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  1. Nighthater: I have been miniature gaming for many years and just have tons of bits and zombie sprues etc. I also have friends that have just as much and we trade all the time. I basically have more minis for more games than I could ever play or paint.
  2. Been gone a long time. Just dealing with illness and life in general. GenCon pics and some other gamers in local area finally getting into Malifaux has me all psyched up again. Below are some WiP pics. A bar for a saloon. A two story building in progress and a buncha rezzers are primed up and ready.
  3. I completely screwed myself. I just ordered over $200.00 in product and forgot to separate it into 2 orders to get 2 Miss Ery. Durp! I can't think of anyway to have a "do-over" lol
  4. Wow! I love those robe colors on Yan Lo! just amazing! These all look great but the green robe just looks awesome to me.
  5. OK, a little scenery progress and a sample WIP of Misaki/Ten Thunders crew. Going for a yellow look, but may have to change the blue. I'm not a fan on how that blue is looking with the yellow. a 3"x3" jail cell that can be removed from the jail building and used separately.
  6. Holidays and a sidetrack with painting a Ten Thunders crew for a friend that wants to join Malifaux have kept me behind schedule. That and my 4 year old got ahold of my camera :-/ I should be back on track this weekend and have a few pics up.
  7. Thanks Wings. I never even thought about the handles looking like safety scissors. I had just painted them like that to tie it into the colors on the other models. Now that you mention it though... I'll take credit for thinking of such a neat idea !!! I painted these a long time ago (2010) and I hope that I have not lost my touch as I'm painting my Rezzers now and promised my wife that I would paint up the new 2E version of Pandora and crew for her. I'm not sure If I will go with the same basic color scheme or not for the new Pandora. Any ideas of an alternate scheme or should I use the same???
  8. Certainly a unique color scheme. I like how well they look as a cohesive crew. I'm also very impressed with the white. I was working on white for my Nurses and I can't seem to get it looking nice like yours. What armor wash do you use?
  9. Hah! I'm of a mind to just re-sculpt the whole darn model for Hungering Darkness. Your googly eyes look like they belong there but the model just seems to be lacking straight out of the box no matter what is done. The tongue also looks like it belongs there too. Seems you have done the best that I have seen on this model He looks like an insane Tadpole on steroids
  10. Killjoy looks great and I'm jealous that you have the Alt. Convict Gunslinger Model. Hamelin would be sorted out fine of you went back and re-highlighted his face and then sprayed a Matte finish on him in my opinion. Keep it up! The convict gunslinger thug is one of may favorite models ( I think I say that about all Wyrd minis.....) You did a good job on his jeans. The blue is just right and shaded/dirtied up well enough. The tanned look to his skin works fine with the shirtless-trash feel he has going on. The rest of the models just need a highlight on the skin tones and I think that would really take them up to another level.
  11. That Hamelin is incredible! Gotta love the weathering on the coat and the insane gleam in his eyes. You did the best work on the eyes that I have ever seen. It just fits the character so well. I love Hamelin because of his Dog Nix! I'm a Dog kinda person so Hamelin and McMourning are favorites . We need many , many more doggie scuplts !!
  12. I like the unifying color you have on each model. At least a tiny bit on each model really makes the crew seem like a 'crew" I think. What color is that ? the teal? I'm not certain of the color you used and don't know if the photo is distorting the tone of it but it looks like a teal to me. Just curious and I think it is a very nice color that "pops" for these models.
  13. Ahh... I have never thought of using an airbrush to put a tone over the whole model first. I must try this. I'm going to use the Ghoul Skin/Moldy Skin/Bloodless Skin triad from Reaper paints for all the skin on my Rezzers models. I'm not sure how Reaper paints act in an Airbrush though. I wish I had seen this before I worked out the color styles for my bases and the theme for my crews. I would have had to steal the purple-gray idea. It is just too awesome. I use a purplish gray in some models already with the Dark elf skin reaper triad, but it doesn't have the very nice purple look that you have attained here. Thanks for sharing your technique/idea.
  14. Ahh I found the old Pandora minis. I need to get the new Pandora and paint her, but here are the minions. I used the green/purple color scheme on these and a variation of the tiled floors with tentacles coming out which I thought was more fitting to Neverborn than the sludge and zombie hands of the Rezzers.
  15. Looking great. The contest mini is very nice. I like the technical paints from GW except the blood. I mix my own blood from Tamiya clear red with splotches of partially mixed in Vallejo smoke and it makes varying levels of red and dark red for splashes of blood and drying, sticky blood. A thing I do with washes (because I love using them too) is after the wash is dry, I come back with the original colors and highlight over the wash. It is a simple and fast step and makes the wash really work better IMO. Keep it up!
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