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  1. Everyone is invited to join us at the Brunswick Public Library for an extremely casual Wyrd gaming experience Saturday, October 30, 2021. The address is: 3649 Center Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212 in the Sycamore Room Time for the event will be 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The event is Free and will utilize a special Halloween inspired Scenario for Malifaux designed by our Henchman Organizer. Though the special scenario is designed for Malifaux, other Wyrd games such as The Other Side, Through the Breach, Darkness Comes Rattling, Bayou Bash, Puppet Wars, or Vagrant Song may be available for play or demo. Participants will receive a raffle ticket for each game and unique opponent they play. Participants may procure additional raffle tickets by coming in costume and or having fully painted crews. At the end of the event a Miss Hapen limited edition model will be raffled off to one lucky participant. While food will not be provided, participants may bring food, beverages, and candy as long as you clean up after yourself. We look forward to seeing you at Maliweenie.
  2. Extra, Extra, read all about it! Anti-Guild Pundit Polly Sagequid MD reports Governor General Marlowe’s Symbols of Authority challenged as the Guild Holding Facility in the Necropolis near Plagued Pit in the Warrens region of the Southern Quarantine Zone stated to be closed found to be still in operation. This illegal and inhumane prison is known to house political dissidents critical of Guild polices many on trumped up charges born by false witnesses. The discovery was made by two rival groups apparently working together to close the facility and free their comrades inside. We are told the first group was led by the woefully capricious Pandora and the other by the Ancient Jedza. Both groups worked to Outflank the other with the Neverborn attempting to Catch and Release personnel in a hostage exchange while Jedza’s folk countered with Bait and Switch tactics intended to draw them out. It was evident each group respected the others sphere of influence and seemed to agree to keep things somewhat peaceful so as not to obviate the message and attract a heavy handed Guild response. Using Ancient Words obtained from his Comprehensive Notes, Christopher “Ink Fingers” Tannenbaum was able to dispatch the Carver and Pandora after several rounds of dialogue. Austera and Twiggy were stunned by Sorrow after a Glimpse of the Insanity wrought by the Guild’s draconian laws. Rumors that the protest turned violent are nothing more than Guild propaganda intended to minimize the crimes being perpetrated within the facilities stone walls. Though we are told the young girl Candy did throw a Temper Tantrum fit to kill the Damned after thinking she had destroyed Jedza’s prized bull Sophie, things settled down after Jedza showed her the beast was un-dead. After a few rounds of peaceful protesting, one of Jedza’s Lamplighters experienced Antipathy and walked away, perhaps an Aversion to the misery inside drove their flight from the field. (Standings: TW 6, 1 Salted Territories; WM 6 Territories, 1 Salted) It would be moments later that an overwhelming force of Guild Guardsman reinforced with Riot Breakers and directed by unidentified Elite Division Personnel arrived to dispatch the two groups and secure the site. Given the Guild response it is unlikely either group will be able to muster the resources required to utilize the area for further protests. This is yet another example of Guild authoritarianism and oppression. When will the citizens of Malifaux City demand the closure of this facility and accountability for the criminal acts perpetrated within? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is Polly Sagequid MD asking the tough questions to rally the masses. The last bastion of independent journalism in the city, the Malifaux Sentinel reports an unprovoked attack on a small branch of the Guild Library system in the remote town of Cynthus, south of the Northern Hills. The library was established by the Guild Public Relations Department at the behest of the University of Malifaux and the Malifaux Museum of Natural History in an effort to catalogue the rare Flora and Fauna of the region. Its position along the fast moving Frostrun River has often been a boon for the largely academic population; allowing the cultivation of crops and somewhat reliable if not slightly dangerous transportation downriver. Today, however, we are told the river afforded the dread pirate Mary “Black Tongue” Bonnet an easy ingress into the remote village. Traveling up stream in an ancient Karve, a relic of a bygone age, the Black Tongue’s crew was set on pillaging the meagre wealth of the town and Corrupting the Ley Lines said to come to a nexus in the library’s Special Collections Repository. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how one looks at it, one time Visiting Professor of Zoology and Botany at the Malifaux University, Marcus attempted to thwart the raid with all manner of beast and wyld creature. We are unsure exactly why Marcus left his Mountain abode to visit the town but Guild Investigators are aggressively questioning the residents to root out an answer. Eyewitnesses report the two crews clashed after attempting to first Outflank one another before turning to more aggressive measures. Knowing her vessel had limited room, the Black Tongue employed a Catch and Release scheme to overcome Marcus’ plan of Letting them Bleed for a perceived territorial incursion. We are told that despite the presence of several large and rare species from Malifaux’s untamed lands, Marcus was driven back to his mountain home by a huge horde of Mary Bonnet’s crew of Mindless Zombies. (Standings: OH 6 Territories; SK 5 Territories) Though her mottled black and green Karve may have sailed on, residents believe she still lurks nearby, awaiting the absence of Guild security personnel. Who knows if she has completed her task in the Special Collections Repository in the Guild Library: what is known is that the Guild cannot indefinitely garrison guardsman in such a remote place when Malifaux City itself is under siege from so many subversive forces, striking wantonly at the infrastructure of stability and security. A representative from the Guild’s Public Relations Division, speaking on behalf of the Guild Guard, stated that assets from the highly successful Bounty Program will be directed toward apprehending the Black Tongue along with former professor Marcus who is known to harbor both Arcanist and Neverborn sympathies. For those under the Guild’s benevolent authority and protection, be happy you may bask in the beacon of civilization that is Governor general Marlowe’s leadership. This has been the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, the Malifaux Sentinel reporting.
  3. Extra, Extra, read all about it! The free and independent Malifaux Gazette, reports a vicious Neverborn attack deep in the Downtown district of the Little Kingdom. An eyewitness to the event tells us that the brazen attack originated from the Badlands north of Malifaux City and utilized a hidden, underbrush choked corridor in to the city through the Quarantine Zone to reach the Little Kingdoms unobserved. The target appears to have been the President of the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company, Mr. Yan Lo. Rumored to be a powerful Wu Jen with access to The Darkest Magics, Mr. Lo seemed to be on the back foot after his previous encounter with the Nephilim outside Jerome. Our source tells us that the two sides both attempted to Outflank the other by performing several complex Bait and Switch techniques. The result was Broken Lines amid a growing blood bath in the streets. Accurate fire from the Half Blood Angel Eyes coupled with an aggressive Malisaurus Rex proved too much for the wizened old importer to handle. Or perhaps, as our source intimates, it was the potential script that fresh Malisaurus bones can garner on the black markets in the Three Kingdoms earthside that caused Yan Lo to leave the Downtown are in favor of harvesting the beast. Credence is lent to our sources account by the Unending Fealty of the decrepit Daimyo Toshiro in slaying the creature and gathering its bones at Yan Lo’s request. (Standings: BC 7 Territories, 1 Salted; TF 2 Territories) It would appear the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company has suffered some rough setbacks in its bid to expand operations around Malifaux while the Neverborn are rallying. In other news, rumors of suspected arsonist and M&SU member Kaeris spread like Wildfire through the Guild’s Confidential Gremlin Informant system; indicating the task force’s booze incentive is appealing to the vermin. First spotted near the Carson “Temperance” Jebsen Center for the Development of the 3 R’s Guild Library in Gremlin’s Wharf, Kaeris stumbled upon an illicit transaction between disgraced Guild Coroner Dr. Douglas McMourning and an abnormally tall gremlin Taxidermist in a Ghille suit whose arms appeared to short for his frame, near one of the areas many Sewers. The facility is an attempt by Guild Officials in the Public Relations Department to “educate, civilize, and pacify” the burgeoning Gremlin population that calls it home. Our informant tells us it appeared McMourning was attempting to Assassinate Kaeris by Breaking Through both her lines and defenses with a pair of mounted escorts, one riding what appeared to be a unicorn and wielding a large Scythe and the other appeared to be a Centaur wielding a Filthy Spear. While undoubtedly the ramblings of a gremlin afflicted by Insectoxcin Poisoning, Zoologists from Duer’s Library are intrigued by the possibility of proving the existence of this ancient mythological cryptid. In response to McMourning’s bold assassination attempt, Kaeris worked to Outflank McMourning’s assemblage of Experiments by Breaking the Line. While the counter to the counter played out, we are told Kaeris was gravely injured during the exchange. Unleashing a swath of flame, she was carried off the battlefield by several Hidden Martyrs whose names elude us. Thankfully, and due in large part to the high humidity the area is known for, the Carson “Temperance” Jebsen Center for the Development of the 3 R’s Guild Library is safe and sound. Though Kaeris was forced out of the area, Guild Officials are concerned by the presence of Dr. McMourning giving his proclivity for poisons. (Standings: DD 7 Territories; JP 6 Territories) Though this reporter would welcome confirmation that Dr. McMourning’s assassination attempt was successful, rumors of the M&SU troubleshooter’s death are most assuredly false as she was spotted some time later by another gremlin informant fortifying some Ancient Ruins near the Bayou’s Edge. We are told by our source that the infamous Relic Hunter Lucas McCabe, no doubt lead to the site by the so-called Tannenbaum map stolen from the Guild’s Department of Antiquities and Relics, presented counterfeit Symbols of Authority over the site. Unsurprisingly, Kaeris also presented fraudulent Symbols of Authority for the site. No honor among thieves I suppose as the unscrupulous forger that created them had to know both parties had designs on the site and that there was a high probability they would eventually meet. But I digress, our little green informant reported that McCabe appeared to have a superior position engaging Kaeris from a concealing thicket while she attempted to Outflank the camouflaged Wastrels. A Breakthrough in the battle was made by an intrepid Rough Rider galloping forward with a Huckster in tow. Thanks to the Huckster spouting False Claims, McCabe was able to Detonate Charges set up by Kaeris to defend the site and chase her out of the area. We are told the explosives did not damage the Ancient Ruins and that McCabe was last observed hastily excavating the site. (Standings: JL 6, 1 Salted Territories; JP 5 Territories) This has been the free and independent Malifaux Gazette, reporting.
  4. We interrupt this aethervox broadcast of the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul.” to bring you this message from the Malifaux Enquirer, all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers. Violence continues to rock the Badlands south west of the city. Yan Lo, of the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company, was ambushed by a band of Nephilim led by their supposed queen, Nekima. We are told the usually reclusive Mr. Lo was escorting a particularly valuable load of red copper ore destined for the Three Kingdoms when the Nephilim launched their attack from near the copper camp of Jerome, a growing Pioneer Town and self-described “Wickedest City in the West” (http://azjerome.com/jerome/). It is believed the assault was an attempt to show Symbols of Authority over the area. The belligerents fought fiercely to protect their interests in the area while Claim Jumping the others stake. Nekima seemed set on Spreading Them Out while we are told Yan Lo, viewing the incident as an egregious slight, opted for a more deadly scheme of Letting them Bleed. After the initial shots fired by the Nephilim oddity that is Angel Eyes, Nekima moved forward in a Frenzied Charge to provide a more direct hand in the battle while a Mature Nephilim flew to secure an advantageous position. Her two “hound” escorts, based on descriptions provided by a miner these were a Corrupted Hound and the vile Blood Hunter, were eviscerated by Yan Lo’s Retainers. Never one to shy from a fight the armored behemoth that is Izamu Heroically Intervened to block Nekima from his master. Sadly, the Nephilim’s speed proved too much for Izamu to manage and Nekima was able to disengage from him and slay a Gokudo Reliquary bearer. Following a Treacherous Path, Yan Lo was able to force a Hayreddin from gaining any advantageous position. Unfortunately, this action left Mr. Lo exposed to fire from Angel Eyes, who completed a miraculous shot that we are told almost killed him. An agent of the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company has told us that this account is greatly exaggerated and that Mr. Lo was suffering from a mild Heat Exhaustion. According to the agent, Yan Lo is recovering at a lovely bath house in the Little Kingdom Downtown area. We wish him a speedy recovery. For the time being though, it appears any interest the Wing Kong had in Jerome has been usurped by the Nephilim. (Standings: CS 5 Territories; TF 3 Territories) Another Turf War occurred near some Ruins in the Canyon Diablo area of the Badlands. One time Guild treasure hunter and professional Wastrel Lucas McCabe was accosted by their Nemesis, Mercenary Viktoria Chambers, during a supposed authorized archeological excavation of the site. Acting at the behest of the Guild Department of Antiquities and Relics, the Chambers sisters Detonated Charges around some of McCabe’s heavy excavation equipment. Though we are told these were small targeted explosions by our source, they did cause both crews to Spread Out during the exchange. As the bullets started flying, an Intrepid Emissary from the Explorer’s Society attempted to show forged papers authorizing the dig to the Viktorias; and for his efforts was summarily executed. Bad luck seemed to plague the Wastrels, leaving a lot of Hidden Martyrs to cover the escape of Mr. Ngaatoro and one of the famed Rough Riders. So far no evidence of McCabe’s rumored death has been provided; however, a map stolen from the Guild Department of Antiquities and Relics was found at the site. The map, drawn by Mr. Christopher “Ink Fingers” Tannenbaum, contained privileged information about planned archeological digs by teams from Duer’s Library. The maps recovery will ensure these precious sites are not exploited by filthy tomb raiders bent on selling their finds to only the privileged few via the black market, but instead explored by qualified, trained, and vetted personnel in the Guild’s employ. Thankfully the Department of Antiquities and Relics is preserving and securing our history for the betterment of our great society and for all posterity. (Standings: MG 6 Territories; JL 5 Territories, 1 Salted) From the report submitted by the Viktorias for compensation by the Department of Antiquities and Relics, it would appear the fight with McCabe garnered the unwelcome attention of the Nephilim known to reside in the region. Stopping for the night in an ancient Necropolis, indicated on Tannenbaum’s map, the Mercenaries were set upon by a Nephilim pack led by Nekima herself. Though the attack was swift, the Viktoria’s crew were able to quickly respond to the onslaught of wings, teeth, and claws. We are told first blood went to a Ronin who slayed a Mature Nephilim in single combat. This is a huge testament to the martial skill of the Viktoria’s and their entourage. Sadly, in retaliation, Miss Deed was slain by Nekima and fed to a Young Nephilim who Relished in the Blood, growing to Mature size as a result. The blood bath would continue with each side trying to Break the Line of the others forces. Though there were a lot of Hidden Martyrs during the scuffle each side attempted to Catch and Release rather than fuel the blood rage that sustained combat often engenders. The conclusion of the Viktoria’s report indicates that despite slaying many of the Nephilim, we are told including Nekima herself, the Mercenaries were had to abandon the area to return Tannenbaum’s map to its rightful home at the Department of Antiquities and Relics. We look forward to the oddities that will likely come from the proper exploitation of these ancient sites by teams from the Duer’s Library Acquisitions and Collections Department. (Standings: CS 6 Territories; MG 5 Territories) This has been the Malifaux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reporting. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul.” Already in progress. An obvious Gremlin voices crackles over the aether. “Salvation comes in many forms…Some find it through good works…others through toil and sufferin. Ch’ever path the Lawd lays before you…rested assured…though it is natural to doubt, givin the sly words of the Son of the Mornin…Demon I cast thee out!...The Almighty won’t give you anything you can’t handle… and the lofty rewards of the eternal realm will be yours forever. Our next song comes to us from a lovely English trio ironically called Faithless. Titled Salva Mea, we trust you will find its deeper meaning hidden among the driving bass lines, electronic rhythms and spoken words. Without further ado here is Salva Mea…”
