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  1. Xango

    Upcoming Releases up!

    I go away a year and you hit me with so many good things that my wallet is going to regret, Kirai is now a must, damned you wyrdddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Xango

    Favorite Characters, (just curious)

    Love all the fluff but my favorites have to be Big Z and Hammelin.
  3. Xango

    Games workshop who plays still?

    1.- No, i drop them 10 years ago (sad story) 3.- I like other games way more like malifaux, infinity, anima tactics and heavy gear blitz. Still have tons of necrons and some space marines if someone wants them (trade them for almost anything)
  4. Xango

    heavy gear blitz

    Hi Col, i normally play skirmish games like malifaux, but always wanted to play a 15mm game, i was searching and only could find wwII games like flames of war, and one day i stumped with heavy gear blitz and fell in love with the fluff and minis, although the rules are not the best system for me, the games i have played are always fun, some features i can tell you about is the speed of your gears (mechs) they have 3 diferent speeds and everything moves around this (modifiers, bs, etc.) so this gives the game a great tactical feel, like malifaux is almost based on missions, one that i like in particular is recon, you have to discover and tag objectives that most of the time are moving. The thing that catch me big time is building lists, this is where all begins, you have a ton of options and you have to plan ahead very carefully and even if you have a heavy force in points and your opponent has a low value list, you can still play, the missions are based in combat groups that have priority levels and tread values so the lists between opponents can be diferent, give it a try and also if at some point your friends do not want to spend money, you can proxy with mechwarrior clix.
  5. Xango

    How do they stack up against the 'Faux?

    @Greg, even with the cardboard charachters, the game is a blast, easy to learn and with a lot of deep strategy, give it a try!
  6. Xango

    How do they stack up against the 'Faux?

    The stat cards come with the main game and the 3 expansions, for other figures like the c`tans, we proxy the okko onis, and for the game, big bases ocuppy 4 squares, you need the game mostly for the elemental dice, they do not sell them separetly.
  7. Xango

    How do they stack up against the 'Faux?

    Long, long time player, started early 90`s with GW and have passed through, PP, Rackham, spartan, dp9, FF and some others. As all of us here, have spent ridiculous amounts of money in games, and recently (say 1 year ago) i stopped drastically (lots of good games out there) After playing several systems, i ended up with Malifaux and Infinity. Infinity is FOR ME, the best tabletop game in the market, everybody talk about the difficult rules, but honestly, if you have played miniatures games, you`ll get the rules really fast if you go little by little, the ARO feature is just fantastic and makes the game real, hand to hand combat is scarce and brutal, mistakes cost hard at the end. Malifaux is my 2nd, what a fun game to play! i love the fluff, theme, miniatures, and the schemes and strategies are simply the cherry of the cake. I know the post was for Anima tactics, hell dorado, FB fate and infinity, but i feel the need to add another game to the mix. Most people think that this game is a board game that is played with the cardboard characters that come in the box, but the game have some of the coolest minis out there, and with a few twists here and there, you can make an amazing skirmish table top. I want to strongly recommend OKKO, is a very tactical samurai vs demons game, facing is key to the game, it also have a feature that i love, in order to use the characters special abilities, you have to trigger them with elemental dice (that come in the box) this dice you can use them in your turn or save them for later, giving the game a fresh tactical approach. Is scenario based with 4/5 miniatures per team. If you try it you wont regret it, we use miniatures from OKKO and from other games like bushido and alkemy and for demons you can use hell dorado, we even use the necron c`tans from WH40K. Cheers!
  8. Xango

    Longshanks Here

    Hey Long, what are you talking about, Rathnard and me are big Zoraida lovers, the best master of Malifaux... Remember my moto. Zoraida`s boobs = frightened opponents ja!
  9. Xango

    losing my cherry tomorrow, which faction?

    Welcome commander to this freaking amazing game, do not worry about a faction yet, go with the master you like, i started with Zoraida and a year and a half later she is still my favorite master, masters have totems that do nasty things for them, a totem is a good purchase with the starter box, Lady J has her scales of justice and Lilith the cherub.
  10. Xango


    Welcome to the assylum!
  11. Xango

    Greetings From Mexico City.

    Hola Ela!!!!! Por fin otro mexicano despues de año y medio!!!!!!!! Lastima que estemos tan lejos, bienvenido a este increible juego, cualquier duda estoy a tus ordenes. En relacion a tus preguntas, el unico libro que realmente necesitas es el pequeño libro de reglas, los otros dos traen historia y los detalles y estadisticas de todos los personajes, pero cada personaje viene con su tarjeta de estadisticas asi que puedes empezar sin los libros (Un 3o viene en camino) Este juego se juega con cartas en lugar de dados, el fate deck esta padrisimo y te lo recomiendo, pero el juego lo puedes jugar con un mazo de cartas de poker normales. En el juego hay 5 facciones, normalmente puedes expander tus pandillas con miniaturas de la faccion correpondiente aunque hay casos especiales, Teddy (el oso) es de la faccion neverborn. A Hamelin te lo recomendaria como 2o master una vez que ya estes familiarizado con el juego, puedes comenzar con un master mas sencillo, Lady J, Seamus, McMourning, Perdita, Lilith o las Victorias son mis recomendaciones. Saludos.
  12. Xango

    Your Other Games Besides Malifaux

    I have a lot of games, but from a year and a half now i just play Malifaux and Infinity, with ocasional Okko (Fantastic game)
  13. Xango

    Multiple players

    I had a game last week, 4 players free for all, 1 strategy, 1 scheme per player and in the random terrain, a misterious ephigy came along, so we change the rule to, any player in 2" from the ME gets a victory point at the end closing phase, the game was a blast, everybody was competing to be next to the ME, that screwed rasputina`s strategy that was treasure hunt, the treasure marker was next to the ME, in turn 4 Ramos player made a great move blowing the ME to pieces and winning the game via the ritual scheme, it was so great that now 1vs1 games are becoming boring =)
  14. Xango

    Pandora - with added evil.

    Looks amazing!