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New Malifaux Crews.. The beginning..


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I just got most of my first order in, so now I am working on making some custom bases to make molds of. I will post pics of the bases as soon as I get the first molds done.

Right now just a pic of my Loots!!!!


After the bases are finished, I will start posting my painting progress here.

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My OCD/Completionist tendencies have kicked in. I will have the entire collection within another month or 2, I guess. But, right now, I need to get started on the minis and throw some paint around :)

And nilus.. there is more Guild in the pic, just not boxes. I have the Executioner (who could pass up the big belly?)

My favorites in order (and order of most minis bought so far)

Neverborn!! I like them all but wish I could effectively include all of the hideous beasts and little children together.

Resurrectionists! Who could pass up necromancy and Zombies! Top that with a Chihuahua and Zombie Prostitutes... wow doesn't get much cooler. Really torn on whether or not these guys are gonna be more loved than the Neverborn models.

Outcasts.. Leveticus and Rusty Alyce! Heck Yeah!! The Viktorias, Desolation engine, Swamp Gremlins!! and just random cool minis like Taelor and the Convict Gunslinger guy... very nice.

The Arcanists (Colette) is for my wife. She loves that little crew! I thought she was gonna go for Rasputina or Pandora, but I was wrong.

I'm currently making some bases that are kinda sewers..kinda swamps, I'm hoping they come out good enough to mold them.

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Well, I have not painted a mini yet, but I have some cleaned up and prepped to go forward. In the meantime, I was working on my basing ideas for the Neverborn and here are some shoddy pics.



The idea is the checkerboard tiles that have been broken through and the seething chaos underneath is revealed. I will add various other thing to indiviualize the bases after I cast them. The things I will add, will be tentacles, dolls, playing blocks for children and other toys etc. of course there will be blood spatter on the tiles too when painted :)

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Ok... good news and bad news.

Good News: I have made molds for my own bases and they came out great.



I have had to run a pin up the middle of the Sorrows. The metal was bent and when bent back to chape, it seemed quite flimsy. I cannot bear the thought of a mini snapping in half after painting it etc.... so I pinned them and then GSed over the pins. Now they are darn tough.


I also have been working on some tidbits like dolls and children's blocks and a little hobby horse for the bases.




Bad news:

I am going to try to get as much as I can done in the next few days, but on December 9th, I go into surgery for a rather complicated Cancer removal that may leave me on the uncomfortable side of dead or possibly maimed to a degree or whatnot. I have had a simpler surgery for cancer 2.5 years ago where they cut out some redundant organs (a kidney and such) so I am no stranger to the pain/treatments etc etc, but it wasn't this dangerous last time around :( . No worries though! I have the strength of twenty men even on a bad day. ;)

Sooooo... anyways, wish me luck! If I make it, I will certainly produce some disturbing miniature ideas while in my post surgery drug haze :P (There is an upside to everything! Am I right?)

Needless to say this will in one way or another delay further updates after the 9th :(

All in all I think my mental image of the way these Neverborn should be represented is really coming together. I am also slightly converting Pandora to have longer hair (which will be a dirty blonde/light brown) and I have the idea that tentacles should come from the box instead of the standard glowy/fire-ish image. I am almost done with the Greenstuff work on her.

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