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  1. This will be a Gaining Grounds 2017 event held on March 25th, 2017. Tickets at the door will be $10 instead of $5 so purchase now! EARLY-BIRD Tickets Purchased HERE By reserving and buying this ticket you are guaranteeing a spot at the event which includes the following: 1 EARLY-BIRD ticket for entrance to the event ($5 cheaper than at the door day-of) 1 Wyrd Guilder Prizes will be for store credit 1st Place gets 3 Guilders Best Painted gets 3 Guilders (50ss crew from faction you played) Chances to win (via raffle) Mystery Boxes and Foil Cards 3 Rounds of Malifaux Schemes announced before each round. Rounds are 2 hours + 15min for setup. Models do NOT need to be painted, but painted crews preferred/rewarded 10:00 Check-In 10:30 Round 1 (Headhunter/Close) 12:45 Lunch 13:45 Round 2 (Stake A Claim/Standard) 16:00 Break 16:15 Round 3 (Squatters Rights/Corner) 18:30 Awards / Raffle If you're interested in going to dinner as a group after email me (wyrd-games@thehelblings.com) and let me know.
  2. We'll be starting the "Stitch In Time" TTB campaign, and will be playing out of the Midgard Comics and Games RPG space in Derry, NH. If interested post here. We already had a fatemaster and 3 other people interested. Tentative Date is Feb. 28th. We can do take-out and eat in the RPG room. I'll have it reserved. Start 6pm. So far we have: Rich L. Adam H. Matt S. Charlie C. Interested: Sean P. Zecharyah P.
  3. Oh and in Shifting loyalties you need to start with a Henchman. This doesn't have one. In a grow league I'm not sure it's the best either. This list is a finesse list which requires knowing where and when to make the plays. It's not a standard collodi list.
  4. Just to be fair. This list is amazing and you'll make zero friends and people will slow play you because they have no idea how to beat it.
  5. I wanted to use it this weekend for CaptainCon but found it too hard to validate data quickly, especially during check-in. I think its a great tool just UI need some cues. Feature Requests: When checking players at event start, "total number of players" would be good to see at the top. Have a # next to each player so if you scroll down they're all numbered Data validation, ensure players aren't entered in multiple times (matching on username/name) When checking player at event start, the latest player added should be at the top to verify, having to scroll up and down constantly was cumbersome with 50 players Would be nice to setup strategies, deployment, and schemes before an event (however not make them visible until the round pairings are displayed), if this is already possible I didn't see it. Feature Questions: Not sure if this is possible since we reverted to our excel sheet, but is it possible to change values after a round starts if there is an error, can we go back? Is there a way to manually adjust table matchups as to make sure clubmates aren't matched up against eachother first round? Does the system follow a true Swiss pairings, or the Swiss-like pairings Gaining Grounds uses (i.e. players in round 1 may play again in round 4)? How does it handle random drops? For example, I had someone get sick at the event...how does it handle that? Bugs: When using a "-" in someones name it errors out. So Jean-Luc (or similar names didn't work). Not sure if this happens with other special symbols When checking a player in that had already registered sometimes it wouldn't let me move them up to checked in, had to delete them and re-add them I really want to use this software as I think its really a great idea. Can tell you guys put a lot of heart and work into it. I played with it a bit before the event and it seems great. But when it came down to the actual event it was nice to be able to see all the data in excel easily. Cheers!
  6. We're extending the league due to there being so many storms on Tuesdays. Use this week and next week as a make-up week. Updated post to reflect.
  7. Make sure to post on the New England Facebook page. I added both this and the weekly stuff.
  8. Should be fixed now. Glad you had a fun time! Hope to see you at more local events. Many can be found on the New England Facebook page or on the pinned post at top of this forum. @Raclesis
  9. Yeah man 10T. Theres a reason I hopped back on that train when book 4 came out.
  10. And here are some photos! Thanks to Wyrd, Widget Wizards, CaptainCon, Games & Gears, and Weary Wargamer Painting https://goo.gl/photos/x4xhMxWRyW5tmnJXA
  11. Final Results:
  12. Sorry that was a typo, its been fixed. I sent everyone a Rules Packet who had pre-registered by Monday of last week. You should have received it if not let me know. Here is a link to it in case someone did not receive the emial: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6d4iC8ymsoTGdZYl9HVWd2a2c/view?usp=sharing
  13. If you're interested in tracking the tournament information and want notifications during the event (i.e. tables, scores, etc.) and also want to make my data entry easier for getting people checked in on Saturday for the Gaining Grounds....please go here and 'Register' for CaptainCon 2017 Gaining Grounds event. http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList
  14. Oh that's good!
  15. Three left. Catch them while they're hot!!! Yeah ...you know #FreeAaron cause you know you're such a hunk