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  1. I think Grootslang and rougarou are fairly decent with the rest being very situational Grootslangs 2" engagement range might be helpful, also abiltiy to create terrain marker could help research mission Adze is pretty fast (but not as fast as rougarou when deadly pursuit is include), plus flips versus something if you have it burning on could be handy! Bandersnatch might also be good if you have Serena still to go, and wanted to horrific realty tendrils where myranda happens to be, or if you had widow weaver and can grab some stuffing from something near myranda. I'd never consid
  2. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I was mainly talking about Archie in forgotten/Molly. With Molly, she's can choose a mixture of card draw or end of turn activation advanatge by either removing markers for cards, or re-activating minions and using them twice before Archie. If Archie is there to kill things - Versus Pandora (maybe dreamer) I would expect him to have have killer instinct for ruthless to bypass terrifying and manipulative, otherwise probably whisperer to make leap easier (or maybe the regen one if he wants to hold a position somethign like claim jump) @Mycellanious When y
  3. Historically I have mainly suffered versus Archie with Marcus. But I would be more interested in hearing suggestions for Pandora! Who I guess may have some more options if I can use mood swings to control when archie activates to some extent. (Obviously the main woe features are not going work on archie, but I'm trying to learn that keyword anyway)
  4. Against ressers I find it's hard work even killing a scheme runner whilst at the same time Archie will be leaping round removing a peice a turn. Obviously you don't need to kill anything to win, but it's generally a lot harder with no models left 😭
  5. If you think the cost of the model transfers during replace as an ongoing game effect does that mean you think if the abomination healed normally and was then killed later you would get 3 bounty tokens?
  6. I think it depends what stops the healing effect. If it's a model's ability then I think that model would be attributed with the kill and the points. Unless it's a friendly effect in which case the opponent would get the points.
  7. The paragraph does say "That new model is always considered a legal target for those effects.", some one could interpret that as including 2 steps before 🤷‍♂️
  8. Isn't Mark of vengeance a lasting game effect? and therefore applied to the new models?
  9. Ok, so in Malifaux everything has it's nose at the end of it's weapon. Case closed!
  10. I think Penetrating stench contains a mistake, I think it should be based on the models engagement range and not on the opponents. As that just seems weird! Oh got a 0" engagement range, oh sure you can stand 1 mm away and not smell me, got a 2" engagement , oh buddy you gonna get a really good smell of me Althought TBH I think this should really be a fixed sized aura!
  11. Actually if antipathy from a single aversion triggers mutliple times, wouldn't it trigger infinitly if the model is blocked from leaving the 4" aura? As 0" push is still a move!
  12. If it can trigger multiple time: if an enemy model ends a move between an adze and an aversion, and in pandora's missery range Shimmering lights (gives distracted 1) >> antipathy PUSH (ending against adze) >> shimmering lights (distracted 2) >> (pandora) misery PUSH(towards aversion or adze either counts as a move) >> shimmering lights (distracted 3) >> antipathy PUSH (ending against adze) >> shimmering lights (distracted 4) Seems unintended?
  13. The potential for enemies to use them as a speed boost is annoying and like it probably should have been a May abilitiy, and the model does seem overpriced. Antipathy raises a few questions for me though. I don't think it can double trigger, because it only does the movement after a action (not after other abilities)???? It hadn't occurred to me that scatter could trigger antipathy giving upto 6" push though, that's pretty cool
  14. I think with Mood swings being a master only power that requires a fair element of setup (aura plus los to somethign you would rather force to activate) that it's probably the intent to interupt any model activating in that aura. It's not like it's stopping the oponent getting an extra activation. I also doubt anyone thought "oh pandora is too good we need to add some models with chain activation powers to hard counter this" EDIT: I think its important for your oponent to know about it though. It's possible for them to influence who pandora can see, and to choose to use chain activati
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