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  1. I agree with @Maniacal_cackle. The crew is already tricky to put to work due to their interactions, having Lampads incorporeal wouldn't help. Also, from a fluff perspective they're literally corpses on fire Some trick with shielded like "if this model has burning at the beginning of its action it gains Shielded +1" could be interesting to justify their price. However, I would focus on giving them +1 Stat in the attack, Cremation and a new utility trigger. And I don't think that hanged should cost 9ss. They're in the sweet spot of many 8ss minions. Although that Atuned looks like too much of a gift
  2. I just played yesterday against Titania and I was looking at the app to see which incorporeal/unimpeded models I could add, even paying the tax. I ended up seriously considering adding a Hanged. I'm playing again this weekend and I'll try, but those people look good on paper for 8ss.
  3. I found that 1 Bokor is enough, but I bring Sammy too for the card draw and all the utility that she brings for 7ss. Alphonse is really good in my opinion. Well, actually he just plain good, but we don't have a better beater that is tanky in keyword, so there isn't much to compare to. I would take him only if you're ditching the Pigapult o you need the extra mobility or Toss. I'm not a big fan of Taxidermists, since they're too squishy, and vs elite crews, they can't do much. You're paying a 10ss minion (with the Inferiority Complex) that is just plain bad against anything that a) Can use soulstones b) Any other 9-10ss beater in the game. If you're going to face a crew that relies mostly on low cost minions (under 8ss) maybe having 2 is worth, but otherwise, they're just hunters of support models. So, my advice, drop Sparks for Sammy and bring Alphonse instead of one of the Taxidermists win Inferiority Complex. You'll go up to 4ss to use during the game, in order to keep Sammy and Alphonse alive longer. I would remove 1 Bokor and keep the spot open to adapt to the scenario and terrain, considering the following models: Akaname: Provides corpses to create a Stuffed Piglet in turn 1/2. It's the only model that you can launch with the Pigapult and drop a scheme marker. Lightning Bug: Is a good scheme runner, being able to drop 2 scheme markers on a turn. Can deal a reasonable amount of damage against the right targets thanks to the irreducible. Worst case scenario, you launch him with the Pigapult and let him die for 3 unavoidable damage in a pulse. Situational heal too. Swine-Cursed: Load him up in Glowy turn 1 and 2. Throw him with Alphonse and see him start the apocalypse thanks to his 3 actions + Frenzied Charge + Rampage or Onslaught triggers. Take into account that is a 1 shoot missile most of the time. Gracie: She's tanky and she can move Wong around. What else do you need? Burt Jebsen: Probably a Taxidermist is tougher than him, but he's a fast scheme runner that can put some damage while dying. And he's the coolest guy in the Bayou and he's Wong's cousin after all
  4. No, you don't miss Reva, you have to move less than the maximum. You charge 4" with the Shieldbearer on the Draugt, pushing him 2" (he's already 2" away) so he'll get burning +1 and still on the range of the pulse. I'll try to show it with pictures.
  5. It depends if I can afford to start bunched up at the beginning or not and depends on my list. I put the GST on the Lampad, so he can survive longer after using his Demise. Depending on the Schemes I would bring a Gravedigger or not (it depends if I'm bringing more Living or Undead too, so their presence is situational). Ideally: Corpse Candle move-move. Draugr charge Corpse Candle + concentrate. Restless spirit drop corse + walk + walk/concentrate (shielded to Draugr) Lampad move, concentrate and blasphemous ritual Shieldbearer charge Lampad/Draugr (go only for the 2" push, not the 6") + blasphemous ritual + shield slam again or concentrate At this point you should have almost everyone with 2 Focus. Maybe you'll need to make small adjustments regarding terrain and positioning, like activating Vincent first (protective spirits, walk + concentrate). Remember that Reva is Sz 3, so easy to see for the Blasphemous Ritual pulse. Also, the Lampad and Gravedigger's base size is 40mm, which makes it a bit easier to get those pulses affecting everyone important (Reva > Vincent > Draugr/Any other beater > Shieldbearer > Lampad). If you bring 3 Blasphemous Ritual, it really becomes trickier and just try to give the +3 focus on 3-4 models, or it will become too complicate and you won't position as much as you need to be ready to score in turn 2-3.
