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  1. diki

    Ticket to Ride

    Even more freebies They should have hacked the spiders to carry all their loots!
  2. diki

    Weapon Rules Questions

    I know you weren't exactly asking but if I was writing (house) rules for those weapons:- The tranq gun I would look at things which force an unconsiousness challenge (sleep spell, some triggers etc) and try to figure out a reasonable balance to stop it being too powerful? maybe it would have lesser effects depending on the serverity for the damage flip (weak - dazed, moderate - slowed, strong - unconsious challenge) to try to reflect if the needle struck somewhere good. Taking into account it would likely only work on living targets - or at least requiring a specific reloading with poison/chemical specific per category of target. The Net gun seems like it should restrict most actions other than trying to get out of the net. I can't think of a similar mechanic really. I don't think paralysis is a good mechanic for it though. It wouldn't stop you talking or doing limited movement things (maybe you can cast spells etc depending on how you think spells work) but it should stop you fighting well and running around, and probably have a high chance of knocking you prone to begin with. A simple reasonable approximation for it could be slow (reduced actions) + dazed (+2 difficulty doing things) (with a ongoing chance to fall prone) until you pass some test to escape the net (or get assistance to remove the net).
  3. diki

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    I think so. Yes
  4. diki

    Characteristics - What is the purpose?

    Not really related but I really wanted to play a crazy life sucking summoner with exploding lightning gaiman. Using subsume corpse with construct genus Immuto to explode my construct gamin whilst healing myself! (and with life immuto to attack other folk!)
  5. diki

    Ticket to Ride

    There are a few pursuits or a combo of crafting and bargaining that would make it trivial though.
  6. diki

    Characteristics - What is the purpose?

    I appreciate why it would be nice to have a general set of rules for characteristics but new rule books introduce new rules and spell immuto's especially allow for a lot of combinations so it would never be definitive.
  7. diki

    Ticket to Ride

    30 seem's very cheap. Although I guess a lot of people in Malifaux would have plot reasons for avoiding the journey back as well.
  8. diki

    Engineer's Mobile Toolkit

    <I havent read the books in a while!> I think Constructs can also be animated with souls stones or soul dust. I would hand wave in the direction of having been animated with soul dust
  9. diki

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    Having thought about it more I dislike my previous answer! Someone who wants to roleplay a character who isn't tough would probably accept they are going to pass out a lot! A different problem I have with the not allowing cheating for untrained though. With attribute + skill based systems - characters can be moderatly good at something by either having a natural affinity/aptitude (through stats) or through training/experience (skills). Say two characters have rating 3 (one with att == 3 and one with skill == 3) I think it would be weird that the naturally more talented character couldn't cheat but someone with training could. (that's before even thinking about characters with NEGATIVE attributes!) [edit added below] Cheating doesnt change your possible maximum, just how easily you can reach it. Someone with high att + high skill will still beat someone with low att + no skill. SO blocking cheating doesnt seem that useful. Also another significant reason for cheating is to activate triggers - which you (mostly/ignoring pursuits) won't have for untrained skills.
  10. diki

    Spellcasting and AP

    The thing I love about TTB is the way you can combine immuto. I think using reduce AP with tradition magic is about the only time this combo would make any sense - otherwise you would just be raising the TN for no bonus. I don't think there is anything in the rules suggesting you can't use this combo though. It's a powerful combo for spells that don't need many alteration Immuto's, but very expensive otherwise. I think most offensive spells are generally best with lots of alteration - increase range/damage etc. Which I think balances the combo a bit. Sorry for slow response.
  11. diki

    TN: Hidden or Public Knowledge

    I think it should depend on the kind of game you want to play. If you players want it to be more difficult hide TN's If you want your player to be heros who can more easily or strategically overcome things then tell them everything and see what they come up with. A more realistic but more diffcult to use system might be to allow skilled players to know their TN's. EG if you have skill 3 in Martial Arts, the character is more likley to be able to just how good their opponent is than someone with skill 1 or 0. Skill 5 would be very profficient character and would certainly know how difficult a given situation is. Personally I would probably go with 2. It's not really letting players 'cheat' unless they succeed
  12. diki

    Couple Noob FM Questions

    I think not cheating unskilled skills was a rule in 1st edition. (That they presumably got rid of for some reason) It might be harsh for some skills like toughness/Unconsciousness. Which could cause a metagame of everyone favoring skills that are important to the game mechanics but not to their character concept (but that will be group dependant).
  13. diki

    Spellcasting and AP

    Another reason for adding increase AP more than once is if your character takes the tradition (Is it even called the traditional magic theory) that gives you an automatic Immuto and you choose reduce AP as that always on Immuto. Combining that with increase AP, means you can cast 1x 0 AP spell plus either - a 2 AP spell (with minus 4 TN) or - 2x 1AP (at -2TN each) spells. I found this combo with utility spells (invisibility & teleport) to be pretty powerful! You can also get an addition AP for spells with rank 10 dabbler I think.
  14. diki

    Effect Timing

    1. I think its up to fatemaster, but you should prob discuss with the player. I think there is a case for either, but rooted is intended to leave the character rooted after the damaging effect so I would probably rule push then root. 2. I think its reasonable to allow the player to do this. I think the weakness they have chosen is not being able to maintain an exisiting delayed spell whilst casting a new one. I don't think there is any reason to stop them casting immediate spells. 3. I don't think delayed conditions should be specified in terms of game mechanics. No character actually say's I'm "declaring an attack" before punching someone, so pedantically I don't think that is a valid condition. Maybe "when that character moves", or "when that character is within 1 meter of me" would allow them to cast before being attacked. But if I was fate master I allow someone who moved and still has unspent movement after being pushed back to use the rest of their unspent movement. I quite like the concept of using push as a defense tbh, but there are ways around it that will cause the caster to waste their spells sometimes so I don't think it's unbalanced. Unless enemies are stupid they would adapt after having seen the tactic a few times. They can only delay one spell, so its not good against 4 enemies, so in a group fight if you realise there is an annoying mage pushing people back everyone either charges them or leaves them for last.
  15. diki

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    Do you think the mage should still end up with an extra card if they fail a second time? 1) Flip to cast spell 2) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul ) 3) Spend the card to reflip (know-it-all) 4) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul )