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  1. Thank you everyone for all your replies. While you convinced me that there’s probably nothing wrong with Zoraida as a good matchup vs. Misaki, and that she’s a very strong master too, there’s still something I don’t really like about her for now. I’ve decided to move deeper into the Bayou faction as has gotten me Mah and Zipp. I have heard they are more basic and will try to become good at them before I give Zoraida a try again.
  2. Hi friends. I have an upcoming game vs my friend playlng 10T. He had Misaki, Shenlong and Yan Lo. He Will probably use Misaki. I want to use Mah. I have access to all other models since we allow proxies for all models not in core boxes. We already generated strat and schemes. Strat is Public enemies and Schemes are 1-4-5-7-11 I have never played Mah before. im thinking of doing Claim jump on Gracie, looking out for when is a good turn to secure the middle, use little las and/or roosters and/or Mah to move enemies away so Gracie can score. Maybe picking B
  3. I Think What Zoraida is lacking, for me as an inexperienced casual player, is a strong keyword mechanic. Im looking at Hoffman right now for a good matchup for Zoraida
  4. I’ve been looking at Perdita Ortega and buying the box with the Monster hunter. I love that theme.
  5. I stick with swampfiend. I have Zoraida Mctavish Juju 3 silurids Bayou Gators And as mentioned, it’s important for us that the theme fits thematically so I’m not gonna buy a bunch of models that doesn’t stick with the swamp theme. I’d rather look for another keyword that right off the bat, competes better/easier His list is the core box and Yasonuri. I’m struggling competing with his mobility. He’s all over the board where he wants to be with all his shadow markers and his Trained ninja upgrades.
  6. Hello friends. So, me and a good friend started playing half a year back. With no knowledge of master abilities or tier etc. we picked 2 crews that we liked the look of. I liked zoraida, he liked Misaki. Obviously I haven’t received zoraida yet, I have been playing her crew with bases with pictures on them. We are playing once a month and only versus each other. we have had pretty even games. I think I won the first, and we have had a few ties. All those first games he didn’t really use his shadow markers to their full potential. This recent game we both feel th
  7. If Mctavish with his 50mm base, creates a 50mm concealing swampscreen marker directly under him. Does he have concealment?
  8. 1. Can a model with a 50mm base stand on top of a Misiaki shadow marker (30mm base) to make her not able to unbury in base contact with that marker? 2. Can Mactavish not put his swamp screen marker under his own base? 3. Do you get pass tokens from getting fewer models than your opponent when your models dies? Thanks!!!!
  9. Hello. I had my first game with Zoraida last night, and me and my partner are left with a few questions. If I use her ‘Obey’ on a friendly model that is engaged, can she drop a scheme marker with that model? The ability is after all “Controlled by” Zoraida Can she summon the voodoo doll even if it’s already alive, and just take it from where it is and spawn it in base contact with herself? thanks in advance!
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