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  1. What would allow an action generated from an effect to not be considered an extension of that effect?
  2. 3 models each with missery and a total of 6 models (activations) on the table, theoretically would mean you could apply it 18 times, but that would require the oponent to be aplying the correct conditions to themselves on their turn! This is more vaguely viable with Pandora(any codition), Carver(focus) and Candy(fast) - due to them applying to positive conditions but it's highly unlikley unless your oponent has some crazy reason with something to gain from helping you. I think Pandora, Candy, Carver, and Iggy can theoretically cause 3 or more miserys on their own activation.
  3. It does stop you burning all 15 fate tokens turn 5 to create a nearly 30" chain across the table turn five. Which is a bit of a tragedy thinking about 😄
  4. It doesn't say ignoring the normal rules or anything to suggest you can ignore them.
  5. @Kimberly I'm confused why you quoted @Raines228 and then didn't address their request in anyway?
  6. Unless you also have something like " Aura of Deception " - Until the End Phase, friendly models within range may Cheat Fate with the card face down. The card is revealed before declaring Triggers but after the opposing player has Cheated Fate (or chosen not to do so).
  7. The ability text states so it is already killed before you are placing the marker.
  8. It's a bit sad if you've got the suit for a trigger with multiple effects that you can't use the effects that would still be valid. @solkan Do you know if the text for shove aside changed after this rule was changed? Im currious if "Then," is always intended to only happen if the precdeding text happened.
  9. I don’t have a rule to quote but Colette starts with all of her doves (totems) on the board but also has a ability which summons them so I’m fairly sure the intention is you can summon models that have died during the game. Hamelin would very quickly be useless if rats couldn’t be resummoned as well.
  10. I haven't read the rules in a while but I think it doesn't stack so you would only apply the longest duration of either the targets current condition or the new casting one. Light isn't going to blind you that much if you are already blinded? (I think it's a game balance thing to encourage you to stack multiple instances)
  11. For claim jump you could potentially have multipe models in position to score the point. If you have actually scored the point (One of the multiple model was your chosen model) do you have to reveal which model scored?
  12. For twist Decks you could let them change after first game - if they have spells or triggers that need a suit prioritise that for first game? I think you could play a first game without talents and let them choose once they understand the basics of the game? Alternatively choose some 10-15 talents you think are powerful or fun, and maybe think of 1-2 you would take for melee,range,magic,social focus character
  13. Can't you just have a few pregen tarrot outputs and know the allocatable points for aspects etc, then quickly allocate the points for them based on character descrition they give you taking into account your knowledge of the rules (giving rough guidance on surviving [toughness/evade/speed etc], asking what there chacters do in combat and socialising?). Then maybe let them tweak values a bit after they understand the rules. For grimoires, give them something basic or fitting their desires and just let it magically re-config (or find there perfect replacement) once they understand the rules.
  14. I always find 50mm base + 5" (even with 6" from wings) really doesn't get you very far if you want to trample past other models. Also I really wish you could accomplice INTO Marcus. I find that the other way round is rarely what I need. Marcus accomplice into Cojo usually just involves Cojo dying somewhere sad and alone 😪 IR:blade rush on large models is also awkward to get much value (Although butterfly jump is generally amazing)
  15. There seems to be a typo on Kamaitachi. Or it has very very poorly defined Push behaviour! Presumably the and is a mistake
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