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  1. @ebb So would you not use a flip for it? Minions only get 1 fate point though right, so if they burn that to be able to try to hit you with 1 attack, every other attack in that combat is going to fail and if they are within 3 they are going to be healing you everytime they fail.
  2. I haven't got access to my books right now but I think it's in the grimoires or magic section of the core book, in a callout box thing!
  3. I don't think the rules really cover it in anyway. I think it would probably turn to grapple rules maybe? Assuming you've managed to get a lasso around someone they can still resist and if they are stronger than you or a fire gamin etc the situation is unlikley to go how you want it to. If you lasso a minion or enforcer I think if you got them to negative wounds it's nice and flavourful to say you've tied them up. Getting a lasso around someone isnt neccisarily going to stop them shooting you with a gun in their hand, also you need to hold the lasso to stop them going anywhere so theirs lots of things to consider. I think you need to find rules that enables the playstyle they want without being to powerful (to start with at least ) - They might want to take an elemental weapon style manifest power for lasso (with ice/paralyse) or a destiny step ability that helps.
  4. I've played in a game that had a house rule that outside of dramatic time casting the same spell with same target etc accumulated a penalty. If you don;t want a rule like that, then flipping for spells outside of combat is basically pointless and you may as well just say it succeeds. Using Lasso to capture things seems logical, assuming you can keep them tied up, they don;t have some power to free themselves and their friends don't help them etc. I havent looked at the rule book though, is there a specific characteristic of lasso that makes them game breaking?
  5. 1) A character can choose to allow an effect to succeed with flipping defense/WP 2) I think it applies to both 3) Number of wounds below zero are added to crit flips, so -13 or so and even minor crits should always rollover to take them out of the game. I think it's generally down to the fatemaster to roleplay out the situation though - once you have some one on heavy negative wounds it's kinda time for the bad guy to accept defeat or start confessing their evil plan or whatever
  6. The action says to "drop the marker completely within range". If range always required LOS, then wouldn't dropping the marker completely within range require you to be able to draw los to all of the marker thus negating any possibility of there being a model in the area between for the rest of the action to have any effect at all. There are a few triggers which specify "within range and los" - if range always includes los the inclusion of "and los" wouldn't be required.
  7. <I think thIs is far flufflier explanation but> Turf War states you "flip a marker when a Friendly model kills an enemy model" - so you have to be interepretting this from a players perspective, if you perspective is the summoning players, then you have to ignore this model, and therefore kills it makes won't help with this requirement. Your enemy interpretting this text does not think your model is friendly.
  8. The intention with regards to schemes is very clear, summoned models don't help you, but can help your opponent. Based on that I read the intention for strats as "You can't use this model to help you with strategies this turn, your enemy can use this summoned model to score or interfere with your strategies though (EG neutralizing a turf marker)" I'm fairly sure the point of the changes was to nerf summons - allowing you to make models that your oponent has to ignore for strats but not schemes seems unlikely.
  9. If you want them to be even just let them take pursuits for sessions they miss. The more difficult bit then is covering destiny steps, which I don't think you should skip or hand out to players who missed a session.
  10. With corner symbols where would you place your symbols? Do the schemes affect your choice?
  11. I think it would be interesting and useful to colour code models within the boxes. If people really care about budget understanding that you are buying a box because 1 model is critical but the other X are worthless is probably useful information for selecting boxes. For example with cadmus, (from battle reports as @NoisyAssassin says) the effigy would be black, but the emmisary is currently at least yellow. Also from reports the Archivist seems to be generally considered OP, so is probably yellow in most crews at the moment?
  12. Slightly boring mathematical observation: in strictly measuring distance between two points* on two models bases - the climbing part of the movement would actually be increasing the distance from the point on the model on the opposite side of a wall! I think it's sad that the rules don't allow a model to lure a model to climb over a wall to come and play though - it's horrifically counter intuitive! *hmmm, is it model or base??? Could you choose a point on the models head! and can you rotate models bases whilst moving them to hack the distance requirements a bit
  13. I wish there was a sad but I agree response!
  14. Ultimately it's supposed to be a fun game for everyone playing - if new rules every week make it to complicated or stop it being fun, you should choose what suits (I missed my own pun 😂) your group
  15. I know I didn't buy it because I had finally managed to get Puppet show and I'll probably never play dead mans hand in UK
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