  5. The clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, the Tattler reports the Guild’s new Bounty Program already paying huge dividends. It appears the incentives are so generous that many criminal elements are racing to see who can profit the most from turning in their rivals. Two such examples occurred this weekend when the newly invested Oyabun for the Ten Thunders Crime Syndicate, Misaki Katanaka, attempted to strike at both the gunslinger Tara and the owner of the Star Theatre Colette Du Bois. An eyewitness to the first scuffle provided the following details of a brutal Turf War fought way out in the Bogs near the recently restricted Sunken City Archeological Site. Luring Tara to the Necropolis with rumors of wealth and arcane knowledge, Misaki intended to Out Flank her small group and Assassinate the Herald of Oblivion for the Guild Bounty. We are told 2 Katanaka Snipers and a Torakage were brought to ensure the mission was successful. Luck seemed to be on Misaki’s side, with incredible damage from accurate small arms fire bathing the battlefield in Red. What these Jokers didn’t count on was Tara pushing to Breakthrough the kill zone or having backup that seemed to coalesce From the Void. Determined not to allow her target to escape, Misaki waded through the fetid water to dispatch Tara personally. We are told this was all part of Tara’s gambit to Assassinate the Oyabun and claim her Guild Bounty. During the ensuing exchange, Misaki was able to deliver a Bisento strike that our witness assures us separated Tara’s head from her body. Unfortunately for Misaki, the brash attack left her dangerously exposed and Tara’s lurking Void Hunter avenged its master’s death. Despite the apparent death of both leaders, our witness tells us it was the Ten Thunders that left the battlefield; ceding control of the site to Oblivion. (Standings: LH 6 Territories; MN 4 Territories) If this report is true it would seem that more than just the bothersome Silurids are inhabiting the area this season. This reporter is sure that the Guild is marshalling forces as you read this in order to pacify and secure the area for continued scientific and anthropological exploitation. Though our source assures us they saw Misaki fall during the Sunken City scuffle, a confidential informant for the Guild Guard submitted a report that suggests the Oyabun still lives and was last seen frequenting the Slums near a Large Tavern owned by famed illusionist Colette Du Bois. Details were extremely sparse however, we do know the site is rumored to have Corrupted Ley Lines nearby and that Misaki planned to execute a Vendetta against the Showgirls at the behest of rival “entertainment” establishment owner Youko Hamasaki of the Qi and Gong. This reporter is sure that the Guild Bounty on Colette for violation of section 2937.99 of the Malifaux Revised Code, Failure to Appear at Appointed Hearing, may have contributed to Miskai’s decision to strike while she was inspecting the Ugly Broad Tavern off Denison Ave. Having heard rumors of Misaki’s plan from a drunken Crime Boss attending one of her shows, Colette utilized a Bait and Switch tactic to confound the Oyabun’s efforts and attempt to collect the Guild Bounty on her. Neither belligerent seemed intent on killing or permanently maiming the other, settling instead for a Catch and Release scheme that, while tame compared to the bloodier affair near the Sunken City Archeological Site, never the less sends a clear message to both the proprietor of the Star Theatre and the Ten Thunders allies of the Qi and Gong. According to the informants report, the Ten Thunders were observed hurriedly returning to the Katanaka Trading House in the Little Kingdom district of Malifaux City. (Standings: ED 6 Territories, 1 Salted; MN 3 Territories) While the Katanaka’s may have failed to expand their criminal enterprise, it would seem that fate was not done with her targets Tara and Colette. An old Prospector named Dante living in the inferno that is the badlands south of Malifaux City informed us that the two fought a fierce battle for control of a seemingly abandoned Warehouse in the Ghost Town once called Rimini. Though this reporter is unsure why the famed Illusionist traveled so far outside of Malifaux City, rumors about the town’s origin may have played a part. Perhaps she was looking for inspiration for an upcoming production. Rumors persist that the long delayed play, “Symbols of Authority” is nearing completion. According to Dante’s recollection, Colette was rummaging thru the warehouse when Tara struck, incredulously appearing From Nothing. Both tried to Breakthrough the others assemblage by Spreading Them Out. Prospector Dante tells us the turning point in the stalemate occurred when Tara interrupted the Coryphee’s Duet by stealing a partner away to Glimpse the Void. Though Dante’s account seems credible, if not slightly embellished, we hope that this last portion is the result of heat stroke and not factual. With the whereabouts of the magnificent clockwork Coryphee unknown, many in the art world are afraid the loss will impact the Corps de ballet during the remaining performances of the season. Where ever the Coryphee is, we wish for her safe and speedy return. (Standings: LH 7 Territories; ED5 Territories, 1 Salted) This has been the Malifaux Tattler, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, reporting. Anyone with information that leads to the safe return of the lost Coryphee will receive the gratitude of Miss Du Bois along with a private box seat in the famed Star Theatre for the remainder of the season’s performances. As additional compensation, our friends at the Malifaux Sentinel’s Arts and Leisure Bureau have also offered the 350-foot avant-garde art piece “Homage to Gremlin Butts” produced by interns Boudreaux and Thibodeaux.
  6. Extra, Extra, Read all about it! The last bastion of independent journalism in the city, the Malifaux Sentinel reports a Break in the Line of defenses in the northern sector of the Industrial Zone. Security for the sprawling complex is the responsibility of the M&SU Security Office, who Guild Investigators have reported as negligent and complacent in their duties. Investigators are keenly interested to learn exactly how M&SU security personnel missed the approach of a Malisaurus Rex moments before the attack. One worker at the site who spoke on condition of anonymity, admitted that lately security details have been filled by Rail Workers instead of trained personnel due to budget shortfalls, retention issues, and poor recruiting efforts caused by recent events around the city. Preliminary reports paint a picture of the carnage wrought during the beast’s intrusion. Rail Workers attempted to Bait and Switch the beast while their boss, Mei Feng, moved aggressively forward, making it her Mission to Research the beast’s responses. Regretfully, Mei Feng was brought down before Kang, the so-called Workers Champion, could kill the rare Malisaurus Rex by dumping a scuttle of Hot Coals from the nearby Foundries. Rumors the beast was accompanied by the Neverborn, especially the Autumn Queen Titania and her retinue of Angel Eyes, Killjoy, Tuco and Aeslin are unsubstantiated and highly improbable. No doubt an attempt by the Rail Workers turned security personnel to reduce blame for the event by exaggerating the details. The Jokers went so far as to cover two of their deceased in Red to “prove their story.” If this were true, then where are the Neverborn bodies? Are we supposed to believe they dragged them away? As no mention of drag marks in the preliminary reports was made, where is the evidence of the Hidden Martyrs of the Neverborn? Are we to believe the attack was simply a Neverborn Research Mission of the area? These are doubtful to say the least. However, to alleviate public fear and restore public trust, Guild Authorities have dispatched a cadre of Guild Guard and several members of the Elite Divisions to secure the area until further notice. These extra security measures coupled with extensive repairs to the facilities will likely reduce the production from these two plants for months. (Standings: TH 8 Territories, 1 Salted; BC 6 Territories, 1 Salted) This has been the Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, reporting. Stay safe and enjoy the privileges provided by Guild security.
  7. Malifaux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reports brutal Turf War at Large M&SU local 120 Pipe Fitters Tavern in the Northern New Construction Industrial Zone. An eye witness to the events told this reporter that things got heated after Marcus arrived at the pub with his menagerie of wild and dangerous companions not to mention his animals. It appears Marcus had sworn a Vendetta against Mei Feng and her roughneck Foundry workers, vowing to place them in their Death Beds because of supposed territorial encroachment by the new rail line to Easy Come. Mei Feng claimed it was only a Research Mission that could easily be doctored to make the proposed route to dangerous and expensive to complete as planned. Our source tells us that the final straw, and the point where fists and fur began to fly, was when a small and highly inebriated Gremlin Survivor stoked the furnace of his Mechanized Pork Chop and yelled “We will see who is on their Death Bed.” The sometime companion of Sheriff Basse, Frontiersman Paul Crockett was on the receiving end of a Piston Kick delivered by Mei Feng. While we have no doubt she is a very skilled fighter, it was more than likely Mr. Crockett had something in his eye and was blindsided by the lucky strike. Perhaps it was the soot from the billowing exhaust pipes of the recently awakened Mechanized Pork Chop, who knows. After the Guild Guard arrived to break up the fight, Mr. Crockett was taken to the Malla Malla Teaching Hospital in Malifaux City for treatment of his injuries. As he is a frontiersman with little income a Please Help Me account has been established at the First Bank of Malifaux for those wishing to assist with his medical bills. Our witness also reported the strange fascination a Gremlin Survivor had with the albino horned gorilla Cojo. When ordered to shoot the beast, the tiny Survivor hesitated, lowering his gun before walking away. (Standings: TH 7 Territories; SK 4 Territories) We are told that a few days later, Mei Feng attempted to enter a Warehouse belonging to the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company in the same Industrial Zone. This was likely a Research Mission for the M&SU to execute a later Vendetta against Yan Lo and Break the Line of his substantial and growing Import/ Export business. Unbeknownst to the rail workers, the President of the Wing Kong Trading Company was present at the facility, conducting his own Research Mission and seeing how well they had Claim Jumped their competition from the M&SU Hedge Fund. The Rail Workers were stunned during the encounter when what they thought was a inanimate suit of ceremonial samurai armor sprang to life and began executing sweeping strikes with its oversized Nagamaki. Despite this, Yan Lo suffered a terrible blow to his burgeoning trading empire when Mei Feng let loose a Breath of Fire which caused a pipe in the Warehouse to burst Venting Steam all over Yan Lo and his associates. Suffering from third degree burns and with limited visibility Mei Feng’s Iron Golem is reported to have finished off the Ancestor and his Retainers. Guild officials are skeptical of this report as they have been unable to access the warehouse due to a host of legal challenges issued by the new ownership. Once the bureaucrats have completed the necessary forms and legal counsel authorizes a search warrant, we are told Sergeant Dashel himself will be investigating the site. (Standings: TH 8 Territories; TF 4 Territories) Analyzing recent events, it would appear the M&SU are a great threat to the peace and tranquility provided by Governor General Marlowe and Guild leadership. This has been Malifaux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reporting.
  8. Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Vocal Guild critic Polly Sagequid MD reports discovery of a secret Guild Holding Facility located in a Necropolis near the Plagued Pit in the Warrens region of the Southern Quarantine Zone. A squabble between members of the Explorer’s Society led to the discovery. We are told by our sources that while traveling through the area supposedly Corrupting Ley Lines, if such a thing exists, Jedza and her band of Lamp Lighters stumbled into that one-time agent of the Guild’s Department of Antiquities and Relics, Lucas McCabe. Rumor has it the famed Relic Hunter and his band of professional Wastrels were conducting a Research Mission in the hopes of Baiting and Switching a rival intrepid explorer. It is unclear if Jedza was the intended target but evidence suggests the Seeker may have been conducting her own Research Mission in the area and was more than happy to Claim Jump her colleague. Our source tells us that one of Jedza’s Moor Wraiths played a crucial part in her victory by defeating an Intrepid Emissary escorting McCabe. That was despite one of Jedza’s Lamp Lighters falling for a Hucksters Sale Pitch. Perhaps Jedza should illuminate her servants about the dangers of the big city con men. (Standings: TW 6 Territories; JL 5 Territories, 1 Salted) Our investigation into the event was inconclusive as to the veracity of a relic’s presence however, given the Wastrel’s proclivities it is just as likely a ruse designed only to pass the time for the superbly affluent and lazy. McCabe had been observed earlier in the week scouting another Necropolis near the Bayou’s Edge where he ran afoul of the Mistress of Oblivion Tara. Both were searching for a mysterious Corrupted Idol which is claimed to have either miraculous healing powers or be a gateway to another dimension, depending on which Ancient Malifauxian Linguist one consults. While details of the Idol are scarce those of the battle are not. Tactics and brutality were on full display during the tumultuous exchange with victory narrowly achieved by the tomb raider Lucas McCabe. Devising a scheme to Spread Them Out, Tara attempted to counter by Outflanking. Sidir Alchibal proved clutch by dispatching the Midnight Stalker while attempting to Outflank the Wastrels position. The rest of the scrum was a test of wills as each worked to Break the others Lines. Particularly traumatizing for McCabe was the loss of his Rough Rider who was devoured by what was described to this reporter during a tavern interview with lots of alcohol to loosen the witness’ lips, as a “Nothing Beast.” The witness stated with fear plainly evident in his eyes “it was there but it wasn’t, it was solid but it wasn’t. I looked into what I took for its eyes and if I live to be 2001, the things hollow -- it goes on forever -- and --oh my god! __ it's full of stars!" A very haunting account and one this reporter is not soon to forget. (Standings: JL 6 Territories, 1 Salted; LH 5 Territories) Until next time, this has been Polly Sagequid MD reporting.
