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  1. This is what I meant. They're an option, but not one that had much effort put in to it as far as balance goes.
  2. I think Henchman leaders were sort of an after thought. Outside of Henchman Hardcore there isn't a consideration made for Henchman's cost in list building. On top of the normal power imbalance a 10ss Henchman will probably get more out of that extra leader AP than a 7ss one.
  3. I'd be tempted to go even further. Like what if you made it completely asymmetric? Like one player hires a crew normally using a 30 stone pool. The other player selects 30ss of models cost 5 or less with no master. When one of their models dies, they can resummon it for free next turn on a board edge. Or maybe they can summon it anywhere outside of LoS from an enemy model, Left for Dead style. This would take a lot more thought. But I'm tempted to work on it. Kinda like the old old Killteam rules for 40k.
  4. Yeah. No defense tech, 7 wounds and multiple abilities that want you too burn wounds to use them. Yeah seems like Mah is the big winner so far. He looks pretty fun with some Test Subjects. He can burn a wound to let them all charge.
  5. I think with a 15ss master and then no models over 6ss it will be less about little guys and not about your master running around murdering little guys. But that may be a feature more than a bug if that's what you're going for.
  6. After going through all the totems in another thread I had a similar idea, but even smaller. Something like: Tiny Terrors- Pick one 5-6 stone model to be your leader. Your leader may use soulstones. 20ss pool. Ignore OoK Restrictions. You cannot hire models cost 5 or higher, other than your leader. You can hire outside faction at +1ss You can hire totems in faction at +1ss Models can only be summoned via Demise Abilities. The idea is still half baked though.
  7. New Jockey Spoiled. I think this is my favorite so far mv7, Scamper and Crazed Chicken are significantly more movement tricks.
  8. That sounds like a fun list. What do you run and how does it go?
  9. I stand by what I said. 4ss gets you a model that forces the enemy to work around it. If you have a couple you can just park them in cover or concealment on parts of the board you know they have to get to in order to score. Or you can put them in a position to be locking down models in their deployment zone turn 1, either deploying less agressively or spending AP killing it instead of getting into position or engaging in early game shenanigans. They wouldn't go in every crew, but a lot of them. They work well with any crew that wins primarily by disruption. It's not a beater but it's one
  10. At that point the Trunk is the Master. Everyone else is just support.
  11. Just got to it. Point for point it's probably one of the best models in the game. Up there with Luna. Without a crew to support, it could be a 3ss Rambo with Assault Shield, Leaps and Rocket Launches. The Armory ability doesn't say other Freikrops. Turn 1, attach Rocket Boots and Leap, discard a card to attach Rocket Launcher and shoot, discard another to for Assault Shield. If they get close while trying to stop your rampage when Assault Shield falls off you can attach Grenade belt for Explosive demise 4. 😎
  12. 2 ss totems Soul porter- probably not until you really need scrap/corpse removal. Luna- At 3ss OoK she might be point for point the best support model in the game. Giving models Fast and Artifact upgrades is pretty great. Forgeling- Significant, armored, Ride the Rails model for 3ss, yes please. Chiyo- 3ss, significant, Stealh+Disguised and Inconspicuous is great. I'm sure there's stuff in the back of the card too. Aspiring Students- probably not worth monk synergies. Amanjaku-probably not. Research Assistant- not bad. Insignificant but Alchemical Vial is pr
  13. You know that night be a good way of thinking of it. "Would I hire this model OoK?" If the answer is yes, then they're certainly good as their l they'd only improve with crew synergies. Ikyrio- probably not an OoK pick. Df 3 seems like too much of a liability. The heals on Death Touch save Feast of Vengeance aren't enemy only. I could definitely see her being a pick in crews like Big Hat that gave cheap Expendable minions for her to eat. Lord Chompy- definitely work 9ss for a beater Henchman with Lucid Dreaming. Hungering Darkness- a maybe if you think you can get a lot of mi
  14. Prior to the Nerf I would have mentioned Skeeters. 7df psuedo to defense and Hunting Partner can let them hold up more expensive models pretty well. Nexus's totems blow them out of the water though. 16 wounds, df5 and From The Shadows make them even more aggressive and hard to deal with. Each one is probably eating 3 beater ap. A totem that can eat whole activations of the killiest models in the game is pretty stellar. Also it gets a 2" engagement range despite not having arms. Lol I think Young LaCroix are pretty good too. For three stones they're drawing three cards a tur
  15. - "Need a Hand?" Discard a Bodypart token. Target discards a card and gains Distracted +1. - "Heads Up!" Discard a Bodypart token. When resolving, target suffers +1 damage and gains Injured +1.
  16. I think you'd generally use "of" because it's possessive. The Action's Target Number. "On" is usually more of a spacial/positional thing.
  17. The only other tack I could think of is presenting the word choice that would better fit their interpretation. It would be something like: This model gets +2 to the value of duels targeting friendly Wastrel Models. Which would be simpler and cover the situations they think it's meant for. You could also point out that it doesn't say "on the card" so that Friendly Wastrels with stuff like Phantasmal Mask can use the -2 to the target number for acrions like Protective Spirits and "Take This" which have Target Numbers that aren't on their cards.
  18. I think it would have said "targeting" if it was meant to be that interpretation.
  19. I like this idea. Extra Arm, Extra legs, Extra Head upgrades. Like Marcus but with zombie limbs.
  20. Agreed, Fermented monks are the crutch my Tri-Chi depend on. This was my thought too. @Khyodee I think a lot of people would argue over wear goes where, but I really appreciate the effort you put in. It's pretty neat.
  21. I think it would be a lot of fun to just escort a wall of 5 Seshin 15" up the board turn 1. This is more wishlist than expectation, but I think it would be really cool to bring back bodypart tokens for McMourning like he had in 1st ed. Discard corpses and damage enemies in melee to gain bodyparts discard them via actions to summon or do other stuff.
  22. So, it looks like the new Kirai title did a lot for little guys. Seshin went from pretty pointless to, maybe you want to bring 5. I'm pretty excited that Kirai's Swirling Spirits does one of the things we talked about, which is reference SS cost instead of just station.
  23. Just wanted to commend you on your foresight. Also if you have any stock tips to give that would be cool.
  24. My understanding is no. Since the minion at full health wouldn't heal. I think she's going to be fine. It looks like Seshin and Gaki are both on the menu now and they both provide quite a bit of healing for her to redirect. Min 13 sounds hard, but with Swirling Spirits you only need a 4 to swirl your whole Seshin Swarm around and maybe even get a Gaki in the process.
  25. She looks great. Seshin got a huge boost, since they can summon Gaki. The Sundering not having an upper limit seems huge too. Getting to 4/5/6 or better isn't out of the question. With Adversary giving + and Revenge giving- she's going to hit like a truck.
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