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  1. Sorry that was a typo, its been fixed. I sent everyone a Rules Packet who had pre-registered by Monday of last week. You should have received it if not let me know. Here is a link to it in case someone did not receive the emial: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6d4iC8ymsoTGdZYl9HVWd2a2c/view?usp=sharing
  2. If you're interested in tracking the tournament information and want notifications during the event (i.e. tables, scores, etc.) and also want to make my data entry easier for getting people checked in on Saturday for the Gaining Grounds....please go here and 'Register' for CaptainCon 2017 Gaining Grounds event. http://www.bag-o-tools.com/scoresheet/#/eventList
  3. Oh that's good!
  4. Three left. Catch them while they're hot!!! Yeah ...you know #FreeAaron cause you know you're such a hunk
  5. League starts today. See everyone there, 14 players so far expecting more to signup in store today. See you at 3:30 at Midgard Comics and Games!
  6. Well said indeed. I think that as we move forward if the BBS change becomes a problem it will be addressed. While we wait for GG2017 to release it will be telling to see how much of a shift there is on killing vs. scheme running and as we all know that shift can also shift the worth of such a combo as we've mentioned here. With all the specifics said/mentioned I still think overall I commend the team for the direction they're moving. Overall I think they've done a great job in aligning things, and I also commend them in their honesty that in a short time (6-7 months) we'll see another update that adjust this. My personal hope is that by this time we have digital copies of cards and these changes can be made even more swiftly without people feeling frustrated with multiple purchases of cards. With that said I don't think $0.25 a card is a big deal.
  7. @Fetid Strumpet you know I respect you tons. So the main reason I have to disagree with you is that while this is a strong effect the Illuminated have access to now (especially when adding in Lawyers; which is really just another NB buff I Lucius) it is at its core a cleanup of the rules. While I accepted @Justin stance in previous FAQ/Errata I always felt it was counter intuitive to most wording on stat cards as Black Blood has always been an ability and for it to be a condition led to much confusion in the early days of the BBS release. I think this update is opposite of previous it shows a direction of cleaning up rules for clarity sake as well as balance. In this case balance is still fine I'd argue because the as investment and play to make great use of this is quite expensive. Is it a cool and powerful play.....yes. Is it game breaking...I'd argue no....is it in line with many other rules....yes. I think if it becomes a balance issue well see a change going forward but I don't think we'll see that. It's a 14ss investment for a good play and if you're using the lawyer it's even more. At that cost of expect it to be strong (no different than Nekima Yasunori etc)
  8. @Aaron and @Mason as an FYI the Scribe card does not say minion but the OP does state it.
  9. /golf clap Well done @Aaron and @Mason and the rest of the team. These look like a lot of healthy changes. Love how all this is focused on the health of the game long term and it really shows. Happy New Years!
  10. Here is the Cheated Fates Radio episode with @Aaron. Enjoy! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2016/12/20/cheated-fates-radio-special-kickstarter-episode/
  11. Awesome @mjungledog, I know a lot of people enjoy it. Its a great way to unwind and can be a fun meet and greet on Friday evening and even Sunday AM before people take off.
  12. This doesn't help collodi anymore than anyone else. A - Wp would but Aeslin only applies a - to Ca
  13. Captain Con 2017 Feb. 3 - 5 2017 Malifaux Events All Weekend http://captaincon.com/ Where: Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RIWhen: Friday, February 3 to Sunday, February 5, 2017What: 3 days of around-the-clock tabletop gaming That's right Malifaux-ers CaptainCon is back again. As usual this is a great event to kick off the 2017 Malifaux season. Come by for some GREAT Malifaux Events and Tournaments. Registration is Open NOW (http://captaincon.com/shop/), and 3-day badges are $60. Hotel blocks are filling up and a wait list has begun but nearby hotels are available and are reachable by a free shuttle to/from the event venue if you can't stay at the Crowne Plaza. Closest airport is <2miles away and also reachable via taxi or free shuttle. Event schedule is here (http://captaincon.com/2017-events-schedule/) Dedicated demo area 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 Standard Tournament 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 Single-Elimination Tournament Henchman Hardcore (if requested) Malifaux Pig Hunt Scenario Malifaux Quick and Fated Scenario Stay Tuned for more to come, but SPREAD THE WORD, Share via Twitter/Facebook (New England Malifaux and AWP please)/Email and of course during your local weekly events. Let's grow on the success of last year! The Henchman who are involved in organizing events this year are: Adam H. @PeregrineFalcon Manny A. @mjungledog Quinn M. @harlequeen Rules Packet for Gaining Grounds 2017 Sat https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6d4iC8ymsoTGdZYl9HVWd2a2c/view?usp=sharing
  14. Event Timing: Jan 3rd 2017 - Feb 13th 2017 Location: Midgard Comics and Games Inc. If you have any question feel free to contact Adam H. (Twitter: @PFalcon83) or reply to this thread Sign-ups are located here: Malifaux Slow-Grow League Sign-Ups We will be running a Malifaux Slow-Grow league in the Derry, New Hampshire area. We will be using these rules. The league will run for 6 weeks (final week is a make-up week). League nights are TUESDAYS. Bonus for playing games on league nights. See the slow grow league rules linked above. Prizes for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place based on LP/DIFF/VP (LP = League Points, DIFF = Differential, VP = Victory Points) (WIN=3LP, LOSS=0LP, DRAW=1LP) Most Hobby Achievement Points (AP) earned (see Wyrd Slow Grow rules). This is a painting and hobby focused prize, so get your paints ready! Most League Achievement Points (AP) earned (see Wyrd Slow Grow rules) (+2AP for a game played on Tuesday at Midgard Comics and Games Inc., +1AP for game played at Midgard on non-Tuesday) Changes to rules are: NOTE: We'll be providing a modified Achievement List with some fun new things and stuff more appropriate for 2017 Up to 3 League Games a Week will count but they must be against opponents you haven't played that week Games can be played anywhere/time and not just on Tuesdays to earn AP NOTE: +2AP for a game played on Tuesday at Midgard Games, +1AP for game played at Midgard on non-Tuesday League weeks start 12AM every Tuesday Play at least 2 different opponents Play at least 4 games Record games and my achievements on the Google Form located here https://goo.gl/forms/x7EaDNkBGzp6YAiH3) Top 2 players will be paired to play on the final Tuesday at Midgard Games Soulstone Weekly Schedule: Week 1: 30ss Week 2: 35ss Week 3: 40ss Week 4: 45ss Week 5: 50ss Week 6: Make-up Week
  15. Meh not in love with this idea. Being told you can't play with something you lugged halfway around the world would be annoying.