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  1. Those jacks are the ones I have! Full MK1 mercenary army! (Magnus is the legitimate ruler!) I'm telling you, cold soldering is amazing for them. I think that there are worse models than the Som'er and his family. As I said, with the proper glue, it becomes way better. Anyway, I think that Wyrs is making great progresses with the kits, and most of the time without saceifice the details and the pose of the miniatures :)
  2. No point of comparison. Make sure you're using proper plastic glue for modelism (Revel or Uhu are my favourites). For the Warjacks in metal: cyanoacrylate with the activator or the best is using some 2-component "cold soldering" glue, like Nural-27 (https://www.gravibase.com/en/products/henkel/pattex/nural-27/). With that, I had some warjacks falling from the table and not loosing a single piece Actually, the worst thing ever is the PVC, models bulky and ugly AF, and no real good glue for them.
  3. Nicodem in a Transmortis crew helps a lot to get those extra card draw due to triggers.
  4. Nothing so far. I know it's not on your hands, just answering here as an update for everyone and to be updated if someone answers
  5. That list is solid. As an alternative choices you'll probably need some condition removal
  6. Don't buy Hamelin then, or the thunder archers
  7. You can't like the design (which I love and really matches the lore btw), but objectively speaking, is an amazing sculpt. And it really fits with the Bandit theme (and old guy in his donkey roaming from town to town with a bunch of utils and "magic potions" for sale is quite "cowboy" style). And there are far worse miniatures difficult to assemble. Sometimes, after all the complaining I wonder if people uses real plastic glue for miniatures (Uhu, Revell...) or directly cyanoacrylate standard glue... Regarding the original topic, all my Parker's lists start in the same way: Parker with Wanted Criminal + Doc + Mad Dog. Why? Wanted criminal is usually a minimum of 4 cards each game, so usually worth its cost. Doc is free and Mad Dog is our real beater + the "Blow it to hell" is a very valuable ability in 3rd edition. To complete: Ranged thread: Gunglingers. This guys shoot good and do a decent damage. They're not the most durable guys, but they will be huge problem to other crews that are based on shooting. CC thread: Wokou raiders. 1 is usually enought. If you can fit 2, they will work too. Can be really good chasing other scheme runners and scheming with their free action. Scheme Runner: Bandidos. Utility: Pride is usually a pain in the ass for your opponent, specially if you manage to force enemy beaters to be in the range of "Solo". With his Df6 and being able to use SS, he should force your opponent to invest a lot of resources on him. Prospectors, even if they're not Bandidos, they work very well with the crew. They can provide a lot of scheme markers and some extra SS. Johan is always a must if you're going to face a lot of conditions. Special mention: Sue. He is a swiss knife, he does a bit of everything, and he does it well (without being excellent). Apart from that, I don't like the Dead Outlaws or Bayour smugglers. The first was changed to work mostly with Tormented, so it doesn't bring anything special to the crew. The second ones are 1ss overcosted for what they do, the only reason I would hire one is that 2" range, but I can't see an scenario where I would prefer them over the Prospectors.
  8. But if the TO allows it, this is probably the most interesting way to play Nicodem. You can even make use of Anna Lovelace almost every turn to detonate those Mindless Zombies
  9. I've been using the Emissary in 9 of each 10 games I've played with her. Never tried the Prospectors tho.
  10. Aionus is a 10ss tax to make the crew work at its 100% potential. Yes, he doesn't do much, but Obliteration got many changes during the last 2-3 months of the beta, so we can be happy that at least now he works. On the other hand, the Hodgepodge Emissary in Parker is a free fast + 3" push every turn. He's meant to be a support piece. @S4lt Do you use Talos? I've only being able to use him if I bring the Emissary, so he gets the extra movement. Otherwise he's always arriving late to the party (when he arrives, because between lures, obeys and other tricks, sometimes he just walk around).
  11. Albus + Nicodem. Do you want your undead transmortis to get free positives in Df in order to draw some extra cards? You got it.
  12. This should answer your question
  13. This was already discussed some months ago. The final conclusion is that it works, but there are no confirmation from Wyrd. With the current rules and wording, it works, like @Scoffer pointed out.
  14. I'm playing a game with a character that murder prostitutes and resurrect them, while keep them being prostitutes. I know exactly what I'm playing, and I like it. There is a lore, a story behind it to justify that those things are like that. This doesn't have anything to do with political correctness, I'm not a SJW. My opinion is that the deck sexually objectifies women, specially once you read the text. Like I said, before reading the text I just though "ok, this is not for me, but I can't see anything wrong about it". But once you read the texts, the deck just transforms strong female characters in sexual objects. And no, I don't have an instagram account, but won't be my 100 time in 4chan. But you know what you're getting into. I'm not against sexuality or eroticism, I'm just against sexualization for the sake of sexualization. Like I said before, if that's the address that Wyrd wants to support, at least they should follow it in both ways. I guess that in Instagram there also are "hot fit men" in erotic positions. Stuff like this is what perpetuates the vision of women as "pieces of meat", and in my opinion, it's a shame to see strong cool female characters reduced to that.
  15. I know it was drawn by a woman. And actually, it didn't "bother" me at all when I saw it at the beginning. But checking the messages, my opinion really changed: "Make me feel alive" "I'll open for you" It's a level of objectification that I didn't expect from this game. The people that knows me, knows that I'm the opposite side of "puritanism". But in a game with many strong and powerful female characters, I don't see the need of convert them into merely sexual objects, waiting to be satisfied by (or to satisfy) the men. There are differences between "Sexuality and eroticism" and Sexual objectification. If there are going to be sexual objectification, at least, it shouldn't be only in one way.
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