  9. Extra, Extra, read all about it! Famous underground reporter and vocal Guild critic Polly Sagequid MD, reports a bitter Turf War was fought this weekend between rival Resurrectionists outside the “Forlorn” district of the Southern Quarantine Zone. The scuffle is thought to be for control of a rumored secret Sewer entrance from the Badlands side of the city to the Ruined Observatory. Rumored to hold a vast repository of Necromantic knowledge, the Observatory was destroyed during the event of 1902. An entrance to the unexplored, lower chambers could yield phenomenal power to the intrepid Resurrectionist who can access it. Our source reports the infamous cutthroat Mary “Black Tongue” Bonnet bested Dr. Douglas McMourning, in a close battle that really could have gone either way, securing the Sewer entrance for himself…now only if she had been able to secure the map that goes with it. There were a lot of Hidden Martyrs during the exchange with one of Black Tongue’s Cabin Girl Crooligan’s Catching and then Releasing Dr. McMourning’s adorable Chihuahua. Sadly, the poor little companion animal didn’t make it through the battle which may have been the key moment during the exchange. When asked about the incident after the scuffle, the young cabin girl Dorothea Gould claimed “It was dead when I found it.” Though sources tell us Bonnet’s crew members had red eyes it is unlikely they contracted the deadly “Red Eye” disease that is known to plague the Forlorn area due to both their distance from the zone and also their known proclivity to drink to excess both before, during, and after battles. (Standings: OH 5 Territories; DD 6 Territories) This reporter is forced to ask the uncomfortable questions, why have the main stream media outlets remained silent about this encounter, why have Guild forces not secured the blasted Observatory, and why haven’t medical resources been dispatched to reduce “Red Eye infections in Forlorn? Is it apathy, complacency, or both? Do not all citizens of Malifaux deserve the benefits of the Guilds deep coffers and vast wealth? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! The Free and Independent Malifaux Gazette reports a nefarious raid on Guild facilities in the Southern New Construction Zone perpetrated by the Pied Piper of filth, the plague vector calling himself Hamelin. Thankfully Sheriff Basse was onsite replenishing his stores and was able to quickly respond to the threat. Though the brave Sheriff tried to Hold Up Their Forces and Deliver a Message to Hamelin that this is Guild Turf, an old injury flared up and forced him to cede the facility. Had Guild Guardsman recently dispatched for a special operation in the Forlorn area of the Quarantine Zone been available to reinforce Basse and his men the outcome may have been different. Hamelin did his best to Hold Up Basse’s Forces in the Guild Holding Facility but the willey old sheriff was able to scoot out a rear entrance thanks to the judicious application of some dynamite. We are left to ask what was the message Hamelin was attempting to deliver with this brazen raid and what is to gain other than an overwhelming martial response from Guild authorities that will see his Plague eliminated from the City? (Standings: ST 6 Territories) In brighter news, the Guild’s new enhanced policing initiative has already begun paying huge dividends. The result of a consortium between Secretary to the Governor-General, the Right Honorable Lucius Gustavius FitzWilliam Mattheson’s Elite Division, Sergeant Dashel Barker’s Guild Guardsmen, and local Mercenary organizations operating under licenses issued by Guild officials, the program affords more boots on the ground at minimal expense to the tax paying residents of Malifaux city. Your safety is the Guild’s top priority, a safe city is a productive city. The mercenary Viktoria sisters discovered a clandestine Arcanist’s Lab while performing a reconnaissance mission of a Necropolis near Pump Station 12 outside of Hollow Point. According to the submitted after action, the site showed signs of recent battle but no Arcanist agents or bodies. Instead, the Viktoria’s discovered a brood of Nephilim working to free several of their vile species from various pens and restrained on examination tables. A brutal Turf War erupted with the Nephilim attempting to Break Through the Viktoria’s cordon of the intelligence rich facility while the veteran mercenaries attempted to Spread Them Out. There were a lot of Hidden Martyrs that bravely sacrificed themselves for the rest of their crews. The presence of a Nephilim Hayreddin is a bit disconcerting and speaks to a greater purpose for the uncharacteristic Nephilim incursion to the Northern area. Unfortunately, the creature was whisked away to safety by a Mature Nephilim before it could be captured for study and interrogation. (Standings: MG 5 Territories; CS 4 Territories) Guild authorities have dispatched an exploitation team from the Elite Division to harvest the site for intelligence and discover why the Arcanists are suddenly interested in Nephilim physiology. This reporter is sure that whatever the interest it is likely unscientific and entirely devoted to developing new weapons to harm Guild facilities, interests, personnel and residents. This has been the Free and Independent Malifaux Gazette reporting. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We interrupt the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul.” Aethervox broadcast to bring you this urgent message from the Malifaux Tattler, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux. Arsonist and well-known M&SU Troubleshooter Anasalea Kaeris has been spotted near the village of Easy Come in the Slate Ridge Mountains. The boom town, founded after discovery of a valuable Tantalum seam in the area, has seen its share of woes increase over the last few months. First, the seam with so much promise was quickly depleted. Then, due to mismanagement by M&SU supervisors who were skimming profits to line their own pockets instead of investing in safety infrastructure, a flood in the area revealed a vast pair of hidden Necropoli that promised a renewal of both wealth and productivity. And now the Neverborn scourge that is Pandora has attempted to Break the Line of their morale by infiltrating the sour little Candy into their midst for a Research Mission. With her distraction the Carver attempted to Catch and Release one of the boom towns residents. Unbeknownst to the residents of Easy Come, Kaeris had come to settle a score with the M&SU Chief of Safety, Mr. Aver Sion. Her notorious fiery temperament would see the gentlemen, along with many of his co-workers placed on their Death Beds. There would be no Catch and Release here. The hazy recollection of a survivor incredulously purports that Candy attempted to fight fire with fire quite literally. While it makes for a great yarn it is unlikely to be true. (Standings: JP 6 Territories; WM 6 Territories) In the wake of her revenge the boom town of Easy Come sustained significant fire damage. For now, the Necropoli are firmly controlled by Kearis. For what purpose, we here at the Tattler are unsure however, rumors abound of a relic of great power. Guild Authorities have dispatched aid teams and a supply convoy to assist with the town’s recovery. After these traumatic events, perhaps the residents of Easy Come will turn away from the ineptitude of M&SU leadership and embrace the beneficence that is Guild Authority. We now return you to the Aethervox broadcast of the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul.” Already in progress. An obviously gremlin voice crackles over the aether. “Friends, it isn’t often we get to promote one of our kin on the show. Civilized folk just don’t appreciate the sinful depravity and debauchery present in most gremlin songs; however, this is one that is a refreshing change from all that. I present to you Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s new recording “Rubber Biscuit”. The duo claims to have received inspiration for the song after experiencing the pains of hunger coupled with the hallucinations of an alcohol addled mind. Despite the sinful origin, the song serves as a warning to those who dabble in sin that succor will remain eternally out of reach until one turn away from it and accepts the joys of civilized society. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city reports sightings of the Cross Roads 7 around the city. While setting up an impromptu concert outside a recently founded Guild Library in the Town of Edge Point, the Seven were accosted by M&SU agent Anasalea Kaeris. The choice of venue was an obvious attempt by both forces to rebuke that Symbol of Authority that is Guild learning and patronage. For their own part it is believed the 7 hoped to Break Through with residents of the town and Claim Jump the sales of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s soon to be released album after the release of its hit single “Rubber Biscuit”. After witnessing Kaeris’ agents emplacing incendiary devices around the building in preparation of Detonating the Charges, a roadie for the band tells us that the Cross Roads 7 attempted to use the power of music to halt the action. Unleashing a fusillade of suppressing fire from a gatling gun hidden under his pipe organ, Envy distracted the Fire Golem so that violinist vixen Lust could use her star power to have it kiss Kaeris. We are told Lust is now recovering from burns received during the battle at Malla Malla Teaching Hospital in Malifaux City. Envy’s aim, or perhaps it was due to the excessive expenditure of ammunition, picked off Kearis’ Eternal Flame and the famous fire dancer Carlos Vasquez. His presence at the Star Theater this season will be missed. Though Kaeris was able to wrest control of the Guild Library, Sergeant Dashel of the Guild Guard assures us that this will be rectified soon and that the facility will be open for business as expeditiously as possible. (Standings: JP 7 Territories; JA 2 Territories) While we here at the Sentinel don’t condone the raucous music the Cross Roads 7 produce, we find their actions in defending the Guild Library admirable and encourage them to apply their talents to the propagation of soulful uplifting music. More Edward Elgar’s uplifting “The Kingdom” and less Nikolia Rimsky’s subversive “Kashchey the Deathless”. Trouble just seems to follow the Cross Roads 7 where ever they go these days. During another impromptu concert, this time outside of a substantial Guild Holding Facility, the band ran afoul of that ancient creature calling itself Jedza. Perhaps it was the loud noise from the band Planting Explosives for its finale or maybe the poor tuning efforts of one of the bands roadies. What ever the case, a fight broke out between the road crew of the Seven and Jedza’s entourage who seemed to be at a crucial point in a Power Ritual. Each sought to Detonate the Charges set up around the stage however, the Seven failed to Assassinate the Ancient. Though the vixen of the violin, Lust, seemed to be successful at imposing her will on the Seekers, encouraging a Lamplighter to Kiss Christopher “Ink Fingers” Tannenbaum, then Mikhail XVI to Kiss Jedza, then Mikhail XVI to Kiss Ink Fingers, then an Austera to Kiss a Lamplighter, and finally Sophie to Kiss Ink Fingers, the orgy of passion did not produce a victory for the band. The Cross roads 7 were forced to vacate the impromptu venue. It is unknown why Guild Guard’s stationed at the Holding Facility did not respond. One particularly unfortunate bit of news for fans of the band is yet another postponement of their current tour of Malifaux due to Envy’s wonderful Pipe Organ being engulfed in “Grave Goo” during the fight. Though we are told it has been sent out for a thorough cleaning it may take a while due to the complexity of the machine. (Standings: TW 5 Territories; JA 1 Territories) Remember folks, you heard it here first. To keep up with all the ramblings from Malifaux’s art world trust the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, trust the Malifaux Sentinel.
  10. We interrupt this Aethervox Broadcast of Episode 1 of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Great Discovery To bring you this important announcement from the Malifaux Tattler’s, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, Edgepoint Annex. Reports have come in that another battle has occurred near the Sunken City Archeological Site in the Eastern Bayou. Thankfully no Guild facilities, equipment, or personnel were involved or injured during the scuffle. A parishioner of the Quadruple Rock Church, who witnessed the scuffle while searching for Reverend Carson “Temperance” Jebsen’s missing giant Singing Toad “Virtuoso”, is receiving absolution due to the spiritual trauma of the event. According to the eye witness, Mary “Black Tongue” Bonnet suffered a narrow defeat to Pandora while returning to her ship moored somewhere near the Bayou’s Edge. The shortcut through the Necropolis may not have been the best idea given the increase in Neverborn activity in the area. The witness observed Pandora’s woeful crew shifting lode stones around the site in what they guessed was an effort to Corrupt the Ley Lines believed to exist in the area. Astonishingly, the little girl known as Candy dispatched the odd undead creation named Archie with a single particularly biting insult that left the creature Self Loathing at the size of his Huge Fists. The oddities continued as Pandora, the queen of psychological warfare, was herself Repositioned during the ritual by a barrage of Clawed Wing attacks from one of Bonnet’s pet Night Terrors. Our source believes this to be the clutch moment that prevented the profane Neverborn ritual from being completely successful, though Bonnet was forced to board her ship and abdicate control of the boggy portage. (Standings: WM 7 Territories; OH 4 Territories) Sadly, the famed giant Singing Toad, “Virtuoso” was not located during the parishioner’s search. Should anyone happen upon the animal, please contact the Quadruple Rock Church in Edgepoint for a nominal reward. This concludes this report from the Malifaux Tattler’s, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, Edgepoint Annex. We now return you to this Aethervox broadcast of Episode 1 of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Great Discovery, already in progress. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Malifaxux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reports disgraced former Guild Coroner Dr. Douglas McMourning narrowly avoided a Reckoning with Guild Justice delivered by Sheriff Cornelius Basse. A Frontiersman being treated at the Malla Malla Teaching Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for life threatening injuries recounted the days event to Guild Officials in attendance. According to our source, Basse established an ambush near the Bayou’s Edge where Dr. McMourning is known to utilize an old Sewer for his nefarious activities. The bravery and tenacity of Sheriff Basse and his posse cannot be understated as they attempted to Search the Ruins nearby for the most advantageous position to spring their trap. Unfortunately, they were beaten to the punch by McMourning’s macabre collection of seemingly endless undead creations; who were already there, ready and waiting. The Enquirer would like to assure its readership that rumors of Sheriff Basse’s Assassination at the hands of Dr. McMourning are entirely unfounded and patently untrue. Just this morning, I went for a leisurely ride along the city’s hinterlands with the Sheriff who, while angered by his missed apprehension of McMourning, remained stoic and appeared vigorous despite the encounter. It is unknown how McMourning garnered such keen awareness of Basse’s operational planning but, citizens are reminded that any aid to the Resurrectionists or other subversive forces in Malifaux will be handled expeditiously, judiciously, and with the full authority granted to Guild Officials by the emergency powers decree from Governor Marlowe. The Governors leadership provides a steady bow during these trying times. An investigation into the event by Guild Officials is underway; however, preliminary blame is being placed upon an Intrepid Emissary, a Hopeful Prospect to Basse’s crew and his Bellhop Porter. The Frontier is no place for such luxuries. One rather fantastical tidbit from the battle, perhaps the result of delirium induced by the late Frontiersman’s substantial blood loss, was the appearance of a rare Sand Worm. Shortly before his expiration at Malla Malla Teaching Hospital, the Frontiersman mumbled something about “that damned Chihuahua. How could it eat the whole thing? The Sand Worm, it was there and then it wasn’t…but the Chihuahua remained.” Surely these are the ramblings of a fevered mind. (Standings: DD 7 Territories; KV 5 Territories, 1 Salted) In an unrelated announcement the Guild’s Department of Animal Control and Enforcement has issued a canine advisory to all residents of Malifaux City. A new blight is suspected to be affecting the small number of stray animals living within the city’s Quarantine Zones. If you discover an infected animal report it to your local Guild Guardsman immediately. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Free and Independent, Malifaux Gazette reports a fierce scuffle between the famed big game hunter Lord Cooper (Anthony) and the savage beast master Marcus. Both branded Public Enemies, readers will recall that Lord Cooper was identified as a Public Enemy during a previous possible poaching incident by Sheriff Cornelius Basse, aggressively attacked each other. We are told that Lord Cooper had tracked the great albino ape Cojo to an abandoned Mine near the remnants of Contract Town 49. Now a Ghost Town which had unknowingly been claimed by Marcus as his territory. Lord Cooper hoped to Sabotage the Mines entrance and trap Cojo within. Unfortunately, the Crypsis and Vatagi Lord Cooper employed for the hunt, so focused on tracking the ape, failed to observe the signs of other predators in the area. As Marcus attempted to Leave his Mark on the hunters, Lord Cooper implored them to Let them Bleed. Lord Cooper and his men had to abandon hopes of harvesting Cojo as they were forced from the area by a pack of large predators that responded to Marcus’ commands. (Standings: SK 5 Territories; AB 3 Territories, 1 Salted) Based on descriptions received from the expedition’s survivors, a Zoologist from Duer’s Library identified 3 other incredibly rare species unique to Malifaux that are believed to have been present along with Cojo. The first was a Malisaurus Rex that appeared to be a pet of Lord Coopers. This is highly improbable as the reptiles are known to possess limited intelligence and be abnormally aggressive. The other two reported species were a Sabertooth Cerberus and the cryptid Rougarou. The former is common in the Northern Hills surrounding Ridley, Redemption, and Promise. The Zoologist tells us that the latter has never been proven to exist and believes reported observations, which often occur in poor conditions of visibility, are nothing more than misobservations of otherwise mundane species. The Guild’s Department of Animal Control and Enforcement remind citizens that importing, exporting, selling and possession of wild or exotic species is punishable under Rule 1501:31-19-01 of the Malifaux Administrative Code. This has been the Free and Independent, Malifaux Gazette reporting.
