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Sonia against zoraida...


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Vs zorida murder everything that moves.uo towards you this forces zorida to move closer bringing her closer to for you to.murder her.

She is going to obey you that's just a given but you have to be rdy to adjust based on their movement to cause zorida to work for her things. I'd be tempted.to put in a field reporter to see if you can get some distracted to.stick on zorida 

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Noone in my local area allows secondary masters it's just not anything we play and  one of my local events are allowing them,


Personally I dont agree with them because:

a/ I dont think they are pointed correctly

b/ it.kind of defeats the whole point of declaring a master for your opponent if you can bring anything anyway, 

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Only allow more than one if Zoraida is declared as the leader? 

You do you but I'm not at all sure how to defeat the full Zoraida experience of everyone just being stealthed and super hard to reach while she makes three models per turn charge the wrong way wasting tons of your ap. 

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I guess models that move with bonus actions or end of turn abilities are an idea. That way she can't completely wipe out a full turn of your movement when you've got somewhere to be. It seems to me you are shit out of luck if you've gone family for example, they'll pretty much always be able to reach their own to attack even if you spread out. 

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And what about the Brutal Emissary or the Riotbreaker? Crowd Control stops her for obeying her own beaters.

The Emissary would need a LLC to make hard for her to use that min 3 damage against you tho.

And a last trick. Remember obey doesn't change friendly/enemy. Relenting versus friendly attacks is still thing even if the attacking model is controled. Useful if the attacker has a fair chace to get higher than weak damage.

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