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  1. Someone in my community wants to start with Titania because it's the crew that she likes the most (from a pure aesthetic point of view), but she doesn't like Killjoy. I've never played Neverborn, no any suggestions to complete up to 50ss? Would it be viable to play without Killjoy? She really likes the Emissary
  2. I'm not saying is a bad model, is one I don't like and it's not Malifaux. And the system that you described will have similar problems, both players will invest many AP in the "good" models and the strategy will be to get your "good" models to do things while you try to stop your opponent's "good" models, while the "bad" models just stand and watch or in the best case scenario their role/impact would be minimum or anecdotal in a regular basis. In Malifux, every model counts, and if you hire them, you want them to do something. Having only 2-3 activations for each model, helps to balance and avoid the classical bet: "I'm gonna put all/most of my actions in this "supergood" model. If my opponent can't stop it, it's game for me, if he can it's probably game for him/her". Regarding WHF and AoS, there are enough content to open a whole thread about it, but in summary the problem was in the company, not in the game (GW is in the London Stock Exchange). It has a CEO that only cared about the numbers, surrounded by people which main concern were the sells and keep the shareholders. Once the company was falling like lead, they change the CEO and most of the people directing the company for someone that actually cares about the game and the players. WHF was such a mess, the sells were ridiculous and the community so toxic, that they decided discard the game and start from scratch. That kicked out many players, some of them came back and new ones joined, but it is not the same game, it's just in the same "universe" (and many years ahead of WHF). I don't think that is what Malifaux needs. When I arrived to my current city, there were 4 people playing Malifaux in a store, this weekend I organized a friendly tournament and they're going to be at least 10 (in 4 months). Some come back from 1-2 years without playing and some are new. I've been contacted with another group of people from a near town (5 people) that saw that the community is coming back and they're interesting in coming back to play. I have 1-2 stores waiting for the release of M3E to start support the game. It takes me 50min-1:20 by public transport to go to the store where I do the demos and organize the events, but I think is worth it. Some times, the community for one game fluctuates, and it's normal, since there are other companies betting big to get more players/buyers (specially Games Workshop). The goal with M3E was (afaik) a review of the rules and profiles of the miniatures, keeping most of the core rules and trying to simplify the game to attract new players, and actually I believe it's going to work, as long as Wyrd keeps the quality of the sculpts. And btw, the new card size, that I was totally against at the beginning, already attracted a new player in my area
  3. I've been playing Infinity since the beta previous to the first edition, and all the time was the same (I stopped playing it after 1-2 years in 3rd), and there was always the same problem, 1-4 models on each list that are there just to give extra actions/activations to another most powerful miniature, and it wouldn't matter if it's alternate or not. I never played Guild Ball, so I don't know how it works, but in Maifaux, if I can skip 1 activation of a less valuable minion, for example Bayou Gremlin, to give an action to another most powerful model, I would do it in 80-90% of the cases. The change you're proposing (even if it's too late to adopt), it's to reinvent the game rules. I don't know if you know it, but would be the equivalent from Warhammer Fantasy to Age of Sigmar. Going back to the original topic, I already expressed my opinions, and from my point of view, some adjustments could be done, but I like the mechanics so far. If you same me the time and look for the names of all the models that are not masters and have some sort of summoning, I'll add them to my excel sheet and update what I have. @trikk Actually Som'er has it printed in his summoning ability because he has a trigger to remove the upgrade, which could make his summoning better that the other-ones. So it's like that for balance purposes.
  4. Or now use one of those for other purposes. I would like something like: "Put your hands on the air!: Your enemy can drop an enemy scheme marker or discard a card. If he doesn't you can draw a card and discard a card" Built in would be too much, it's like giving him Stat 6 and automatically drop an enemy scheme marker.
  5. ShinChan

    Are we OP?