  11. Extra, Extra, read all about it! Lucas McCabe evicts Nekima from Ruins in the Hag’s Territory after Guild Danger Advisory for Sunken City Archeological Site. While returning from a Research Mission for Duer’s Library, McCabe discovered the Nephilim and her brood moving near the newly classified Danger Zone. The famed Relic Hunter set a hasty ambush among the willows and the reeds and was able to quickly achieve the upper hand during the engagement after Detonating Charges. The power of Nekima’s trusty Hooded Rider was nullified by the precise and heavy small arms fire from Sidir and a Rough Rider. Angel Eyes attempted to regain the upper hand with counter fire focused on McCabe to little avail. Nekima’s forces sustained heavy casualties during the exchange leaving quite a few Hidden Martyrs strewn about the battlefield. A Hopeful Prospect to McCabe’s crew was even able to best a Mature Nephilim in combat. We trust he is now a full share member of the crew and no longer just a Prospect. Nekima is rumored to have been killed by a Rough Rider though evidence is fretfully lacking. (Standings: JL 6 Territories; CS 5 Territories) Guild Administrators within the Antiquities Office want to again reiterate the danger of travel within the Sunken City Archeological Site area. Enter the area at your own peril. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We interrupt this Aethervox Broadcast of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein To bring you this important announcement from the Malifaux Tattler’s, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, Edgepoint Annex. Residents are advised to avoid the cities small Industrial Zone as a sink hole Collapsed a City Block in the area. Guild Authorities are investigating, as eye witness reports place Lucas McCabe and the beautiful Performer Colette du Bois at the scene of the devastation. It is unknown whether they are complicit in the destruction, but we know that it will be a long time before any production can be wrangled from either site. Our sources tell us that the two groups attempted to Out Flank one another with Lucas Researching weak spots and Colette employing her famed skill with illusions to Bait and Switch her adversary. One of Lucas’ men and his dog Luna seemed particularly distracted throughout the encounter by a manipulative Showgirl. Is this the new Star of the Theatre rumored to have arrived from Prague? I am sure we will find out soon enough. (Standings: JL 6 Territories, 1 Salted; ED 5 Territories, 1 Salted) This has been the Malifaux Tattler’s Edgepoint Annex, a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux, reporting. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, already in progress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROVV_4JU6ZI _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! The Free and Independent Malifaux Gazette reports a bitter Turf War fought between the pirate Mary “Black Tongue” Bonnet and that fiery M&SU agitator Kaeris near the Badlands and Bayou’s Edge south of Edgepoint. Both belligerents employed a Catch and Release approach during the engagement that seemed a bit odd given the bloody affair. While attempting to Spread them Out, Kaeris’ usual fire sputtered a bit. Perhaps the humidity and all the Bone Piles in the area interfered with her arsonist tactics. It is unknown if there were any Hidden Martyrs among Black Tongue’s crew but First Mate Archie seemed calm and relaxed despite all the flames being waved at him by Iggy and Elijah Borgman. Luckily this battle did not result in any damage to Guild facilities, property, or personnel. (Standings: OH 5 Territories; JP 5 Territories) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, reporting worst fears of Art World realized. The rowdy band of sinners the Cross Roads 7 fought a bitter Turf War against the President of the Wing Kong Trading Company, Yan Lo, in Malifaux’s Warehouse District. Rumors of a setup prevail as the Cross Roads 7 were hired to Deliver a Message to a long dead Ancestor of Yan Lo. Our sources state the delivered message was “Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your house! Dishonor on your cow!” Yan Lo did not take the slight from the Mysterious Emissary well employing The Darkest magics to Break Though and Assassinate the band. The band’s apparent new manager, Nekima, could not be reached for confirmation of the bands fate or the status of their much-anticipated concert tour. (Standings: TF 5 Territories; JA 3 Territories) With venues supposedly booked, the cancelation of their tour could spell financial ruin as promoters and ticket agents would struggle to fill the vacancies last minute. We here at the Malifaux Sentinel’s Arts and Leisure Bureau, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, will keep you posted as details become available. Additionally, we would like to remind our readership that the 350-foot avant-garde art piece “Homage to Gremlin Butts” produced by interns Boudreaux and Thibodeaux is still available for purchase at our offices. This is surely to become a valuable and unique piece that comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the artists. Serious inquiries only.
  12. Narrative Results from the first nights 8 games! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We interrupt this aethervox rebroadcast of Rossini’s William Tell Overture from Telharmonic Hall in NY to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to bring you this emergency message from Guild Authorities. This is Sgt. Dashel of the Guild Guard, Citizens are advised to shelter in place for the next 24 hours as Guild Forces deal with a rumored situation in the Quarantine Zones around the city. We assure all residents living within the Guild’s strong walls that this is only a precautionary measure and that any issue should be quickly resolved. We now return you to the rebroadcast of Rossini’s William Tell Overture from Telharmonic Hall in NY to the Brooklyn Navy Yard already in progress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoBE69wdSkQ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Malifaux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reports a new round of violence erupting around the city. Informants scavenging around contract town 152, recently abandoned due to its proximity to the infamous Hag’s Territory, observed an armed scuffle between two groups of Explorer Society members. A report from Sheriff Cornelius Basse states that Lord Cooper (Anthony B.) and his entourage of deadly hunters “stumbled” onto the Baba Yaga National Wildlife Area during a scouting expedition for new territories. The area is known for its pristine environment, diverse collection of native Malifaux flora and fauna, and also its strict “No Hunting” policy. Sheriff Basse declared Lord Cooper a Public Enemy for his intrusion after witnessing a shackled Malisaurus Rex in his company. According to our observers, the Malisaurus Rex was not the only rare creature seen that day; a Sand Worm, apparently defending its territory appeared and assisted in running Cooper off the preserve. Basse really is a Hidden Martyr, though we don’t quite agree with his Catch and Release program in this instance. For his leniency Basse earned the ire of Lord Cooper who swore a Vendetta for the incident and Sabotaged some of the parks observation posts. We are unable to determine who won this exchange as both appeared to achieve their objectives. (Standings: AB 4 Territories, 1 Salted; KV 6 Territories, 1 Salted) Unfortunately for Lord Cooper (Simon I.) his day only got worse. While egressing from the Baba Yaga National Wildlife Area through what can only be described as a Necropolis for the endangered Maliphant, Cooper ran afoul of the Arcanist rabble rouser Kaeris near the Bayou’s Edge. Each side attempted to gain tactical advantage through an intricate series of maneuvers. Kaeris first attempted to Outflank Lord Cooper who responded with a Bait and Switch technique. The action left Cooper’s forces Spread Out and ill-suited to press any advantaged gained by the maneuver. It seems Lord Cooper really struggled with his aim through out the encounter connecting with very few of his shots. Perhaps a combination of the days heat and humidity played a factor. Lord Cooper swore a Vendetta against Kaeris because of the encounter and his retreat was covered by a brave or fool hardy Hopeful Prospect who charged a Fire Golem. Surprisingly, despite receiving significant burns on most of his body, our sources report the Hopeful Prospect survived the encounter and is recovering at Malla Malla Teaching Hospital in Malifaux City. A Please Help Me account has been established at the First Bank of Malifaux for those wishing to assist with the Prospect’s medical bills. (Standings: JP 6 Territories; SI 4 Territories) This has been the Malifaux Enquirer, with all the news that fit to print without the bias of other newspapers, reporting. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, Read all about it! The Free and Independent Malifaux Gazette reports a scuffle in the Three Kingdoms district of Malifaux City which can only be described as a Turf War. Yan Lo, the head of the Wing Kong Exchange Trading Company was going thru some newly arrived inventory in his deceptively large Warehouse when the Neverborn Titania broke in from the nearby Industrial Zone. As each side attempted to Outflank the other a stalemate seemed in the cards. That was until Titania’s pet Malisaurus Rex “Tinker Bell” shattered the warehouse doors and entered the fray. Seeing the medicinal qualities of the specimen and assessing the creature’s worth on the black market, Yan Lo’s people surrounded the rare creature and commenced to slaughtering the beast. We are told from an eyewitness that the creature took a surprising amount of effort to bring down. Titania’s crew attempted to rescue Tinker Bell but an uncommonly resilient Gokudo stymied those plans, standing up to a fusillade of fire from the Neverborn Sniper Angel Eyes and the Sharp Claws and Awakened Hunger of Titania. Despite harvesting the Malisaurus Rex, Yan Lo was forced to abandon the Warehouse to Titania. (Standings: BC 6 Territories; TF 4 Territories) The local White Lotus Society Monastery has pledged to assist with any privation caused by the loss of the warehouse upon the region’s citizenry. Unfortunately, this report is not unique, the Neverborn were seen fighting through out the city though one particular incident offers this reporter hope that infighting may keep them from the walls of our great city, our beacon on the hill. Near some Ruins in the Quarantine Zone, that band of sinful musicians The Crossroads 7 was posting handbills for their soon to be announced Corrupted Idols tour of Malifaux. They are hopeful that this tour will be a Breakthrough moment for them and not Dig their Graves financially. We are told by the band’s agent, the always cordial Dee Sanderson that the Queen of the Nephilim, Nekima had cautioned them to Hold up their Forces for just a bit longer so they could Outflank their rivals the Bayou Bottom Boyz at Arcanist’s Lab records. The negotiations turned from heated to downright aggressive as the Crossroads 7 bullied the Mature Nephilim with Lust convincing one to Kiss Angel Eyes while Pride stood up to Nekima’s verbal barrage. Things turned after a Black Blood Shaman dispatched the band’s Emissary via a Black Blood Pustule popped from a nearby Mature Nephilim. Nekima, swallowing Pride, was aided by a Hooded Rider and the two were then able to coral the Idols and settle the matter in her favor. It is unknown whether Dee Sanderson survived the negotiations but it appears Nekima is now managing the band’s Ruins. (Standings: CS 6 Territories; JA 4 Territories) This reporter is concerned about the boiling rivalry between the Crossroads 7 and the Bayou Bottom Boyz. Will Nekima’s guidance lower the temperature to a simmer or crank it up. We here at The Free and Independent Malifaux Gazette are hopeful that it wont impact the seasons concert ticket. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOnfstfUO4A&t=3s We interrupt this aethervox broadcast of Malifaux’s Top 40 to bring you this breaking news. Allison Dade here reporting from the Malifaux Tattler’s Aethervox broadcast booth. Guild Offices have enlisted the aid of a local mercenary company run by Viktoria Chambers to ferret out the disgraced former City Coroner Dr. Douglas McMourning. Our sources tell us that the Vik’s set up an ambush in a Necropolis McMourning is known to frequent for “parts”. Their reconnaissance and patience paid off as McMourning and his band of Experiments emerged from the Sewers nearby to go “shopping”. A bitter Turf War for the high ground emerged as each tried to Claim Jump the other amid a flurry of Hidden Martyrs. The battle was fierce with few survivors. Luck seemed to favor the Viktoria’s however, in the melee, they had allowed Dr. McMourning and his Dead Rider to creep around the perimeter scoring valuable assets. Attempting to regain the initiative, Dr. McMourning’s faithful assistant Sebastian poisoned a Viktoria allowing him to easily dispatch the brave Mercenary with his powerful Saw. In retaliation, the other Viktoria summarily executed the good Doctor by separating his head from his shoulders with a precise Katana strike. I wonder if he can put himself back together like he has so many of his minions? Despite the valiant efforts of Miss Deed and the eternal Midnight Stalker, the battle was lost and the Necropolis ceded to the Resurrectionist amid a surge of undead creations. The Dead Rider was last seen carrying Dr. McMourning’s body however, it is this reporter’s belief that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be unable to put Dr. McMourning back together again. (Standings: DD 6 Territories; MG 4 Territories) Despite this near victory by McMourning, a stunning blow was delivered to the Resurrectionist’s by a one-time affiliate sometime later. The Herald of Oblivion, Tara coalesced an army of minions out of virtual Nothingness to engage The Dread Pirate Mary “Black Tongue” Bonnet and her Forgotten crew. The fighting erupted when Tara set up camp inside a Ghost Town. Rightly assuming the site abandoned she was stunned when the Black Tongue burst in to the Large Tavern she had chosen as her temporary domicile. Mary’s exuberance must have gotten the best of her as she ordered the youngest of her crew forward at a reckless pace in an attempt to Break the Line. The loss of the pair of beloved Crooligan Powder Monkeys, Roy C. Smith III and Anne Nancy Perriam seemed just too much to take for the crew with morale visibly declining. The loss of the Ghost Town palling in comparison to the loss of the crew. Tara’s Nothing Beast was all bark and no bite as she managed to Outflank the pirates ultimately deciding it was better to Catch and Release than to attempt to hold the crew. Perhaps the pirates will return once they get their “Land Legs”. (Standings: LH 6 Territories; OH 4 Territories) This has been Allison Dade reporting from the Malifaux Tattler’s Aethervox broadcast booth. We are a clear voice for freedom in Malifaux. Good fortune and Good Night. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra, Extra, read all about it! Underground reporter and all-around critic of the Guild and its policies, Polly Sagequid MD publishes harrowing account of Miners who dug too deep. In a sign of the times, Mei Feng’s Rail Workers were shifted to cover labor shortages at M&SU Mine 42 from their more familiar Industrial Zone way up in Ridley. Long stated by Guild Officials to be too dangerous a site to dig the Rail Workers discovered the truth behind the Guild’s hesitation when they dug too deep. The gnarled wooden artifact they uncovered burst into a scintillating beam of light which shot up the mines shaft and into the night’s sky upon their touch. The Beacon powered by the Corrupted Ley Lines around it caught the eye of its old Master. Jedza hurried to the scene, calling upon the services of her most trusted minions to assist in the recovery of this relic from the Forest with the Dancing Trees. The ensuing battle was a tactical masterpiece as each side attempted to simultaneously Breakthrough the others force through skillful Outflanking maneuvers. The belligerents so evenly matched that victory seemed an ephemeral hope for both sides. An eyewitness reported seeing Jedza’s Grave Goo engulf both Mei Feng’s Forgeling and Mei Feng herself during the fight. In response, the Metal Golem struck hard at Jedza who is rumored to have been laid low by the mighty blow. This may have been the leverage that allowed Mei Feng to push Jedza’s forces out of the Mine and into the night from which they came. (Standings: TH 6 Territories; TW 4 Territories) An examination of the site by the M&SU Safety Office revealed no indication of wrongdoing by the Rail Workers, though it was noted that neither Jedza’s body nor the artificat were able to be recovered amid concerns of the mysterious Goop present. Removal of the “Goo” is estimated to require several Weeks to complete and special Hazmat suits and Decontamination equipment to perform safely. On an unrelated note, those seeking employment with good benefits and retirement are asked to apply at M&SU Hall 72 for screening, fitting, and training by 12:00 pm on July 16th. Good golly Miss Polly, that is an intriguing story! And one wonders why the main stream media is avoiding it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An obviously Gremlin voice speaks over the Aethervox: “You are listening to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul. Our next piece is from Bill Murray. Enjoy this old timey favorite You’re a Grand Old Flag.