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Which master vs. Misaki


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Hello bayou folks. 

I have a gaming Buddy.

We play 35ss games because we are both parents with limited time 

He plays Misaki i play Zipp.

He destroys me everytime, sending out Torokages to wear my models down and sending in Misaki all over the board to finish the job. It makes  no sense for me to focus on destroying his shadow markers. It's too much work for too little reward, I find it. 

I tried locking his torokage down with Zipp, but they can just walk away. 

Which Bayou master should I try instead? What do you think is the best counter to Misaki in Bayou?


Thanks in advance. 

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I think Zipp is a pretty good choice still. 

Torakage are fast, but they're al so DF 5, with 6 wounds and no defense outside of Stealth. Zipp and The First Mate shouldn't have too much trouble hunting them down.

I generally agree that removing the shadows usually isn't worth the effort.

But sometimes it is if you can dictate where Misaki will show up. I might try out Gluttony, Maddening Drums is one of my favorite marker removal abilities. In Keyword, Mancha can pick up shadows and beat the opponent with them. Also, while situational Infamous has a lot of models on 40mm or bigger bases. If they park on top of a shadow, it doesn't remove it but it denies it as an unburry point and cuts line of sight for stuff like  Ninja Vanish. 


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1 hour ago, touchdown said:

if it's a pool you can bubble up for. Som'er is quite strong against Misaki. All your key models are too tough for her to easily delete, from there you win the attrition battle. Of course, if it's a bubble pool, Misaki is not a great choice in general.

Im sorry, but what does it mean if it's a bubble pool or not? Can you give examples? 

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