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  1. Ours 10/23

    I mean it sort of does. I feel like it will also mean you're going to almost always see masters that get a free Henchman / model of 0ss in that matchup because its just an extra 10ss for free. The idea with Ours, in my opinion, seems to be to give both players equal choices and it comes down to killing/moving models out of a quarter. Just like interference/recon was but with a different scoring element and to not reward heavy summoning crews.
  2. Ours 10/23

    Yeah. It's to cover masters specifically but like I say there is clearly some "interpretation" even among veteran players. I'd really like to see it clarified in the wording that 0ss models aren't worth 10....assuming that's the designers intention. It doesnt help that "Take One for the Team" is worded slightly similar, but is def different.
  3. Ours 10/23

    Yeah, I mean the original text is 'fine' but to a new player I'm not sure the question will be easily answered. We have a chance to add clarity now so figure lets do it before its final. No problem at all, as long as our designers read thru it all I agree on your ruling, I'd count them as double. The one thing to remember is that if Big Jake is killed and comes back on turn 5 he doesn't count at all because he was summoned.
  4. Ours 10/23

    I know the answer on the following, but would like clarity explicitly put into the Ours wording. It causes many veteran players to question it meaning its not clear enough. Ours says... Q: Do 0ss cost models count? A: No Generally once explained to someone everyone agrees that a 0ss cost model like Hungering Darkness or Vik of Blood do have a cost, its just that their value is 0, meaning they don't count as 10 when calculating VP for Ours. However there is an inconsistency I'd like to see between Ours and the Scheme "Take One for the Team" which says... So may I suggest that Ours says something like "models without a Soulstone cost count as 10; models with a cost of 0 count as 0". That way it explicitly says it right there in the Ours strategy wording. Thanks
  5. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Wyrd and @Kai for helping put together a great prize kit! Here are photos from the painting competition and the results. If anyone else have photos to submit I can give you access just ask. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V5e0CfZC87bBWDy33
  6. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    It has no issue with forward scoring strat/schemes because it's a kill early score mid game crew. Everyone in the list can score.
  7. Faux Faux Faux!!! (East Windsor, CT)

    Looking to clear up my schedule so I can attend. Sounds like fun!
  8. Inescapable Trap should be scoreable off peons

    So I posted something similar on FB and was told this thread was going on. I am in 100% agreement with the OP. I've read thru the comments here but won't comment on each, I'll just add that in general I think that the peon 'problem' isn't just activation control. Its also that some peons are just good and that's their purpose. The choice of hiring a peon or summoning one should be to give a specific advantage to the player using it, but at a cost. A peon usually gives some specific ability, helps in some specific way, but otherwise has very few other roles. However, the reason we see them more then we 'need' to is because they do provide an activation. So even if you aren't going to use the peon for the specific role you still get a benefit. I don't think its just 'Inescapable Trap' that should be scoreable off of peons, I think it should expand to other parts of GG18 (I'm not sure it should be widespread and suggest the designers take a look at each situation specifically). For example, I think that killing peons should count in "Public Executions", but don't think peons should be able to score it themselves. Let me provide an example, from a recent game. Recently played a game with Public Executions, W5 Misaki vs. W5 Ophelia. Killing her Young LaCroix was necessary but served no purpose. With threat saturation across the board from me (Ophelia, Francois, Burt, etc.) I needed to focus on them first but the Young LaCroix being able to throw out 'free' upgrades to Ophelia was really who I wanted to be killing. There was little to no reason to kill them, in the sense that, damned if I did (I couldn't score points), and damned if I do (my opponents big beaters are still alive killing my stuff). It was frustrating and even my opponent after believed that scoring off of peons should be part of the strategy. Crews are made-up different, thats the great thing of Malifaux, but when there is literally no downside to having peons on the table I don't see why you wouldn't take as many as possible and summon as many as possible. This extends to "Inescapable Trap" too in that peons can easily 'hold' up models making it not possible to get away and drop those scheme markers near eligible enemy non-peon models. So if at least the peons count you could at least have a counter play where you hold them in place while other friendly models come in and drop a scheme marker. Peons should provide a great effect to the player using them, but they should require thought about using them with regards to a key part of Malifaux, is it going to score me points / is it going to deny my opponent points / is it going to allow my opponent to score points? Right now I don't see peons being part of that conversation. I sincerely hope in the next rev we see a change to some of the strats and schemes that this makes sense for.
  9. We'll be running a league at MIdgard Comics and Games in Derry New Hampshire for the duration of the Homefront Campaign. For more information on Homefront, please read here (https://www.wyrd-games.net/homefront/). By participating in the league you'll have access to guilders, and I'll be getting us a prize kit to distribute for everyone who participates. Please post here or on the Facebook post on the Midgard "Looking for Group" page to sign-up. Can also chat with us on Discord here (https://discord.gg/NWDVC2A) Participation is meant to be SUPER simple. You just need to submit your games normally through the Homefront submission form and then send me a quick message with the score and who played. I recommend having one person submit via Homefront and the opponent submit to me the results. In the end who ever has the highest League Points / Differential / Victor Points (LP/DIFF/VP) will get a prize. Another prize will be given to a faction that wins the Homefront (ties broken by LP/DIFF/VP), and a prize if your chosen Syndicate wins (ties broken by LP/DIFF/VP). Only 1 game per week will count for the league (remember Homefront lets you play up to 5 per 2-week span). If you play a second game and want to replace a previous game just shoot me a message. Our weeks will follow the Homefront weeks You can play any size game You can play any strategy and schemes you want You can play story encounters No painting requirements Have fun! So please post here or on FB with your Name, Faction, Syndicate
  10. Here is the rules packet. Please note we're using Quarter 4 of Gaining Grounds 2017 but no models are immune to scheme conditions. Let me know if you have any questions or see any errors. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw6d4iC8ymsoZlc1QlFzZnVVeW8
  11. Malifaux Demos Tuesdays Manchester, NH and Greater Area - Ongoing

    Been running demos and playing every Tuesday over at Midgard Games and Comics; 55 Crystal Ave #21, Derry, NH 03038. Hope to see you there!
  12. Summoners into GG2018

    Am I right in thinking that this makes Big Jake a pointless model to hire in GG18?
  13. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    The changeling can take the shot at range 24", because the changeling may take the action by spending the focus and in doing so that means the target ended with in the range.
  14. We're back again in 2018 with CaptainCon. This year its Feb. 2-4. Book your hotel now (you can cancel for free 24 hours before without a fee). Tickets will go on sale soon and more information will be posted. With that said we will be running a 2-day 5 Round Gaining Grounds 2018 Malifaux event and Manny will be running Quick and the Fated as well as Pig Hunt. We will likely do a Henchman Hardcore too. Come join us for some of the best Malifaux gaming a weekend can buy! Make sure to reserve hotels for CaptainCon Feb 2-4! The room code is "CON" and you can cancel up to 24 hours before check-In for no charge (http://www.crownehotelwarwick.com/) Even if your only partially thinking of going good to get a room now. Rates are cheap too.
  15. Thoughts on Scorpious

    The Scorpius does not need support!!!! It is a wrecking ball in it's own right. The most righteous poison god of all. All praise the new gods ...that is the Scorpius!!!