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  1. Shoulder Rush If this model or the Pushed Ice Pillar Marker comes into base contact with one or more other models, those models must each pass a TN X Mv duel, where X is equal to this Action's final duel total, or suffer 2 damage. Into - implies it wasn't in base contact to start with. I don't have strong feelings about this 🤷‍♂️ but I could easily see people feeling this criteria isn't met when the ice pillar is making a 0" push Also its a bit like the Geryon is have a little nap against the pillar rather than Rushing it 😂
  2. Mech also adds a bit of range, scheming or feeding cojo* focus. With Soulstone Cache and good/lucky cards you can be double activating late game as well * Although I find cojo VERY squishy - it's hard to know if the main value is scaring your opponent into wasting Ap killing it
  3. Bullet Proof +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model from Actions by +1. The attack is still an action - I think you are still defending against bullets! (Smashing someone with the handle of a gun is not going to be as effective as bullets!) Combat Finesse: When this model is targeted with a Action, the Attacking model's duel cannot be Cheated. This is horribly unclear, but the person who targetted you was treating their action as a melee attack when targtting so perhaps this should apply aswell. Every model has an engagement range based on the range of its longest Action. Gun fighters can treat their as so i think they can still engage people. Does it say anywhere in the rules that an action cant be considered both simultaneously?
  4. GunFighter lets Perdita shoot someone in melee range without the normal restictions of using a attack. It's still shooting bullets though.
  5. "PG26 - While not common some models are able to take Actions while engaged. If a model does so it is not considered engaging or engaged by the target for the purposes of Friendly Fire." Does anyone know an example of this other than gunfighter? Or does this rule exist purely for gun fighter? "Gunfighter This model may treat any of its Actions as having a range of 1"." I don't think this stops the attack being a Action. This doesnt say it changes the type of the action, just that the model can TREAT the range differently. That doesnt say other models have to treat it the same way.
  6. You seem to be suggesting a model can have only a single means of unburying at any time. I don't think the rules specify that anywhere though. You've said yourself that the ability has a 'bury effect' and we are talking about a game, so presumably this means it's a game effect. Which is a part of the demise ability which you could categorise as a larger game effect. You could keep going and saying the demise was part of the game effect of being killed, which was part of the game effect of losing health .... so if bury fails the whole effect of the action could be cancelled??? <insert recursive troll dance> I think the rules vaguely define Bury as a game effect, and as such ignoring just that effect seems the most obvious until there is a FAQ? We are talking about a grave golem, that likes to be buried - it's seems weird that the intended way to kill it, is to kill it whilst it's in it's beloved Immortal Soil
  7. Hang on a minute. I never saw this in the rulebook! what page is it on?
  8. Attacks often state "Target suffers X damage" - that damage is reducible, and the overall action would still have succeed even if the damage gets reduce to 0. The Old Ways doesn't specify its irreducible damage or specify that the subject must have suffered damage from the ability. (Having suffered damage is a clearly defined requirement for some actions/triggers etc but not in this case). I think burning a point of shielding satisfies the criteria. An important note about Frozen Vigor however is that it gives shielded at the end of its activation, so it can only burn that point of shield in defensive duels until the end of the turn.
  9. Choosing something isn't ignoring it. Also you could score both points of Vendetta with a field reporter (but lets save that for different thread)
  10. When choosing schemes the app allows me to choose an insignifcant model for claim jump. (Specifically Jackalope) Which I assume is against the rules as it shoudl be ignored for strategies and schemes!
  11. I'd love a Crew with lots of big tanky spikey constructs/vehicles with Twitchy! (and probably Laugh Off, Armour) Models would probably have very low MV stat or not be allowed conventional walk/charge actions to balance twitchy. Bulldozers/steam rollers - Maybe some models would have an ability to do a little bit of damage and push when they collide with things. Maybe Mad Max themed. They'd get to really explore the board
  12. Actually I think this is a question on control. As Cojo's player would be controlling the movement, they could choose what part of the movement incorporeal applies to, and could therefore force the incorporeal model to not ignore a model and therefore interupt its movement.
  13. Cojo can Toss to push a model upto 10". If the push is interupted there is a duel for damage, and there is also a when resolving damage trigger. 1) If you Toss somethign incorporeal can you force it to interupt in anyway? 2) For example specifying a push distance that overlaps another model or peice or terrain Obviously this is a bit cheesy, but the trigger damage would still apply anyway so it's not entirely matching logic anyway!!!
  14. Sorry, I'm cuffused what point you are making though. Totem rules only talk about hiring or summoning - not replacing "During gameplay, a Totem can only be Summoned if the linked Master is still in play and in the Crew."
  15. Why if Marcus has been killed?
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