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  1. Germania

    List Ideas

    2- Adeo ( hovering, memory) 4- Fenton (uncanny, arcane, hovering) 8+3- hydra (snapping, splitting tail, fast regen) 16- Warped x2 3- Flaming Rhino 1- Doomseekers 1- Broken I figure this company will try to max portal generation with tactics. As such I tried to include several card draw mechanics to keep my hand decent and cycle cards that I need. As I'm moving units through the portals the doomseekers will pull them back allowing them to reposition where they need to go. Pretty sure that 5 move for the hydra will need to get more specific rulling otherwise I'll try to bounce it off portals during its 10inch non gloried move. I will passively be reinforcing squads as they move into/out of combat as well with 2x hoverings. broken are there to just tie stuff down trying to get to the doomseekers and can support card draw. I'm curious how it will play on table top so def need to try it out.
  2. Germania

    Cult Stratagems

    I will need to see the rules for how movement through portals gets hashed out and potentially disengaging my moving through portals because I feel like with The Approaching Convergence played like twice you van really really start getting stuff where ever you need it etc. Feel like that in concert with a warped heavy company and the master that manipulates portals can get mean pretty quick.
  3. Germania

    Greetings From Tennessee

    I asked about this recently when I moved there. I NE of Nashville. I know there are players in Nashville and a henchmen but I wasn't around long enough to get into the group. Unfortunately work has me out of the area until around June. After I get I get back I'd love to help build up the community.
  4. Germania

    Hateful Darkblack Parker Tutorial

    Yea really though. Thanks for all the tutorials you do. It helped me out a ton when I started playing malifaux/outcasts
  5. Germania

    Aionus with Tara

    I've used him with Tara only a few times. When he did eventually shine was through his scheme manipulation and support my scheme runners. In my experience on the flank with the cheaper runners is where the discard fast comes into play as the cards I was chucking were low. He can then tie up their scheme runners or anything they send to get yours. The biggest thing was flipping those schemes. That pulse is amazing in schemes like convict labor where you can effectively remove several AP worth of work for your opponent with a single AP (that you can stone in as required). What I really want to try now is in a pool that has detonate the charges and pulse their scheme markers over and detonate them (but that might be living the dream, but a guy can hope). He hasn't really done too much damage persay I used him more for his other abilities.
  6. Germania

    Bishop ? ?

    I'll admit I'm a newer player but I recently played in a tournament with Tara vs The Dreamer. Fast bishop killed well pretty much everything (which was unfortunate as he was my frame for murder). Being able to flurry twice is a LOT of attacks. Or charge and flurry. He single handedly cleared half the board