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DqGCMu37Ow We interrupt this Aethervox broadcast to bring you the following announcement from our affiliate in Edge Point. Those traveling to the Sunken City archeological site are warned that the Neverborn have taken an interest in the area and riled up the normally calming Silurid broods surrounding it. Travel to the area is deemed extremely dangerous and Guild Forces will be unable to assist in the event an expedition comes into trouble. Duer’s Library is recalling all expeditions for the season amid permit nullification from Guild Administrators in the Antiquities Office A survivor from a recent battle described two Neverborn forces attempting to Break each other’s Lines in the Necropolis near the Bayou’s Edge. Details are sketchy; however, the survivors account matches the descriptions of the woeful Pandora and the master of beasts Marcus. We believe Marcus’s interest in the area to be largely scientific though suspect he is collecting samples for some nefarious purpose. Pandora appeared to be defending the ancient dilapidated and partially sunken city, to what aim we are unsure however, she was successful in forcing Marcus to look for samples somewhere else. (Standings: WM 6 Territories; SK 4 Territories) We now return you to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul. An obviously Gremlin voice speaks over the Aethervox. “When I get up in the morning I smile and greet the day, thankful that I get to see another set of challenges before me. You see the Lawd won’t give me anything I can’t handle. The trails and tribulations are simply there to refine the person we were meant to be. Turn away from the temptation of Sin…the call of the flesh…the allure of the bottle…the indulgence of sloth. Whether man or woman…human or Gremlin…you have the strength to save yourself. It isn’t Serva Me but Salvum Fac Temetipsum. I ask you my brothers and sisters of the Bayou, what are you doing to secure your salvation? Are you willing to rise above the muck and mire of your world? Will you join our great civil society and the rock that is Guild authority? Will you come unto the shinning beacon of light that is Malifaux City, renouncing the ways of your ill-bred kin? If you are willing to take the first steps toward redemption…and I believe you are…meet me at the Quadruple Rock Church, conveniently located adjacent to the Malifaux Sentinel’s Edgepoint Annex. Our next song of salvation is from Byron G. Harlan and his Wait ‘till the Sun Shines, Nellie.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tthdPkncNn4
  13. No worries, thaks for the Apps. You have done a great job with both of them.
  14. Have been playing around with the new TOS Company Builder (thank you btw) and noticed two issues. Issue 1: When hiring a Company the Upgrades are not being subtracted from the remaining points total. Issue 2: The upgrades show as attached but the cards are not viewable when clicked on. Instead it goes to the next hired unit's stat card. If it matters this was noticed on Android devices.
  15. Announcing an Organized Play Event for the Cleveland Area. Gamers Haven is hosting a 5 Week league from July 9, 2021 at 6:00 pm thru August 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm for the purposes of expanding the local Malifaux community and having a great time. The Store is located at 6639 Pearl Road, Parma Heights, OH 44130 Additional: Event Cost: $10.00 per participant, 100% of costs will be utilized for league support. This league will utilize our Henchman’s Marshal Law League rule set built around defending and acquiring territories about the world of Malifaux. As players accumulate or squander territories they will gain or lose access to in game resources. All Participants will need to be present for the first day of the event in order to generate their starting territories and receive their league packs (Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis). The League will close at 6:00 pm on July 10, 2021. Official League Days are scheduled for Fridays from 6:00 pm to 11:00pm and players; however, the intent of this is to facilitate a diverse play experience so in order to accommodate differing schedules players may arrange games outside of normally scheduled day once the league has closed at 6:00pm on Saturday, July 10, 2021. All games must be played at Gamers Haven. Upon completion of the event, league sheets will be turned into the Henchman for tabulation. Players will be restricted to a single Master throughout the league, however, may alter their crew composition (non-master models and upgrades) between games. Masters are not unique for the purposes of this event, i.e., Lady Justice may be played by more than one player. Proxies will be allowed as long as they clearly represent their base model. This is a casual event that is intended to build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing". All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews, dense terrain, and utilization of the asymmetric Story Encounters Strategy/ Scheme rules instead of the Gaining Ground rules are highly encouraged but not mandatory. Prizes will be awarded upon completion of the last game on Friday, August 13, 2021. Players do not need to be present on the last day of the event to be eligible for a prize. The prize pack will be based upon participation but at the least will consist of a 1st place and last place prize. Depending on participation the prize pool may be extended to include “Best in Faction” and “Best Painted”. Both will require at least 3 participates per category, i.e., to post an award for “Best Arcanist” the league would require at least 3 Arcanist players. Two new awards are being offered this league to encourage a more diverse play experience and "off day" play. The title of Duer's Librarian will be awarded to the participant that has played the most other players in the event. The Bounty Hunter Award will be presented to the player that has collected the most players bounties during the event. Details for both of these will be published in the league rules pack. We look forward to seeing you at Gamers Haven.
  16. For those interested I am posting the narratives that were created around the league results from the above Malifaux event now concluded. Announcement 1, January 25, 2021: Extra, Extra, Read all about it. Citizens of Malifaux shocked by a massive surge in violence from the Eastern quarters of the cities Quarantine Zone. Guild forces and their auxiliaries are being overwhelmed as Gremlins and Ressers tear through the city in a rampage. The Resser Head Master of the University of Transmortis Von Schtook emerged from the Bayou’s Edge. Likely returning from one of his Recruiting drives he inadvertently stumbled upon a secret Guild Research facility run by the mechanized Guild man Hoffman. Reckoning the loss of his valuable research, Hoffman sprang into action. The clash was a back-and-forth, rockem sockem affair that ruined the potential usefulness of both the Research Facility and the Bayou’s Edge. While still nominally under their control, neither side can claim victory. Sadly, though the Guild rapidly dispatched Lady Justice and her Death Marshalls to assist Hoffman with an enveloping action launched from deeper in the Bayou’s Edge, poor visual conditions had them emerge in one of the cities many Slums surrounding Hoffman’s facility. Instead of finding a resser threat, the veteran Death Marshall commander found herself beset upon by a stealthy incursion drunken Gremlins led by that master of moonshine, the Brew Master. Sadly, though the Death Marshal division fought valiantly, Lady Justice did not reckon on the might of the Whiskey Golem and its ability to slop highly flammable and volatile moonshine about the battlefield. The fire danger forced Lady Justice to grudgingly cede the Bayou’s Edge to the Brew Master in a very close fight. This strange course of events forces us to ask some uncomfortable questions. First, what exactly was Hoffman working on? Second, how large is the Gremlins infestation of the Slums in the Eastern Quarantine Zone? And lastly, why was the Guild response so ineffective in protecting their assets and removing the threats? In response, Governor General Marlow has authorized Lady Justice to mobilize additional division resources from reserves and new recruits. Unsubstantiated accounts suggest that Lady Justice is operating at such a fever pitch in readying her forces that she appears to be able to be in two places at once! Surely these are mere flights of fancy from fevered minds terrified by the thought of another Resser uprising. We all remember what happened the last time. In other strange happenings, it would appear that navigating the cities expansive sewer system is much more difficult than the unsavory folks who ply its tunnels appreciate. The notorious outlaw Parker Barrows emerged from a sewer grate expecting to find his hideout and instead found himself in the heart of a Ten Thunders Warehouse attached to the infamous Qi and Gong Comfort House. Youko Hamasaki, the proprietor was less than accommodating to the dusty outlaw and his weary crew. Barrow’s reckons he may be able to return to pilfer the warehouses contents at a later date, however he will have to find another way in as witnesses report large amounts of building supplies were recently delivered to the Qi and Gong to “secure the buildings foundations”. Finally, a bitter turf war began in the Eastern Quarantine Zone between the vile former Guild man Dr. Douglas McMourning and the always unpredictable adolescent hooligan the Dreamer and his terrifying pal Nytemare. Likely protecting one of his many “lairs” located in the city’s Sewers, McMourning attempted unsuccessfully to drive the Dreamer from the Slums above it. Executing the better part of valor, McMourning abandoned the site to the games of the Dreamer, destroying any path through the sewers that could lead back to his other “facilities”. It looks as if the residents of Malifaux and its hinterlands must prepare yet again for a season of violence and wanton destruction. Will Governor General Marlow be able to manage the carnage better than his predecessor? The last bastion of independent journalism in the city, the Malifaux Sentinel, will continue to give you the unbiased reporting that is our hallmark. Announcement 2 January 26, 2021: We interrupt this aethervox broadcast for an emergency message from the Guild. City animal control officials are reporting an increase in stray cats about the city. Residents are advised not to feed or pet these creatures for fears of disease. We now return you to the aethervox broadcast currently in progress. Announcement 3 January 27, 2021: Extra, extra, read all about it. Governor General Marlow mobilizes the legendary monster hunters the Ortegas to assist in the battle for Malifaux city. Announcement 4 January 28, 2021: Flash, flash, flash, we interrupt this aethervox broadcast for an emergency announcement. Last night a Gremlin incursion lead by the notorious Gremlin Som’er Teeth Jones into the Theater district was intercepted by the mighty Lady Justice who was luckily relaxing in one of the areas many Large Taverns. Aiding Lady Justice throughout the battle was that wonderful symbol of Guild puissance the Brutal Emissary. This manifestation of the Guilds authority laid low many Gremlins allowing the good Lady time to focus on the often-slippery Som’er Teeth. While chasing a squealing Som’er through the district, a large number of explosives were discovered crudely attached to several buildings. Despite a valiant effort to disarm the explosives being laid by the Gremlins, obviously no fans of higher society and showing their uncultured baser natures, the Death Marshall commander was unable to locate and neutralize all of them. The resulting explosion resulted in significant collateral damage to the area and though both are nominally still in the hands of these two masters of Malifaux, it will be some time before any revenue can be garnered from this once thriving district. It seems that the Governor General should gently remind the veteran Death Marshall commander that her division is specialized in countering Resurrectionists and leave the Gremlin threat to those better equipped to counter it. Is this the reason the Ortegas have returned to Malifaux City? Perhaps the heroes of the Badlands, the ever-sharp thorn in the Nephilim’s side, the ever defiant and vigilant defenders of Latigo, the Ortegas will fair better against the lowly yet numerous Gremlins infesting our fine city and its hinterlands. Rumors of another battle have been reported around the dank moldering encampment of Rottenburg. Deep in the heart of the Quarantine Zone, the pied piper of revenants, Reva Cortinas, ran afoul of the increasingly malign Dreamer and his nightmares. Defending a Large Tavern in the area, Reva successfully dispatched the Dreamer who was playing his cruel games in the all too prevalent Ruins of the Quarantine Zone. Though details are suspect and scant, an informant swears the fates smiled upon Reva’s Dead Rider by turning seemingly mighty blows into but a feather’s touch upon contact with his flanks. While it is doubtful the fates favor the Resurrectionists perhaps it is time the Governor General dispatch the Death Marshalls in force to remove this blight from our fair city and remind the wicked that good will always triumph over evil. This concludes this emergency broadcast. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing Edward Elgar’s The Kingdom, already in progress. Announcement 5 January 30, 2021: Extra, Extra, Read all about it. Strange Corrupted Idols suddenly appear throughout Malifaux City. The effect on the populace has been one of confusion and increased hostility as everyone tries to figure out where they came from and what they mean. Investigating a set that appeared in the Southern New Construction Zone Guild forces clashed in an obvious case of mistaken identity. While interrogating some suspicious characters near a Large Tavern, Lady Justice spotted what appeared to be a Young Nephilim skulking around near a Warehouse in the area. Firing on the creature resulted in an explosion of return fire from none other than the Ortega’s. The fierce firefight resulted in several casualties however, thankfully, both special divisions seem able to continue on with their missions. On scene witnesses report that Lady Justice and her Death Marshalls clearly scored the better over the Ortega Clan during the exchange. No doubt the infamous fog in the area and late hour contributed to the incident. In an attempt to prevent future incidents, the Governor General has decreed that security for the area around the river in the Southern New Construction Zone be the responsibility of the Death Marshals. In another case of fratricide incited by the Corrupted Idols, it appears there may be some simmering tension in the Ten Thunders hierarchy sparked by the Gremlin question and a new rail line being built through the area. That one-time M&SU member Mei Feng and her Rail Workers faced off against that sometime Ten Thunders collaborator The Brew Master and his Drunken horde. An informant tells us that the brawl began over some disparaging remarks supposedly hidden in the painted imagery of the idols. The eye witness observed that some of the Moon Shinobi appeared to have iridescent phosphorescent paint residue on their tiny little hands. The violence erupted between the Southern Slums and an old Pioneer Ghost Town on the outskirts of the city, Mei Feng proved to be her ever elusive self as she rail walked around the Brew Masters Forces incredulously surviving a close encounter with the Whiskey Golem. In the end The Brew Master was forced to withdraw his forces and cede control of the Southern Slums to the progress of industry. Investigating another set of the strange Corrupting Idols in the Quarantine Zone, the mechanical Guild man Charles Hoffman was beset by the unsettlingly odd Reva Cortinas as she was resting in some Ruins nearby. The wonderful devices and contraptions devised by the finest minds in the Guilds science department sadly proved no match for the potent Revenant and her devoted, some would say fanatical followers. Hoffman was forced to abandon any arcane secrets that may have been contained in the strange idols and return to the Downtown area via the Southern New Construction Zone. Reports of the Dead Rider’s dominance in the last two encounters with Reva force this reporter to ask…can anything be done to stop this undead horseman of the apocalypse. It is time for the Governor General to dispatch the elite Death Marshal Corps to counter this Resurrectionist threat. The sudden and widespread proliferation of all these images in and around Malifaux City make us ponder if that famous street artist and political activist Angsty has returned to us. The art world is abuzz with the possibility. Our last report may be the result of drunken fancy as the “witness” is a young Gremlin named Boudreaux or perhaps Thibodeaux, he was slurring his speech during the