    I haven't played Perdita (and don't have her, just J and Sonnia), but looks good for me. Maybe some type of card draw would be nice, since her action is really good about "horde crews" but more situational against "elite". Last game, Perdita did 28-32 damage in 4 turns (we lost track) playing against my Obliteration crew (so Armor +2 and incorporeal were there). And monster hunters are great scheme runners. I won the game 6-3, but only because my opponent misread Dig their graves and didn't put any scheme marker, which limited him a lot (and "Through the hole" in Tara is hard counter against Familia if I keep teleporting her to stay away from Santiago). He plays mainly Guild, maybe next week I'll face Nellie
  6. That's the Infinity system, and it sucks. There are miniatures there just to give their orders to other miniatures, and the cheap ones won't get activated in the whole game. Right now, every model has 2 actions, so you'll need to figure out what to do with them. If Malifaux does that, it will be a completely different game. Call it whatever you want, but not Malifaux (maybe Age of Tyrants :P). I seriously don't know what's the problem with the summons: It's once per turn. Most of the times, requires really high cards to be efficient. They come with some kind of negative effect. It's usually limited to 5 models at the same time. The other player gets a pass token. It's far much more balanced than in M2E and I really like the diversity, every summoner has some kind of difference/identity from the others. I don't know much about non-master summoners, because the only one I've played so far is the Hog Whisperer and it looks fine to me. @dzlier Regarding Tara, I need to collect my notes from a game on Friday and make the report, but in turn 4 I wasn't able to get fast in any model to pop out the Void Hunter I summoned. It happened to me in the closed beta, because I summoned 1 model per turn, and I couldn't keep with the necessary amount of fast conditions to make them pop out. I've read some battle report from Tara (or people complaining about that in the Outcast forum, don't remember) with the same issue. It's not like "OMG, so useless, Tara sucks", it's a limitation with which I have to deal with. Sometimes is not worth it to end a fast condition to make a Void Wretch appear, some times your opponent doesn't allow you to give him any fast, or he just activates his miniatures once you give them fast.
  7. Here you have a comparison between summoner masters in the previous version: I really won't like that the lost interact, since they already come with many other different situations, it's only once per turn and usually requires a really high card. In 2/3 games with Tara, I wasn't able to use at least a summoned minion (and checking other people's experiences and battle reports, I wasn't the only one).
  8. Well, if they are within the bubble, you can do anything else or target someone else. What you really want with decay is taking advantage of the blasts and spread injured. Anyways, it was just an example on how to use it, and that many things can be achieved with it. If we're going to the details, Marshal is a hard counter for big hat (which I'm not complaining). I think that LJ is quite balanced, and actually is making me think about buying some more models and complete her crew (which I haven't played since the beginning of M2E), and I already have the Dead Marshals painted (when they could be played with Tara).
  9. I actually think that it works like this (thanks @Jingizu). But a rules clarification from @matt or @Kyle would be nice.
  10. Many masters have attack 2/x/x, go and check it. Since this trigger is going to be only once per turn, he should get at least another trigger apart from reposition, which I love, but some times I just don't want to reposition, which leaves the master with no options for triggers in his attack Still, with this scheme marker, we could still trigger a Bandido to do a free attack and use one of our beaters with Bandit Raid to target the same enemy. I'll test it tomorrow and come back with a report ASAP.
  11. Now you assure 1 scheme marker per turn, even failing (the trigger gets Inmediately), so by itself, he's going to be shooting at 6 with
  12. I face her twice, one with Som'er, and that decay with stat 5 made her won the game. She leaped on G&O to get in range, ss for free attack and then 2 decays in a two Bayou Gremlins. Result: 4 Gremlins dead, Som'er with injuried 2 and same for Lenny. Stat 5 is not bad, is standard, even for a master. If the enemy puts many miniatures together, that injured is nuts. Remember that there are masters with his main ability with stat 5 and they're still playable.
  13. Mmmm... Never though about it, but looks like you're right. If that's the case, I can see some use for 1 void wretch in my lists.
  14. @LexLock An 8ss model that is using his free action (that he wouldn't use other way), with one of those "useless " (4-5), and that can be useful for Scheme/Strategy, and that is charging + activate Parker next.
  15. On paper, Big Brain Brin can be worth to pay the +1ss tax. I'll play it the following weeks and I'll say something more about it.
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