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  1. Some pursuits get pretty powerful at rank 10 though (Anyone for erudition), so it may depend how long you want to run the game and how powerful you want your characters to be. I've only played one campaign (as a player) and I really enjoyed getting new pursuit every week though. Powerful characters are fun, but hard to provide a challenge for.
  2. "This character may add her Intellect Aspect to the final duel total of every non-Magical Skill that is associated with a Mental Aspect." AV is the skill plus attribute - as is calculated in step 2. [AV = long arms + int] Final dual total is calculate in step 5 or 6 after any cheating (Not that a character with Erudition will ever need to cheat with long arms ) [AV + flipped/cheated card + int] This is a very powerful/broken combo
  3. <------(x)---------------------<<< Patent pending
  4. If you refine a spent/empty soulstone do you still get active dust? Re: Arrows, the stone wouldn't neccisarily have to be the tip (just attached in someway that doesn't mess up aero dynamics too much), and it doesn't need to be the killing shot as long as it's still stuck/close in when they die. Soul stone shuriken would be pretty cool (or batarangs!)
  5. How do you use engineering (make an engineering flip) on a friendly construct in a fight to use this trigger?
  6. I don't think starting characters are likely to be required to match mutliple suits on a flip. They might have triggers which make it beneficial if they can though. Expecially if magic is involved. Eg they need to match a suit to cast the spell, but they might choose a trigger for that magic skill that has a different suit (Although this is a fairly bad idea for a starting character - unless they are trying to min max later character options or at least to plan for a more specific character later on) npc's often have mixed suit requirement - but in those cases they often also have an automatic suit which gets added to every flip
  7. No but you can use destiny steps to increase attributes - which if for example you boast speed/str/grace to 4 or 5 and primarily use those attributes in combat makes you pretty powerful. Especially Speed for defense, charge and Martial arts combo!
  8. I think maxing out combat stats and abilities makes combat not much fun (If your base is 11 you rarely miss). Invisibility & Teleport can be OP. Solkan's point about immuto's vs high tn targets is very true. I love the system though. It's possibly best to just embrace characters can be super human
  9. I'd always thought the whisperer ability was pretty weak, but for mainfest powers it might be worth the Crazy cost! I guess a very physical character with lots of necromancy manifest powers could be pretty powerful though.
  10. If you care about realism* it really depends on the disease. *not that realism is neccisarily the most fun option in an RPG.
  11. Even more freebies They should have hacked the spiders to carry all their loots!
  12. I know you weren't exactly asking but if I was writing (house) rules for those weapons:- The tranq gun I would look at things which force an unconsiousness challenge (sleep spell, some triggers etc) and try to figure out a reasonable balance to stop it being too powerful? maybe it would have lesser effects depending on the serverity for the damage flip (weak - dazed, moderate - slowed, strong - unconsious challenge) to try to reflect if the needle struck somewhere good. Taking into account it would likely only work on living targets - or at least requiring a specific reloading with poison/chemical specific per category of target. The Net gun seems like it should restrict most actions other than trying to get out of the net. I can't think of a similar mechanic really. I don't think paralysis is a good mechanic for it though. It wouldn't stop you talking or doing limited movement things (maybe you can cast spells etc depending on how you think spells work) but it should stop you fighting well and running around, and probably have a high chance of knocking you prone to begin with. A simple reasonable approximation for it could be slow (reduced actions) + dazed (+2 difficulty doing things) (with a ongoing chance to fall prone) until you pass some test to escape the net (or get assistance to remove the net).
  13. Not really related but I really wanted to play a crazy life sucking summoner with exploding lightning gaiman. Using subsume corpse with construct genus Immuto to explode my construct gamin whilst healing myself! (and with life immuto to attack other folk!)
  14. There are a few pursuits or a combo of crafting and bargaining that would make it trivial though.
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