  6. This event is postponed due to the COVID-19 spread and the measures taken by the government. I'll reschedule it as soon as possible.
  7. Mourners are not close to be bad. They bring a corpse for easy Blasphemous funeral in turn 1. They can force enemies to defend on a against Reva's feed on grief and most importantly, they're good at scoring you many schemes with their "Mourn the Dead". I haven't try them in GG1, but they've score me many points in GG0 for all the schemes that required scheme markers close between them or close to an enemy/terrain.
  8. The 6ss slot is already crowded. Plus setting your crew on fire turn 1 is easy, you only need to kill 1 Corpse Candle and walk through one of the 2 pyre markers you will have at that point (which you were already going to do in turn 1). If you want more burning, you can use the Lampad free action and you'll have around 6-10 burning in different models turn one. The problem is to keep the burning working after that turn. Asking to change a model from 8ss to 5ss is a complete redesign. Take into account that all keywords and factions will be (most likely) receiving new models every year, so there is no point in trying to change completely a model.
  9. Corpse Candles Are fine, I wouldn't touch anything on them. Vincent I like him. It's not an always pick, and he shouldn't be. In the future we'll have more henchmen/henchwomen for the keyword. The only change I'll make is to drop Rapid Fire for Run and Gun or Agile for Nimble, since I agree with that he kind of feels like a turret when he really needs to move. But I really dislike you other changes regarding him @Da Git Draugr The simplest solution for me would be change the HtW for HtK, so it will make them more durable. Otherwise, bump their cost to 8ss and add one of the following: +1 Wd + HtK +1 Wd + 1Df Remove Cremation* on them. Lampads There are mainly 2 choices for them: Keep being a tanky model at 8ss that reliable hits someone or drop the cost to 7ss and being an "elite" scheme runner. 8ss HtW Stat 6 in Flaming Fury Gain Cremation* Dancing in the Flames: Change the "when resolving a Walk action" to "Once per turn, when this model moves", so it ca be triggered with Hovering Flame. Extra trigger in one of his attacks: This model gains the Burning condition at the same value as the target. 7ss -2 Wd Gain Cremation* Extra trigger in one of his attacks: This model gains the Burning condition at the same value as the target. I don't want them on 6ss, we already have Shieldbearers, Mourners and Gravediggers for that cost. Cremation* It should be a free action, that require between a 3 and 5 depending on the model. Same effect as now, but with 2 triggers: Surge: This model draws a card. Protective Spirits: This model gains shielded. Vincent could still keep his trigger in addition to one of the other two: / Shifting Terrain: Push the marker up to 4" in any direction.
  10. Preconstructed is fine, PVC would prevent me to buy it
  11. I'll have to disagree with this part. Tricksy looks like a really good pick. They have killing potential and sturdy models that will only give 1 point when dying, while being super annoying due to pit traps.
  12. We're not part of USA, but in case any of you guys are willing to make a quick trip to the North, I'm going to leave this here... Btw, any events in Vermont or New Hampshire? I'm always willing to travel up to Machester/Nashua area
  13. More info about the tournament and updates in the following FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2741349195912982/
  14. With Stat 5, you're not going to be hitting those blast reliable. I usually stack 2-3 focus on the Lampad turn 1 and I never hit a severe for the damage. It's also true that I usually use the severes I draw in more important models, so unless it comes in the straight damage flip (hitting with focus) I won't get it. With Mei Feng is easier, first because of mobility, stat 6 and being a SS user. Is it nice when it happens? Yes, does, but it's anecdotal based on how often it happens and taking into account all the setup (and your opponent failing to position well). Lampads should have better defenses, but specially, any of their attacks needs a bump to Stat 6 at the very least (ideally better triggers). @Wintergloom Vicent is a nice pick, in the proper situations. Ignoring Incorporeal, HtW and Friendly Fire makes him really good vs certain crews, but definitely is not a must pick. IF the Crossbow had a trigger with to take the Cremation action, then he would make it to the 80-90% of my lists instead of the current 40-60%.
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