to get it in and not mess up a decent effort this year! @Franchute Here are my 2 hastily painted Saboteurs for 8ss this month.... not much but at least I haven't dropped out. well done fellow painters 2018 it's been awesome, thanks for the encouragement and inspiration! You all rock!
  14. EEEEk the end of the month is drawing near and I completely forgot! (have been submerged in Necromunda this month) Bashed out this chap last night and this morning.... It's another Executioner for 9ss...
  15. Actually managed to get some painting time in and finished off this chap for 9ss My 14-year-old self popped out and insisted I threw blood over him, so that's what I did
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