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  1. Whew... So glad I vultured around the webstore last night and got my order in...
  2. Put my vote in for Ramos, that force field falling effect is stunning. The others were nice but if that Ramos was on the other side of the table from me I would have to stop my setup and go take a closer look at them...
  3. The runes are great, and I love the shading effect on the wings... well done!
  4. I keep trying to post new pic but I can't seem to get it to work... Grrr... new bears...
  5. http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/64982-addiction-scare-bear-stare For all you carebear folks (CrouchingMoose).
  6. A fast forum search will show my addiction to Teddy... now I have ANOTHER way to be obsessed. I will have to break my online order up into 3-4 orders to get the number I want... I am in love...
  7. :::brain hurts::: Gencon-thread-now-a-kickstarter-thread-and-a-shipping-nostalgia-thread I just want some more spoilers... :::brain explodes scanners style:::
  8. Miss Direction... it's a no brainer...
  9. Beautiful! I like the colors. They are very "Dirty Vegas". I like the darkening of the bright colors. Very well done!
  10. The trash can from the street items would work well. And it's a solid piece of white metal.
  11. All of you at Gencon that made the process of getting our Malifaux fix are to be commended. Other booths ran out of everything, or lied about having items in the first place, within the first few hours. Their lines were intolerably ill managed, and they generally were not happy to be there. This was SO not the case with y'all. Myself and a group of my Friends showed up in mass yelling "Wyrd!" like total dorks the minute the doors opened on Thursday, and were rewarded with a little goodie! All the staff were very friendly and helped me find the models and items I needed. And the line, while substantial at times, went very smoothly (the ladies at the counter were very focused on keeping the it moving). I really enjoyed the fact that I could stand around and chat with the guys in the inventory area, and then be swiftly moved through the check out process. After 4 days of being in the exhibit hall the whole time it was open, I believe that you guys were the best all around exhibit in the hall. Well done, and I look forward to seeing how much bigger the booth gets next year! Nathan Gillespie "Wyrd-o"
  12. Game Color Skab Red, Blood Red, and Fire orange. Skab first, then a Badab Black wash, the worked up from the Skab to Blood, then to I added small amounts of fire orange to the Blood red to raise it's shade. Added more for the highlight and that was about it.
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