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  1. Have a few things to trade or sell Jim Punk zombies. Nib Wong. Nib Burt Jebsen. Nib Gracie. Nib Hoffman Avatar of Amalgamation. Nib The bayou boss. Box opened just to look Whiskey golem box opened just to look metal in package ikiryo Datsie-Ba
  2. I know my friend has one I will see if he wants to part with it do you have a price in mind. Jim
  3. I think I have a Hoffman if your still looking. Jim
  4. Tree bark, floor tiles, clay can do a million things with them also made round cutters out of pipe to get a perfect insert
  5. Malifaux back at the bunker thought this day would never come was just looking at my case of figures the other night thinking what am I going to do with them. Now I know when is it played. Jim
  6. Trying to stop by just to check things out haven't play in a year everyone lost interest in the game. Jim
  7. Hey Steve still around what di you think of the new stuff coming out. Jim

  8. My daughter used a lamp post from a HO train set looks real with glass like panels will try to post tonight. Jim
  9. Hey great tutorial will have to try it but I am sure it will not look like your. Jim
  10. For you I will paint for hire. Here's my email best way to reach me binx532@yahoo. Com

  11. Hello Steve are you still doing painting for hire? Jim

  12. About tomorrow you may not find anyone set up to play I know three of the regulars who play are my kids and myself a couple of other guys do play but they only bring there figs if they know someone is coming to play. I dont think I can make tomorrow but can let you know tonight. Jim
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