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1 Year of GG1 (or almost!)


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This is going to be a bit of an unusual post, since it's not a battle report. With the possible release of a GG2/1.5, I wanted to share my journey through GG1 (from the 4th of April 2020 until today). When I was confined, I started to play more and more online, so I decided to keep track of my records.

Keep in mind that most of these games were non-competitive, played against my friends. Although there are a bunch of more competitive games there (online tournaments, Vassal World Cup, Malifaux Vassal Masters), 30% of those games were played against my group of friends, so neither of us were playing "the most competitive lists" or we were just trying new stuff (I ended up buying 5 new keywords after playing in Vassal lmao).

Games played:



Masters I've played:


Masters played by my opponents (and the times I won/tied/defeated them): 


Thanks to Vassal, I managed to play a lot of games, specially due to the current pandemic and WFH being gentle with my schedules and saving me a bunch of time. Also note than during GG0 and the launch of M3E I mostly played these masters (I don't have the numbers, sorry!):

  1. Wong
  2. Reva
  3. Tara
  4. Parker
  5. Som'er
  6. Ophelia

Finally, I just want to thank all my opponents and specially all the people that made this possible, either by supporting Vassal or organizing events. People like @katadder, @dannydb and @andorman, your time and dedication made my pandemic year much better, thank you! I hope I can pay you a beer someday ;) 

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45 minutes ago, SEV said:

100% percent win against Nexus, this master must be a walk in the park 😂.

Actually it could be nice to see a sub-data set of all your competitive game vs your casual game (I gave you a fare share of easy win  in those one😉). 

Actually I remember both games, since they're quite recent and also both of them ended with the same score 7-6.

First one was Leveticus vs Nexus: I had some idea about how Nexus works while for my opponent it was his second game with Nexus. He managed to kill all my models but 2 (Emissary and Marlena), but I was able to deny him a point from Recover evidence in turn 2, which decided the game in the end.

Second one was with Mah. I brought Gluttony and my opponent didn't know much about him, so I got him by surprise with a Maddening Drums that removed 2 of the markers he needed for summoning in turn 1.

Both very close games that I won just because I knew how to play my crews better than they knew how to play Cadmus.

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