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  1. I always find 50mm base + 5" (even with 6" from wings) really doesn't get you very far if you want to trample past other models. Also I really wish you could accomplice INTO Marcus. I find that the other way round is rarely what I need. Marcus accomplice into Cojo usually just involves Cojo dying somewhere sad and alone 😪 IR:blade rush on large models is also awkward to get much value (Although butterfly jump is generally amazing)
  2. There seems to be a typo on Kamaitachi. Or it has very very poorly defined Push behaviour! Presumably the and is a mistake
  3. I think if Toss was a melee action and therefore useable with cojo's frenzied charge and Marcus Call of the Wild he would be vastly more useful (and closer to 10ss cost).
  4. Yes, Or take an interact action while engaged, Or go really wild and disengage when you aren't engaged by anyone 😂
  5. Von has Disarming () - Df/Wp When resolving, if the Attacking model did not declare a Trigger, reduce the damage this model suffers by 2. So if attacker can declare invalid triggers it would bypass his main defense
  6. With take the hit you get to move into base contact with current target, so you could potentially chain hop your way away from a model. If the original model can do this, you can potentially get multiple models out of engagement to avoid future attacks or get somewhere you want to be. Very expensive with cards - but I guess if you had very low or other wise useless cards or very situational need 🤷‍♂️
  7. I reported this before, but their was no useful responce!
  8. I think using Abuela to bypass a por el's low cost member restriction seems pretty useful or passing it to a non family member (albeit needing high mask card)
  9. So you can charge off a cliff! I hope explorers have some Lemmings
  10. Presumably in any way in which friendly/enemy are significant to the controlled action (interact). So in this case I think if you suddenly think you are on the other team, thinking the enemy territory has switched makes sense.
  11. PG 26 Regardless of control, the model does not change which models it considers friendly and which it considers an enemy. I think Nellie is intended to overrule this part of the control rules.
  12. I think A Por El is probably intended to still be part of the activation. If however it was outside of anyone's activation, then you couldn't declare 'once per activation' triggers anyway!
  13. If you target Kirai, and she then changed the target to another Urami with Vengeance using protected, but it manages to damage both of them (blast maybe) it would stack to give +2 damage. It also woudn't rule out the possiblity of a vengeance upgrade. (I'm not sure it needs to be +1 for this to be true though as it is abilities on two different models, I guess it is to indicate that it woud be a single amount of damage so it wouldnt provoke multiple black bloods?)
  14. OMG I need to try to force my local evil Jack Daw player into agreeing with this . It might give Marcus a tiny chance..... I personally think its filthy that its any upgrade and not a CURSED upgrade.
  15. I would think it resolves as a single suffer 4 damage effect. Are there any examples of one effect causing multiple individual damage effects to a single model? (excluding modifications due to abilities/triggers?) If it is 2 seperate suffer damages NEPHILIM's are gonna love you though!
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