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  1. I've been thinking any doing Lucius as the leader of a three master crew. Maybe Dashel and the dispatcher. He could only summon a couple things, but a pair of executioners would make good issue command targets.
  2. I really recommend Wyrd's Malifaux crewbulderApp. Or let's you easily build crews, examine up cards and look up rules. My other advice is to just play some games. You'll mess things up, play and rules wise, but I'm my experience is easiest to learn through play them by memorization. It'll also help you contextualize the advice people here might give you.
  3. I've played Somer since first. I miss his ability to "go commando" and cause a lot of carnage by himself. Other then that, 3rd Ed Somer is probably my favorite edition yet. If you like teleportation, I'd recommend Mei or Colette. Viks are on option too if you want some teleportation and fragile models with lots of punch.
  4. Mei might be a bit rough with her rude the rails, her crew will avoid a lot of pit shenanigans. I don't recall what's in her box though. My vote would probably be Lucas and Sonnia, both pretty straight forward crews.
  5. I know this first hand. ;_;
  6. Harassment, dealing with soft backline units and hurting crews that use engagement to lock down opposition. From personal experience that seem like anti-Somer tech. Ignoring cover undoes Lenny's bodyguard, min damage 2 is fine for Bayou Gremlin removal. Reposition trigger means they can hide out of LoS or scoot to 17" to avoid gunlines. And quick retreat means that tossed Gremlins and skeeters can't lock them down.
  7. Thatguy

    Fae T-Rex

    I'll be interested to see how big it is and if it is 50mm or larger. Adding 50mm+ could be interesting, it could also be terrible.
  8. This would be cool. You going do a have weapons team that summons a freikorpsmann as a demise ability. I'm surprised to hear this. I hate facing them honestly. Ignoring cover, friendly fire and concealment is good for taking out squishy backline units. Quick retreat and built in reposition triggers makes them annoyingly slippery too.
  9. It seems to me that Toshiro would be nuts which Gokudo. From Toshiro and Risky manouver they should have easy focus stacking and a bonus twist from both Toshiro and a Relic they should be hyper competent for 5ss minions. And if they die you can bring out ashigaru.
  10. Yan Lo's crew is very good. Yan Lol doesn't become a beater until late in the game, when things may already be decided, or over if you're playing on a clock. But he has plenty of utility before then.
  11. Those little guys are insane. Definitely recommend.
  12. Bayou's already got some.
  13. I've been meaning to ask people what they think of Zip and crew. It seems like infamous has a lot of pretty good models, and cool abilities but not much crew synergy. Everyone has Showboating which is an amazing ability, but it doesn't really provide a keyword force multipler Mancha's shielded from pianos and the First Mate's pounce seem like the only real ones I've noticed.
  14. 12 points OOK. It's probably a terrible idea. That's part of the reason I want to try it.
  15. Rooster Riders and Warpigs are going to be close to with walk 7 and 6 and reckless. Warpigs also have deadly pursuit for end of turn pushes. I've been meaning to try a War Pig with Inferiority Complex as an OOK beater now might be a good time.
  16. My guess is that RAI, another refers to not the generating model for auras and static abilities without a target and for abilities that have a target another means not the original target.
  17. @Scoffer says he might translate his Ulix Guide. But another player positing ideas would be helpful.
  18. If its slow at work tonight, I might give it a try.
  19. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel with this interpretation. It would make Richochet an incredibly powerful trigger.
  20. This seems to be a pretty huge ruling. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. More feedback is always helpful, even if you don't feel up to making a tactica yourself.
  22. That would be cool. I'm happy to offer feedback, but I haven't played much Kin since the beta.
  23. The Wong tactica is great. Do we want to pin the Somer one, or see if someone wants to do a more comprehensive re-write?
  24. I think I'd we could find them to pin it it would help new players. I took a cursory look but I'll try looking again when I get a chance. That'd be mighty nice of you.
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