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  1. But those are going to be the a very low % of the models, so it doesn't justify the price for the upgrade, specially not in the Gunslingers, since they don't want to be within 6" of the enemy when they can be at 12" (so you will only take advantage of the focus part).
  2. Wanted criminal for what? You'll never walk with him, so no focus for free. You really don't want to use the "Expert Thief" when you can use your gun. Protection Money is good, but is way better on Parker. Don't get me wrong, I think that both are situational. But usually I don't see the point of bringing 2 Gunslinger instead of 1 and Sue. To get the max from Grit, you have to go all in with Sue, ofc. And with walk the line, it's about timing. You always want Mad Dog to be on his half life for that nasty SS + Appraise + marker removals + I've struck SS if possible. Also is awesome for some schemes.
  3. ShinChan

    Emissary issue

    Strongly disagree. First of all, it has Manipulative, Df 6 and Wp 6, which is really good as defensive tech. The attack with more range from all the Emissaries, a LOT of healing, a push + scheme marker that is awesome for schemes/strategies and it can get you some SS.
  4. The summoning pool most likely will be increased in future releases. So I don't won't the Nothing Beast to be summonable, I totally agree with @noob During the beta, we had to fight a lot to put Aionus where he is now (he got buffering and the unbury someone getting pass tokens and +1Mv). I actually don't like him, because is tax that you have to pay in order to make sure that your summons see the table. He dies way too easy and lets be honest, his damage is ridiculous as well as his thread range. Burying is nothing like M2E, so you can't count on having someone buried that you want/can kill with Aionus. The Void Hunters are quite resilient and can put some damage, so don't underestimate them as beaters. And even if we can't summon beaters, you can field the Nothing Beast and Talos (make sure you bring some movement trick for him), which hit like a truck.
  5. Sue for me is the "tank". In addition, he's a great target for those Rams that you're not going to use for anything else, putting him to 4/5/6. His Walk the line is going to be most of the time on Mr Brackett, which is better than the Chain Gang most of the times, specially since you want Mad Dog to be below his maximum health. So in one activation, you'll probably be drawing to cards and shooting one for damage 3/4/5. If you really want him with fast, you can go with the Dead Outlaw or the Student in conflict. You could even use the Malifaux Child to Drop a Scheme marker and copy Walk the line, which would be like giving him fast. I don't like the Dead Outlaw option, because you're spending a 6ss model action in giving an 8ss model an action... Not really worth it in my opinion. I prefer the Student, because at least you get a useful free action. Dead Outlaws are only useful when you're facing a heavy summoner or someone that gives upgrades around. And in those cases, you still have to bring 2 to make them worth it. The Gunslingers are good, and definitely are better at killing, but the enemies are not going to stay far away from you while you shoot them, they're going to try to kill/tarpit you or get good cover/concealment. Also, there are plenty of beaters with a huge mobility (or being carried by the Riders), so you better have someone that can hold Archie (as an example) for a turn. Of course, if you're facing someone with a lot of , and I'm not talking just about Perdita/Ophelia, it can be: Sonnia, Som'er or even Lady Justice, you're bringing Machete and Jesus (one is Danny Trejo and the other one really looks like Jesus, so that's how I call them lol) The pseudo-obey you already have it with the Bandidos (in a worse version, yes, but still nothing that's really going to matter that much). I agree with you, Malifaux Child best use is not copying the good Doctor's ability. Pride is really good, but you really don't feel it that much, because you opponent won't be cheating that much when he's around. So it's not what he does, is what your opponent is not doing. Specially good against crews that work in a bubble (Som'er, Ironsides, Hoffman...). The Prospectors are really good. Are worse version of the Soulstone Miner. In a good turn, he provides you a lot of scheme markers (even 1 enemy one, if you're lucky) and on a bad turn, at least he gives you a SS. Barbados and Hans: I never find them really useful. I've never used Barbados, but on paper I thing we have better choices. Hans is very situational, and I usually want more Bandits. I think that Benny can actually work decently, but you have to build your list around him. The Bayou Smugglers are a no go to me (not in Bandits, not in Bayou). I can't see any reason to hire them instead of a Prospector, Dead Outlaw or a Bandido. I would go with the Student of Conflict before them. And it's a shame, because mine are amazingly painted and I always try to find a spot for them. Come on Wyrd, they don't even have a rifle! (Even if the models have it). 120% garbage.
  6. ShinChan


