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  1. In addition, there are models that can just directly ignore the traps, like those that fly, are incorporeal or unaffected by hazardous terrain.
  2. Also the Lucky Emissary The point that I tried to make is that you can't destroy them with a general action that any miniature can take, since they're not destructible.
  3. Those traps are destructible, and there are models across all factions that can take care of more than one them in a single action (Blow it to hell). Also, they don't come for free. A Tricksy crew will start with 1-4, since there are only 4 models that can put them (Mah herself and 3 Bushwhackers). "The stock crew can place for free"? The maximum generated each turn is 4, and the Tricksy player will need to have 3 Bushwhackers and 6-7-7-7. Also, most miniatures from the crew are not even immune to them, so another reason why you'll never see that number appearing every turn. Have you ever played against Kaeris? Burning +1 and Injured +1 from the Pyre markers, and those can't be destroyed by anyone. It really looks like you had a bad experience playing against Mah, but what you're saying doesn't make sense.
  4. I played game vs Titania, I tried to do some weird stuff, but things didn't go as expected My idea was to launch the Akaname in the enemy deployment zone in turn 2-3 with the Pigapult and let them score by themselves Strategy: Reckoning My list: Wong + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Olivia Gracie Taxidermist Bokor Sammy Lacroix Akaname Akaname Gluttony 2ss My opponent's: Titania Gorar Misterious Effigy + upgrade Serena Bowman Autumn Knight Silent Knight (Killjoy) Rougarou Result: 4-5 Me: Reckoning 2, Search the ruins 2, Dig Their Graves 0 Opponent: Reckoning 3, Search the ruins 1, Dig Their Graves 1 It was a quite tough game, with Titania cheating initiative in turn 2 to move, teleport with Germinate, and charge, killing 1 Akaname and engaging the other one, which completely ruined my plan. I managed to kill Aeslin early and Serena + Emissary later, while Gluttony kept pushing out of place Killjoy and the Autumn Knight. Gracie was good, as usual and the Taxidermist a (almost) total failure, I still don't understand why the extra tax for the Piglet, he really needs to cost 7 and bring a corpse instead of a Piglet or improve his survival. I had a terrible last turn, that prevented me to win 5-4. With Wong I flipped: Black Joker for the free action and 4, 5, 4 for Fzzzap!. So I had to cheat with 13, 11 and RJ, leaving my hand empty and being able to do anything else that turn (prevent my models from dying or kill that Rougarou that was really low life.
  5. An Errata and FAQ? I have no doubts. When? I would guess before the end of June. Adjustments in a similar way as they were done during the beta? I don't think so, maybe in 2021. The problem is that most of the people are thinking (and asking) for point 3
  6. I'll be in Boston next weekend for an NBA game, maybe I can make it too for a Malifaux one! Where can I ask for an opponent?
  7. Well, leaving apart that chasing Wong makes no sense at all, you should have hitted at least 3 times, since Wong has Df 5: Stat 7 + 13 = 20 (Not even with RJ he can avoid that) Stat 7 + 12 / = 19 (Even with the RJ you hit him) That's a total of 9 damage there, so or he burn a lot of SS and had crazy flips (can happen) or doesn't make sense. Anyways, attacking Wong when he can just stone for a or cheat with any that trigger in Df is not a good idea, and he also has Counterspell and most of the time he will have Disguised too. Just kill everything else. Also try Barbados, with Armor +1 and Regeneration, you don't care about failing any Shockwaves from Wong.
  8. I just fell for Black Friday with Mah and I'm re-reading all the topics that include her I have a question about the "Careful Planning", if I cheat for the initiative, which suit applies, the one from the original card or the one from the card I've cheated? Have you find any ways to include Survivors instead of bushwhakers? Do you guys considered to bring some healing? (apart from the BBB situational one) Thanks!
  9. Can I have an address or a contact? I'll be there around the 20th of January and I would love to share a game and some fun
  10. So, any ideas on how Reva and Revenant in general could be fixed/improved? I've come up with this: The Forgotten Death: Allowing her to discard a card to summon up to 2 Corpse Candles, each one in base contact with a different corpse. In this way, she can increase the number of pyre/corpse markers generated every turn. The Unquiet Dead: Add a small move to the Pyre marker, written in the ability itself or with a trigger. So we add move Pyre marker mobility to the crew. New leader ability: I have two options here: 1) Add a clause that says: If this model is the leader, other models ignore the restriction of "Once per activation" of "Spirits in Flames" 2) During the activation phase, friendly models can treat their burning condition as if it where shielded (maybe this needs a better writing in order to not create confusion/weird interactions) Add any of these triggers to Embrace the flame: After resolving, put the target in base contact with any Pyre marker within range (6" of Reva) Remove any number of corpse markers within 3" of the target. The target gains shielded +1 for each corpse removed. I think this abilities help with all the Fire/Pyre/Corpse/Shielded complicate (and not very rewarded) interactions that there are right now. Maybe some models would need to be revisited or adapted, but I haven't played some of them that much (Wanyudo and Mourners mainly).
  11. Well, you still can make use of Akaname in turn 1 and turn 2. Taxidermin has a range of 4", so most likely you'll be able to do it those turns, leaving those piglets close to the Pigapult, which means 4 ammo (+ the Akaname). This is usually my deployment with my standard 4x4 list: Start to activate Olivia, drop a scheme marker, Tossed Sparkles on Swine Cursed and assist/focus (usually you don't need the assist in turn 1, since you should have the shielded from the Bokor, but make sure to assist in turn 2. Remember that Burt Jebsen is the best bodyguard for BBB, in case someone wants to target him against Df, since you'll be able to put some damage in the enemy due to It's all in the reflexes. The flying piglet is usually on a corner, being a distraction or trying to die in the proper place to become a scheme marker. This setup stays mostly the same during turn 2 and in turn 3 is when it splits. Depending on the Strategy and Schemes, some times is just better to wait for your opponent. and move cautiously the first 2 turns, which allows you to have 3 good Fzzzap! turns. Keeping Wong alive was never a problem for me, between Counterspell, Quick Getaway and Disguised, he's not easy to engage, and since his damage is really low, my opponents always prefer to go hunt all the other pieces and take care of him only in the late game and only when is really needed.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a community there? I'll be spending some days there and I'll happily bring a crew with me if there's a place to play
  13. For a summon (or 2ss) and a master action? Not worth at all.
  14. Well, why would you detonate your own Bayou Gremlins in the deployment zone starting turn 1? Makes no sense. Usually you won't be able to use the until turn 3, so ideally 1.5ss. 250% agree on this. Make it a Rg 8" no and I'm totally fine with the model itself.
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