interview and frequently slipped into a drawling laugh that made obtaining concrete details extremely difficult. According to his “recollect’n” (sic) the Dreamer visited his Gremlin Village to indulge in some of his grisly games. When the nightmares had exhausted the supply of Gremlin playmates, the Dreamer turned his attention to Youko Hamasaki who just happened to emerge from a sewer exit nearby. Coming to a Reckoning, these Public Enemies fought a fierce battle that saw Youko abandon her undoubtedly illicit cargo for the Ten Thunders and hightail it back to the safety of the Qi and Gong. The whereabouts of the illicit cargo are currently unknown; however, Som’er Teeth Jones is rumored to have recently come into a large cache of rare, exotic and most importantly valuable goods from Earth’s Three Kingdoms. An intercepted communique from Youko to Som’er Teeth Jones demands the items safe return or reprisal from the Ten Thunders. Som’er’s response was surprisingly adroit from the uncultured swine…Molon Labe. To add insult to injury, it was written in a scrawling inconsistent hand with what can only be described as a largeish “brush” about a fingers width thick utilizing an unknown brownish substance that reeked to high hell. We await the resolution of these negotiations. This has been the Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, continuing to provide the unbiased reporting that is our hallmark. Announcement 6 February 4, 2021: Ladies and Gentlemen, we at the Malifaux Sentinel, apologize for the tardiness of this report. Our two new Gremlin Interns discovered the paper’s revolutionary and incredibly expensive Rectigraph Machine. Let’s just say that we now have a 350-foot roll of some very avantgarde and provocative art should anyone be interested in purchase. But on to our reports. In a difficult week for McMourning, the master Resurrectionist enlisted some help from the Red Chapel Killer, the Malifaux City Madman, Seamus to assist in protecting his secret labs located deep in the Quarantine Zone. Acting on a tip from a resident of Rottenburg, Lady Justice (Mike G) discovered one of McMourning’s labs audaciously located near the entertainment district in the Southern New Construction Zone. Moving quickly on her long-time Nemesis, Lady Justice launched her assault from the “Kinky Boots Theatre,” a favorite of Seamus, into the ruins surrounding the district. The bitter Turf War saw Seamus temporarily restrained in a Death Marshal’s Pine Box and incredulous rumors of McMourning’s death. That idol of decay the Carrion Emissary functioned as a suitable road block throughout the fight allowing Mcmourning to not only retain but expand his control of the area. Either the infamous former Guild Coroner McMourning has a body double or he survived his encounter with Lady Justice because the always stalwart and trust worthy Freikorps Commander VonSchill submitted a near simultaneous request for bounty payment for both McMourning and Seamus from the Guild Administrative Offices. Operating from the Badlands, Von Schill launched his strike into the Ruins the Resurrectionists were conducting their experiments in. Coming to a Reckoning the legendary resilience of Dr Douglas McMourning was put to the test and ultimately succumbed to his wounds after two rounds of concentrated fire from the Freikorps. The bounty for the always elusive Seamus will reportedly be split with the notorious sniper for hire Hans. A Guild clerk who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information hints at the difficulty of neutralizing the Red Chapel Killer. Employing the stumpy Copy Cat Killer, Seamus was able to confuse the Freikorps through numerous instances of Mistaken Identity. The tack sharp, advanced optics of Hans, however, were able to easily distinguish real from fake. No doubt that trusty Field Guide of his also played a factor. The Malifaux Sentinel would like to congratulate the Freikorps on their success. This has been the Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, continuing to provide the unbiased reporting that is our hallmark. And if anyone is interested in purchasing a 350-foot homage to Gremlin Butts please contact our offices conveniently located in Downtown Malifaux just around the corner from the Guild Public Relations Offices. Serious inquiries only please. Announcement 7 February 4, 2021: We interrupt Debussy’s “La Mer” to bring you this emergency broadcast from Guild Officials. Citizens are asked to restrict their movements in and around the cities slums as the Gremlins and Neverborn are on the warpath. In an uncanny shift of events, it would appear that the Gremlins are now coordinating their actions around Malifaux. In two separate encounters, Gremlin forces were able to regain control of Villages that were previously cleared of the vermin by Guild Forces. While engaging in a vicious Turf War with the Dreamer (Stephen K.), The Brew Master and his Moon Shinobi launched a successful “Crusade of Reclamation” from the Slums of the Three Kingdoms District into a Gremlin Village outside the city limits the Dreamer had “played” in earlier in the week. The stealthy movements of the Moon Shinobi proved clutch in ridding the village of the Neverborn taint. That ruthless force of hoofed aggression the Hooded Rider, however was able to separate the Brew Master from his faithful Apprentice Wesly. Guild Officials are glad to hear about this as it is expected to significantly reduce the flow of illicit and untaxed liquor into the city. Remember, a sober citizen is a productive citizen. Unfortunately, the battle diverted Guild Guard resources from a Guild Holding Facility housing the notorious Som’er Teeth Jones and his unruly clan of drunken hillbillies. The newly freed Som’er sought to return to his swamp utilizing various family safehouses along the way. At one of these Gremlin Villages, Som’er encountered Professor VonSchtook on a recruiting drive for his despicable University of Transmortis. Guild forces are worried that the Taxidermists may be actively seeking to hone their craft by dabbling in necromancy to provide a “more real product for their discerning clients.” These Public Enemies engaged in some brutal fighting that ended with VonSchtook leaving with no new students to enroll. A Gremlin informant mentioned that there was some confusion over the persistence of remains of the Insignificant Bayou folk. An unfortunate circumstance that left Som’er feeling less than satisfied with his victory. Driven from the swamp by the Brew Master, the Dreamer (Max A.) returned to the Slums just outside the heavily fortified Downtown area. Finding his new playmates in a warehouse, Lady Justice (John A.) was dispatched to Reckon with the Neverborn threat. Her stalwart Death Marshalls were unafraid as they engaged the ephemeral Nightmares of Old Malifaux. Unfortunately, their tenacity did not translate into increased martial prowess as the Death Marshals were forced to cede the Warehouse to the Dreamer under a slew of missed shots. The Governor’s Secretary, the Right Honorable Lucius Gustavius FitzWilliam Mattheson, could not be reached for comment, however, his office suggested that a redistribution of assets is underway. Does this mean the famous monster hunters from Latigo will be diverted to address the Neverborn menace? Rest assured, our cadre of reporters, investigators and informants stand ready to capture the results of that exchange should it happen. This concludes this emergency broadcast. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing Claude Debussy’s “La Mer,” already in progress. Announcement 8 February 10, 2021: Hello folks, Allison Dade here with the Malifaux Tattler’s Aethervox edition bringing you all the news that’s fit to print without the bias of the other news sources. Guild forces on the attack to protect the average citizen from the many threats that seek to pull our grand society apart. That wonderful half man half machine Hoffman foiled the attempts of the Ten Thunders sympathetic Youko and her Geishas to plant explosives near a Guild Holding Facility. Emerging from the Sewers the battle resulted in a definitive win for the Guild and the slaying of a Dawn Serpent. An investigation is currently under way, however; a guild informant speaking under condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release the information, suggested that the attack was only a distraction for a greater Ten Thunders plan. A more pressing concern may be the number of Dawn Serpents Youko has access to. Surely the Guild’s Department of Animal Control and Enforcement will be visiting the Qi and Gong shortly to ensure there are no illegal Serpent Mills being operated on the premises. In other action, Guild forces led by Perdita, investigating a set of Corrupted Idols that appeared in a Pioneer Ghost Town near Latigo, were ambushed in a Warehouse by that Ten Thunders agitator Mei Feng and her unruly band of semi mechanical rail workers. An unsubstantiated report claims Mei Feng was gunned down by Perdita in retaliation for killing her Abuela in a stream of fire during the fight. If true, our condolences to Perdita and her wonderful Abuela. She was a sweet old woman who was also a fantastic cook. Though a valiant effort, Guild forces withdrew to reconstitute and reassess the worth of the Pioneer Ghost Town. Rumors that the Corrupted images in the town were the work of the terrorist artist Angsty have the Art snobs in arms, demanding the Guild recover the “priceless expressionist piece at any cost.” A person who has seen the images claims it was nothing more than an odd depiction of a cat with what appeared to be toast around its head. In this reporter’s mind, only a crazy cat lady would find that interesting. If that is art then perhaps the Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, will be able to sell their 350-foot homage to Gremlin Butts produced by interns Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. The last Guild action this week involved Lady Justice (John A.) engaging her long-time nemesis the always odd Reva and her Cult of Revenants. In a bitter Turf War fought in the outskirts of the city, Reva defended her holdings in the Quarantine Zone while the stalwart Lady Justice maintained the bulwark of Guild authority in the Badlands. Too add an extra stamp of Guild supremacy, Governor General Marlowe authorized the deployment of the Brutal Emissary in support of the Death Marshal Division’s mission. Sadly, the always tricksy Reva engaged in a scorched earth style of warfare that saw the Brutal Emissary on fire and both areas burned to utter uselessness. Though nominally still under control, any resources that may have been available to Guild or Resser forces are buried under the ashes of the still burning battlefield. Surely this rivalry has not ended and we anticipate Lady Justice is already planning her next engagement with the Resurrectionist Master. Our last report comes from a confidential informant residing in the cities less hospitable regions. According to the CI, the Barrows posse ran afoul of the nightmare adolescent the Dreamer (Max A.) as they were Planting Explosives near a Warehouse the angry young man was playing in. Barrows reportedly had difficulty locking the intangible Dreamer down for a right proper fight. Ultimately, the Barrows posse was forced to vacate the Ancient Ruins he was holed up in, no doubt trying to avoid the Guild’s swift arm of criminal justice. This reporter is forced to ask the difficult question, can anyone stop the Dreamer (Max A.) as he rampages through the city? Guild Officials would like us to add to the broadcast that anyone with information about terrorist street artist Angsty is required to make a report with their local Guild Guardsman. Should the information result in the capture of Angsty, that citizen will be entitled to compensation of up to $50 Script or 1 year off their term of servitude. Additionally, the Malifaux Sentinel would like us to remind our listeners that the 350-foot homage to Gremlin Butts is still available for purchase. Those interested may contact their offices conveniently located in Downtown Malifaux just around the corner from the Guild Public Relations Offices. Again, serious inquiries only please. This has been Allison Dade reporting for Malifaux Tattler’s Aethervox edition, bringing you all the news that’s fit to print without the bias of the other news sources. Have a Great night and we are outta here. Announcement 9 February 11, 2021: An obviously Gremlin voice speaks over the Aethervox: “You are listening to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul. Our next piece is from Harry McDonough and the Haydn Quartet. Enjoy their soulful rendition of this old timey favorite When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx8oy4r4vr4 We interrupt this Aethervox broadcast to bring you the following announcement from Guild Officials. The valiant Lady Justice (Mike G.) and her Death Marshals have dealt a strong blow to the despicable Resurrectionists operating in our fine city. While surveilling the “Café Lafitte in Exile” Theatre for signs of the vile outlaw Seamus, rumored to be recruiting new Dandies in the area; the Death Marshals observed that traitor most foul, Dr. McMourning working in the slums surrounding the area. A long-time nemesis, Lady Justice leapt at the opportunity to take down this dangerous minister of Poison. Judge and Jury were in attendance to deliver a Reckoning to the Dead Rider and McMourning’s assistant Sebastian. Fate seemed to be a fickle mistress during the melee, favoring the Marshalls during an attack only to flee on a damaging blow. Rumors of Lady Justice’s death are patently false! This broadcaster only yesterday attended a social engagement where the statuesque woman was present, regaling the assembled socialites and officials with tales of her heroic deeds. We can, however absolutely confirm the rumors that McMourning was killed during the battle. We know there have been erroneous reports of his death in the past, however, the Guild unequivocally states that those were either one of the numerous body doubles McMourning is rumored to employ or simply a case of mistaken identity. Additionally, any future sightings are either a simple flight of fancy or case of drunken stupor. We now return you to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of Salvation to soothe a weary Soul.” Already in progress. An obviously gremlin voice replaces the Guild announcers as it trails off. “and as I look up into the heavens, I see the glory of God smiling down upon me. I feel the strength to resist the many temptations of the devil. The sins of the flesh…the Green Fairy…the Devil’s Nectar… or even the Chinese Molasses…none of these can deliver the powerful relief of the lords blessing upon you. With a powerful blow I cast ye out Satan…away from me charlatan…I will not hear your serpents lies or indulge in your temporary pleasures. I ask you my brothers and sisters of the Bayou, what are you doing to secure your salvation? What are you doing to help your brothers and sisters with theirs? Are you willing to rise above the muck and mire of your world? Will you join our great civil society and the rock that is Guild authority? Will you come unto the shinning beacon of light that is Malifaux City, renouncing the ways of your ill-bred kin? If you are willing to take the first steps toward redemption…and I believe you are…meet me at the Quadruple Rock Church, conveniently located adjacent to the Malifaux Sentinel’s Edgepoint Annex. Our next song of salvation is from Vaughan Williams and his Hymns from the English Hymnal.