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  1. Awesome work guys, really good. I love the model and it really fits into the aesthetics of the Fae.
  2. This! ☝️ And this! ☝️ At least give us some War Pigs, the Sow or new models for Squealers (maybe this is too much to ask). Hog Whisperers and Slop Haulers fit the theme already, and I can live with the Piglets.
  3. Hans is your guy. Discard the card to get the crows and shoot once with each attack. I would assure the stunned first and then go for the slow. I bring him many times with Tara if I suspect that my enemy will bring the horse. I struggle to find him some place in Parker crews, but they have enough mobility to avoid a massive Revel in Secrets and enough fire power to kill him turn 3 if he exposes himself. On the other topics, I really agree with @Adran
  4. There are only 4 horsemen of apocalypse, so I don't think (or want) so. Riders just need a small adjustment, specially the pale rider. The others are easily countered. Stunned is your way to go.
  5. Vasilisa doesn't have 2" melee attack that can easily go to mininum 5 damage. Sybelle also has 5 wounds more and can attack with a . Regarding Scarlet Temptation, I totally agree that 1" doesn't make sense and Bump in the Night is too situational, which I think is the main problem with the keyword. I do like Undivided Attention, is like bumping her Df and Wp to 6, while having Terrifying and HtW makes her extremely tanky. I've seen her "get delivered" by the Rider, getting in melee a couple of models, followed by the Seamus activation and shooting with that . It's a different role than Archie, he is more "versatile" thanks to his high mobility, but he's also quite glass cannon, specially if the enemy has any form of ruthless.
  6. Congrat for your result, it's really, really good! Just wanted to point out that Sybelle (as it has been discussed here a couple of times) it's in a really good spot. Quite tanky, 2" range and minimum damage can easily be bumped to 5. I strongly recommend you to give her a chance I think that her main problem is that she has some very situational abilities, but a good pick. A different role than Archie, but a model that can easily score by herself Claim Jump. Archie is more a missile model, and quite fragile against models with ruthless. He's really good, but as I said, a different role than Sybelle.
  7. I'm not totally sold on those, but I haven't tried them 😕 For the lure I prefer the effigy (with the upgrade OFC). I've tried Serena with a lot of success, the healing is really good to maintain some key pieces alive and the trigger on the ranged attack to reposition an enemy model up to 6" is nuts, helping a lot to get people closer to the underbrush marker. Definitely a good support piece.
  8. If I don't bring Talos and the scheme pool has something that forces me to get quickly to places, I hired one with Servant of Dark Powers. Free 6" move in the first turn, +1 to terrifying and heal when he kills someone. It becomes pricey, but great mobility thanks to that extra 6" and incorporeal. I usually don't bring the Scion of the Void unless I'm facing crews that have work with conditions, but that's personal (I don't like her that much). I really like the Emissary, the model and all the utility that he brings.
  9. ShinChan


    I'm very dissapointed with the concept too... I can just hope for a horse/unicorn version in the future. Otherwise, I can rebase my unicorns and use them as squealers, but it's not my ideal solution. And answering the question: If you manage to have the cards in turn 1, do it, but don't rely on that, since there's only 9 cards of 54 that could work.
  10. Burt is Versatile, so 8ss I agree that he's not an easy fit, but at least you don't have to pay the tax
  11. I have plenty of experience in other masters and factions, but I just started to play a bit around with Titania because of a friend that has her The thing is that sometimes I can't really pick the fight and I have to go places. Killjoy and Rougarous are not a possibility (Killjoy I hate the model, so it's a no-go for me, and for Rougarous I don't want to use proxies for now). There are a bunch of models that can shoot me from far away and have a printed to the attack (Samurais, Fuhatsu, Convict Gunslingers...) or they just simply concentrate and shoot once. I'm not a big fan of wasting many actions on healing, but Serena's healing is her only free action and she also adds some anti-armor and anti-incorporeal range attack (another thing that the crew lacks). Also, healing a model that already has Armor+1 and HtW (Knights for example) means that the enemy will have to spend way more resources to kill it.
  12. I've been struggling a bit with the Fae crew, specially with the lack of healing, so I'm thinking about adding Serena Bowman to my lists. She will suffer a bit from not having unimpeded, but I can switch the Emissary for the Rider and it should be fine. What do you guys think? Also, how do you handle the lack of card draw in the crew? I usually go with 1-2 Ancient Pack, which are going to provide me with 4-10 extra cards during a game, but I'm not 100% sold on that.
  13. She costs the same as the Librarian, and she's better in every aspect except maybe resilience. Since Mercenary it's a keyword that really likes to be into melee, I've Got your Back is usually more useful. Consolidate Power is only a minion, and usually the two minions are going to be Ronins doing the schemes, so it will be trivial. The attacks are similar, but the librarian doesn't have engagement range, is way shorter, but it doesn't have . I guess that Vanessa needs to have a limitation, since she can shoot with stat 8 and draw a card. The healing part, you can easy heal 2-3 turns with a 4 of any suit with Vanessa and still get the trigger. Regarding the DM vs Ronins, you're forgetting that in many games, Ronins will be costing you the same as the DM due to their free action.
  14. Librarians are not in keyword and you have to pay extra. Johan healing is situational. But the Emissary is versatile, and brings more than healing to the crew. So any Outcast crew have the possibility of having a really nice healer without paying the tax of out of keyword.
  15. Ride with me turn one if you have the chance or some other movement shenanigan. Otherwise yes, double Mv turn one and hopefully he'll only have to spend 1 more action walking. But you still have to move him lol
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