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  1. Mah can do pretty well. Make sure to bring 2-3 Bushwhakers and threat Yan Lo (if we're talking about "Gokudo replaces turn 1") and threaten the Gokudo, They ignore cover from "Face in the crowd" and you will need a moderate with crit strike (or a severe) + another shot. You need to kill him in a single activation, so make sure you have the cards. Yan Lo spends turn 1 just setting up his "combo", so just don't allow him to do it for free, put pressure on him as fast (and as hard) as possible.
  2. Actually, Guild is performing quite nice in competitive evens in GG1. Being Nellie, LJ, Hofman and (ofc) Dashel the most successful ones.
  3. He doesn't even need to use them, the fact that he can use them is what forces decisions on the other player, since he can't know if he's going to be able to kill Toshiro, even if his whole hand are severes.
  4. Seamus has an impact from master select. That gun means that the opponent won't be bringing high cost minions&enforcers that can be oneshot by him, and that's already big. He's good as scheme running, but being able to kill most of the 8-10 Wds models with 2 actions is something to take into account. Secret passage + Gun + Carge + A cause for celebration = 1 model dead and Seamus out of danger. Once he does that 1-2 times, he can just go score some points. The Whisper is almost mandatory on him, in order to prepare the attack and get 1 card back.
  5. Ashes and Dust? Coppelius? None of those is a henchman. Fingers?! Please, if someone wants Fingers dead, he will die without much problems. Toshiro is slow? What about Motresor then? Toshiro can have a big impact on the game while not even being in combat. Mv 5 is not slow, and both Yan Lo and Reva have plenty of ways to get him in the center without even need to walk a single time. He actually provide a lot of action efficiency with Daimyo's Gift. Ashigarus doesn't even need Take the Hit to be great defense pieces (2" melee range + Extended reach). Ashigarus have Armor + HtK and they bas
  6. The combo is in a couple of posts already. You basically activate Toshiro, kill him and then bring him back with a Gokudo that gets replaced, so can activate again and summon another Ashigaru. Toshiro is too resilient for a 9ss model + all that he brings (probably the toughest 9ss model in the game). Neither with Reva or Yan Lo is ever going to fall behind and in any case, you can bring the rider or some lures. With Reva is going to be very weird that you don't have 3 Ashigarus by turn 3 and with Yan Lo you can have them in turn 2. They're amazing to take care of Symbols and they're
  7. Toshiro has 10Wds, Df5, Wp 6, Terrifying 11 and HtW. He's also a Henchman. He can take damage way over his cost + do a lot of support. I would honestly prefer Toshiro to keep his current point cost and lose 1 Wd + Ashigarus coming with 1Wd. I really don't like a bunch of models of the same keyword costing 9-10ss. I think that the 10ss cost should be something "exceptional", to represent the best of the best within keyword.
  8. If Toshiro gets nerfed, that's going to be a big hit for Reva. Unless they make Lampads and Vincent actually playable.
  9. If there's a busted Rider, that's the Arcanist's for sure (although the Dead R. could see that "ultimate" having a "not cheatable damage flip"). I honestly don't think that Yan Lo is busted outside Toshiro, he is nuts for 9ss. However, Albus definitely needs some "fine tuning". Congrats on your position! I do agree with you, if they come with their Arcanists' big guns (Colette/Sandeep), bring Von Schtook and make it an (almost) fair fight.
  10. 1 attack/turn with the pigapult (since you need to get some glowy first, and basically the almost only way is with Wong's free action). There are the lightning bugs too for the irreducible at range, but it's a attack that does not ignore cover/concealment, but they are quite bad in GG1 and 5ss for a Df5/Wp5/Wds5, that don't have an engagement range. Dashel would have been a great pick for Leylines, and when you have 1 executioner in your face in turn 1 (2 in turn 2), Wizz-Bang has nothing to to against that.
  11. I was going to play Wong in game 2, but I got paired with Guild, the faction that is a straight hard counter for him (LLC and No Prisioners). I was also afraid of having a Dashel and that would have been gg in turn 2, so I played the conservative option (still a lose, due to becoming greedy for the 2 assassinate points on LJ instead of killing her, and I had the cards in hand to do so). Wizz-Bang has 3 models that are decent: Bokors, Alphonse and Sammy. Two of them are just better with almost any other master, specially the ones that are dual keyword.
  12. Alphonse, the new Wong's hechman is barely bigger than Olivia, her totem. He's supposed to be size 3 (and grows up to size 4) while Olivia is size 1.
  13. We have a box of different Gremlins riding different creatures. I would like to see some crew related to that
  14. I'm fine with Alphonse design, but the size is ridiculously small.
  15. Yep, I was also quite disappointed, I was expecting it maybe a bit smaller than "The Night Mare" (alt Old Major), but there's a big difference.
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