    Definetly Wong is not a good option for Reckoning, unless... You make the baseball team! Couch: Wong Couch assistant: Olivia Bernard Star Pitcher: Alphonse Leblanc + TTC Secondary Pitcher: Pigapult Ball Boy: Taxidermist Ball Boy: Akaname Ball: Lucky Emissary Water Boy: Lightning Bug Is it going to work? I don't think so. Does it have a chance? Maybe. The idea is simple. You throw stuff at your enemy, the more the better. You through 2 stuffed piglets in turns 1 and 2 if you can, and then 1 more each turn. What the hell?! You even throw that Lightning Bug once he's full of tokens. You Star Pitcher is Alphonse, and his best ball is the Emissary. If you're in troubles, I would even throw the Pigapult!
  7. Wong vs Sandeep Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes (we both pick the same): Deliver a message and Power Ritual Final Result: 7-7 Wizz-Bang Wong - TTC Olivia Big Brain Brin Sammy Lacroix Burt Jebsen Swine-Cursed Gatreaux Bokor Lightning Bug Flying Piglet Cache: 3ss Academic Sandeep Banasuva Kudra Akarya Kandara Shastar Vidiya Guard Oxfordian Mage Soulstone miner + Magical Training Steam Arachnid Swarm Cache: 3ss I took the TTC on Wong, mainly because Assassinate was on the pool, but also because in a previous game with Wong, I wasn't able to score Power Ritual since he was unable to see through a small shitty wall to drop the scheme marker with "Launch into Space", so not happening again. Also, I feel more confident throwing him into the battle like that, since he can't be charged + that magic Squeal. BBB was a must, a bit slow, which make him arrive too late to where he should have been, but that extra card in hand is just a must. In addition, the whole crew is very "tomes-hungry", so Calculate the possibilities was fundamental. It was a difficult match, since my opponent was drawing more cards than me, thanks to Kandara. But she's just too difficult to kill, so I move on and tried to keep doing my missions. Burt Jebsen did his best, dying in turn 2 after the Seam Arachnid Swarm activation with 2 Onslaught triggers (the 4th attack wasn't even necessary). The Swine-Cursed got a lot of attention, and was close to die (1 wound left) a couple of turns. In one turn, I had to use up to 7 glowy tokens to keep him alive, but with the Lightning bug and the Bokor healing him every turn, he manage to survive and kill the Steam Arachnid Swarm (getting a bunch of explosives, since the Swarm had 2 extra from Burt), kill the Oxfordian mage and even Banasuva. He scored me the the Strategy in turns 4 and 5 and he also got the 2nd point of deliver a message. I would like to say that he was the real MVP, but I think they were the Lightning Bug and the Bokor, by healing him every turn. On my last turn, the Swine-Curse was Obeyed by the Bokor, hit by Wong to get fast and Obeyed again by BBB in order to achieve the last strategy point and the second point of Deliver a Message. The Flying Piglet did its job, it dropped an strategy marker (that later would be removed by the Shastar Vidiya Guard, and it even manage to deliver a nice message to Sandeep (Oink!). The F Piglet and the Vidiya Guard looked at each other in one of the corners of the table, I though he was dead at that point, but my opponent had to choose between scoring for the Strategy dropping an explosive marker or killing my pig. He choose (wisely IMHO) to drop the marker, so next turn I cheated initiative to make him one of my priority activations and fly away, which later allowed me to score the first part of deliver a message. Sammy wasn't really worth it this game, but at least I scared my opponent with the Glimpse of the Void trigger. She made me draw 3-4 cards in the whole game. For future games, I want to try the Sammy + Porkchop + Burt + Swine Cursed bubble, with whom you can assure 1-3 cards draw every turn (until they start to die). I also missed some extra movement for Wong and I feel like most of my turns with him are the same: Turn 1: Launch into Space Fzzzap! Fzzzap! + Frightening Remember with Swine Cursed. Turn 2: Move Fzzzap! Fzzzap! Turn 3: Fzzzap! Fzzzap! Launch into Space Turn 4: Move/Fzzzap! Fzzzap! Launch into Space Turn 5 Here it really depends on what I can/have to do And even after all of that, he manages to put like 6-12 damage total in a whole game. The enemy splits, pass the duels (usually not that hard) and we only have a once per turn ability to bring them together, in one of the least resilient models (Olivia). The crew really needs a way to deliver Staggered, someone that can use the Glowy in the enemy (so the Fzzzap! from Wong don't become pointless), more abilities like "Perfect Timing" and Olivia really needs manipulative or something. She really needs to be close to the action, but dies way too easily. I've already played like 6-7 games with Wong since the final beta, and my feelings are that, even having a good pool of models, it lacks some consistency.
  8. I usually run 1, and in very situational matches 2. I've tried to give him the upgrade to gain Run and Gun, and it's worth it in my opinion, but I can not always pays those 2ss extra leaving enough SS for Lady Justice.
  9. What would happen with the resolution of Wong's Launch into the space then?
  10. But the wording is "it may draw a card", if it were supposed to be only 1 card no matter how many miniatures receive the damage, shouldn't it be something like this? "Once per Activation. When a friendly Wizz-Bang or Kin model within 6" suffers damage during a friendly activation, you/this model may draw a card". I see your point, but I see the possibility that every model that is damage during a friendly activation can get to draw a card, but only once per activation. Maybe I'm just overthinking it but I would appreciate a FAQ regarding this
  11. All this cades is always regarding the model that uses/has the ability/trigger/whatever. So it's a scheme marker that belong to the opponent.
  12. For 8ss, I would go with Sue instead of Hans at any time. You can easily go to minimum 4, similar thread range and more or less the same utility. In addition, he can easily tank a beater for a turn (while giving him Burning +3/+4)
  13. Infamous have some nice stuff to deliver Mancha in position, from Iron Skeeter with Tactical Trench Coat, to Gracie.
  14. I know it's bad logic but it what makes sense to me. Also the paragraph you're quoting talks about markers, not a model in top of a marker. As stated in the p16, sight lines can't cross a model's base and sight lines can only be blocked by models of terrain. So IMHO it's quite "twisting" the rules what you said.
  15. There is a rule that specifies that a model of a base size of 30mm on top of a marker of the same size, still allows to draw LoS to the marker. So from my point of view is common sense that if a model with base size 40mm is on top of a 30mm marker, then nobody can draw LoS to that marker.
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