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  1. Good ol' Brewie can be a pain in the ass, specially if it's your first game facing him, but once you get him figured out, it's easy to take down. Bring Johan/Johanna! His/her condition removal is going to be great against any condition-based crews. Then go for the small targets/support pieces first and the crew starts to fall apart. They basically have 2 models that actually do damage with certain level of consistency: Brewie and the Golem (could be the name of a southern country rock group lmao). Abominations and/or Desolation Engines can be good models to shut down the healing of that crew in order to set up the kill for tough targets. I'm glad to see you enjoying this great faction
  2. Then his will humiliate Seamus shooting. With those changes that you're suggesting he could easily get a 4/6/7 damage track + focus for 1 damage. Then he definitely should cost 10ss.
  3. And then the Lampad is killed because is on the middle of the table and has Df4/Wp5, and you have to use the Pyre to bring him back, so all that setup for nothing (trolling here)
  4. I said with Ophelia, with Strike Team. Also, you can easily bump him to focus 4-5 in turn 1 if you pay for 12 cups of coffee, which helps with his Sniper ability.
  5. With the card draw in keyword and in faction, is never a problem. He can also (in an ideal world with a deck full of masks) make 6 shoots/turn without counting Obeys with Ophelia.
  6. I just can't avoid comparing him to Rami LaCroix, and the second one is way better than Hans. Looks like Hans has a extra 1-2ss cost to justify those 8Wds that are not really important for his profile. I think that Rami could stay how he is right now, while the other 2 sniper characters (Hans and Angel Eyes) could at least lose 1 Wd to drop their cost by 1ss.
  7. I though about bringing him many times vs Guild pre-errata in order to stop the rider with the only stunned in faction, but I always found better choices for 8ss. He can get any suit, by discarding a card. Except Parker and Jack (for what I've read about it), Outcast is a faction that has to treasure their cards. Other models have Tools for the Job, which allows you to cycle, gives you the suit and doesn't even cost you a : action. And then, there's Bishop, that gains the suit because he's cool AF
  8. So, I love the new sculpt, but I find his profile quite lackluster for an 8ss model. I'll be happy if anyone can probe me wrong or tell me in which scheme pools / keywords is a good pick. Am I the only one that feels that he should have a printed "Bounty Hunter" ability or receive some sort of buff? (Or just drop 1 wound and become a 7ss model). Also the "Warning Shot" with Stat 5 for who's supposed to be the best sniper in the game (I'm sorry Rami, but it should be like this) seems ridiculous? I only play Tara, Parker, Hamelin and Leveticus. I tried to fit him a couple of times with Tara and Hamelin, since he doesn't bring anything to the other two. However, I always prefer to go for something else. But maybe I'm missing something regarding the other keywords.
  9. Definitely! I think Reva herself shouldn't be touched or he can become too strong easily. But currently, I feel more inclined to hire OOK or versatile models than to invest SS on half-efficient models like Draugr, Lampads, Mourners and Vincent. Restless Spirit is okay and Shieldbearers, even if they're a bit under the curve, they're playable. Wanyudo is good.
  10. You can do the pulse with an upgrade or with a Gravedigger, so they're not that much needed for that. I'm not saying they're bad, but definitely they're not the top of the 6ss minions. Rabble Risers are good at 1 thing: killing and force the opponent to deal with them, while being decently resilient for their cost (and summonable). 2 Attacks with focus or 2 regular attacks and 1 with focus each turn is something that the opponent has to take into account, even if the damage track is nothing impressive (specially having the Quick Reflexes trigger, which I didn't count on my math). Drowned mobility gets compensated by ignoring Severe and Hazardous terrain and being able to shoot. They actually have a longer thread range of 12" vs 11" of the shieldbearers. Bone Piles and Dead Doxys are good models, but maybe not as good as the others I mentioned.
  11. No they're not, some examples of models that are better for the same cost due to their utility/tankiness/damage. Nurses Drowned Rabble Risers Undergraduate Ahigarus are arguably better, they cost 1ss less and they can be summoned.
  12. I don't know which one would be better. I don't want them to have a "big buff", so I would be fine with whatever is worse between Df5 and 6Wds. Otherwise, they could go to cost 5. Regarding Draugrs, I already said it many times, they're easy to take down before any healing can happen, so they could have HtK instead of HtW and gain The Final Veil. Lampads need to have Stat 6 and better (or printed) triggers in at least one of their attacks and some burning/shielded/corpse interaction.
  13. I've played them a couple if times, snd if you manage to keeo Sparks alive, you can pull some really nice tricks. For Healing, nothing better than a Spit Hog. Also remember that with Reversed Pull-arity you can move Pit traps through the enemy models. The main problem of the list is that you don't generate enough Scrap to benefit that much from them and you don't have enough Pit Traps, since the only one that generates them is Mah. I like this list: Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Mah Tucket Totem(s): The Little Lass Hires: Big Brain Brin Mechanized Porkchop Sparks LeBlanc Test Subject Survivor Survivor 2 Bushwhacker
  14. That's a huge point investment on a 5Wds model. Actually we think that shieldbearers are good only because the rest of the Revenant minions suck. But having Df 4, and cost 6, they should have 6 Wds.
  15. I'm looking forward to record my games But so far I've only played one and it was already recorded by the other player ( @Scoffer )
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