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBHXSEaHBbM Announcement 10 February 12, 2021: Extra, Extra, read all about it… Malifaux Sentinel, reports a number of bitter Turf Wars erupted around Malifaux on Wednesday nIght. The always elusive Dreamer (Max A.) encountered the always awkward Reva Cortinas near Powderburg in the North East quadrant of the Quarantine Zone. No one knows why the Dreamer chose the blocky, squat slums of Powderburg for his games, but rumors abound that Reva and her band of followers were occupying the Ruins of a building once housing the now criminalized mercenary group the Freikorps. While a bloody affair, the Dreamer and his nightmares were able to evict Reva from the area. Commander Leopold Von Schill could not be reached for comment despite numerous couriers sent to the Freikorps occupied Badlands town of Freiholt. No doubt, the veteran mercenary is planning a retaliatory strike on Reva for having the temerity to occupy one of his abandoned strongholds. The Malifaux Sentinels’ network of informants and reporters is standing by to deliver the news should this occur in the near future. In other news, Perdita and her family were accosted by that vile Baron of the Bayou Som’er Teeth Jones and his band of “closely related” Kin. As the Ortega clan has grown in size over the years, Latigo has become a bit cramped for the burgeoning family. Recently, Governor General Marlowe gifted them a deed to Pioneer Ghost Town #33 near the bayou. The only catch? The veteran monster hunters would need to clear it of any undesirable entities that may have taken up residence. After seeing this reporter locate Pioneer Ghost Town #33 on a map, our gremlin interns Boudreaux and Thibodeaux informed us that a sizeable population of Jones’es have lived there for some time. Having only yesterday received a letter from a cousin’s, nephews, brother Adelaide, Thibodeaux or perhaps Boudreaux, we have difficulty telling them apart, informed us that during Perdita’s scouting mission she was simply outgunned by the Jones’es who were receiving Som’er Teeth for Sweet Tea and Beignets. Until the Ortega Matriarch can return with her family in greater numbers, Pioneer Ghost Town #33 is firmly in the hands of Som’er Teeth Jones and has been renamed Jones’es Gremlin Village. This reporter’s question is, will they want it after the Gremlin’s have uh…used the facilities? This has been the Malifaux Sentinel, the last bastion of independent journalism in the city, continuing to provide the unbiased reporting that is our hallmark. Announcement 11 February 12, 2021: Crackling over the Aethervox. “Our boys from Sheffield, that fabulous football club, the Wednesday’s in the Blue and White horizontal stripes, are on the attack. Passing the ball and working the angles as they move on the Aston Villa Lions. It looks like the Owls have the Lions on the back foot. Yes, it looks like they just might…Goal!!! And just like that the Owls have tied it up. “ We interrupt this Aethervox rebroadcast of the Sheffield-Aston Villa’s Football game played on February 10, 1906 to bring you these important announcements from Guild Officials. Investigators are making progress on the series of explosions that rocked Malifaux last week. Thanks to confidential informants, we now know that the first Explosives were Planted by the Brewmaster and his band of drunken gremlins in an attempt to keep that infamous bandit Parker Barrows, who was holed up in some nearby Ruins, from encroaching any further into the Bayou’s Edge. The battle was fierce but, in the end, The Brewmaster was able to rest the Ruins from Parker and send him to whatever other safehouse he may have. It would appear the Gremlin’s are on the rise again. The second explosion was again thankfully outside the city proper; however, the report comes to us from none other than Lady Justice (John A.) herself. Acting on a tip that the Dreamer (Stephen K.) was playing games in the Bogs, the Death Marshalls moved from some Ancient Ruins to strike. Lady Justice did not count on the wicked adolescent having access to so much explosive material, nor did she figure on him reenacting the Powder Wars with his new playmates. It was a brutal fight that left the Death Marshals defeated and forced to withdraw from the field. We are sure that, given all the recent experience against the Dreamer, Lady Justice will emerge all the stronger for it. The third and more interesting explosions occurred near Pioneer Ghost Town #15 where Mei Feng and her Rail Workers have been laying track for the new Slate Ridge Mountains line. An eye witness reports that a quarrel between Youko and Mei Feng, both known members of the Ten Thunders Tong, erupted into a full-blown melee when the latter demanded the Geishas leave the work camp and the former demanded payment for services rendered at the Qi and Gong in the Downtown area of the Little Kingdom. Thanks to the prodigious use of planted explosives intended for blasting tunnels along the rail line, Mei Feng was able to forcibly evict Youko from Pioneer Ghost Town #15. The loss of time and materials has Guild Officials doubtful the line will be completed prior to next year’s Ski season. Those who purchased passage and lift tickets in advance utilizing Malvago and also purchased the optional Trip Insurance may be issued a refund should the rail line not be completed on time. With all these explosions rocking the area, Guild Officials are searching for the source of munitions proliferation. Do we have an arms dealer working in the shadows of Malifaux threatening our peace? This reporter would like to know. Guild personnel were quick to dismiss gossip that some of the recovered residue had Guild markings. A Guild spokesman authorized to speak on the matter asked this reporter, “How the Guild would benefit by allowing uncontrolled explosives to roam the city, destroying our ancient structures?” This reporter agrees they would not and condemns anyone suggesting the Guild had anything to do with it. Guild Officials wish us to add, anyone with information leading to the capture and arrest of the person or persons responsible for the sale of surplus military explosives may be entitled to sizeable compensation both financially and via reduced sentence times. Information leading to those spreading disinformation about the origin of the explosives may also be rewarded financially. Our last news story features that notorious terrorist artist “Angsty” and their Corrupted Idols which have appeared around our fine city. The latest image of a very grumpy cat was discovered by curious looky lou’s rummaging through the remains of a battle between the nightmare young man The Dreamer (Max A.) playing in some Ruins and the once distinguished Prof. VonSchtook, Dean of the vile University of Transmortis who we are told was watching a macabre opera in the school’s Theater. An absolutely terrifying and ruthless affair, the Dreamer added his own twist on the operatic piece and forced VonSchtook to abandon the facility to the Lucid Dreams of the increasingly angry adolescent. No doubt this will hurt recruiting for the schools new Art department. The whereabouts of the schools prized Tenor Thomas De Lutrius of the Toredor family are unknown at this time. Understandably, the family has denounced the young man for his attendance, claiming that he was an outcast from the family. An informant has told us that we may again hear his incredible voice in the near future as he is safe and recovering from the injuries he sustained during the battle, eager to perform again. We now conclude this aethervox emergency announcement and return you to the rebroadcast of the Sheffield-Aston Villa’s Football game played on February 10, 1906. Announcement 12 February 18, 2021: Extra, Extra, Read all about it. Disparity, the definitive newspaper dedicated to covering the vibrant art world in Malifaux, reports a new “Angsty” piece discovered in the Bogs outside the city on 13 February. The black and white master work was drawn on the side of an overturned, ruined flat boat. It depicts a worn down bill poster with pail and brush in hands, bills clamped firmly under arm and a forlorn gaze into the distance with the words “Winners..Are Not Those Who Never Fail But Those Who Never Quit!” The piece was discovered in the aftermath of a brutal battle between Reva Cortinas and the Dreamer. A witness shared that it was difficult to gauge who won the exchange as the Revenants took heavy casualties but appeared to achieve their objectives during the melee. We are told that despite appearing to have lost everyone but the Dead Rider, Reva’s folks have been observed in the area while the Nytemare has not. Unfortunately, the piece is no longer viewable as the Guild has Corrupted the Idol by establishing a cordon around the area to “protect the citizenry from potential harm from Reva’s band of Revenants.”. It is believed the boat featuring the “Angsty” art has also been removed. Its whereabouts are currently unknown but we were able to obtain a single photograph of it from an anonymous source. Our reporters at Disparity are hopeful that the piece may eventually resurface so it may be preserved. Should this occur, we stand ready to arrange for a viewing prior to its sale through Sotheby’s Auction House. Announcement 13 February 18, 2021: An obviously Gremlin voice speaks over the Aethervox: “You are listening to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul. Our next piece is from Bert Williams. Enjoy his wonderful old timey favorite Nobody. And remember when life brings you down you have to dust yourself off and pick yourself up.” We interrupt this Aethervox broadcast to bring you the following announcement from Guild Officials. Two massive caches of Planted Explosives were discovered around Malifaux last night. The first, was located by the steely eyed Perdita Ortega and her stalwart Famliy, around a supposedly vacant Warehouse near the Bogs outside of Gremlin’s Wharf in the South Eastern Quarantine Zone. Unfortunately, the Ortegas were attacked by Reva Cortinas’ fanatical thugs before the explosives could be fully neutralized and recovered. Calculating that collateral damage from the explosives would be limited to only Reva’s fanatics and any illicit contents of the Warehouse, Perdita made the decision to instead detonate the explosives and cover the Ortega’s withdrawal from the area. Rumors that the explosives never detonated killing Reva and her followers or that Reva now possess not only the contents of the Warehouse but also the military grade explosives that were located by the Ortegas are patently false and obviously the work of anti-Guild operatives seeking to undermine the authority and peace provided by the leadership of our fine Governor General Marlowe. Reports that the Guild Guardsman assigned to secure the Bogs from which Reva has been operating this last week had abandoned their post are also unequivocally false. Any information as to the source of this misinformation or the whereabouts of Guardsmen Ackerman, Hulbert or Wooleich may be reported to your local Guild Offices for fair compensation. The second batch of Planted Explosives were frighteningly close to Down Town near the supply Warehouses of the Malifaux Tattler. Unsubstantiated reports suggest that the Dreamer has discovered a way to play his games all by himself. Dubious information obtained from a highly inebriated eye witness strung out on Brilliance, proports that during the altercation a Dreamer (Max A.) leading a band of Insidious Madness and the Widow Weaver was able to defeat a Dreamer (Stephen K) accompanied by a Hooded Rider, Serena Bowman and a Stitched Together creature. The alien looking Coppelius was apparently unable to choose a team as he appeared to be working for and against both Dreamers. Perhaps he was it during this macabre game. Again, the veracity of this report is highly suspect and is being repeated with the utmost skepticism. One Dreamer is nightmare enough, two is unthinkable. This has been Alison Dade reporting. We now return you to the Aethervox broadcast of the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul, already in progress. Static fades to a sullen Gremlin voice in mid sermon “My friends…my kin…I stand before you today to deliver a warning about that temptation that is called Brilliance…Brilliance is just another tool of the devil Intended to subvert you from your higher calling while blinding you to the majesty of our fine society. Now you may think that the euphoria and elation experienced while under its cursed influence is harmless…that it “just takes the edge off of a stressful day” …” that it is no different than a stiff drink to ease your sorrows” …but you’d be wrong…It is just a facade…a veil pulled down to keep you from the true glory of the almighty…a lie of that honeyed tongue devil…the King of the Bottomless Pit…the Son of Perdition Beelzebub, I name the and cast the out! Keep in mind brothers and sisters…aside from the damage it does to your immortal soul…Brilliance will ruin your temporal life as well… remember that the next time you are tempted by the sweet luxurious allure of Brilliance. No man is an island and we are all imperfect beings before the creator, so if you desire assistance resisting sin…crawl out of the muck and mire and meet with us at the Quadruple Rock Church, conveniently located adjacent to the Malifaux Sentinel’s Edgepoint Annex. Come witness the grandeur of polite society, the accoutrements of civilization, and the rapture of fellowship. Our next old timey song comes from Frank Stanley singing about indulgence and selfishness. Announcement 15 February 22, 2021: Extra, Extra, read all about it… Malifaux Sentinel, reports a number of battles fought around the city on Friday night. Witnesses report that two bitter Turf Wars erupted in the Warehouse District. Defending a likely Ten Thunders Warehouse, Mei Feng discovered a poorly hidden Sewer entrance to the University of Transmortis. Prof. Vonschtook and his students augmented the days lectures with some practical application. It appears the grueling academic schedule of the university coupled with additional preparations for midterms left the students on the back foot. The Sewer entrance and the attached academic facilities have been claimed by the Ten Thunders, no doubt to house more illicit goods that are contributing to the degradation of Guild authority. Responding to the above reports of an entrance to the University of Transmortis, Lady Justice was dispatched to the Warehouse District by Governor General Marlowe to ascertain the viability of launching a raid into the school through the area. When the dedicated Death Marshal arrived, instead of locating the rumored entrance, Lady Justice discovered an opium Research Facility being managed by Youko Hamasaki and her Qi and Gong staff and seeking to make the illicit drug more addictive. The staunch Guild defender, Lady Justice was able to wrest control of the facility from the Ten Thunders and place it under Guild authority. This reporter would just like to say publicly, thank you Lady Justice for making our city safer by removing this lynchpin of the Opium trade and providing a valuable site for pharmaceutical research. We are sure the Guild will use it for the betterment of all mankind. In other news, the Guild half-man, half-machine Charles Hoffman was accosted by that vile purveyor of alcohol The Brewmaster while preforming his lawful duties to ensure public safety. The ambush occurred while Hoffman was Planting Explosives in a Sewer emptying into the Bayou’s Edge near a still site churning out gallons of the Brewmaster’s vile moonshine. Thanks to the underhanded tactics employed by the gremlin master, Hoffman was unable to fully initiate the detonation sequence that would have safely and efficiently neutralized the underground pathway into the city, resulting in a low yield explosion leaving the area usable by the Brewmaster. Guild authorities cite the sewers use in smuggling illicit goods into the city as the primary reason for the authorization to destroy the line. The citizenry should be assured that back flow and increased stress on other parts of the sewer system, even in the event of a “low-yield” detonation, have been accounted for and will not result in any disruption of services for those in Guild managed areas. In an unrelated announcement, Guild officials have issued a flood warning for low lying areas within the Quarantine Zones for the next few weeks citing abnormal snow melt as the likely culprit. Our last story recounts the exploits of the heroic monster hunter Perdita Ortega and her faithful family members in recovering a valuable Guild Library being held ransom by the outlaw Parker Barrows Gang. Returning from a mission near the Bayou’ Edge, the Ortega’s delivered a Reckoning to Parker and were able to wrest control of the facility from his bandit hands. This reporter must say, it has been a tough season for the notorious outlaw. As always, this has been the Malifaux Sentinel, last bastion of independent journalism in the city continuing to deliver the unbiased reporting that is our hallmark. Announcement 16 February 22, 2021: An obviously Gremlin voice speaks over the Aethervox: “You are listening to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of salvation to soothe a weary soul. We interrupt this Aethervox broadcast to bring you an urgent message from Guild authorities. A Reckoning occurred between the two strongest threats during the current civic crisis. Fighting near an M&SU managed area in the Southern New Construction Zone exploded between the Dreamer, playing his games in the Industrial Zone; and Mei Feng, observed transporting undetermined goods into a suspected Ten Thunders Warehouse nearby. Fate seemed to be against the Dreamer throughout the exchange with the suicide tactics of the rail workers paying huge dividends. Early in the conflict Mei Feng boldly charged the immensely huge Lord Chompy Bits and was unbelievably able to single handedly remove the beast from the battlefield during a fusillade of Deadly Claws. The loss of the Dreamer’s heavy hitter was keenly felt and put significant pressure on the rest of the crew to fill the void. The nail in the coffin was delivered by a lowly rail worker, packed with explosives by the backwoods mechanic Sparks LeBlanc, who detonated after being showered by Hot Coals from Kang. Despite forcing the Dreamer to cede the Industrial Zone to Mei Feng and her Rail Workers, the Dreamer’s dominance throughout this violent season remains unquestioned. We are told an Emissary from Governor-General Marlowe’s Office has been dispatched to discuss possible terms with the always Lucid Dreamer. We will update you with the results of this parley as they become available. We now return you to the “Temperance” Jebsen Revival Power Hour. Songs of Salvation to soothe a weary Soul.” Already in progress. An obviously gremlin voice: “Our next piece comes from one of my kin, William Jebsen. Claiming he was inspired to craft the song after “hearing it sung by a voice from the future” while listening to an old Crystal radio crafted by the legendary Jagadish Chandra Bose. We bring you “The Party’s Over.”
