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  1. It would be great for the community if you posted the FAQ answer you found!
  2. 1. Charles Hoffman – Is irreducible damage treated as ignoring a model’s Armor Ability for the purposes of C. Hoffman’s Temper Steel Trigger? a) Yes. As such, a model under the effects of Charles Hoffman’s Temper Steel Trigger would still apply the effects of its Armor Ability when suffering irreducible damage. See the faq https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux
  3. I wish the terrain in vasssal all had a common border/edge - I realise it would look worst but it's vassal anyway!
  4. I much prefer version 2 of dreamer, and bought that and some alterntaive stitched etc. Assuming you can find the right models to pad out the keyword it it shouldnt matter that some of them are from older editions. Depending on what you can get you may need to buy some dulplicates though.
  5. You might also want some toughness then - although then you just end up with a stack of conditions
  6. It looks like the text on new Perdita should be "Then attach" to match Sandeep! Or the bonus action bits on her upgrades should be after summoning?
  7. I think it would clearly state if it wanted you to add the acting value. Note also whilst some skills have commonly associated attributes, these do vary by situation and aren't built-in to a skill. Having looked at some of the NPC's in the books they only add either evade ranks or speed attribute to calculate defense.
  8. I think the intention would be to calculate all the characteristics at the start of resolving the action phase, and then resolve the effects per characteristic in order. I don't have a good rules reference to back this up, but I think its similar to start of activation effects etc.
  9. let's hope youf armour works then also I predict some leveling in evade in your future
  10. I initially agreed with @Adran, but then I can't think of any rules that state that the May option in Ice mirrors would have to apply to all effects generated.
  11. I think that just means the base value will always be 2 before penalties from armor etc. Look at the NPC's I think there are examples with armour and no evade that takes it below 2.
  12. <Just noticed in the image> Exciting new book from Stieg Larsson, "The girl with the spider knickers"
  13. If you know what games you are going to be playing (strat/scheme pool, and oponents leader) ahead of time you could post on one the discord servers asking for crew building advice.
  14. I'm not a brilliant player! but I think you probably needed to read your cards a few more times! Serena - heals and removes conditions (so who cares about a litte burning as long as she activates afterwards!), and punches people through other people, with a trigger to push them, or shoots people and can teleport them 6" (kinda 8" on a 50mm target" Hinamatsu has a fairly decent lure. Did Lord Chompy Bits do anything? With those schemes why not use your ranged attacks to summon something to scheme into his back line? Insideous Madness could have pushed the golem forawrds for you to hit? Might be worth taking Iggy into Sandeep just to strip the burning off the golem??
  15. @ebb So would you not use a flip for it? Minions only get 1 fate point though right, so if they burn that to be able to try to hit you with 1 attack, every other attack in that combat is going to fail and if they are within 3 they are going to be healing you everytime they fail.
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