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  1. For Wong you can drop Pig Trouble to Orange an put the Swine Cursed in green. Pigapult can go to Orange and maybe either bring the Creative Taxidermy as Yellow or keep it Orange with the Pult. For Brewmaster, put the "Terror in a Barrel" and the Fermented River Monks as yellow.
  2. My 2 cents of what I would like to see: Drunken kung fu Brewmaster, with upgrades like Shenlong, kind of a beater that also improves other minions based on the amount of poison they have (the more poison, the better they perform, maybe using poison as a pseudochi). Mahzooka! A version of Mah with a bazooka "made in Sparks". Ideally it will throw explosive spoons like if they were RPGs and more synergies with the "mech" part A powerful Wong (I mean... Youko practically got a new profile, why not Wong?) Ulix riding a Pigasus!!!!!!!!!! Shooting his bow at the enemies from
  3. There was a ninja nerf to the Dead Rider (at least the card in the app). Is it going to be reflected in the Errata too? I think it should, for clarity purposes so nobody gets surprised.
  4. ShinChan

    Ulix in GG2

    I think that starting with 4 "growable" piggies is going to be key now. You don't want/need more than some incidental summoning to bother your opponent and mess with his plans, so maybe starting with 2-3 piglets + 1-2 squealers and trying to get 2 war pigs turn 1. The Sow is still a decent beater piece, specially with the grit activated, but now competes with Gracie (a tankier option). I don't have much experience with Ulix, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to play him.
  5. I think it is, but you need to see the models in their context, and not in an empty void.
  6. First of all, those monks have chi, so the stat is higher than necropunks, have deadly pursuit and movement 6, so they're way better than necropunks. Without the leap, literally move 1" less than a necropunk using the leap (16" vs 16" base size). They also can get the suit if they're 3" away from Shenlong. As an overall of the abilities, the monks bring more utility than just a leap Following your other comparison (which don't make sense at all): LJ can stone (and sudden strike), Manos can stone (and sudden strike) and has Siphon Power, Midnight stalker has 3 actions and showboating
  7. I have been having the same issue for a while. Since the last forum update, many of the references of my images are broken, while still counting for my quota and I can't delete them
  8. For me, not having the printed trigger is the real issue, since Reva also likes those mask a lot, both for The Unquiet Dead and Embrace the Flame. Also shieldbearers, but I guess they still can use 1-4 . Archie comes from a keyword that has a reasonable amount of "secured" card draw. Also Archie, if he doesn't have the mask can go puch people in the face, or throw them the corpses of their friends (while a Crooligan will carefully teleport to 2" of Archie and do the actual scheming).
  9. I 100% agree with this. Before you (kind of) needed to be able to get a bunch of focus in order to be a "decent beater", now that nobody can, having access to a much more improved Push + Focus mechanic in a single action is going to be great. Not saying that Family is going to suddenly become the best Guild keyword, but I see this as a great improvement overall.
  10. Necropunks got hit too hard. They only purpose was to leap to score points, and that leap got nerfed from a 63% changes of flipping the right card from deck to 20%. If they were too tanky for their cost (usually due to access to GST), that could have been addressed instead of touching the leap. They now have a worse leap than a Gupps. There are 11 cards in the deck that allow you to leap (4 - 13 + RJ). Let's assume that, you want to leap, but don't want to use a severe from your hand to do it (neither the RJ), that leaves you 7 valid cards to ensure the leap. The chances of getting
  11. A Bandido (Sz2) shoot at a Sz3 (or more) model that is behind a Sz2 Wall.
  12. That will also break "Smarter than I look from Som'er". At least the damage from the Jury is only 1/turn, could be worse.
  13. Yep, still. It was too action efficient, even capped at +2. This also opens the possibility of improving some of her worst models.
  14. Are you Sir the person I have to thank for Jack Burton and Bob Ross? If that's you, thank you from the deepest of my heart! I love all and each one of the pop references, specially the Bayou ones. There's a reaso n why Wong is my favorite master Sorry all for the offtopic! Youko looks great, and between her an Cyberpunk Mei I'll probably deep into TT. Both Kunoichis and Kabuki Warriors look so much better with her now. What about Lust? The change to distracted favours her, but she doesn't feel that good. What about Tannen?
  15. The cards are fine, it's the app that doesn't have the right values during crewbuilding. I restarted the app, cleared the cache and the local storage files.
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