  17. @Merchant The points I brought up were in response to your comments about GW's You are comparing an established, global, publicly traded corporation with Shareholders to small, privately owned entities with far smaller workforce's where most employees are wearing multiple hats. I conceded in my post that Games Workshop has significantly more marketing tools and resources than all their competition combined. It is fitting as they have been in the business since 1975. They had a very long head start. Yes, they are good at promoting their games, the "hype train" losses its luster though when you can't get the actual products and/ or the support for the games is inconsistent at best. It looses even more luster when you can't count on a game seeing continued development after the initial money grab (Remember Shadow Wars: Armagedon, Dread Fleet, Battle Fleet Gothic, Inquisition, Mordheim). Mordheim is particularly interesting as it has had a Video game (PC and Console) release in 2015 and a fairly successful mobile game that is currently available that builds "Hype" for a game that has been out of print for over a decade with no development after 2004. Blood Bowl and Necromunda were in a similar state until fairly recently as well. How long did it take GW to progress the 40k universe? Most of their lore content, up until fairly recently was staged in the very distant past with zero progression of the timeline. The Warhammer Fantasy line was just as bad until Age of Sigmar destroyed the old war and progressed the story. GW has released many books and series for their flagship game Warhammer 40k, but consider that the first of the Horus Heresy novels, the singularly most important event in the lore of the game, was published in 2006. That is 31 years after the companies founding. They have also released several video games and animated series to add to the "hype", however; most of these are fairly recent and many have caused significant issues with existing lore (the Space Marine game which was offered on the console systems and the Animated series are sterling examples of this as the Ultra Marines are one of the most fleshed out Chapters in 40k and both of these directly conflicted with the long established lore of the 2nd Company. A Company with damn near every member published). Corvus Belli is a fairer comparison to Wyrd as they are similarly sized companies of a similar age (Corvus Belli was founded in 2001 with Infinity being released in 2005) and structure. Corvus Belli has done some great things with their flagship game, however it hasn't been willy-nilly either. How much have they really expanded their lore for Infinity over their four editions and RPG game? When did they publish their manga, 2017? That was 12 years after their their flagship game was released and 16 years after their founding. How is their release schedule? While I like the company they haven't really been doing much. In comparison, Wyrd was founded in 2005 but Malifaux wasn't released until 2009. In only 12 years they have released three editions for their flagship game with 18 books expanding the story and progressing the timeline. Additionally, through the first two editions, Wyrd maintained a bi monthly Webzine with 39 issues that was and remains free to download containing not just game related materials on painting and playing but also many stories that added and expanded the world (some in series format). This is before considering the additional lore and history that is contained in the 16 Through the Breach RPG books, The Other Side TTG book and the Breachside Broadcasts (how many are there of these?). In short, there is already a ton of material to digest for the world of Malifaux. As for their release schedule, well in the time I have been a Henchman (and I believe I am one of the longer tenured ones) I can't recall very many months they didn't have something coming out for Malifaux, not to mention their other games. Additionally, Wyrd has very rarely been out of stock on an item for months at a time. The global Corporation that is GW can not say the same, their web store still doesn't have Chaos Space Marine Defilers in stock after more than a year. Again, Wyrd is not perfect but, I think they are doing a pretty good job and in many ways are significantly ahead of the power curve of their competition. Hell in some game aspects they forced the big dogs (GW and Privateer press) to reassess their games and make changes to stay relevant. Yes, it would be nice to eventually see a novelization or video game chronicling the struggles in Malifaux or The Other Side, but again not at the cost of everything else. Given you posted this in "The Other Side" sub-forum I would wager you want to see more development for this game, I am in agreement with you. It never quite felt like it got a good release after the Kickstarter campaign and Wyrd deciding to hold off on selling at GenCon before the Backers got their rewards (a noble decision in my opinion). If I know Wyrd, they have these things in the plan but the realities of capital, personnel, time, and oversight are all factors that weigh into the equation. I am glad you are enthusiastic about the game, the community needs that to grow. Not sure where you are located but if you want some help in building a community there are plenty of old Henchman that would love to assist. It is hard work but well worth it. I have done it three times. And one parting shot, while I like the expansion of the world over the editions and game offerings, I do miss the days when this forum used to fiercely debate the Earthside location of the Breach and things were a bit more "free-form". Many great theories were posted with plenty of facts to rest the cases upon. Gaps in lore are not always a bad thing, it is the space in which we can found our own Space Marine Chapters and develop our own histories. This thread has motivated me to post the announcements I provided for my last narrative Malifaux league that concluded February 20, 2021. While definitely not canon it was fun to produce.
  18. Perhaps off topic from the original intent of the thread but, just because there isn't a "Henchman Program" doesn't mean there aren't Henchman out there. I still run events and promote for the games that Wyrd produces. I did it before there was a Henchman program and I still do now that we are in standby. As for GW being the gold standard of minis...well I don't agree. Their production has lagged, especially during the Pandemic. Sure they show a lot of new stuff but actually getting stuff isn't as simple (the store I work in has had significant trouble getting GW product that wasn't for the new hotness with some orders being over 4 weeks late). There are plenty of SKU's that have been on back order for a very long time, even "new release" stuff. A lot of factions for their games haven't seen anything new in a very long time (truthfully a lot of factions have had their options whittled down, cough, cough Orks and Eldar), that is unless you have some version of Space Marine in your name in which case you receive very regular and frequent updates. Their books are inconsistent at best with several writers diverging significantly from previous or even current cannon. The Beast Arises series was horribly bad despite having some very intriguing political arcs that redeemed it somewhat. This is the benefit and issue with having a large publicly traded multinational corporation, sure they have access to lots of marketing tools and resources but they are also beholden to shareholders and a corporate structure that in all likelihood doesn't even use the product they sell and is only interested in profit margins. Many of the GW game lines have suffered because of this. Thankfully the fan base has managed to preserve some of these fine games. Wyrd has done a solid job of controlling access to their IP's and while I don't agree with everything they have done the games are better for it. Would I love to see The Other Side get more love, yes! Would I like to see some of the great board games like Puppet Wars and Darkness Comes Rattling see some more development, oh god yes! Do I want to see it at the expense of the games and a 'constantly chased meta" sales structure, definitely not. I am looking forward to renewing my Henchman status when the program is relaunched. Whether that is tomorrow or some time down the road, I will still promote Wyrd products and run events in my area. I am lucky though...my area wasn't as badly affected by Covid lock downs as others. We already have our next Malifaux league scheduled, are running frequent Through the Breach sessions, and have begun the preliminary work of establishing a "The Other Side" community.
  19. Announcing Organized Play Events for the Cleveland Area. Upcoming events for January and February at Gamers Haven Malifaux 5 Week league from January 22, 2021 at 5:00pm thru February 19, 2021 at 10:00pm for the purposes of expanding the local Malifaux community and having a great time. The Store is located at 6639 Pearl Rd, Parma Heights, OH 44130 Additional: League sign up is found here Event Cost: $5.00 per participant, 100% of costs will be utilized for league support. This league will utilize my own Marshal Law League rule set built around defending and acquiring territories about the world of Malifaux. As players accumulate or squander territories they will gain or lose access to in game resources. All Participants will need to be present for the first day of the event in order to generate their starting territories and receive their league packs. The League will close at 10:00pm on January 20, 2021. Official League Days are scheduled for Fridays from 5:00pm to 10:00pm and players are strongly encouraged to play during the allotted time however may arrange games outside of this using the stores Malifaux League Discord channel. The intent of this is to facilitate a diverse play experience within the league. All games must be played at Gamers Haven to count. Upon completion of the event, league sheets will be turned into the Henchman for tabulation. Players will be restricted to a single Master throughout the league, however, may alter their crew composition (non-Leader models and upgrades) between games. Masters are not unique for the purposes of this event, i.e. Lady Justice may be played by more than one player. Proxies will be allowed as long as they clearly represent their base model, however unreleased models are not allowed. This is a casual event that is intended to build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing". All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews, dense terrain, and utilization of the asymmetric Story Encounters Strategy/ Scheme rules vice the Standard Encounters are highly encouraged but not mandatory. Prizes will be awarded upon completion of the last game on Friday, February 19, 2021. Players do not need to be present on the last day of the event to be eligible for a prize as long as their league sheet is in store. The prize pack will be based upon participation but at the least will consist of a 1st place and last place prize. Depending on participation the prize pool may be extended to include “Best in Faction” and “Best Painted”. Both will require at least 3 participates per category, i.e., to post an award for “Best Arcanist” the league would require at least 3 Arcanist players. Those interested in attending or with questions regarding this event may contact me via either PM, Facebook message, or email at NOLA_henchman@yahoo.com Through the Breach Gamers Haven is offering three sessions for Through the Breach. There is no cost for these events however, players are expected to attend all 6 sessions in the series. Space is also limited so please respond with "Going" on the linked Facebook pages (Highlighted in Bold and Blue below) to ensure a seat. January 20, 2021 thru February 24, 2021 from 5:00 - 10:00pm. Explore the Frontier Town of Innocence with Fate Master John, as it fends off attacks from the vile Nephilim and see if you can restore prosperity to this once bustling boomtown. This event has a strict limit of 4 participants, so please confirm attendance at the facebook event entry to secure a spot. The event may be cancelled and rescheduled at Fate Master John's discretion if we do not have 2 or more participants. No prior experience with the system is necessary to play in event. January 23, 2021 thru February 27, 2021 from 12:00 - 5:00pm. Enjoy a Night in lovely Rottenburg with Fate Master Jarrod. The air is full of mystery as the living and the dead intermingle in the heart of the Quarantine Zone. This event has a strict limit of 2 participants, so please confirm attendance at the facebook event entry to secure a spot. No prior experience with the system is necessary to play in event. January 24, 2021 thru February 28, 2021 from 12:00 - 5:00pm. Explore the Frontier Town of Innocence with Fate Master Cassie, as it fends off attacks from the vile Nephilim and see if you can restore prosperity to this once bustling boomtown. This event has a strict limit of 4 participants, so please confirm attendance at the facebook event entry to secure a spot. The event may be cancelled and rescheduled at Fate Master Cassie's discretion if we do not have 2 or more participants. No prior experience with the system is necessary to play in event. We hope to see you all at our Wyrd offerings.
  20. Is there a library or repository for the Wyrd Game specific emojis that I can download for inclusion in a Discord channel?
  21. I endorse the thread necro for this. Miniatures for this game would be awesome to paint. and while we're at it...I would like to see the expansion released in a proper box, maybe with somemore content, instead of thru drivethru (not that I have anything against Drivethru, just it doesn't feel like a real release to me).
  22. Well the community I have cultivated as a Henchman has decided to do our part. Several have just placed orders for TOS Allegiance boxes with our LGS. I have some ideas on how we are going to build the excitement locally and that may just include some crossover opportunities with not just Malifaux but also TTB. I am fortunate to have a really receptive community that is willing to try new things.
  23. "Proxy" models would be a very easy inclusion. As for the M3e rollout...well from what I recall historically it didn't fit the trend with previous announcements.
  24. I tend to agree. Wyrd has used the Alt and Special Models previously to test out new production methods. Aionus was one of the first I believe. But in regards to The Other Side...well I think the biggest thing it needs is a proper Grand release (one which puts the spotlight completely on it). The game never really received the big GenCon (or other Con) hoopla like Malifaux has. Although I give mad credit to Wyrd for deciding to hold off on the TOS release until after the kickstarter backers received their product (very noble), I can't help but feel it really hampered the roll out. And while this Grand rollout was probably planned for the following GenCon, Malifaux 3rd edition stole the spot light (I sort of got the feeling that 3rd edition was spoiled before it was ready to be announced). I would love to see the range expanded beyond what it is though and I think that would be a great time to give the full GenCon Treatment. As for cross over products, which I am usually a huge fan of, I don't seeing it working as well between Malifaux and TOS. The scales are too different. What works well in one tends to either severely over or underwhelm in the other due to intended model counts. The original Wild West Exodus is a pretty good example of this.
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